Month 10: Finding the Elimination Groove – Day 301

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Rowdy Tumble Play

12/20 Day 301 R:   Last night Mini Moose peed and peed and peed and peed again!    I caught none of them because I only woke up after he crawled on my face.  I guess my brain was bound and determined to get some REM before letting me wake up.    That also means that Mini Moose must have been latched on permanently the whole night.      Itty Bitty nursed last night too and was out fairly quickly because she didn’t nap in the day.     She woke up when Mini Moose lunged for her when she stirred and woke her up fully.

I’d been whining to Mini Moose that it was too early and begging him (unsuccessfully) to resume slumber.  He declined.   However, I told Itty Bitty that she still looked groggy and really needed to sleep.  I told her to lie back down and I’d tuck her in and to sleep a little longer.  When she woke up she could come find me downstairs like she does every morning.

She said, “Okay, Mommy.”

When Daddy Man woke up about ten minutes later and went in the room to get his clothes he told me she said, “It’s too early, Daddy.   I’m sleeping.”

Anyone who says co-sleeping children will never go to sleep on their own are talking out of their asses.    We generally don’t enforce sleep, though when Itty Bitty is obviously tired we strongly encourage.     She didn’t want to go to bed last night but she did.   She pouted and whined for a minute because she is entitled to those feelings, but we went to bed, she nursed, and fell asleep in fifteen minutes.     The rare times when she can’t seem to settle we stop trying and she goes to sit with Daddy Man while I go to bed with Mini Moose or if Daddy Man is going to bed I have set her up with her computer or a movie on the bedroom TV and woken up later to find that she’d turned off her LeapPad and gone to sleep on her own.

Daddy Man was talking to a fellow parent  about how different things get when your days revolved around children.  The other parent had older children and said, “Wait until they get older and stay up as late as you and then you’ll never have time alone with your wife.”

Daddy Man told me he didn’t mention that our Littles already stay up as late as we (or rather I) do.    He seemed a little forlorn and I said, “But our situation is reverse of that.   We invest the time now and when they are out of the baby stage they will happily amuse themselves alone upstairs because they won’t wonder what we are doing at night or need us.  They will already know it’s nothing special to be up late, go to bed when they are tired from school, and won’t need us to night parent very often.”

Daddy Man is skeptical, but I am positive about this.   Invest now for payoff later.     As I always say in my AP groups, everyone pays the Sleep Piper…AP parents just do it at the infant and toddler stage when they are already getting up to feed anyway and won’t have to enter a second phase of sleep deprivation to deal with the same night issues later.

Our EC day was pretty good — after nap pees not a problem other pees were much more challenging.   We were dry for our outing to the health food store to get shampoo and soap, then we stopped for Vietnamese food.  There was a new place I wanted to try though it is not in the best position.   A little dive.    But it sure was tasty.   Is there anything in the world more delicious than a fresh bowl of Pho with mint?     Itty Bitty partook in some of it too and Mini Moose kept stealing the bean sprouts.


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