Month 10: Finding the Elimination Groove – Day 276

Compare to Sister’s Blog:   Month 10:  Public Elimination

z112511/25 Day 276 Su:     Last night we had all misses and Mini Moose nursed all night long.   He also has a bumpy rash on his lower back and upper buttocks from the time he spent in a diaper cover over the holidays that was made much worse to day by the nasty poop that was missed when I went out with Itty Bitty to pick up a Christmas outfit for Mini Moose holiday pictures.   Daddy Man was rather apalled at the grossosity level of the output!    I finally found something at the store acceptable that didn’t make me gag or depressed.    I couldn’t decide between an off-white sweater to match Itty Bitty’s dress or a pretty red one so I got both since they were on sale and Mini Moose could use two sweaters since he has none.

Our EC day was hit and miss.    Mini Moose continues to be physically resistant to potty opportunities when he’s not ready to go.   We will get through this once I get to understand his new limits.    Quitting is not an option.   We make attempts every day because that is what we do.  It takes no extra effort and I just don’t feel right about giving up and not trying.  He is trying to communicate with me the best way he knows how, “Not right now, O Bringer of Boobies”,   “Mother, I have not yet finished my capacity experiments!”   “Lady, I have discovered this appendage here and I am wishing to inspect it now and pee later.”

Oh, yes.   Mini Moose has free access he has discovered when he is on the potty and feels the compulsion to extract Wee Willie Winkie from the Bjorn and yank it.   I’ve had to keep the prefold attached to the front of the belt and use it like a loincloth to hide and prevent access so he can pee in the potty and not shoot across the floor.


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