Month 10: Finding the Elimination Groove – Day 298

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Icy Storm

Icy Storm

12/17 Day 298 M:   We all slept in today–well, I mean I slept an hour later than usual and Itty Bitty and Daddy Man slept in!    The roads were quite icy and bad so Daddy Man stayed home.   I folded laundry with Mini Moose. Exciting right?

Daddy Man redeemed himself today bu chipping the 1/2 inch thick ice off my jeep so I wouldn’t have to do it before I went to work that night.  Awww!  Sweet!  Harpy transformation reversed once again!  I was going to bring him a giant hot chocolate after work as appreciation, but the machine was broken.  I did find him Turtle Chex Mix snacks though so he was pleased anyway.

I tried to get a nap in but Itty Bitty was just a bundle of noise!  EC went well with Moose as long as he was in my arms or on my lap, as soon as he was floor bound he did a climbing poop.   Daddy Man noticed it first.  Sheesh.  Way to work those abs Boy!    Blogging is getting more and more difficult as Moose demands more focus.  I rather miss my sleepy newborn.

Tonight is my last night for work until mid January.  I don’t know how I feel about that.  Usually, I look forward to vacation, but I think I kind of need and crave the stimulation.  I’m holding out hope for extra hours next year.  Fingers crossed!


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