Month 10: Finding the Elimination Groove – Day 300

Compare to Sister’s Blog:   Month 10:  Public Elimination

IMG_2503  12/19 Day 300 W:    Itty Bitty slept until 10:00am while Mini Moose deemed fit to start his day at 7:30.     At least he only peed once last night so EC rate was 100% though he did get made at me for the time I offered a pee and he didn’t want a pee.    I explained that he could at least try kicking me once for “nursing’ and twice for “peeing” so I’d have a fighting chance at fulfilling his wishes promptly.

We had a big catch when we got up and then a bunch of misses as he practiced trying to climb over my barricades.  He likes to go to the bathroom door now and try to open it and every time I go to fetch him to  bring him to toilet he has just wet.  We have the right intention but not the right timing!

I took them to Story Time but forgot that it was cancelled for the holidays so we stayed for an hour to play in the kid’s area before coming home since Mini Moose was awfully sleepy because he was due for a nap after being up so early.    Itty Bitty amused herself while I finished some grades one handed.  So totally not fun to do by the way.

Oh, I told the laundry to suck it again.

Daddy Man came home late because he’d gone over to GrandMaMa’s to help her get a small tree and to fix her internet.     They then went to dinner and had the slowest service ever despite there  being hardly anyone else there.    And the “small” tree turned out to be a ridiculously fat six footer.

Mini Moose is free standing more and more and is leaning forward almost taking actual steps.  Daddy Man has glimpsed a couple of them but I deny that any of that happens until I get to see it.   It’s just the way it is!  Nothing happens until Mommy sees it first dammit.


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