Month 9: Bigger, Faster, Stronger – Day 262

Compare to Sister’s Blog:   Month 9:  Increased Capacity

11/11  Day 262 Su:   “My Mom is coming over to watch the football game,”  Daddy Man tells me as we rise late after a very long restless night of marathon nursing, and very little sleep.  I am bleary eyed and squeal, “WHAT!?   You didn’t tell me that!   That’s in two hours!  The house is a wreck.”  And it was.   There were three “to wash” separated laundry piles on the floor, about a dozen cushions strewn in the kitchen and hall from our our outside furniture to be stored for the winter, dishes in the sink, dishes in the dishwasher, dirty toilet, and toys strew because I haven’t picked up in two days.

I strap the baby to my back and go on a mad spree for an hour before GrandMaMa calls and says she’s AT the game.    Whew!  I return to my regular pace.   I do finish folding because the next wave of laundry is due anyway.

Our EC report for the day:    A night of misses, though we had one big catch.      A very successful morning, we even caught the poop!   That I can tell you is because I was wearing him and he won’t eliminate on me unless he is full to busting and I behave like a dimwit and ignore all wiggle signals.    We had misses in the evening but also had a  good catch rate.    Things seem to be steady on the EC front.    Mini Moose is still coming to us if he is soaking wet with a miss and is trying really hard to poop when there is opportunity.

Itty Bitty is 99.9% potty independent.    She asks us for help with poop wiping less and less as time goes on.   I don’t think I ever mentioned how I tell her to clean herself.   Wipe from the front if there is pee, and wipe from the back if there is a poop.    It is just easier to do it that way and not have to practically turn yourself into a pretzel trying to wipe your vulva from the back.


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