Month 10: Finding the Elimination Groove – Day 279

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I be standin.  yeah yeah yeah

I be standin. yeah yeah yeah

11/28 Day 279 W:     Another excellent EC night of 3 catches and no misses.     Mini Moose seems to be averageing 2-3 pees a night now and I’ve been trying to note when he stirs just to nurse and doesn’t move very much and when he is trying to crawl off the bed or on my head or is really restless which means “I gotta go!”       I also have to nurse and pee because he insists.   Easy to do with Itty Bitty, but takes a little more coordination to handle the Twig aiming.

We had story time today so Itty Bitty was very happy and I even convinced her to go back to bed for 30 minutes.  She really needed an hour and a half at least but that was better than nothing!     She was a little restless at story time but better than if she hadn’t had that extra sleep.    Mini Moose is ready to go at 7:30AM much to my horror.

Daddy Man is pretty bummed and not feeling well because of his sore leg.    So on the way back from Story Time (two pee opportunities, one refusal one catch, stayed dry!)  we stopped at the bank to make a deposit and went to the grocery store.  My idea was to cook a after Thanksgiving Dinner  Dinner to cheer him up.    The Littles decided to fall asleep before I got to the store!  So I got myself a coffee and drank it in the parking lot while they napped.  I finished my coffee and spent time in the front seat cleaning the dashboard, sorting through flotsam, and generally organizing and cleaning.       They slept for an hour and a half!

We shopped for an hour and came home to find Daddy Man who came home early not feeling well.    It tooke me two hours to cook a dinner of two turkey wings, roasted butternut squash, quick bread stuffing, mashed potatoes, fresh whole berry cranberry sauce, and a tiny canned ham (I know, I know but I didn’t have 8 hours for a proper one and Daddy Man likes ham).  Unfortunately, Daddy Man wasn’t very hungry and so just had some mashed potatoes and a bit of ham.    Oh well.    At least I tried!   Itty Bitty was extremely hungry and Mini Moose I sat in the high chair for the first time and tossed him bits of squash that he devoured with lip smacking gusto once he realized he didn’t need to squish it all to bits in his hands first.

That poop is going to be really ugly.


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