Month 10: Finding the Elimination Groove – Day 277

Compare to Sister’s Blog:   Month 10:  Public Elimination

IMG_229311/26 Day 277 M:    A much better EC night last night.  We caught two and missed two.   He seems to go potty around 2AM now so I usually have to go to and that seemed to be successful.     I’m pretty tired from this killer spurt and milestones right on top of each other.    Mini Moose and I had a better catch rate today.     After naps, first thing in the morning, after naps, and a couple of catches at the right time.    I really should probably write down the time between his pees now since it seems so long to me now!   I should remember to set my watch just to get an idea of his new capacity because I’m still on the old pee clock.

I had to work tonight so I was busy pumping and the laundry beast and reared up again.   Grr.

Itty Bitty and Mini Moose love to play with each other but I don’t know how much more the gleeful screeing I can take.  Not to  mention that Mini Moose is trying really, really hard to not take naps and is going longer between nursing.    He wants to keep up and hang with his nutty sister.   I’ve had to offer a lot more and try to keep Itty Bitty busy with her meals in another room because if any of us has ANY food he makes a big ruckus.      He has a good grasp of pincer grip with three fingers and works really hard to pick up food and stuff his mouth.  I’ve had to give him a few pieces at a time out of my hand since we rarely eat at the table.  None of us is safe from Mini Moose Feed Me wrath!

I need to watch his solids intake because I can see how he can easily over ingest in his enthusiasm and not nurse as much as he should.        Of course, when I offer he’s like, “Oh, brilliant idea!”  and practically rips my nipple off in his eagerness.   If I get busy and forget to offer before he gets to huger level red he tries to rip and pinch the breast.   As revenge, my letdown blasts him practically off my lap because he’s taken too long between his usual hourly 12 course meal nursing length.

Daddy Man was quite pleased with the long nap Mini Moose took while I was at work and Itty Bitty fell asleep too.


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