Month 10: Finding the Elimination Groove – Day 274

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Vintage Dollies from Great-GrandMa

11/23 Day 274 F:      Last night was all misses.  I felt so bad because I had a diaper cover on him so by the time either one of us roused from a fitful sleep he was soaked.    I now know why some babies become oblivious to wets when they have on too much protection.  It holds in the heat so it stays warm and you aren’t alerted to the first wet immediately.       From just that one night, Mini Moose developed as bumpy rash just above his buttocks just below the diaper belt line.     Daddy Man even said that as soon as we get home he needs no cover and some air!

Our morning was hit or miss.  Just like yesterday (I forgot to mention) some of our misses were on the way to the bathroom.      Frustrating, yes.    But we do what we can and always put in our best effort.

Back at home late afternoon, we got back into our routine.  And though we were off kilter and had misses, we did manage to catch a small poop.     We mainly just took it easy and relaxed to recover and ordered take-out (take-away) which produced some intestinal distress in all of us (except Moose who just got his meal on tap)!   Despite that,  it’s nice to be home with our things.    I think I even missed the mess a little!   At least we feel comfortable moving around without feeling like we are messing up everything we touch.


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