Month 10: Finding the Elimination Groove – Day 295

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Naked is the only way to eat a mango!

Naked is the only way to eat a mango!

12/14 Day 295 F:      We are having some new challenges with night EC.   Mini Moose has grown so long and heavy that it is harder for me to manage him over the bowl while he nurses.   I think I’m going to have to switch to the Little Potty and nurse him while he faces me if he’ll cooperate, though, he seems to be having a bladder shift too so now that that insane growth spurt seems to be over maybe he won’t need to pee more than once or twice. I just have to find the right timing and determine which wake up is for the milk and which is for the desperate pee.   Learning curves…hard on the way up but so worth it on the way down!

Itty Bitty has been playing by herself more lately.  Probably because I’m a big ole grouch.    I can see her playing near the tree which is set up in our dining room in the corner and beside it is a nice cover over the radiator that Daddy Man made two years ago and she’s been playing on top of that with some inherited cast iron cars, horses and cowboys, and some My Little Pony.    When she is over there her brother can’t get in her business.    When she has finished her role play dialogue she comes back in the living room to annoy play with her brother.

Mini Moose’s two bottom teeth are clearly visible now and I’ve been nipped a couple of times when not paying attention.   He’s awake a lot more now and is trying to do breast-acrobatics.   We’ve had some loud disagreements about nursing manners vs nursing rights.

EC is 50/50 still.  We’ll have a bunch of successes in a row then several misses.     We are doing training pants in the afternoon now and Mini Moose crawls to me unusually fast to complain really loudly if we miss when he has them on — even louder than when he wets a prefold.


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