Month 10: Finding the Elimination Groove – Day 293

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Itty Bitty carefully places each bulb a handwidth apart like Daddy Man told her too --not realizing he meant his size hand!

Itty Bitty carefully places each bulb a handwidth apart like Daddy Man told her too –not realizing he meant his size hand!

12/12 Day 293 W:    I was really out of it this morning.   I don’t even remember doing it but I told Itty Bitty to go back to bed after Daddy Man woke us up as he was getting ready for work.   It had been a rough night again with Mini Moose keeping me awake and when he wasn’t Itty Bitty was whining and then asked me for water at 3am.    I had only been asleep maybe and hour and a half and was pretty deep into it from mental exhaustion.      I guess I said it and fell back to sleep and a distressed Itty Bitty was crawling all over me and I was getting ready to explode like Tinker Bell, when I realized she’d peed herself!    She had gotten up to go potty, but the potty wasn’t in the room — I forgot and left it downstairs–and she had been in the process of going to the bathroom downstairs when I barked at her to go back to bed.   Well, she did what I asked and 10 or 15 minutes later the dam burst.

I really felt angry and ashamed at the same time.    I really hadn’t remembered telling her that but now as I right I kind of have a vague recollection.

And that was pretty much the note of our day.    Mini Moose and I were way out of sync and I maybe caught two all day.   Missed the poop.  Spent the morning doing laundry, kept fading in and out of doze on the couch but never really getting in a good sleep.  I had to pump for work, too.  Luckily I at least got some peace and quite when the Littles took a nap at the same time for about two hours.  Unfortunately, in order to keep myself from being a total zombie, I consumed some coffee and the caffeine kicked in 20 minutes into a cat nap after the phone rang and woke me up.

Really fates?    Really!?

On a happier, funner, nostaliga-er note, we finally got a chance to decorate the tree.  It is such a perfect tree.  We went for a 6.5 foot, dense, narrow tree.   It is quite svelte!     It is our usual hodge podge of unbreakable balls, our favorite keepsake ornaments high up, and a few Itty Bitty made ornaments.   I have to get Mini Moose his First Christmas Keepsake ornament and one for Itty Bitty to commemorate her 3rd age but 4th Christmas.

We attended Daddy Man’s work Holiday Party and I braved driving in the dark.  I HATE driving in the dark especially on an unfamiliar route.     Itty Bitty danced the night away with her new friend Gabby who was just as energetic and physical, had her face painted like an Snow and Ice princess by the most fabulous and fast face pain artist I have ever seen.   She made each child unique even if they asked for the same “theme”.   Oh, I so wanted my face painted too!

Oh and by the way, being the fun parent I ever strive to be, I am letting Itty Bitty sleep in her Snow and Ice Princess facepaint.  It is the most awesome non-smudging paint (but easily washes off…I need me some of that) and I will likely let her sleep in it tomorrow night and wash it off the day after as it fades.   Why not!


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