Month 10: Finding the Elimination Groove – Day 285

Compare to Sister’s Blog:   Month 10:  Public Elimination

IMG_233012/04 Day 285 T:      A very promising EC night last night.  One miss and two catches!     We woke up on a high note, despite the early hour.    This boy is going to kill me with his Bright Eyed and Bush Tailed morning person ways.  Itty Bitty tried to rise with us but I sent her back to bed and she, thankfully, fell back to sleep!

We were going to go out to the Kid’s Gym but the jeep has a flat.   NOOOO!

It was rainy and very cold so there was no way I wanted to go out in that, though Itty Bitty will go out no matter the weather and probably naked if she felt that clothes would hinder her ability to get outside quickly.    Instead I occupied her with one of her new cartridges to her LeapPad and she played with it all day learning numbers and other educational lessons.      Mini Moose took a two hour nap on my lap and I managed to fall asleep!   Though, just as I was 20 minutes into a good snooze, Itty Bitty almost lost her head when she woke me up for no reason other than she didn’t want me sleeping!    GRRRRR.      Really?      Then what did she do?  She fell asleep and I was awake, trapped and needing to pee!

Children are cute so that we don’t eat our young when they pull stunts like that.

EC was really hit and miss.   We got the after nap pees and the morning pee but the rest we seemed to miss.   I did get a couple of “nurse and pees” on the big toilet.    Mini Moose seems to be having trouble releasing his newly grown sphincter and is taking much longer to relax unless he is full to bursting.  He’s also doing quite well with standing from floor level to upright without holding onto anything and is doing it several times a day now especially if he has something in his hands.  We think he’s going to walk in the next month or so.

We caught half of the poop and boy was it nasty and then there was a very unexpected second poop later that was totally missed.      We’ve eaten a lot of beans the last couple of days.   Enough said.


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