Month 10: Finding the Elimination Groove – Day 291

Compare to Sister’s Blog:   Month 10:  Public Elimination

DisplayImage2.ashx12/10 Day 291 M:    Brace yourselves.   Itty Bitty slept until 10:30 this morning!    Zounds!    Of course that meant that we had to miss out playdate with E. and her little bittys.    I’ve got to work tonight and I have to pump before I got to work so we are going to have to stay home today.        I think the kids are still exhausted from yesterday anyway.  I know I am!

Last night was a total miss fest.  I think I woke up drooling at least three times and Mini Moose was latched on all night.   That other tooth is coming in and I imagine it must be itchy.    Both littles are also very stuffy and snotty.  I think the house is just very dusty.     I am beginning to think I should hire a maid for a day just to get me back on track, I can never seem to clean up the daily mess AND get a chance to clean up old mess.

Anyway, our EC day was 50/50.     I had Mini Moose in training pants part of the day in the late morning and afternoon.   He is definitely going longer between pees.    Dang if I didn’t miss the poop again!    Though I at least caught 1/4 of it since I saw him put his but up in the air and concentrate.      Poop misses, I know, happen the moment I’m distracted (of course, when else would I miss them, duh).

It has been so hard to sit down and even blog for ten minutes.   I’m starting to lose my marbles again.


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