Month 10: Finding the Elimination Groove – Day 299

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OPT -- Other People's Toys

OPT — Other People’s Toys

12/18 Day 299 T:   It was a pretty good EC night last night with the exception of Mini Moose giving me lip when I misinterpreted a “nursing only” wake up with a “nurse and pee wake up”.       You make one little miscalculation in the wee hours of the morning and Littles give you heck for it!

Anyway, the day was pretty calm overall.    I decided the laundry could suck it and I left it piled in the hallway.    Sometimes you just have to tell the laundry to suck it to maintain some sort of sanity.  You should try it.  You’ll like it!

Okay are you ready?

Here is the scenario:

DM: “It’s bad out there you should come home as soon as you can and do your paper work at home tomorrow.”
ME: “There are no distractions at work it is faster if I do it there.”
DM: “Do you really want to drive on ice late late at night?”
ME: (I agree to leave the paper work for tomorrow) Okay, but you have to deal with the kids and not disturb me until I can get it done.
DM: I’ll try.
ME: Um…No. You HAVE to manage because I NEED to get it done. I’ve got a deadline.

It usually takes me 2-3 hours depending.

6:21p tonight. Mini Moose has napped and been topped off with milk. We even got out to get fresh air and exercise. I escape to the bedroom with computer and paper work and prepare to do updates and some calculations.

7:30p I am literally surrounded by paper on the bed (I teach by the way) pen in hand computer on my lap. The door opens.

DM: I think you need to top him off.

ME: (Staring incredulous. Nine and a half month old Mini Moose can’t possibly be starving after an hour) I am in the middle of calculating you’ll have to hold him off.

DH: (grumbles that he has been holding him off and leaves)

8:00p The duo returns.

ME: (glowering) (I take the baby stick a boob in his mouth where he proceeds to nurse for 5 minutes and is done–totally /not/ starving) (I make DH do some data entry on the computer) (I am pissed off) (I try to manage some details with the baby and I can’t concentrate. I give up.)

Oh, and he didn’t feed the toddler. *headdesk*

I took a hot shower to cool off, took the baby, typed this rant, and I’ll have to manage somehow to finish what I need to do in bits and pieces tonight and tomorrow morning. Grrrrrrr. I shudder to think what would happen if I was kidnapped by Ringwraiths and left him in charge of house.

I would be more miffed but…honest to goodness I don’t think he really sees why the whole scenario was so maddening to me!    It’s like trying to be mad at a puppy who chewed your shoes.  For you it is a destroyed pair of shoes and money out of your paycheck to replace it, for the puppy it was relief from teething and the cute little face is saying, “Thank you for providing me with a most wonderful chew toy.  It was most effective.  I love you!”

If I could draw, I’d totally be writing a comic because you can’t make this stuff up and it is funny as toddlers chasing greased pigs.


2 thoughts on “Month 10: Finding the Elimination Groove – Day 299

  1. It’s been weeks since I read up on your pottertunities for two! I didnt realize how much I missed your candide and witty insight. Many of your scenarios mimic my own life but your light hearted spin encourages me. Sometimes I get so frustrated and stressed I think I will not be able to handle this mothering thing any more. But it always turns around because my little boys change so fast. Thanks! Keep blogging, please!

    • Thank you so much! I am glad I can make you laugh. It’s the only thing that gets my lost marbles back in my head. Some days are so hard and I get so irritated at one thing or another but then I write it out and feel better. If we are going to be in the leaky boat, it’s nice to have someone baling with you. lol!

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