Month 10: Finding the Elimination Groove – Day 286

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Parachute play at Story time.

12/05 Day 286 W:      Last night, Daddy Man filled up my tire in the rain!   We got to go to story time where Itty Bitty got to release loads of energy.  It was a very physical activity and she was really the only one doing the dancing with gusto, singing the songs, and overall just getting interactive.   I was exhausted just watching her and I had to reel her in a few times.   We stayed to play a little while.   We had two misses and one of them was a miss in progress while we were going to the bathroom.

Both of them were up way too early and wound up falling alseep in the car on the way back, so I had me a little coffee break in the driveway, had lunch in peace,  listened to music, and read the Children’s books we’d checked out.   Mini Moose slept almost two hours in the car and itty Bitty slept and hour and a half.     When she woke up I gave her a muffin and let her sit up front until her brother decided to wake up.       We even caught that pee and it was a big one!

Once in the house we were really hit and miss with EC.      One catch was kind of missed in that the Wee Winkie was not aimed properly into the potty and ended up soaking into the bath mat on the floor.   Darn that thing!     We also had a successful Nurse and Pee on the big toilet.      One miss happened when Mini Moose crawled to the bathroom and was pounding on the closed door.   Coincidence or deliberate?    I’d like to say deliberate.  You decide!

No poop deployment today.

I cower in fear.

Daddy Man  brought home some chicken parmesan subs (grinders, hoagies, sandwhiches) from the good expensive place.   YUM!   I guess I must have been looking in the need of a pick me up this week!

We spend the rest of the night watching TinkerBell movies on Netflix.  They signed a contract with Disney and it was a jackpot of good movies and not the usual dreadful knockoffs that are usually available.     Zipadeedoodah!


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