Month 9: Bigger, Faster, Stronger – Day 271

Compare to Sister’s Blog:   Month 9:  Increased Capacity

Who says Halloween attire is just for Halloween? Nobody important, that’s who.

11/20 Day 271 T:     If we don’t go out today we will all go insane.    Mini Moose was yo for the day a 7:00AM (that would be equivalent to 5AM for some people who don’t work evenings like I do) and no amount of coercion would make him resume slumber.     Itty Bitty woke an hour later an I set her up with a movie, fruit, water, and warm blanket upstairs because Moose was being a crab and would soon pass out in sleep if not distracted or wired up by the mere view of his sister.  If I can’t get sleep, then by golly I’m at least going to get two hours of peace!

Thank Goodness it worked.   EC was one hit and all misses last night, but we got a big after nap pee.

We were also successful when we went out to the Kid’s Gym.   We shared aquick lunch and Mini Moose happily munched on green beans, peas, and a few bits of carrot.      At the play area, Mini Moose flirted, showed off, and got manhandled by Itty Bitty and another little girl L.   I didn’t interfere with their desire to pick him up (properly around the chest) and cart him around, or when Itty Bitty staked her claim on him — as long as he was smiling, giggling, squealing, and enticing them to do so with arm flails and screetches.   Only when he clearly was tired of the game and was crawling away to do other things did I facilitate his wishes and keep the over eager girls at bay.      Some might think I’m crazy for letting 2 1/2 and 3 year olds pick him up, but honestly they are so low to the ground and Mini Moose falls a lot all by himself!

It allowed me to socialize with our friend E. and her daughter A. and son O.     O. is three months younger but is heavier and broader built that Mini Moose.  E. says he is like a marshmallow.  Haha!   While Mini Moose is just a solid ball of wire and muscle.  We speculate that O. will be master of verbals before Mini Moose.    I’ve also noticed that just like with early sitting and not wanting to be put down in a prone position, Mini Moose is starting to want to be put down standing on his feet so he can balance for a second then sit rather than being put down in a sitting position straight away.

Give me a moment (*bawl*).

Okay, I’m good.

We had two successful potty opps while out and remained dry until we were back home for a while.   Both kids fell asleep on the drive home and I parked in the driveway and left them sleeping.   I had had coffee so couldn’t nap so I got a spray bottle and rag and cleaned all the nasty sticky dirt and goo on the driver dashboard, steering wheel and cup holder in the peace and quiet.   Driveway naps are awesome!


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