Month 9: Bigger, Faster, Stronger – Day 264

Compare to Sister’s Blog:   Month 9:  Increased Capacity

11/13  Day 264 T:     There was a water main break yesterday affecting the whole city and surrounding towns and we are under a “boil water order”.     No worries as we always have our BPA free 5 gallon jugs filled with water and the old BPA 3 gallon jugs we have but don’t drink out of still had water in them (have to watch plastic labeling numbers very carefully!).      Worst comes to worst and we run out of diapers before we can wash clothes again (the water might stain fabrics brown when they flush the system) no big deal.    Mini Moose can just go commando and we can clean up the puddle misses with our cloth wipes, rinse them, and hang them to dry if we need to.      Love EC!

We caught a HUGE morning poop and that more than made up for the night misses (caught one, missed two).     This upcoming 9 month growth spurt is going to be a doozey, I can tell and we are only just getting started!

For those just joining the EC journey, though the title of this series says “Month 9”, Mini Moose is actually 8.5 Months old.   I didn’t start labeling with Month 0  and Itty Bitty’s blog was only done on the day she turned the new age even though the events occurred when she was 8 months + 1-30 days.   Clear as mud I know.

Mini Moose continues to get stronger every day.   He goes from holding a long time to having cluster pees.    He is working on the steps to get to free standing by holding on with one hand, crawls OVER obstacles, UP stairs, and follows his sister around and begs if she has food.    He is still fascinated with putting things INTO other things though he is not very good at it and he abandons that task quickly in favor of putting things ON the couch or TV stand.   He continuously tries new ways to steal the remote and likes to play with the open baby gate to explore the concept of open and shut.    His pincer grip is getting much better, and though he is still using all his fingers he can pick up really tiny things like muffin crumbs on the floor, cat kibble, and leaf scraps.  He is learned how to take off once sock even when wearing baby legs. He makes babababa sounds by making noise with his mouth and smacking the back of his hand against his lips (so adorable).    He initiates play with Itty Bitty by standing on his knees, lifting his arms up high, and throwing himself down into a crawl position over and over until she is engaged.    He seems completely oblivious of the safety of getting down feet first and keeps trying to dive off the couch!   He is just as sociable as his sister and charms the pants off of adults and children.     They are the Dynamic Duo.


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