Month 10: Finding the Elimination Groove – Day 280

Compare to Sister’s Blog:   Month 10:  Public Elimination

z112711/29 Day 280 R:    Caught a pee last night and this early afternoon I saw Mini Moose stick his butt up in the air and get very quiet.  I leaped out of my chair grabbed him sputtering, “Wait wait!”    and I plopped him on the potty to finish a pasty poop.  Only a little bit got in the diaper.      Yay!       Our pee catches were hit and miss, he seems to be going about every hour and 45 minutes to two hours so we are still working on the new rhythm.

I’m also not hovering him over the toilet to pee as much because he is heavier, tries to twist out of my hands when he isn’t quite ready, and I’ve been hit in the head by the toilet lid too many times because of how I stoop to distribute his weight — puts my head right in the perfect line to get cracked.    I now put Mini Moose on the Baby Bjorn Little potty.  Itty Bitty doesn’t use them any more except in an upstairs emergency if she doesn’t think she’ll make it to the bathroom downstairs.  At first Mini Moose didn’t really want to sit down, but once he discovered he had easy access to Wee Willie suddenly his interest was piqued.    I’m still having to use the prefold to block access so that pee doesn’t end up shooting across the hallway.

We are getting into a routine now of me sitting him on the potty while I go so I don’t have to go second.  Yay!

Had to work tonight, and I’m feeling kind of run down.   Daddy Man stayed home today because he was feeling under the weather for the last couple of days and decided he really needed to rest and recover.    I came home to some chaos and they had a lot of misses.  Apparantly, Daddy Man was having trouble interpreting potty needs too.


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