Month 10: Finding the Elimination Groove – Day 284

Compare to Sister’s Blog:   Month 10:  Public Elimination


Pottytunity with Sisterly help.

12/03 Day 284 M:     Mini Moose is getting his second tooth.   *sniffle*   He was supposed to wait until he was a year old like Itty Bitty.     I am so going to miss that gummy grin and the gummy giggles.     Le sigh.

Last night I had only one catch and so many misses because of how much the boy is nursing.   I keep telling myself this will pass and we will come out the other end alive.    I was so stressed all day from the Nutty Duo that I could barely pump any milk.   Mini Moose was on me like velcro and he kept trying to gouge and assault me every time latched on as if the breast he was on was going to magically poof out of existence if he didn’t sink his claws in me.    I try to head him off but I have quite a few scratches and gouge marks on both of the Girls.   Ouch!

Itty Bitty is stir crazy.   Enough said.

I yelled today.  A lot.  Which made Itty Bitty cling to me like a baby Lemur.  I felt like such a heel.    I try so hard not to loose my temper when I’m at my wit’s end, but it is so hard when we don’t go out!    I SHOULD have dragged us all outside, but I have a tendancy to want to hibernate in the winter and it is so hard for me to muster the energy.   Tomorrow we’ll go out.   I’ve got to work tonight and I’m going to need some caffeine to stay focused.

I am just managing to keep the house not dirty enough to be a total disaster, but it certainly isn’t tidy.    Sometimes I feel like I am fruitlessly holding the line against a hoarde of Uruk-hai.

EC today was way off.    Mini Moose pooped solid poops 4 separate times.  Thankfully, it just smashed into a hockey puck and wasn’t one of those pasty messy ones.   We caught a couple of big pees, but we missed most of them.     I probably should do another Timeline post to give you all an idea of the current pattern once I get caught up with this draft post backlog again!


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