Month 10: Finding the Elimination Groove – Day 296

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Helping Daddy Man cook.  Or as Itty Bitty says coo-k

Helping Daddy Man cook. Or as Itty Bitty says coo-k

12/15 Day 296 S:     Erg.  No sleep for Mommy!  Mini Moose had a real rough night with a stuffy nose and he couldn’t nurse laying down.   I nursed Itty Bitty before bed so she was out cold but Mini Moose was pissy and restless.  I tried a steamy bathroom–but that snot was persistent.   I hated to do it, but I suctioned that goo out of his nose.   It helped and he was calmer after having a hissy fit while I apologized for having to resort to suction.    I wound up spending most of the night on the couch recliner watching tv while Daddy Man slept with Itty Bitty who had her usual 3am dream disorientation.  She though Daddy Man was a monster in the bed at first!  Mini Moose slept fitfully and I let him pee on me twice (on a prefold of course, I just lifted a leg to change it).

Around 5AM I tried to rejoin the bed and that didn’t go well.  I lost my marbles angrily, took a deep breath, got it together and went back downstairs.  Mini Moose settled after 30 minutes and slept on my chest as I lay flat instead of reclines and a cat took up residence on my crotch.   I finally slept.

…until 9AM when Itty Bitty woke hungry, quietly (for a three year old) came down the stairs, got an apple, and went back upstairs with Daddy Man.

I managed to go grocery shopping and prepped onions, steak strips and peppers for daddy man to cook for the annual Christmas party we go to at a friend’s house.   I had coffee to keep me going.    We missed a nasty poop, had some good pee catches as well as misses.    Itty Bitty got decked out in dress and pony tail with white ribbon and was interested in my makeup which I rarely use.  I put sparkle shadow on her eyes and a little lip gloss and she was pleased as pie.  She told Daddy Man, “No kisses Daddy, I have makeup on.”

People were amazed that Mini Moose was asleep in the Mei Tai half the night and how social he was when out of it.   I wore him both on my back and front and we had three successful pottytunities!    We left around 10:30 because Itty Bitty was clearly tired and we wanted her to leave on a high note.


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