Month 10: Finding the Elimination Groove – Day 294

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Gym fun

Gym fun

12/13 Day 294 R:     Last night Mini Moose only peed once and we caught that — a big one too.  I guess that makes it 100% success, haha!     We missed the poop today too.

There was a Staff Appreciation Holiday Luncheon at my job today and I took the Littles.  Since I work nights, luncheons are really the only time I get to see most of my colleagues, some of them hadn’t even known I’d had another baby even though I worked all through my pregnancy.    It was nice to show them off and eat something I didn’t have to cook or clean up (total bonus).    And, I admit that I had two desserts and made myself ill.    Gluttony demands its price.   I let Itty Bitty indulge in a very delicious and light raspberry mousse.  She ate about half of it and a goodly amount ended up on her face.

We had one big miss when we were out and totally because I forgot to give the poor boy a potty break.  But after we left and stopped at the Kid’s Gym on the way home, Mini Moose had two pee opps there so that more than made up for my spacing out.   At home we had several misses in a row.   I managed to pump enough milk for work.

When I got home, Mini Moose had given Daddy Man a hard go of it and I could barely get my coat off before Itty Bitty was demanding her hugs and kisses. and Mini Moose was grunting for me with that grating…”Maaaaaaaaaaa Maaaaaaaaaaa!” sound he makes when He’s mad.

He’s getting more clever every day by the way.  He is learning to climb over all of our barricade obstacles, can reach things we didn’t think he could, knows how to unlock the latch on our tv cabinet and slide the doors open and closed (we had to loop a wire around it so we could get in but he can’t just like for Itty Bitty), he is clapping his hands more and more every day, and he is showing increasingly persistent behavior in getting to toys he previously couldn’t get to by pushing things out of the way and going specifically for them and he remembers where they are.  Ornery little imp.

My favorite Itty Bitty utterance:  “You are my best Mommy.”   Melt.


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