Month 10: Finding the Elimination Groove – Day 289

Compare to Sister’s Blog:   Month 10:  Public Elimination

IMG_235212/08 Day 289 S:   It was quite foggy, dark, and overcast when I woke up to big smiles from Mini Moose.  Good grief boy…the sun is even tired today!       We one miss and two or three catches last night.  Our morning catch was one in the little potty in the bathroom.   I managed to convince Mini Moose to take a little cat nap for an hour.  Daddy Man slept on the couch and was snoring.     Later I found out he had had too many fancy beers and gave him self a little hangover.    I didn’t know and I just handed him the crazy, happy, active baby since it was 9:00am.   Itty Bitty was out cold and I was beat so I went back to bed.

I passed out cold, had a dream about Mini Moose pooping (really) and woke up drooling when Daddy Man brought Mini Moose up to nurse…by then Itty Bitty had gotten up and left the bedroom (I have very vague recollections of her leaving the bed and I think I grunted responses to he questions.  She wanted to nurse, but I was like hell no the Mah-mees are going to SLEEP).      Mini Moose DID poop for Daddy Man!  I must have heard him squawking about it.  Haha.    He caught most of it he said.    Like peanut butter I’m told.  Ewww.

Mini Moose decided to eat and have his first nap and I fell back to sleep!     I had a dream about betting on a year old filly named Buttercup and woke up with a stiff neck in a big pile of my own drool.    I must’ve been in a Coma-like state.   I could have stayed in bed all day but I got up to feed Itty Bitty because I knew Daddy Man didn’t other than fruit which she can serve herself.  She’d had eaten two apples and a banana.  I made her a sandwich for lunch while Daddy Man slinked upstairs after telling me he was hungover with a headache and needed a nap.   Men.

Around 3:00 Mini Moose took another nap trapping me on the couch and Itty Bitty entertained herself.    I had just cleaned up toygeddon and was grumbly about her leaving a mess everywhere as she abandoned toys in favor of others.    When she asked to play legos, though, she picked up all the toys she had out with only a little direction, played with the leggos for about an hour, put them away all by herself and chose something else to play with.    *FAINT*

At around 4:00 Itty Bitty decided to grab her blanket, dolls, and curl up in a ball on the laundry pile between us on the couch and pass out into a deep nap that I couldn’t wake her up from even with poking.    *DOUBLE FAINT*     We wanted to get our tree and if we waited too long we’d miss our favorite place.   I woke up Mini Moose who needed to pee anyway, woke up a snoring Daddy Man, caught a standing pee that was huge,  and then finally Itty Bitty was rousable.   I got them dressed, we got our tree, ordered pizza, and Daddy Man went out on multi-store quest to find the movie Brave on blue-ray for us to watch since it is our favorite at the moment.

We had one big soaking miss when we were out and Mini Moose was pissed off.  I can’t blame him.  I totally flaked, though to be fair if he had emptied his bladder before we left he wouldn’t have had such a big wee!  Dagnabbit.

As usual, Itty Bitty nursed before bed, Mini Moose spent quality time with Daddy and was brought up to me for the night and we got the before bed pee.  Nurse and pee of course!

Oh…and…all the laundry was folded and 3/4 of it put away!       That’s huge!


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