Month 10: Finding the Elimination Groove – Day 273

Compare to Sister’s Blog:   Month 10:  Public Elimination

z1122turkey11/22 Day 273 R:     Happy Thanksgiving!     Actually, Merry Thanksmas since we are blending the two  for our trip to see my family.   Today Mini Moose is officially 9 months old.      Big changes have happened with this major growth spurt.   He says MAAAMAAAAA a lot when he’s looking for me or trying to get my attention, as well as BAABAABAA when he’s hungry.

Mini Moose spends more time now playing with his sister and raising mayhem rather than napping, goes a little long between nursing and makes up for it at night, he stands up a lot more than he sits and lets go to free stand more and more, he is pushing objects, climbing over obstacles including his sister, tries to copy his sister, steals her food dregs, and initiates play with her several times a day.       His legs are finally long enough to be more comfortable on the little potty in a full squat which means he has shorter limbs than his sister even though he is heavier built and weighs about 18 pounds now (Itty Bitty was 16 pounds at this age).    All I see when I look at him is Daddy Man.

What do I notice different as far as EC?      Itty Bitty was more reliably dry at night, but she also was sleeping 3-4 hour stretches consistently, whereas Mini Moose is still on a 2-3 hour night nursing schedule and pees a lot more.      On the other hand, Mini Moose has had scads more public elimination opportunities than Itty Bitty ever did and he has toilet preference over potty.

Mini Moose had me up at 7AM and I left Itty Bitty deep asleep.    I made corn muffins, then took him out to gets some gifts I forgot to pick up for my Sister-in-Law, some mini gift bags for scratch ticket gifts, and a couple of puzzles for Itty Bitty.  I still need a couple of gifts for Mini Moose. No such luck getting cranberries to make my whole berry sauce.   I took the boy out with only training pants under his pants and babylegs.    He peed twice for the short trip which he never does!     I guess the loose fabric and cold was too stimulating.  He looked a bit confounded too as if to say, “Uh..lady…I’m wet and it feels weird and cold!”

So off we went today to have dinner with family about 1.5 hours away.  It is so stressful!    Mom Unit keeps the house like a magazine cover so you can’t walk anywhere without feeling like Pigpen.   Seriously, all the waste baskets are empty so you feel like you need to carry your  wadded up trash  lest you soil the rubbish baskets.    There are also strange rules like you must wear shoes in the house (no barefeet); and no sleeping on the new couch or you’ll somehow mess it up by your dirty, destructive slumber.      Not kidding.    I couldn’t sleep on the nosebleed high guest bed because the room gets awfully cold, the bed is so high I can’t sit on it and touch the floor, and there is no place to put night supplies in reach.   It was tough when Mini Moose was new and immobile and Itty Bitty wasn’t having dream disorientation — I ended up not sleeping last time and having us sleep across the bed. Not restful even with it’s strategic position near the only bathroom.  This is why I wanted to sleep on the couch and you swear I said we were going to stay downstairs and graffiti the upholstery and grind on it naked while drinking red wine and grape juice.

We ended up sleeping on the sun porch on a futon.  Daddy Man wanted to sleep on the recliner but found it difficult to fall asleep so reluctantly went to sleep on the sky high twin bed in which his feet dangle of and his shoulders nearly over hang.

Laugh it up!

How did EC go?   Quite well at first.  Night EC was a total miss, we caught a couple in the morning before leaving and missed a couple. We caught on arrival and stayed dry until after dinner (Mini Moose amused himself with French cut green beans and corn muffins I made this morning and brought) for the whole meal even though the bathroom was on the second floor.  I forgot to bring the little potty!   We had a two or three catches and all misses the rest of the evening and totally missed the gigantic, green-gray, chunky, reeky poop.  At least it happened before we went out to visit my cousin T.


Itty Bitty calling my brother not Uncle when asked what his name was, but Auntie K.’s Friend (she loves her Auntie so).  We had a good time teasing my brother and Itty Bitty picked up on the joke and even though new his name would call him by my other brother’s name with a sly little grin.   Their girl twins they are expecting I hope will be as laughter inducing as Itty Bitty.


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