Month 10: Finding the Elimination Groove – Day 292

Compare to Sister’s Blog:   Month 10:  Public Elimination

IMG_248212/11 Day 292 T:   So tired.   Mini Moose is still teething and all-night nursing.   We were going to go to the Kid’s Gym to let off some steam but we ended up staying home because I just couldn’t find the energy to do more than finish getting out Holiday Cards and labels printed out.    Looks like we’ll get them out early this year for a change.

We had a night of all misses and our morning was a bust other than the wake-up and after nap pees.   Missed the poop …twice!     Man, are they foul.   I can’t wait until he gets more regular and we have a better shot at them.  He come to me right away when he’s wet or soiled so we are still communicating, just not quite fast enough to prevent the poop-in-pants.   Yuck.   Our training pants session went quite well for several hours and then it was miss miss miss miss.    Mini Moose also is having trouble fully emptying his bladder so sometimes when we catch we miss immediately after.

And the snot fest in both Littles continues.  It is really, really gross especially Itty Bitty who gets a double snot hang.

Will this week never end!?


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