Month 13: Happy Birthday to You – Day 365 to Day 392

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Happy Birthday Baby!

Happy Birthday Baby!

2/22 Day 365 F:   Happy First Birthday Mini Moose!   I just can’t believe that my baby boy has been here for a whole year.    The second time around really does go by faster than the first.    I’m sad too because he is my last baby and these are the last firsts I am likely to see for at least twenty years.   It’s been hard for me to accept but I’m better about it now.   I’ll be turning 40 this year in September when my Itty Bitty turns four.   Some days you wonder where all the time has gone.

Anyway, I had one of the worst nights of sleep last night.   After I got home from work I developed a fever of 100.1.   WTF?    It only lasted a few hours and broke in the night but that left me quite unable to get a really deep sleep.    Mini Moose has much improved and he isn’t rattling in his chest quite as much but Itty Bitty’s nose is still very stuffy and she breathed through her mouth all night so her lips are cracking worse and worse every morning despite all the coconut oil and aloe and lip balm we’ve used.  Her cheeks and nose are also chapped.    I nearly coughed out my lungs and eyeballs.  Though, finally after one particularly nasty episode in the wee hours of the morning out came a gross phlegm ball and I felt loads better and I was finally able to fall into a deep sleep.  The Littles are so used to my hacking now that they didn’t stir awake at all!

Itty Bitty slept late again, but not so Mini Moose who is back to his 7:30AM wake up time.   His runny nose is so much better and I was feeling much recovered and not coughing half as much as I was.    When Itty Bitty woke up we went out for a very late (1:00pm) Brunch.  I always take Itty Bitty out for a Birthday breakfast and I though the fresh air outside would do us good.    Itty Bitty had a blueberry pancake, I had a blueberry and strawberry topped waffle with hash, and Mini Moose a fruit cup and some of Itty Bitty’s pancake.     We then went to the store to pick up some supplies and a small cake for Mini Moose.   We will have an official party for him in March.  We just couldn’t do it this month.

Daddy Man came home not feeling so well (oh dear) and we decided that Grandmama probably shouldn’t come over.    The kids took tag team naps.    Itty Bitty woke up from her nap with a low grade fever and flushed face.   Jeepers Creepers. We just can’t catch a break!   She was in high spirits and high energy so we didn’t worry about it though she had a headache,  her nose was especially clogged and she couldn’t even nurse.  We decided to give her a dose of Tylenol so she’d at least be able to sleep comfortably without a headache.   We didn’t get to sing Happy Birthday or eat cake until 10:00 at night!    Daddy Man grilled us steaks for dinner in honor of Mini Moose’s birthday outside on the grill in the snow in the dark!     They, incidentally, were among the three best steaks he has ever made!

Oh, I almost forgot!    Mini Moose surprised us when we were in the kitchen by walking down the hall to the Little Potty that was sitting outside of the bathroom.  He made an attempt to sit on it by scooting his butt backwards, sat and missed, then peed in his flat.    Yeah, for Mini Moose!    Points for effort even if the execution went awry.   We’ve also noticed that he is quite good now at doing things in sequence; understanding that certain things must be done in order.

2/23 Day 366 S:  Last night was the best nights of sleep I’ve had in weeks.  I hardly coughed.  Yay!   We had 50/50 catch rate as usual with Mini Moose.    Itty Bitty was out cold all night once her nose stopped pouring like a faucet, stirring only to hold my hand when she woke briefly.

I handed the baby to Daddy Man at 8:30AM and went back to bed.     Though wouldn’t you know, that I tried for an hour to go to sleep and couldn’t!      I was so mad!       I got up and went downstairs and cleaned the kitchen….again.  Put dishes away…again.    Picked up toys…again.    Swept the floor…again.      Is this what my life has become!?   Yeesh.

Pizza for dinner.

2/24 Day 367 Su:   A pretty typical night last night with our usual 50/50 catch rate.    We also had a great morning of catches staying dry until well into the afternoon and then we took out like 6 training pants in a row.      I kept assuming he was done and didn’t bother to potty him after an accident because I was distracted with chores.   Duh!

Today I cleaned the cat/den room, did the bathroom except for the shower, more laundry, and the dishes.     The good news is that there was hardly any coughing  and for the first time the kids’ noses weren’t constantly running.    I didn’t have to nose suck Itty Bitty’s nose more than once (ewww gross gag nasty!) and Mini Moose didn’t need any nose drops.   Could this be the light at the end of the tunnel?   Dare I hope?

Speaking of tunnels Mini moose has discovered that blankets make very nice tunnels when draped over adult legs on the recliners.     The Littles love to play with each other.     It is much better than the screetching squeals of anger that come out of Mini Moose’s mouth when his sister is doing something without him.    If she is eating or playing anything without him when he’s doing anything other than nursing or napping he gets really pissed and lets the whole world know about her audacity.      She is always sharing food with him but I’ve also seen him liberate things from her when she wasn’t looking.

2/25 Day 368 M:

We all seem to be recovering nicely.  Finally!     Last night I only coughed a couple of times and Itty Bitty only had one episode.    50/50 catch rate with Mini Moose last night.     I really miss my green bowl that we were using until Daddy Man broke it.   We are trying to find a new position that works using the baby Bjorn but Mini Moose hasn’t particularly been pleased thus far with the options.

Daddy Man took the day off from work so that I could go to a long overdue – decades overdue – physical without the kids.    It took a while for me to find someone and I think I got lucky.  The appointment was for 9AM, they took me right away, and everything is computerized so the nurse actually got to have a conversation with me while she entered my information directly into her netbook.  How refreshing!       I’m still 5 feet 7 ½ inches (1.7 meters)  and currently 160lbs (11.5 stone  or 72.5 Kg) .    I’m about 25 pounds heavier than I like but considering my age and two kids in three years that’s pretty darned good.   She does pap smears, mammograms (next year maybe), and there is a lab on the second floor for blood work.   It is like one stop shopping.    Fortunately, I didn’t eat breakfast and hadn’t eaten for 12 hours so I was able to get the cholesterol blood draw.   I never eat before an appointment because I have a touch of White Coat Syndrome and get very nervous and there is no need for me to give myself a stress stomach ache!      This woman has the best bedside manner I’ve ever encountered and didn’t talk to me like I was five.     The only thing she said was to call her if my cough stopped improving and started going the other direction.   She could hear a little rattle but since I have no fever, normal blood pressure, and all that…I just continue to wait it out as I always do.

Back home Daddy Man looked like I’d been gone all day.    Hahaha!   He’s just not used to it.    I did a little light picking up and a little laundry but decided to take a break today from the cleaning.   Daddy Man tackled the guest room he’s been sleeping in and using as a hobby room.    It was pretty darned dirty in there.  Itty Bitty hasn’t been allowed in there for a good 9 months because of the state it was in!

Daddy Man had a couple of pee catches, some misses, and a big poop miss.   When I got back we had a high catch rate until evening.   Mini Moose is starting to be much more obvious with his “I gotta go” communication requests.     The signal Daddy Man saw last week I can now see too.  He lifts both hands in the air and twists his wrists.  It is so cute!   Once or twice I’ve seen him scratch at the prefold if he has it on.    He hasn’t tried again to sit on the Little Potty by himself, but he also doesn’t have free access to it because he likes to flip it over.

Daddy Man took Itty Bitty out to play in the fresh snow for about two hours today to sled, throw snow balls, and build a snow lady (which they painted with colored shaving cream).   Itty Bitty then took a three and a half hour nap.     This meant she was up later than usual but at least she got to go out!  I know it has been hard on her to be cooped up over the course of this illness and cleaning frenzy.

Oh!  I caught the morning poop (yeah!), but we missed the soft ball late afternoon poop (boo!).

2/26 Day 369 T:

I only coughed once last night yayayayayay!   Itty Bitty slept pretty well once she fell asleep at 2:30AM.    We put in a video and she was allowed to sit and watch or play with her leap pad while Mini Moose and I slept.    She eventually decided to sleep.       I really didn’t see the need to make her sleep when she was obviously not tired because of the long nap.    Why argue when waiting works and is less stressful right?    She slept until 9:30am.

Mini Moose and I had yet another 50/50 night.   Our morning of catches started off great and then got off track as I got distracted with sorting laundry and sweeping.      It’s okay though.    I know we are moving forward and finding a brand new groove.

I had a coughing spell in the afternoon talking with Daddy Man on the phone (Grandmama’s work calls are getting call forwarded to our house and we were trying to get in touch with her).    Mini Moose’s nose is about 90% better running only once in a while.   Itty Bitty sounds stuffy but is not coughing a whole lot and can blow her nose much better now that it isn’t totally closed.  Her lips are still very dry from mouth breathing but even they are looking better.  Hopefully, in the next few days the running will stop completely and her chapped nose and cheeks will have a chance to heal and we can take Mini Moose’s one year photos and her half year photos.

Poops around here are staring to concern me a little.   Itty Bitty usually dumps a crap like an old Sailor after a meat buffet but since we started the multi-vitamin they’ve been a little off and she didn’t poop today.    This is why I hate multivitamins with iron.  I’ll go with one without and see how that goes.    If fruit doesn’t keep the plumbing moving I’m going to stop, I don’t care what the Doctor recommends.   No sense in causing a problem.        Instead of giving Mini Moose vitamins I’ve been taking more doses myself since I have been neglecting my own health and forgetting to eat a lot of the time.

I made chicken soup today and it came out so good now that I can actually smell and taste!    Really simple.  I boiled one split breast with a smashed clove of garlic, half a small onion, salt and pepper.   Cooked that until it was done then took out the chicken to cool, strained out the spent onion and garlic and tossed in some potatoes, carrots, a little more salt and pepper, and fresh diced onion and cooked until they were tender.     I tossed back in the shredded chicken, frozen corn, and put in about ½ cup of half and half I had left over from my hot chocolate indulgences and a tablespoon of butter.   I let that simmer for about another 20 minutes.  Soooooo awesome!        I probably should stop the hot chocolate indulgences since the dairy doesn’t do me any favors.  But it is so therapeutic for my sanity!

Daddy Man doesn’t eat soup.

Anyway, he is doing our taxes tonight and the over energetic Littles are doing what they do best.   Mini Moose can very easily get up and down off the couch now.  Oy!    It’s been a 50/50 EC night with Mini Moose telling me sometimes and other times I just take him and still others I just clean up the miss.  One day at a time!


Real Boys Rock Pink

2/27 Day 370 W:

Despite the rain today I was determined to get out of the house now that we are not going to infect anyone with cooties.     It was Storytime today and somehow even with Itty Bitty sleeping late and Mini Moose clinging to my leg I managed to get us all dressed, packed in the car, and got to story hour on time.       We even saw our friend E and her two littles A and O and we stayed to play for a good two hours.      Mini Moose had three potty opportunities and one miss.

Speaking of Mini Moose.   Man the nights have been really rough with him perma-latched and peeing so many times.    We had four catches and one miss last night.      I really, really need a replacement for our broken potty bowl.  I really miss it because it gave such a wide berth for aim in the dark so I didn’t have to be quite so careful in watching where the spigot pointing.      Mini Moose gets all crabby because I can’t hold him in a potty squat, aim his penis, and nurse at the same time.   Sorry Dude.   So he fusses while he is peeing and won’t stop until the boob is back in his mouth.    We have been having some words over sleeping positions too.      He likes to be on my left half on my chest resting on my arm pit and I need to vary sides and position for my own comfort.

I don’t know if I mentioned it already because everything has been a blur, but Mini Moose is starting to use the potty sign he’s chosen more and more.   It’s a two handed sign.  He puts his hands up and rotates both wrists to indicate he needs to go.  If it is accompanied by an ear piercing screetch it is a miss but he still needs to go a bit more.       Our pee catch rate has shot way up with even misses scoring hits because he will go some more if he is held over a potty spot in a potty position.    I am guessing our rate today is upwards of 80% pee success.    Poops on the other hand have been tough.    I did manage to catch one by accident in the late morning but totally missed the poo ball in the evening.    His poo signal is very subtle (motionless, concentration, soft grunt) and very easily missed.    It seems to happen the moment I am distracted and concentrating on something intently like…blogging.   *headdesk*

Anyway, along with this potty signal, Mini Moose has stepped up his interest in all things spherical and he has taken to trying to not only put things up high on shelves and boxes, but tries to balance them.    He is quite good at throwing and banging things together to see what sounds they make.      I guess I forgot to mention that he has been deliberately getting certain toys for a couple of months that are his favorites thus far he looks specifically for Mr. Skunk, a play chicken leg, a small babbling Elmo doll, and the horse or cow from his farmhouse we got for Christmas.   He’ll empty a whole box or basket looking for something if he thinks it is in there.   He has grown quite fond of “chase me” now that he is so stable with walking and gets faster and faster every day.     He changing so much so fast.

2/28 Day 371 Th:

A 50/50 catch rate last night with (3 and 3).  I know it was a lot of peeing, but he’s nursing non stop all night long.   It is starting to wear on me, but I know it is a growth spurt so this too will pass.  I just have to hang in there and find some energy even though I am spent from our sickness ordeal.

I decided that we had to get out of the house again today so we went to the Kid’s Gym where Itty Bitty didn’t stop running from the time we got there until the time we left.     We saw a regular and she wondered where we had been.     The only issue was that the girl that Itty Bitty plays with who is often there has some bad habits of spitting and hitting if she’s not in the mood.  What’s worse, when HER friend arrived to play the two girls started to very meanly exclude Itty Bitty from their games.     I know Itty Bitty was hurt at their attitude but she’s not one to back down and refused to be excluded.   I heard her say, “No.  I want to play.  I won’t go away!”     Good for her!      I did give her a hug and did tell the girls that everyone had to work out how to play together because it was more fun to play together.   When they did say some mean things to her again, I told Itty Bitty that I know it was hurtful to be excluded from playing and that they wouldn’t feel good if it was done to them.    The girls’ grandmother addressed the girls and once we both addressed them.    I worry about the things Itty Bitty learns from interactions like that but she also has to manage them too.         We’ve had some issues with her spitting, pinching and scratching after it has been done to her so I’ve had to have talks with her about that.  It is hard when you have to try to explain to a literal minded three year old that even if it has been done to you, that you don’t do it to someone else!      I also have to steel myself because I just don’t like some of the kids Itty Bitty plays with because of their attitudes.

Ah, well.  I try to find a line between letting the kids work it out and interfering on Itty Bitty’s behalf.   It is easy with Mini Moose because he is a baby.

Speaking of Mini Moose we were dry the whole morning and afternoon while we are out, and didn’t miss until just before we got home because he woke up from a nap on the way home and couldn’t wait to pee.   Oh well.  I’ll take it!      Our evening was 50/50 and we missed the poop.  Bleh.    I had to got to work and Daddy Man said he had a really big pee catch, a poo miss, and lots of little pee misses because he didn’t take Mini Moose to pee after a miss and then he’d pee again ten minutes later.   Lesson learned!

3/1 Day 372 F: Night EC is holding steady though last night was a 75% catch and 25% miss.  The rest of the EC day was 60/40 with Mini Moose continuing to signal quite clearly at times and we do several have catches after a miss.    He wants to be held in potty position and rarely produces if just sitting.   Missed the damn poop twice!    At least they are turds and not lava flows.

Other than that, today was just horrible and I’m not going to talk much about it except to say that it started with a crabby, clingy baby who seems to be in a growth spurt, entering Wonder Week 55, and has what looks like eye teeth bulging under the gums.    On top of that Itty Bitty seems to be in her own growth spurt and is saying she is hungry every five minutes.     They were wild and wound up, I’m still trying to finish Operation Deep Clean for the sake of our health, and then the sink garbage disposal clogged and that was the final straw for me.   I’m wrist deep in muck with Mini Moose wailing and Itty Bitty asks to be picked up.  Really?   What kind of sadistic Bimbos are the Fates anyway!?

You know it is a horrible day when your 3.5 year old comes over, puts an arm around you, kisses you gently and tells you it will be okay.   I guess I must be doing something right despite the many fails we’ve had.

I guess I sounded really done on the phone when Daddy Man called because he brought home a gigantic bouquet of roses and mixed flowers.    Hearts for my guy!

3/2 Day 373 S:

I’m a bit better today though last night was really, really hard.    Mini Moose was restless and latched on all night.  I’m so spent.     At 7:30am Mini Moose woke up for the day and I just handed him to Daddy Man and went back to bed for a fitful bout of REM sleep that never let me get into a deep slumber.    I tried.     I must have been out of it though because when Itty Bitty got up I didn’t hear her or didn’t remember her getting out of bed and leaving the room.

Daddy Man suggested we all go to the Kid’s Gym to let the Littles release some steam and to visit GrandMaMa while she played tennis.  We spent a good 3 or 4 hours there.  Grandmama got to show off her grandkids and later they played.    I noticed some behavior out of Itty Bitty I wasn’t happy with.    She started out okay, but then  towards the end of our visit she tried to bite (playful or not) a girl she was wrestling with and got into a pushing, shoving, grabbing match with another girl who was older (I don’t know who started it).  There was possible hissing or spitting.    Now, Itty Bitty has her hissing moments but I think this behavior was a result of what went on last time we were at the gym.    Itty Bitty had been playing fine with Girl #1 for a long time as they seemed matched energy level for energy level.  When Girl #2 arrived Girl #1 left the game they were playing abruptly to join Girl #2 and Itty Bitty was quite distressed and upset and even cried in Daddy Man’s arms because she seemed to feel abandoned.    When she went back to play when we assured her that the three of them could certainly play tag all together because it was more fun with more people, that’s when the trouble started.     I do not know if the Older Girl tried to exclude or not because I was busy with Mini Moose.  All I know is that I had to tell Itty Bitty to use words and nice hands.    Once Older girl left things were fine.

Daddy Man thinks I don’t socialize her enough, but I think this altercation was because of what happened the other day.    Itty Bitty has played with multiple children at once before with no problem and they all got quite crazy with the running and wrestling and tumble play with no one biting, spiting, pinching, or scratching.        Thus far, it seems only to happen with bossy kids (assertive is one thing, bossy is another) in my observation.    She’s 3.5 so I’m still trying to figure out what is age appropriate and what is just a poor play dynamic.  It causes me some stress!  I need to research and ask some online friends about this and how to better handle and prepare.

Back home I put Itty Bitty in the tub for a bath (I rarely immersion bathe the kids unless they are dirty with…um…dirt) and I took out my frustrations in the small bathroom by cleaning it top to bottom.   Upper walls, lower tile walls, floor, sink, outside the toilet, fixtures, glass light shades, both cabinets, above the door, and the scale.   There was some funk in the little places!    Itty Bitty decided on her own to clean the shower walls.   It was cute, but the poor thing was all cold from the cooled off water and didn’t tell me!      Eeek.       I gave Mini Moose a much shorter bath and he wasn’t pleased that I cut him off from splashing.

A late month picture but it was too cute to hide at the end...

A late month picture but it was too cute to hide at the end…Painting snow with food coloring and water

3/3 Day 374 Su:

Last night was brutal.  BRUTAL.   I hardly slept.  Mini Moose was up every two hours, nursed non stop, and peed at least six or seven times (I lost count).  We caught 3 or 4 and missed the rest.  One miss was so big that it soaked through his coverless trifold flat, soaked my arm, and a wee pad!   Luckily, I prepare so I just put on a fresh shirt and peeled off the top layer of my wee wee pad barrier which took just a few seconds and went back to sleep.    Itty Bitty even got disturbed by the ruckus of Mini Moose griping and she can sleep through just about anything.     She’s in her own development and growth stage and she’s wearing on me too!

I managed to fold some laundry so that I can um…do more laundry.  Le sigh.

Grandmama came over to watch the kids for three hours so Daddy Man and I could go out for lunch to use our gift card from the holidays and run a couple of errands.    I scored at the Baby Gap!   Two dresses and three shirts for 30 dollars, and I got Mini Moose some Robeez on sale for $15 so that he can walk out in the rain cold for the spring without soggy socks.      His first shoes!

Today Mini Moose played one of his favorite games.   Steal DVD’s out of the tower, short scream to be sure I am looking at him, smile with sparkling eyes, turn and run away with an ornery giggle.

3/4 Day 375 M:  It was a successful EC night and I missed only one out 0f like four or five.    We had a miss just before going out to pick up a leotard and ballet shoes for Itty Bitty.    She wanted a pink leotard and I was hoping for black, but she’s old enough to choose.    There is so much pink pushed on girls that I try so hard to be balanced and it is really hard for me when she chooses pink things but I try really hard to find that balance.   Anyway, she’s really excited.   I even splurged on a little plain skirt for her.

Mini Moose stayed dry all day until around 4:00 when we had a miss, then missed the poop, and missed some more.      I know he’s going to have a big leap forward very soon because we are in the throes of canine teething, a growth spurt, and a major mental development.    Big things are coming.

I hope I can survive it.

3/5 Day 376 T:

Wow last night was rough.  Really rough.    Nursing all night, restless, and he peed about 8 times from all the nursing.   I caught about half.  He is really really sucking the life out of me.   We can get through this though.   I can see those little eye teeth buds bulging under his gums and it has been like nursing like a piranha.        His cranky crying whining today has been really grating and I want to throw my own tantrum.

Okay, I did.  I stomped my feet and yelled.   Thankfully, Daddy Man called to see how I was doing and I felt better.  We all made up and the fates were kind enough to have the boy nap for two hours on my lap.   Itty Bitty is restless but she found some stickers to amuse herself with and stuck them all over her face as I was putting together a boiled dinner.

I’m really spent of energy, but at least we are all healthy. Well, except there is some dust spots still in the bedroom making Mini Moose snuffly and snotty when he gets up there at night but other than that it is nice not to be sick or be taking care of sick littles.

3/6 Day 377 W:

Lots of pee again last night and neither me nor Mini Moose slept well.    His nose was a little stuffy and snotty, he didn’t want to nurse if he needed to pee and he needed to pee a lot, and then his nursing was painful from the teeth and his restless yanking.    Hanging in there, but man my boobs feel shredded.  I had the start of a plugged duct the other day but I managed to work it out faster than usual.

Anyway, we had a lot of catches even got 1/4 poop.   We had a miss about every 3rd or 4th hour which is not as good as no misses obviously but we are finding a new groove.    Mini Moose is more of a trickler — going lots in a short time, while Itty Bitty was a holder having less frequent pees but gigantic misses.    Right now Mini Moose goes about every hour or two, though if he’s napping in the afternoon he can go up to three.   We still have the longest holding power if he’s being held in a wrap.

Mini Moose continues to do his two handed wrist twist potty signal above his head, but not always before he pees sometimes it is immediately after.   Hah!    At least he is communicating even if it is a little off.    He also enjoys taking his trainers off if their are around his ankles.

The poop signal continues to elude.  He has one, it is just too darn subtle and I can’t wait until he is more regular and give me a bit more warning than sudden stillness and a poop stance with eyelash twitch!

3/7 Day 378 Th:

Another 50/50 night, but he peed 8 times!   That just boggles my mind.  He has a first long stretch of sleep of 3 hours, then 2, then it is 1-2 the rest of the time as far as I can tell as I dare not look at the clock to confirm.    I only go by the number of diapers and how bleary eyed I  am.     I know, though, that big changes are coming so I am hoping his bladder capacity and holding power will increase.   Itty Bitty had her bladder of steel in place starting at 9 months.  Mini Moose is on a slightly different growth schedule.    He can hold it and stop it, but not as good as Itty Bitty could.  That girl has a mad strong bladder that I am in awe of.

Today, Mini Moose said Mama deliberately and would say it back when prompted.  He’s said the sounds for months, but today it was just — different.    He seemed to have more control and awareness of what he was saying.    I know there are huge brain wiring renovations going on and we are just starting to see them.    Eye teeth are still just under the surface but the one on his left is just barely through that you can feel the hardness and he can grind it a bit.   Oooo…I’d forgotten how much the tooth grinding grates on your nerve.     He is also helping to balance to put on pants and lift one foot.  He isn’t very good at it but he is slowly starting to get the idea.

We had an awesome day of catches.   After the morning we were dry all afternoon and most of the evening.  I’d run out of trainers so he was in a folded flat and belt.   It is a different sort of balancing act to potty him with his trainers around his ankles (better to keep him from removing it and whizzing on the floor) and using the flat and belt (easier for me to potty him).    Mini Moose still doesn’t want to sit to pee and insists on being held in potty position.  Even if he does have to go and sit him on the potty, he will wait until I hold him over it, over the sink, or over the toilet before he’ll unleash the firing hose.     I’ve been setting the alarm on my watch to remind me because I have been getting so distracted and time goes by so quickly.   So if I forget, every hour my watch beeps to wake me up.    We missed the poop.      On a good note, the bananas continue to do their firming job.

Pooooop!   I SHALL conquer you!

We stayed home today because of an approaching huge snow storm.  It didn’t start sticking until around 5:00, having been warm most of the day.  Then all of a sudden it was sticking so that by the time I was leaving for work at 6:00 there was an inch on the ground and it was slippery.   I fully intended to go to work, I cleaned off my car, whined to Daddy Man, set off down our hill, got halfway, slip slid halfway down, turned around, came back home, and called into work.    Yeah, there was no way I was driving in those conditions in the dark.

3/8 Day 379 F:

So the sky opened up and dumped a crapload of concrete-like snow upon us.    Daddy Man had trouble with the snowblower it was so heavy, helped the neighbors out, and took Itty Bitty out to play.  She enjoys eating the snow more than anything else!

Mini Moose continues to be a bear.  He was very restless last night and peed his usual crazy amount (caught two missed the rest) and was permanently latched on to one of my boobs all night.   In one position he was nursing with his elbow in my throat and I was so tired I didn’t care that my airway was partially obstructed!  Since Daddy Man stayed home because of the weather, I gave him Mini Moose in the morning and went back to bed.   I pretty much was out cold so it felt like I didn’t sleep at all.   Daddy Man missed a huge poo deployment.

Our day catch rate was good again until late afternoon/early evening where I just couldn’t find the groove.  We were just off our game.   Once I wasn’t looking at him as I was turned away doing laundry in a zombie like state and Daddy Man said he was waving his hands frantically and he took him to have a gigantic pee.

Mini Moose and I are just crabtastic.   Please brain, hurry up with the renovations already!   And teeth…for goodness sakes just poke through stop lollygagging!

3/9 Day 380 Sa: Had a 50/50 night and then we had to go to (finally) my brother and SIL baby shower.   We got to see Thing1 and Thing2…so tiny!   It was a very busy afternoon with Itty Bitty latching on to SILs baby sister and showing off her white dress and green-ribboned pigtails.    Mini Moose fell asleep in the sling and he was dry the entire time despite the fact that the bathroom was on the second floor.   Wow.

3/10 Day 381 Su:
We decided not to stay overnight after the shower.  We only live an hour and a half away.    The Littles were dog tired and so were we.   Today is a day of recovery.   I made a pork chop dinner and we played couch potato the rest of the day.    EC was high success since Mini Moose just wanted to be close to me and nurse all day.  Even the night was a good one with two catches and no misses!

3/11 Day 382 M:  Night of misses 5 or 6.  I’ve  got to remember to pee him even if already wet!
We were also dry all day until late, late afternoon even though we had a dentist appointment for Itty Bitty (she loves it) and then a long drive to a play date with our friend T and her son A.     I really should have not scheduled the playdate for the same day because it was a very long day and Mini Moose napped 50 minutes in the car but really was still tired when we arrived.  We didn’t stay long because I could also see Itty Bitty was bushed.   I had flat and belt on Mini Moose for the play date but otherwise he was in trainers and pants all day.

3/12 Day 383 T:   The low down.
Night:   2 half miss, 1 catch, 1 miss
Day:  Bare and Dry from 10:00a-5:15p
Hard day emotionally, touched out and stressed.  That pesky tooth on Mini Moose’s left side is finally out.   Damn.

3/13 Day 384 W: Because I continue to be on a cleaning frenzy in anticipation of Mini Moose’s late first birthday celebration I’ll be keeping most updates short and sweet.

Last night we had 3 miss and 1 catch.   It isn’t that he isn’t telling me when he needs to go, on the contrary, he tries to sit on my head until my sleep fogged brain finally gets the, “Oh, you need to pee!” message.     We had story time today and had two successful pee breaks, ran an errand to drop off three bags of pass-it-on clothes to E. and her littles but they weren’t home.     I managed to get some needed items for the summer — shorts and some T-shirts.     Mini Moose and Itty Bitty took a nap in the Jeep and then we went to visit our neighbors (their 3 year old is back from the Phillipines) after a “watering the grass” pottytunity.   While we were there, Mini Moose peed in the bathroom twice.    Itty Bitty, the Queen of Energy, was dethroned by the neighbor’s 3 year old son R. who far surpasses his brother E. in energy reserves.     The girl was wasted by the time we got home.

Helping with Pre-Party Operation Clean It Good

Helping with Pre-Party Operation Clean It Good

3/14 Day 385 R:   Four full catches last night and no misses!      I think I actually got 3 consecutive hours of sleep and felt rather good.     I took the Littles to breakfast at the place where we also ordered Mini Moose’s cake.     It was all going so great.   We got complemented several times on Itty Bitty and Mini Moose’s happy demeaner and restaurant behavior, ordered the cake, had a potty break, and got to the Jeep without incident.  And then I asked Itty Bitty 3 times to sit in her seat as I was strapping in Mini Moose because it was cold out and I was freezing.  I wanted her ready so I could click her harness and be done.   She decided to play around and when I clicked her harness she was a little crooked and not at optimum comfort.   I decided I had had enough and got in the drivers side and refused to get out again when she then decided to cooperate.

I wish I had not been having an inner tantrum and decided to be a donkey’s butt.   I could have sat in the the lot for five minutes to warm myself up before getting out to take the 30 seconds to re-adjust Itty Bitty.  That would have been the easy way.   Instead it was a miserable 5 minute drive home with a 3.5 year old in meltdown that then got Mini Moose in on the action.  Then it took 30 minutes of hugs, kisses, comfort, and talking after we got home to right it with Itty Bitty.  Of course, that meant that I totally forgot to give Mini Moose a pottytunity and he was pissed…literally and figuratively.

I used the negative energy to clean the living room.   Anyway, even with the miss, Mini Moose was dry from around 8AM to 1PM.  Not too shabby!   Then we had the big miss, and then a small miss and we caught the rest before I went to work.  Daddy Man said he caught a few in my absense too!

No poop sighting.

3/15 Day 386 F:   The short of it:
Night: 3 half misses, 1 full catch
Day:   I was busy cleaning and missed the poop.   Mini Moose was naked and dry all morning except for that poop.   Itty Bitty had ballet class and then we stopped at the kid’s gym for energy release and Mini Moose was dry until around 7:00pm after we got home.

3/16 Day 387 Sa:
Night: 3 half catch 2 full
Trainers all morning and afternoon until 3:00 when we had a big miss.
Wore Mini Moose all day as I cleaned…so much to do still and I’ve been cleaning for a month!
Ran errand to get decorations, came home, went back out again with Daddy Man to go to Walmart for more decorations and summer shorts and rashguard for Itty Bitty. After we got back we missed poop 3 times.

3/17 Day 388 Su:
Night:  4 half catches
Today is party day!   It is also St. Patrick’s Day!    Wow.  I have been cleaning all month and I still feel rushed and not ready!    It was really crowded in our house and I think this will be the last time we have a large gathering here if it has to be indoors.    The theme was supposed to be Circus but the decorations were a little hodge podge.    The cake was really cute and oh so delicious!   The crudite and fruit went like crazy.   I put a lot of things away and rearranged furniture so there would be more floor space and I think I did okay.   I had post it notes all over the kitchen cabinets to remind me of tasks that needed doing and I still forgot the goodie bags and was scrambling at the end!   Grandmama was still on a plane coming back home from out of state so she missed the party.

Mini Moose looked so cute in his white shirt, blue sweater vest with an anchor and blue striped pants.   I even scored Itty Bitty a knit party dress in blue and white with an anchor on it!    So adorable together!

Despite the busy that comes with the party territory Mini Moose was dry with many potty opps from 8:30 until 4:00 after just one big miss in the morning.  I um…dropped a flat in the toilet.    It was bound to happen some time!

3/18 Day 389 M:   Night:  2 full catches, 2 full misses
Today is Party Recovery.   I took down decorations, swept floor, and cooked. I am beat.  I never got a chance to put everything else back today.     Itty Bitty and Mini Moose are over energetic to my under eneretic and it has just been a bear of a day.   EC success rate still around 80%   Misses were mini pees in a row and dry times were long.  Daddy Man says I look totally wiped out.

3/19 Day 390 Tu:    Night:   Missed 2 caught 3
I managed to finished post party recovery.  That is a record for me!    It snowed all day long so we stayed in.   Mini Moose has really made some mental leaps.  He now fights vehemently for toys Itty Bitty tries to take from him and is also actively trying to wrestle toys from her hands if he wants it.    Climbing is his passion and he’s gotten a little taller so he can more easily climb on the couch and often tries to make his escape so he can make a beeline for the stairs.   He does get down safely but he still isn’t proficient at doing that on the stairs.    He has also learned how to push objects against one other more deftly so he can climb higher.  Destructo Girl now has her companion Destructo Boy.     Itty Bitty has grown mentally too.  She knows her numbers by sight 1-10 and can count to 20, she can count objects to 5 and then loses track, she can spell her name consistently, spell her brother’s name consistently, and we are working on days of the week and her birthday.

We're not Irish but we sure are Lucky!

We’re not Irish but we sure are Lucky!

3/20 Day 391 W:   Night:   2 full miss and 2 full catches.     I am still not liking using the little potty rather than my poor, poor broken potty bowl but I just haven’t found a solution I like just as well.   Other containers I have just don’t have the width I like.

Anyhoo.  Today we celebrate a Late St. Patrick’s Day!

Caught the poop in the toilet yay!!  Did a little PoopeeDoo dance.   Mini Moose was doing his pause, semi-squat poop face and I scooped him up and leaped over toys and Itty Bitty to get him to the toilet squealing, “Waiiiiiiiiit!”.

We were getting ready to go out to Storytime but I couldn’t find his shoes,and I lost a gasket.  Yes.  I threw an adult tantrum.  Ranting, raving, stomping, cursing, and planning the demise of all mankind.  I finally found them.      I think I need me some sleep.     I am not working nearly as much this semester and I think I really need to have my 3 days a week of work so that I can decompress consistently.  It really makes a difference in how I manage household stress if I have that working community.

We managed to make it to story time even though I had to put air in the tires again.  I ran an errand to pick up a gift for a party we are invited to on Saturday then went to the grocery store.   When we got back I took half and hour to get the kids bundled up so they could go play in the snow.  Mini moose has outgrown his snowsuit but was able to walk in it okay.  He enjoyed crawling in the snow while Itty Bitty practiced making snow molds with some plastic cups.  We got Wreck it Ralph at the library and had a nice evening watching it…twice.

The best part?  Mini Moose was dry all day long and we had only one giant miss just after we got home because I forgot to potty him before I put him in the carseat after our last errand.    He had two pees at story time and one on our Jeep tire because he was so full he couldn’t hold it long enough for me to get him situated.  We didn’t start missing until evening and even then they were half misses.

3/21 Day 392 R:  It was hard night and Mini Moose and I were up all night.  We caught 3 missed 1.    Zoooombie Moooomy neeeeed sleeeeeeeep.

Daddy Man stayed home because he was tired (no sympathy dude…I eat your brainz).   He slept in all afternoon and then woke up really not feeling well.

I caught the poop in the toilet again this morning after I noticed that eerie stillness. The kicker is that I missed an unexpected evening poop requiring that I give us both a bath.  Then as I was sitting on the couch and Mini Moose woke up from his late evening nap, he puked on me.  As I sat there with a surprised expression trying to figure out how he could fit that much in his belly and then yack it up all warm, slimy and chunky on my chest, down my bra, and on my arm.  Round two came flying out and I just stared for a good ten seconds.     He stared at me then at the boob he’d been sleeping and suckling on and tried to latch on!  He paused, tried again, and that’s when I said EWWWW and got us up to bathe.

Daddy Man brought home a plague again!



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