Month 9: Bigger, Faster, Stronger – Day 263

Compare to Sister’s Blog:   Month 9:  Increased Capacity

11/12  Day 263 M:    Yesterday was Veteran’s Day in the United States and I have the day off  but Daddy Man does not.      It turned out to be an unusually warm, nice day, so instead of doing chores we went across the street to visit our neighbor A.  after we played outside.   She is an elderly lady who adores the Littles because she has no great-grandchidren of her own and her great-neices and nephews do not live nearby.   She spends the winter in Florida so we went to wish her Bon Voyage.   She is so awesome because she told me, “Put the baby down and sit.”    And I said, “Oh, but he doesn’t have on a diaper cover and I don’t want to mess up your carpet.”   She waved my protest away, “Who cares?   It is just a carpet.  Let him explore if he wants.”         Like…wow.   While there we had a successful pee and even Itty Bitty got in on the action.     “I think it’s great that when you take the babies to the toilet they will go.”           Know what else?    She is Catholic and has a lot of Catholic themed items in there home and let’s Itty Bitty explore the breakables (not the sentimental, special things, those are out of reach) .   Itty Bitty picked up an angel with the Nativity on it and A. explained and had her point out the animals, “That’s a mommy, a daddy, and a baby.  She is putting him to sleep in the hay.  And these 1-2-3 men are bringing presents for the baby.”  As an Atheist who has a Catholic-lite family it makes me nervous and awkward when people talk to my 3 year old about religion, but they way she explained the scene on the statue was so thoughtful.  I appreciated that.

Our night was one of misses (all three wees) and another long night of restlessness and constant nursing.   Itty Bitty also woke up from dream disorientation again and kept trying to crawl up my butt but wasn’t really fully awake.      Our catches in the morning was good and we caught the Goopy Poop!    Yahoo!      Mini Moose grunted and grunted and flexed his abs. It wasn’t even a poop that happened to occur during a pee opportunity, he was sitting on my lap squirming and the he paused to flex and I suddenly grew wings on my heels and dashed to the bathroom!          When GrandMaMa came by in the evening to visit (I did warn her that he hadn’t peed in a little bit so to be aware!) .   She handed him back to me a few minutes later and said, “I think he needs to poop, he passed some funny gas.”

How could there possibly be more poop in there?     I took him and almost didn’t make it!    He let loose a yellow, liquid explosion!



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