Month 9: Bigger, Faster, Stronger – Day 265

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Itty Bitty shares a blueberry muffin with her brother.

11/14  Day 265 W:     We missed two and caught two last night.   We are smack dab in the middle of a growth spurt.  My back hurts and I have a headache.     When we got up we got a really big pee in the toilet and a small poop.  Yay!     My mistake was not noting that it was a /small/ poop.    Mini Moose doesn’t do small…he does big…and if not all at once in stages.    Yeah.   I put him down…naked…and three minutes later as I am picking up toys I hear the blast.     Totally my fault for dancing in the end zone.  Penalty to me.   Now that he has begun to actually swallow bits of solids the output is chunky and I’d like to avoid missing more than ever! I’m not pressuring, of coure, just wishing! Hoping! Persevereing!    I got another rare “pee penalty” when I ignored his wigglewigglesquirmwiggle while he was nursing (I was blogging), he gave up and peed on my lap.    Doh!

We went to story time this morning and Mini Moose stayed dry even though I was distracted by Itty Bitty’s excess energy levels.  She had a hard time sitting still, she gets so excited and interested in the story and activities.     We then went with our friend E. and her daughter A. to lunch and a playground.  These two girls are always arguing and then sometimes later are hugging!    Itty Bitty was rambunctious but it wasn’t a problem until she wandered off with A. and didnt’ come back when I called her.   It’s not that I mind giving her wander room but I didn’t get a chance to show her the boundary and  more importantly she did not stop when asked.   We had to leave.     I calmly explained that we were leaving because she left the play area and didn’t answer my call.  She was very upset, I didn’t yell.   She stopped sobbing long enough to say goodbye.   She was tired anyway.

Mini Moose napped in the car and I didn’t catch his wake up in time so he was wet and angry when we got home.  Itty Bitty was so tired but wouldn’t settle for a nap, but she was calmer.   Mini Moose crawled past the open gate today and crawled to the bathroom.  I have a habit of whenenver he crawls to the bathroom he gets a potty opp.    He peed!   Even if it is just coincidence it is still reinforcing “potty place” without effort.   That is part of what EC about.  Pottying happens as a natural course of events just like everything else.  The hardest part is getting out of that diaper mind-set and setting yourself up for success and seeing failures (misses) as learning opportunties.

When Daddy Man got home we went to GrandMaMa’s for a shower and dinner (our water wasn’t cleared yet).      Surprisingly enough, Mini Moose had two potty ops and one miss which happened when we arrived.

I hope you all are seeing the patterns I am!  When we are outside, traveling, or in a non-home location we have near 100% catches.  When we are home and Mini Moose is not being carried our misses go up!     I am convinced that this is adaptive behavior.     Doesn’t that happen with us adults?  When we are on the move we pee less than when we are on the go?   We tend to save number 2 for home base unless it is a gastrointestinal emergency?     What do you think?


One thought on “Month 9: Bigger, Faster, Stronger – Day 265

  1. Oh, definitely. I thought it was just because we hold our kids more out of the house, but my toddler is 2 1/2, not completely trained at home, but almost never has an accident out of the house. And I never, I mean, NEVER poop outside my own home. Even if it means I get constipated, I just don’t even feel the urge when I’m not home. I think you have to relax, and I can’t relax if I’m outside my home.

    I even had a student in the first grade, who, her mom said, would hold it from 8 am to 3 pm, because she couldn’t relax enough to go at school. (Luckily she stopped doing this as she grew accustomed to school.) Kinda makes you think about whether we should be sending our kids away from us so young, huh?

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