Month 10: Finding the Elimination Groove – Day 297

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Movin' to the Holiday music groove!

Movin’ to the Holiday music groove last night!

12/16 Day 297 Su:    A much better night last night.   I slept so hard between sucessful nurse-n-pee wake-ups I drooled on myself.  Daddy Man snored the morning away.  I suppose I can’t smother him with a pillow…

Any way, the day started okay and then it started to freezing rain and…  excuse my language — shit was left out in the rain.   Grrr.  Have I told you all yet my theory about the mythical Harpy?    A Harpy is a woman in her most vulnerable stage of life (Momhood) driven stark raving mad by their spouses.   It is just a theory.

I covered the nice inherited John Deere lawnmower with a tarp, put away my nice hedge clippers and discovered the disaster in the shed and the fact that my garden wagon was buried under crap and not in its easy access spot!   I grumpily put away the other half of our hammock so no one would get hurt on it sledding in the back yard, I swept the huge pile of leaves out from the garage over hang so we could protect the snowblower,  I put the air pump and two outdoor wood chairs in the garage, and put the covers on our recycle bins.   Yeah, he cleaned the garage yesterday — but let’s not forget the 6 times I cleaned it only to have it a disaster two weeks later.  And my tools man…don’t screw with my gardening tools!   Daddy Man did come out to help, but I was still peeved especially about my clippers!

See!?  Harpy darts!

EC was way off after that and I couldn’t get in sync until after his nap.


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