Month 10: Finding the Elimination Groove – Day 275

Compare to Sister’s Blog:   Month 10:  Public Elimination


Little Helper

11/24 Day 275 S:      Oh, man.  We are never ordering from there again.     Itty Bitty woke up at 4Am to poop.   Itty Bitty hasn’t had to poop at night since she was a newborn!     Not only did she poop at 4AM she had to go again an hour later.    Daddy Man, fortunately, took the reigns and helped her so I could stay with Mini Moose in the midst of my own gas cloud.   Oh it was horrible.    Not food poisoning thank goodness, but some serious gastrointestinal churnings.      Itty Bitty pooped again when she got up in the morning around 9:30AM.   Yikes!      All she had was a chicken caesar wrap.  None of us even ate the same thing.    Bleh.

Needless to say, night catches were a bust, but we at least changed out immediately so Mini Moose wasn’t sitting in a wet flat.  Our EC day was pretty dismal with maybe a 10% catch rate.    It wasn’t for lack of trying!    Mini Moose just insists that I not take him to potty unless he has reached near critical mass, and that’s a little hard to judge at the moment.       If it isn’t a “sit, pee, done” he will not cooperate.  He’s also gotten to protesting before I even open the bathroom door!

I know he is the thick of Bladder Experiments, but it would be nice if he kind of listened to my suggestions once in a while so he doesn’t have to crawl to me and screetch-wail about being wet!

I left to go pick up a holiday outfit for the boy leaving him with Daddy Man and bringing Ityy Bitty with me.    Boy clothes suck.    Anyway, when I get back Daddy Man say I just missed the biggest poo bomb ever.   He says it was the nastiest, smelliest, chunkiest paste that exploded while Mini Moose was pulling up.   Pulling Poo!   He said it was leaking down is leg and he had to bathe Mini Moose in the sink.    Been there, done that Daddy Man!   Thus, I point and laugh.


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