Month 9: Bigger, Faster, Stronger – Day 270

Compare to Sister’s Blog:   Month 9:  Increased Capacity

That used to be mommy’s spot. One day she will reclaim it and they won’t be needing to shove each other out of the prime position.

11/19 Day 270 M:      Ugh.

I have to work tonight and I am going to need a lot of coffee.      All I managed to get done today (and I say the word done very loosely) was to get the laundry all folded and ready to be transitioned upstairs to the “put away” tower.        You have to come to accept that you can not kill the 3 headed Laundry Hydra and trying to cut off heads just makes you crazy when it just spawns more.  All you can do is to try and manage the heads and maybe put one or sometimes two of them asleep.         If you feel that you must vanquish it.  I caution you to STOP such a foolish endeavor and doing the next best thing…go out so you don’t have to look at it and then you can pretend it doesn’t exist for a short time.   Regroup and recoup.

Our EC report:        Hit and miss last night.     Mini Moose is a cranky lug and Itty Bitty is restless in the middle of the night.   They kind of tag teamed me.   Don’t ask me how much actual sleep I got.      I know I didn’t get any deep sleep because I remember like four really, really bizarre dreams involving Zombie Bullies, extra husbands, Mini Moose and Itty Bitty 4 years older, and someone else’s kids.

During the day was another 50/50.      I’ve been experimenting though with leaving Mini Moose on the potty more and more rather than hovering over the toilet.   He tends to be most amiable with the potty if he has to go immediately, in the middle of the night if I am going potty too, or first thing in the morning when we pee together.       I’m still working on trying to figure out how long he goes between pees.  Right now it is a little erratic with this major growth.     Not that he’s a huge baby, he’s not!   He is solid and slender like his sister — but growing nonetheless.    Also, in the afternoons, when I remember, I put him in training pants.  I find that it is a little harder to use them because pee is apt to go in an unexpected direction if I can’t see what I’m doing.  With Itty Bitty, I didn’t need to aim or see!    I just need to practice and find a groove.  It will also get easier once he is a strong stander and using the little potty more.

Mini Moose continues to practice free standing, doing it more often each day for another second or two each time.   He likes to open things (like the toy box) too and gets really, really peeved if he can’t do it when he KNOWS it opens.         Itty Bitty continues with her mental leaps and remembers stories after the first time she sees or hears it.     Right now she’s obsessed with the Little Mermaid movie Daddy Man played for her while I was at work.    Mini Moose on the other hand is not so easily distracted and gave Daddy Man a hard time and threw the bottle of expressed milk aside, refused to drink it, and just cried most of the night.   When in a growth spurt, there are no substitutes I guess!


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