Month 9: Bigger, Faster, Stronger – Day 259

Compare to Sister’s Blog:   Month 9:  Increased Capacity

11/8  Day 259 R:     Mini Moose had two pees last night and I missed one.   Then he pooped SIX times. It went down like this:     gooey fart poop miss, small catch, fart liquid  poop miss, small catch, BIG holey-moley-where were-you-hiding-that catch, stealth poop miss.   Our pee catches were 50/50.    I am trying to find the right timing, I am either missing them as we are going to the bathroom or taking him too soon so when I put him down, sometime later he pees and then complains.

We stayed inside today because the roads were still rough but by mid afternoon it warmed up and things were melting so I went to work.   The Littles didn’t nap for Daddy Man again.

I still need to remember where I put Itty Bitty’s boots and get the rest of our winter gear out.  Bah humbug.

Mini Moose has been showing new skills.   He’s been playing peekaboo spontaneously and intiating play every time he sees a blanket on the floor, he’s begun to try and put objects into containers, has perfected holding things and bringing things with him when pulling up, he begs for food whenever me or Itty Bitty are having something, he throws/drop things given to him if it isn’t what he was asking, and he no longer just puts thing in his mouth (he shakes and bands to see what else it does).   I’ve also noticed a drastic reduction in his gag reflex and an increase in chewing motions which seems to be why he’s begging daily for bits to explore. His eyes miss nothing.

Itty Bitty is still in her straight line drawing and monochrome phase, but also has ramped up her role play and book interests to a new level.  She also, I have noticed, has developed a keen ear for music.   She often hears a new nursery song once or twice and remembers quite a lot of it or she makes up sounds if she doesn’t know the words so she can sing along.


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