Month 9: Bigger, Faster, Stronger – Day 268

Compare to Sister’s Blog:   Month 9:  Increased Capacity

It crumbles when I crush it! Fascinating!

11/17  Day 268 S:     Will this growth spurt never end?     Silly question.   Yes, it will and then when it is done I’ll be all blubbery and sobbing that my baby is so big and I’ll forget all about the nightly nursing marathon, or rather remember it with hearts, flowers, and kitten whiskers.   Because that’s how Mother Nature Rolls.   She gives Mom’s memory reconstruction hormones so that she’ll be willing to breed again.   Powerful stuff.      So when you wonder why you have “Mom Brain”  it is because you are designed to forget the unimportant things and remember the good, important stuff like Sniffing Baby Head, Nose Rubbing Baby Cheeks, Zerberting Plum Bellies, and Nomming on Baby Toes.

It was a  nice day so we took advantage of the weather.   Daddy Man tackled the garage disaster–again.   I strapped the baby to my back and got to tackling the junk pile in the jeep,  Itty Bitty was instructed on her play area range and left to her own toddler-child devices.    I drew a STOP sign which she recognizes easily as we’ve practiced before and she was told not to cross the boundary, but otherwise was allowed to do whatever it is that the toddler-child set does with sticks, leaves, and sidewalk chalk.

As far as EC, last night was one catch and a lot of big misses.  Missed that damn poop by |this much| !    In the morning we had hit and misses, but while Mini Moose was in the Mei Tai he was dry and waited to give me big pees when I took him out for a feeding. We also stayed dry the two times today that we indulged and went out for breakfast AND dinner with our usual potty opportunities.     After cleaning all day, I certainly didn’t feel like cooking!     I was also tackling the towers (plural) of laundry in various states of done and non-done.   Daddy Man even took a load and put it in the washer!      My new resolve to “not do it all because it is too much for one person” semi-strike seems to be having the desired effect on both of us.   Yay!

Because, really ladies (and gents) when you stay at home and are primary caregiver, it is too much for one person!      To be a Cleaning Person, Chef, and Babysitter is THREE jobs!   Not to mention, if you also work full or part time.   Something’s got to give.  This isn’t a one room abode.    Modern People have lots of *things*.   Things are both time savers and time sinks.         If you ENJOY doing all those things and are very fast at it, you will still often have to sacrifice something in order to accomplish it.      It’s just the nature of that beast.

EC rate 50/50.


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