Month 9: Bigger, Faster, Stronger – Day 272

Compare to Sister’s Blog:   Month 9:  Increased Capacity

IMG_219411/21 Day 272 W:   EGADS there is no story time today and it is cold out there.        We took a short trip to the mall and grocery store to take advantage of a couple of sales after Daddy Man got home.  Just me and Itty Bitty.    I got her a cute creamy white sweater dress for the holidays.      She amuse herself with trying on sparkle shoes and sparkle boots.     “Itty Bitty where are you, I can’t see you?”       Reply:   “Over here Momma, I trying the boots on!”      And I went back to my business.

I think I hear a gasp or two out there.  Yes, I do let my three year old daughter touch things in the store–by herself.   I trust her.    Ever since she was a sitter with grabby hands I’ve always let her participate and “help” me and when she started to want to walk beside me rather than being carried I taught her what could be touched and pet freely as long as she put them back, what could be touched with a finger if she asked me, what should not be touched,  and as she grew how to handle delicate things with supervision.    She the Little who fixes displays in disarray after an adult with no manners trashes it, not the one who messes it up!    I think it is really unhelpful and creates a recipe for a tantrum to tell her not to touch anything since I am touching things (even things that questionably I probably shouldn’t be touching).

I forgot the darn cranberries I wanted.  Grr.   And the holiday stress begins!

As for our EC day, it kind of was off.   We had one catch last night and a lot of stiffening protests.      As I predicted Mini Moose has grown in capacity and gets really uncooperative if I take him before he is ready or isn’t quite at capacity.    Of course, then if I miss it he looks at me indignant.    It’s a process.   He left Daddy Man a poop even though I had caught a small one before I left.       They are really disgusting now that he’s swallowing scraps and I can’t wait for us to get in poop sync.    I can identify everything he ate and I can’t help myself but to look and inspect!  Ewww.   Oh, look there’s the bit of tomato, corn, apple skin, and When did he eat a bean!?

Tomorrow we travel.


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