Month 9: Bigger, Faster, Stronger – Day 260

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Little Bjorn

11/9  Day 260 F:   Mini moose only peed once last night.   We also got to sleep in because I managed to lull the boy to sleep with magic boobs.  I was so excited and fell into a very magical sleep, until…

Itty Bitty became Donkey from Shrek and was making random popping noises.  I told her three times nicely to stop and either get up and go fetch and apple to eat or snuggle and be quiet.   She chose to keep going until I could no longer sleep and Mini Moose was awoken.   I was so mad!      So mad I told her that I didn’t want to talk to her just then and I went downstairs.   Her face fell off and she cried — one of those cries that means she’s offended.    I was still fuming and had to fold laundry and sweep the floor until I calmed down.    Once we were both in a less frenzied state of mind we made up.    Then went to another Story Time and some play, I picked up some Vietnamese food that I’d been craving, and we came home.   Mini Moose didn’t pee from the time we left 10:30am until we got home at 1:00pm.     Wow!   It was a big pee too.

In the afternoon, Mini Moose went about his business playing with his sister’s magic wand, stealing shoes, making a terrible bababa screal that makes you want to leap from the nearest tower, and  confounding me with exactly what his new elimination frequency is.     We missed a pee, but caught a HUGE poop.   I honestly don’t know where he stores that much excrement, or how he makes it so fast!       He has been passing a lot of gas so that has been helpful in catching.  It is much thicker now so he has to put in more effort to release it.    He’s starting to ingest more and more of tasty nibblers he’s been getting, though still not a big amount — a little bit makes a visible difference in the output.    He then went on to have an evening of cluster pees.   Caught some missed some.

I realized today that Mini Moose has been wearing the same shirt for three days.    I guess it was about time I finished tackling folding that laundry this morning so that I can make a new pile this weekend.   Joy.


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