Month 10: Finding the Elimination Groove – Day 287

Compare to Sister’s Blog:   Month 10:  Public Elimination


Being Diaper Free means you can go Commando with confidence at least some of the time. Who doesn’t love bare baby tush?

12/06 Day 287 R:     One catch and the rest misses last night.  Mini Moose peed like crazy.  He must be nursing more than I remember because the volume is just crazy.    He’s teething and I can feel the hard nub of that bottom tooth just breaking the surface and he’s really working on standing from a squat so he’s extra physically active during the day.  These two are go go go go go all day long!
Not much to report today other than we used training pants a lot and had a dry afternoon and then miss miss miss and took out four in a row.   He isn’t fully emptying his bladder.   Three times he crawled to the bathroom and by the time I got to him he was wet but it was still very warm so he had only just peed.   Progress!

No poop today…Oh dear me.

I had to work tonight and much to Daddy Man’s delight I left 6 ounces of milk.   When I got home I was told that Mini Moose decimated a pear.   They were looking very yummy and there was none left for me!   Between Itty Bitty and the baby it is hard to get a fruit around here before they are gone!


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