Month 10: Finding the Elimination Groove – Day 282

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Kitty in an Itty Bitty lap

Kitty dozing in a sleeping  Itty Bitty lap

12/01 Day 282 S:   I’m still coughing but feel better today.  Last night was an EC miss fest and out day was pretty hit and miss.    We were busy though with getting Santa pictures (they came out so awesome.  I had both Littles dressed in off white) and then we went to a holiday craft event for the kids and another Santa opportunity.  Daddy Man wondered if the multiple Santa’s would spoil the Santa mystique.   I didn’t think so.   I don’t think we need to bend over backwards to lie or to force the story. Santa is simply everywhere. He’s an idea.  It’s a wonderful fun story that I think little kids can “get” really easily without needing to force it.  A story doesn’t have to be true to be fun and you don’t have to tell chlldren that a story book is a story…it kind of explains itself.

Anyway, by the time we were done (and Mini Moose had three successful outing potty opps and had only two misses and we were out for several hours) the kids were tired.  Itty Bitty started to melt down and when she stepped in a slush puddle she just lost it.    We had a good day anyway aside from that.    Late naps were had by all.

Mini Moose continues to show his athletic strength by standing up free style from the floor to a full stand without holding onto anything.   EGADS!     It happens so fast!


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