Month 10: Finding the Elimination Groove – Day 302

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Bananas for Mommy

12/21 Day 302 F:    Happy Solstice!     Merry Apocolypse!   The Wheel of Time turns once again!

So, last night was another pee fest.   How can a little body produce so much pee!    We were all kind of restless too tossing and turning because the heater made the room too hot and it took a while to cool it down.    Itty Bitty was plastered right up on my right side and Mini Moose was on my chest latched on one boob or the other.   We eventually found our sleep groove.

It was rainy and overcast and yet Mini Moose decided that 7:30 was a good time to get up again, though I lingered in bed hoping to entice him to take a cat nap.   No such luck.   We got up and I simply couldn’t tell the laundry to suck it again.   I’d put in a load the night before and had Daddy Man do a switch for me before he went to bed and I resumed the drudgery.     I made Itty Bitty some French Toast and nitrate/nitrite free bacon as a treat.   Man, bacon sure does stink up the house!

I then realized that I’ve got no gifts for Mini Moose other than some clothes I’d bought before he was born because they were cute and on sale and just the right size for this time of year.     I also needed to get gifts for a friend’s children.  We happened to score at the store that was having a huge sale.     I got Mini Moose an first ornament for the tree too and one for Itty Bitty for her 3rd year of life (though it is actually her fourth Christmas).  I still need to get Daddy Man a gift.  We are going small time this year.  Hopefully next year I’ll log more work hours and have more fun money to spoil him with.

Mini Moose was such a good sport.   I not only forgot to bring a back up diaper but I also forgot to give him a potty opportunity!   Poor thing was soaking wet by the time we got home.   He had such a serious look on his face.   He got me back for my infraction by removing his prefold from the belt while he was nursing, grabbed his winkle, and tinkled on me.    Touche’ little man.  Touche’.

Despite our missteps we caught four big pees today and there was no poop sighting.   Oh dear.    I fear for what is going to come out of his butt when I’m not looking.     As for Itty Bitty, today I saw her sprint to the bathroom three times in the nick of time to have huge pees.    I think her bladder has grown again and she’s been holding to full capacity and nearly getting caught too late.    It’s fascinating to watch.    The only time I prompt potty is before bed and before we go out, otherwise she’s in charge of herself.

Daddy Man and I watched the Dark Knight Rises tonight. He’d been holding off watching it without me and tonight he was bound and determined that we get a flick in.    Mini Moose slept through the whole thing and Itty Bitty shunned a nap and vascillated between eating, coloring, playing with toys, and wanting her brother to wake up.     The girl gets really weird when she’s tired!


One thought on “Month 10: Finding the Elimination Groove – Day 302

  1. Man, I thought that maybe you just weren’t writing any posts! So, I did a little blog-stalking and indeed, you are… I wonder why it doesn’t show up in my reader?
    Ho ho hum… Oh man, bacon stinks! We’re all veggos here, but no matter what, whenever I go home to visit my folks in New Jersey, they always make bacon! And, especially if it’s winter, all the windows are closed, the house wreaks for the whole day! So, I’m not the only EC one out there who forgets to bring back up diapers?! I’m always either running out or forgetting. I’ve been known to use washclothes, semi-dirty shirts, socks, even a wad of tissues. Goldie screams bloody murder if she’s about to do a wee and if I can’t take her in time, she does it and I don’t clean her off, she’s screaming the whole way home until I change her. I call her Princess Butt!

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