Month 10: Finding the Elimination Groove – Day 290

No Fall Perpetual Climber

No Fall Perpetual Climber

Compare to Sister’s Blog:   Month 10:  Public Elimination

12/09 Day 290 Su:    Why can we never leave the house on time?   Mini Moose, who has been rising at 7:30, decided to keep me up all night with his Teething Nursing Extravaganza and Pee Pee Niagara and then had the gall to sleep until 9:30am.  We were supposed to leave the house by ten and I couldn’t get it together until 11:30!     Gah!

We spend the day at the Children’s Museum and Itty Bitty had a grand time playing on the huge climber, then the bubble room, ball room, kindergarten room, water and sand room, and two “body in motion” exhibits.      Mini Moose slept most of the time on my back, played in the ball room for a while, watched the bubbles, and rode in the jogging stroller we brought because we knew that Itty Bitty was going to exhaust herself and it would be easier to let her ride.     Mini Moose rode in it for a bit but he didn’t really find it much fun (no smiles) as he can see so much more when he’s riding on my back (big smiles and much flirting with people).       Itty Bitty was going to protest leaving, but got excited that she got to ride out of the museum on the new glider board I boat for the jogger that she’s been dying to try out for two weeks.   That was easy!

Believe it or not other than one big miss before we left and a night of 50/50 catches, we had NO misses while we were out and he peed three times.     Crazy right?

We got home around 6:30pm and we were all very tired.   Grandmama caught the plague Daddy Man had passed around and went right home to bed.

Mini Moose waited until we got home to poop and we missed it.    Curse the Stink Demon!


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