Month 9: Bigger, Faster, Stronger – Day 267

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Itty Bitty learns the Call of Nature lesson…

11/16  Day 267 F:      Last night was all misses, but we did catch two big morning wees and half a poop.      Poops are no longer that breastfed “cute” (not CUTE cute, but more like a lot-less-gross-than-any-other-poop-imaginable cute).     Chunky, smeary, stanky, sludge.           Mini Moose has really gotten the hang of swallowing the fodder he begs from me.    Of course, it doesn’t get digested because he is still young with an immature gut, so it comes out virtually the same configuration it went in.      We are doing Baby Led Weaning (I prefer to call it Baby Led Solids) so we aren’t doing purees/mush or cereal (franky, I find the baby cereals about as palatable as wallpaper paste and things like jarred bananas outright bizarre as far as texture…HOW do they get puree banana to look smooth and glossy!?    I don’t think I want to know.)

Anyway, we were housebound today because Daddy Man was expecting some packages I was supposed to sign for.  They gave a range of between 11AM and 3PM.      Right smack dab in the middle of the day.  It gets dark early and we rise around 8AM.      There went our day.  And to top it all off they LEFT the packages outside and didn’t even bother to knock or ring the doorbell!     Really!?   Why call to give a time range to sign if all the drivers are going to do is toss the goods barely taking time to stop the truck?

I was miffed.    We missed Friday story hour!

Anyway, we went over to GrandMaMas for dinner and hung out there for a while.    Mini Moose had two potty opportunities so was in the same prefold the whole time we were out.    It was nice to kick back and have an extra pair of eyes to watch the littles.   It was short lived but I actually got to watch a whole hour of a TV show uninterrupted!

EC today was 75% success.

Mini Moose has started to say MAAAAMAAAAA!   When he wants me and is continuing to practice free standing.  He is doing it more and more now for several seconds, especially when he is holding onto an object and lets go of a hand hold spontaneously.   We are thinking that in another month he’s going to be toddling.

Funny Itty Bitty Words:      Taptoo  (tattoo),  memember (remember), nopombem (no problem)

And speaking of Itty Bitty.     She ran into a bit of a problem with the baby gate.  Usually, we don’t have it locked all the way so she can open it to go to the bathroom that’s two feet on the other side.    Today she waited a little bit too long to be halted by an obstacle.  She tried to open it and when she told me to open it, it was too late.   She stood off to the side  (trying in her way, I think, to pee out of the line of traffic) desperately trying to squeeze her thighs together to stop the pee.  She had this horrified look on her face.     She managed, somehow, to stop the flow and ran to the bathroom after I opened the gate to jump onto the toilet to finish (she has a huge bladder).     She was quite distressed.  I think she was very surprised that she couldn’t stop going once her body decided that enough was enough!


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