Month 14: On the Road to Continence – Day 393 to Day 422

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Sometimes a pottytunity takes a little patience.

3/22 Day 393 F:    (13 months)  Mini Moose was quite restless in the night and I finally moved downstairs to the couch since his nose seemed extra stuffy again being upstairs and being downstairs and upright helped tremendously.  He peed three times and we caught all three.   I need to find the source of whatever it is giving him an allergic reaction.  It gets better then it resurges. It was quite a sleepless night for me but we caught three pees and missed only one during the day.  We missed three small pees in a row and a small poop after we got up, but then got back on track.

I didn’t have the energy to go out and Daddy Man is recovering but isn’t quite feeling 100% in energy.  It was a pretty ordinary day.  Daddy Man took Itty Bitty upstairs to read and try to get her to nap before dance class (though I didn’t think that was going to happen).   And then… I missed a poop.   I’d been waiting for the poop all morning long and the moment I decided to play a 2 minute timed game on Candy Crush on facebook.  BAM!    Poop shot out the side of Mini Moose’s flat and belt ensemble, onto his foot, his hand, the couch, my pants, and my socks.    Really!?      This resulted in a Mom and Baby shower and the breaking out of the Little Green Machine to wash the couch.    CURSE YOU FATES!

Anyway, we took Itty BItty who was bouncing off the walls to dance class.   She did much better listening to the teacher and the class was much more organized with her rather than the substitute last week.    Itty Bitty actually was trying to follow some moves rather than running about aimlessly.     We stopped at the Kid Gym for an hour to let the Little run around and let loose some wiggles.

We stopped to pick up something quick to eat then headed home.   Mini Moose stayed dry he whole time and I gave him three potty opportunities and even got a little poop in the process.   Back home after a couple of hours we missed the poop and boy was it messy!  Very loose.  Then we missed two more messy poops.   To top it off around 8:00 in the evening I suddenly felt off.   Then I felt nauseated and began to burp a vomit taste.    Ewww.    Gastrointestinal distress ensued.   My temperature was one degree below normal and then three hours later I had a fever of 100.1       Dammit!

Mini Moose stayed dry the whole evening and Daddy Man caught several pees.   On another notable, Itty Bitty surprised us by zippering her purple fleece jacket all by herself!   She couldn’t do it last month but she came up excited and said, “I a bigger girl I did it myself!”      Unfortunately at the time I thought she was babbling and I was folding laundry with a big sour puss on my face and I didn’t realize she was actually telling me something significant until a minute after she said it!  Doh.

3/23 Day 394 S:   Woe to me.    Woe to me.    Last night was crappy.   I camped out with Mini Moose downstairs again.   I spent half the night in the bathroom, and the other half nursing.  Sleep?  Yeah, that didn’t come until around 5:00 in the morning when my brain finally decided to shut it all down for two hours.     My fever stayed at 100 all night, I was stiff, and I couldn’t get comfortable.  The cat sleeping on my legs didn’t help either.       Mini Moose only peed twice and we got them both.

I took it easy all day except for the poop incident.  I was so bummed that we missed a friend’s birthday party.    Daddy Man was catching pees left and right and even got TWO messy poops right into the toilet!    I caught several small pees myself.  We maybe missed 2 small pees and one soaker.     Daddy Man wouldn’t let me sweep up the living room, though I would have preferred that he volunteered to sweep it for me — but at least he was cute about making me sit and rest!         The kids seem fine other than fluffy poop from both of them.  No fever.     I had a fever until late afternoon and then finally I stopped feeling nauseus and dizzy.     The house is a wreck.     Really, if I don’t pick up as the day goes on it gets insane very quickly.

Last days of winter...

Last days of winter…

3/24 Day 395 Su:    I had the best sleep last night than I’ve had in weeks!   I think my brain just gave up and it just so happened that Mini Moose was extra tired and slept a 3 hour stretch, then another 3 or 4 hour stretch!   He only had to pee once!     Oh, that was was really refreshing.   It felt so gooooooood!

I feel healthy again too.    When we got up pee catching was going swimingly and then as I was…you know…answering the call while Mini Moose was standing and watching me while sweeping the floor with a swiffer he…poop farted.   He didn’t even seem to realized he was pooping while he passed gas.    It was deep dark purple green loose mess that rand out of the flat and down his leg onto the floor.  I got him a second later.     Don’t be alarmed!    Last evening he ate a lot of purple grapes with the skin so it dyed everything dark!    Amazing.    Gross yes.  But still amazing.   Anyway, it was only a 1/4 of what he had and he put the rest into the toilet when I held him over it to see if he had more, and then I put him on the potty just to be sure that he was done and he sat there for several minutes to finish.       YAY!     For breakfast, little guy is having 1/2 a banana and then the rest in the afternoon to see if we can’t firm up the output.     I suspect he’ll be back to normal tomorrow.

We went to a late breakfast and then Mini Moose napped while Daddy Man and Grandmama took Itty Bitty to the park for a nice long walk.  It was 50 degrees F out today and pretty warm considering the other days.  Even though it is officially spring it has been quite cold.

It was a very good EC day.  Daddy Man has been catching a lot and together with my catches we only had one small miss and one big pee miss today.

Mini Moose has changed so much.   You look into his eyes and you can just TELL he is different in his head.    He has been very frustrated today with ideas and plans he seems to have that he just can’t implement.    One thing he has down pat though is screaming at his sister and keeping hold of toys she tries to wrestle from his grasp.  He isn’t having any of that sister confiscation anymore.  I also can’t go and do anything without him or else I get some lip!

Mini Moose said Bye-Bye for the first time today and did a double bye-bye wave as he walked away when I asked him to say it.    He did it three times and then decided that was enough Monkey Do.    🙂

IMG_37263/25 Day 396 M:  Around 2AM Mini Moose woke up restless, had a pee, and then could not settle down.  He was doing gator death rolls with my nipple or was doing the push and yank.  It hurt too much so I had to take a nursing breather.  He would almost fall asleep curled up next to me, then want to sit up and crawl on my head or over me.  I’d lie him down and repeat and then he started bawling.   At 3AM I gave up and went down stairs.   Itty Bitty has an amazing ability to ignore her brother and keep on snoozing 6 inches away.  Sheesh.     Daddy Man got up twice to check on us.  He groused once about lack of sleep, but this sleep deficit Momma has nothing but the world’s smallest violin to play.  Sorry, Love-of-My-Life but I’ve watched too many sunrises to the sound of your lumberjack snore to be able to feel right about swapping sleep deprivation tales with you.

I cooled my inner freakout by picking up toys still strewn all over the floor.  Really?    If Mommy doesn’t pick up the toys it would be nice if Daddy Man would take some pity on my domestic sanity.   Redirection of annoyance complete.

I played some music videos for the boy and watched some vintage Price is Right clips on youtube until he fell asleep around 5:00AM and then I’ve got stress induced intestinal distress so that had me writhing for an hour.  I did manage to slither my way out from underneath Mini Moose and leave him snoozing on the couch.    Then I swept the floor, cleaned the bathroom sink, and turned on the dishwasher.  Then I sat down to blog.

I am guessing my Little Sleep Blocker is having tummy issues and tooth problems.  That one eyetooth on his right is still not all the way through.  Damn thing is taking forEVER.    I just want to curl up into a little stress ball and sleep until I feel better.

I was a zombie the whole day.   We did manage to catch all but 3 pees and a big poop that was notice just moments before he finished.     Daddy Man caught 2 or 3 big pees and a moderate poop in the toilet when he got home.    EC has really taken big leaps forward now that Mini Moose has enlarged his plumbing and strengthened his sphincter.   We still rely a lot on timing but he is beginning to take more and more action in signals with is double hand twist and walking towards the bathroom or vocalizing.

IMG_37273/26 Day 397 T:      It was 50/50 catches last night.  I can’t remember exactly how many times he peed last night, maybe three?   My brain is about as useful as a wet noodle right now.   Dry most of day, maybe with four misses with me?  It wasn’t a lot in comparison to the number of pees.    No poop today.

3/27 Day 398 W:    Night:   3 catches, 1 miss.

It was story time today then we hung out with E. and Kids.   We all took a walk in their neighborhood and it was really nice to get out even though I am so exhausted and could barely keep my eyes open sometimes.    When we came home I noticed Mini Moose got his face all bitten!   It looked horrible thought it didn’t seem to bother him.    Most went away rather quickly so later I questioned whether they were all bites but a mixture of bites and hives.

I got short with Mini Moose who was being super cling as I as trying to build something for Itty Bitty and she’d been waiting patiently.   Oy.  I need a nap!

On the EC front, we were dry all day long and didn’t miss until very late just before bed and that was mainly because we missed the poop.

3/28 Day 399 R:  Night:  3 catches

Can this house not catch a break!?    At 3AM Mini Moose woke up with a mild fever and I woke up with severe abdominal cramps.   Mini Moose and I spent some quality time together in the Porcelain Palace.    His only symptom was the fever that went up to around 102.   I let it be, except for when he seemed to be exceptionally restless and I gave him some Tylenol and he fell right to sleep.  I’m guessing he had a headache.  Neither of us had any other symptoms.     WTF?

I seemed fine so I went to work and Mini Moose’s fever stayed low around 99-100.   Despite this health weirdness, EC is going quite normal with the usual amount of catches scattered with a few misses.    I’d say a 75/25   or   80/20  rate in favor of the catches.  No poop.

3/29 Day 400 F:   The Littles and I slept on the couch (it is the room closest to our only bathroom) and I missed every one on Mini Moose’s pees last night plus the morning poop, because I woke up with horrid cramps and Mini Moose had a fever of 102-103.5 and we were both miserable on the couch all day and night.   Well, I’m miserable.  Mini Moose is mildly afflicted and just wants to sit and nurse quietly and then occasionally get down to play.

Itty Bitty has been a cartoon junkie for two days and a been exceedingly patient.    What the heck is going on in this house!?    Mini Moose and I don’t have the same symptoms and Itty Bitty and Daddy Man are fine!



Hello, Easter Bunny! Do you like my dress?

3/30 Day 401 S:        I camped out on the couch again last night with both of the littles.  Itty Bitty is still healthy if you can believe it!    Mini Moose still has a fever of 99-101 but is still nursing like crazy and peeing plenty.    In fact, I caught two big pees and missed 3 or 4 big pees.   He is lively and alert when he plays and quiet and comfortable when sitting to nurse so I’m not at all worried — just annoyed at this stupid mystery affliction.     I seem to be okay but I’m still not 100 percent.    Drained is my middle name.   I need to drink more water because of my gastrointestinal symptoms and my hands are so dry from the constant handwashing.    Daddy Man started not feeling well last night and I though he was in for at least 24 hours of unpleasantness–but it turned out just to be the jalepenos he ate.

Despite all of this we are catching all sorts of pees and any misses that we have are only partial misses and maybe one or two full on misses.   Daddy Man put together the Little Tykes house and grill set we got from pooling some birthday and Christmas money.  We usually get the kids outdoor toys for the Spring festivities.   Now that Mini Moose is a year old he will also be able to partake in the sandbox and slide this year.    Daddy Man tried to be hercules and he hurt his back and he’s going to be paying for it for quite a few days!

At 3:00pm we headed out to a free Easter Egg hunt at a nearby farm. We went last year too but in the morning which is crazy crowded with 300 children!     Mini Moose’s fever seems to be vanishing.  He seemed to be a little irritable and I was thinking maybe headache or his tooth coming through so I gave him one last dose of Tylenol before we left.   (I know I know…why did we take a sick baby out?   Itty Bitty needed to get out and the fresh air actually did us all good.  Mini Moose and I didn’t touch or interact with anyone and I kept him in my wrap. Our sickness doesn’t seem to be an airborne contagion.   Our chances of infecting anyone just about nil.)     There was still a little snow on the ground but it was very warm in the sun and quite cold in the shade.   Mini Moose stayed happily in the wrap the whole time and was just happy to be out in the fresh air.   Itty Bitty had a good time searching for plastic eggs and getting to be active with the perfectly healthy Daddy Man.    The kids are allowed to collect 6 or 7 plastic eggs each and turn them in for candy.     The jelly beans were quite bitter and gross but we allow a couple of pieces of chocolate.     Mini Moose had a rather impressive pee break by the side of the jeep in some muddy bushes.   What is it with Littles and the giant pees they take outside and when inside they usually give you a little piddle at a time?

We stopped at WalMart so we could pick up some of our own Easter Egg Fillers (nuts, blueberries, grapes, animal crackers), two square sturdy solid side baskets that will double as toy storage, and a few odds and ends.   I’ve already got basket fillers.  For Itty Bitty a Learning Express number puzzle, a Mr. Pencil LeapPad cartridge, and a small chocolate bunny.     For Mini Moose bunny ears, 3 spikey balls, and a chocolate bunny that he can have a taste of but that we will…um…share.   I also got him a little bubble mower to push around the yard — but that doesn’t fit in the basket!    We tried to get toys that they both could play with and things that had a long life.    Mini Moose seems to be fully recovered, just a bit tired.

Reusable storage baskets and spring trinkets.

Reusable storage baskets and spring trinkets.

3/31 Day 402 Su:   Happy Bunny Day!

We camped out on the couch again because I am still having issues with this stomach bug.   Both me and Daddy Man had our evening meal go in one end and out the other.   Again, I say WTF?     On top of that, Daddy Man’s back is really out of whack and the whole house reeks of Ben Gay.

We had one or two catches last night and 3 or 4 big pee misses last night.    Mini Moose has had no fever since yesterday afternoon.     We’ve been catching the multitude of pees since he is permanently latched on.  He’s quite the crab bucket right now.  He wants to be held 90% of the time and is a whine machine.

We missed a grape and blueberry PooFart (eww) and missed half a poop.   I should say we caught half a poop, but we missed first and then finished with a catch!    Blueberries and grapes make for some really dark, freaky output.  Mini Moose is finally having frothy sick poo from whatever virus that was in his system.   I’m pretty sure it is the same thing the three of us had, but it sure manifested itself so differently in all of us and totally left Itty Bitty untouched!

GrandMaMa came by for the grand unveiling of the Spring gifts and Easter Egg Hunt.  Fun was had by all, though we did warn GMaMa that she entered our house zone at her own peril because we do not know what germs lurk in our nest still and we can’t just hose down ground zero.   We stayed outside so her chances are excellent that she will be fine.

IMG_36964/1 Day 403 M:     I’m like totally quitting this whole Elimination Communication thing.     I’m going out to buy some disposables and diaper rash cream and just wait until Mini Moose is “ready” three -to five years from now.

April Fool!

And that’s about all the humor I have in me today.    I’m cranky.  Mini Moose is crabby.   Itty Bity is nutty.   It is just bad cabin fever all around.    It is raining and I’m tired so I brought in the big box from outside and thought the Littles would enjoy it.   I didn’t expect the disagreements or the screetching it would cause.     Daddy Man’s back is still out of commission though he did go to work.  Laundry is piling.  My Party Clean house is a mess again.  I’ve only managed to keep the bathroom clean and the kitchen is slowly going hoarder.

We camped on the couch again last night because I wasn’t sure how my dinner was going to settle but everything finally seems to be okay and for once we all seem to be healthy (back pain excluded).  Mini Moose doesn’t want to be put down and took some very long naps.   I needed them too and I managed to sleep a little, though Itty Bitty kept waking me up until she finally took her 3:00pm nap.

I’ve been trying to step up the baby signs with Mini Moose and he seems to almost do them.  I am trying to get him to mimic  “milk” and “more” so he can stop yanking on my shirt and smacking my boobs.    He has such very specific ideas of how he wants to do things or what he wants but he can only protest his displeasure.  It is especially bad when Itty Bitty tries to take toys from him when he’s trying to play with her.  He’ll scream and screetch and fight now and won’t passively let her liberate things or not let him play with something.     I try to tell Itty Bitty that if the toy is in the communal area he can play with it, if she doesn’t want him to play with it she needs to go elsewhere with it.

Mini Moose has almost completely stopped putting non-edible things in his mouth so he can now play with Itty Bitty’s My Little Ponies, wood puzzles, and bead necklaces (supervised of course).   I haven’t seen him put anything in his mouth today at all and the other day he only licked a ball.

I decided to screw it and ordered a small pizza and fried dough.  We all ate broccoli and I had liver and onions for lunch so it balances out.

IMG_37544/2 Day 404 T:   Missed 6 pees last night (three of them were half misses and so we really had 3 full misses, 3 catch-misses.  All that perma-nursing has to exit somewhere!  We caught the noon poop!

Otherwise, it was a pretty typical day hear with battling the laundry beast, the Littles squabbling over toys, listening to Itty Bitty’s reenactments of My Little Pony cartoon scripts.       I also ordered a crapton (that is a little smaller than a shitload) of Zootalkers critters to go with their Zoo Talkers Tree House with Mini Moose’s leftover birthday cash.   They were all on sale for only $1.99 each and I got free shipping.  Score!

4/3 Day 405 W:     Three misses last night (including 1 full catch, 1  half catch

Today was storytime and we actually arrived early this time.   Mini Moose was dry all morning  and we didn’t have anymises until late in the afternoon.   On the way home I stopped for a much needed coffee, then I decided that the employees at our local Dunkin Donuts are completely incompetent and took my business elsewhere.

It is a quite warm 50 degrees so I cleared leaves out of our center flower garden and Itty Bitty ate outside and Mini Moose toddled around and complained.   He did enjoy peeing on a bush.   I caught poop on the toilet around 4:00.

Mini Moose is very, very clingy.

4/4 Day 405 Th:   We went through 8 misses last night.   Yes, EIGHT.    It is all this nursing all night long.   I’m so sore and chaffed but I know this too shall pass!  I also missed the morning poop.

We stayed in today because it was pretty bitterly cold except for going out to a nearby town library to play indoors for a bit after a free music class.   Only had four misses all day until the evening when I went to work.    We used flats today because I ran out of training pants.     Daddy Man still had two big catches while I was at work.  Yay!    Those two have found their groove.

IMG_37734/5 Day 406 F:  One catch and four misses last night.    Perma-latch continues and I’m reaching the end of the tether.   Deep breath.
Itty Bitty has been very whiny and needy too, asking the same question five to fifty times in a row before you have a chance to answer.   Deep breath.       When you reach the end of your tether that just means the trial is almost over and a lull is approaching!

I wore Mini Moose most of the day and so our catch rate was pretty darn high.   We didn’t have a miss until early evening and then it was a pea-poop miss.    Mini Moose ate a rather large amount of peas with Daddy Man yesterday and it was quite a…um…interesting output.

4/6 Day 407 S:     About 7 or 8 misses last night.  I’m really tired.   At 6:30am I gave mini Moose to Daddy Man and went back to bed for two hours.   Then Daddy Man went back to bed (????) and I stayed up with the kids to do chores.   The belt on the vacuum smoked and broke after sucking up a shoelace from the boots left in the middle of the floor.  So that sucked.    I cleaned the bathroom.   Did some laundry.  Cleaned up pockets of chaos.    I felt like a small hamster on a gigantic exercise wheel going nowhere.

Mini Moose was not pleased with me.  I wore him a while and then he wanted down to play with his sister.   I was in the middle of something when he changed his mind and he was whining and screeching at me and wouldn’t stop so that I had to walk away to center myself because I was so frustrated and I didn’t want to turn into the YellMonster.   This did not go over well with the boy.   Even Itty Bitty gave up trying to make him smile.   Daddy Man finally came down and held him for a while so I could get my head together.  I cleaned something very hard for about half an hour and was better able to manage.

Daddy Man Cooked steaks for dinner then we went to see Les Miserables at a local theatre.

I was very nervous to leave my boy alone for the first time and my girl alone with anyone but family for the first time.   They were just next door at the neighbors watched by their teenage daughter and we were only 15 minutes away in the center of the city.     I still worried.   We were gone for about 5 hours.   I did make sure to let them know not to worry if either one slept or not (and very likely they would not), left them cut up fruit for the baby to feed himself, pottied him when I dropped him off, and I left my Mei Tai in case arms got tired since he’s been super clingy.      When we picked them up, Itty Bitty had just passed out on their couch ten minutes before we arrived and Mini Moose had only fallen to the sandman for 30 minutes.   They said he cried on and off for about half an hour after we left and didn’t want to be put down most of the time.     Both were quite groggy and Mini Moose latched on to me and didn’t let go until he was out cold in our bed.   Itty Bitty got a second wind and took a little bit to wind back down for sleep.  She’d gotten hit by their young three year old son so that was one of the first things she told us.    He’s just back from being away for quite a long time with family overseas and he’s still adjusting and can get aggressive.

4/7 Day 408 Su:  I feel quite refreshed despite not getting all that much sleep.   Mini Moose only peed three times and I caught one.     Daddy Man is going to see Brit Floyd with his brother and brother’s girlfriend so I’ll be all alone the evening and all night.      Otherwise it was a pretty typical day of laundry and sweeping.     It was a little cold out, colder than last night but spring is definitely here.

Mini Moose and I had 2 or 3 misses first thing when we got up, but we caught 90% of the poop in the toilet and then had catches all day up until evening when we starting missing again.  And then it was hit and miss.   When they are clean, he is in trainers during the day.    Even in the evening when we have several misses they are not “full soaking misses” they are “piddle misses” and he lets loose the rest of the pee when I take him to finish in the bathroom.  We have the most “piddle misses” when I forget or get distracted and don’t take him to the potty after I change him.

Did I mention that  Mini Moose is ALWAYS on the go?   Either changing his trainers or changing out the folded flat in the prefold belt he is on the move.     We don’t get arguments or protests that way.    Sometimes I leave him bare for a while to see if I can catch an impending poop or to see how long before he wees.    He’s a frequent peer!     Itty Bitty just didn’t pee this often, but she did make much, much bigger puddles when we did miss.

His potty signals are varied and not always obvious so timing is still our major tool.   He sometimes does the double wrist twist, or he’ll walk to the gate towards the bathroom and bang on it, or walk to the bathroom and then look back waiting, or if he has access he’ll just walk into the bathroom (now whether he walked in to cause mayhem and just so happened needed to pee is debatable!)

Lately when we’ve gone out I’ve not put on a diaper cover at all.   The cold seems to stimulate him to pee so I do put on a flat rather than the thin Gerber Trainers because they are warmer and absorb more in the case of a carseat wee.     We  often have to have “nature pees” — in sewer grates, patches of grass, out of the way bushes, and rain puddles — when facilities aren’t near enough and I don’t think we are going to make it.    He definitely doesn’t have the bladder capacity that Itty BItty had at this age, but he does have much more developed start/stop control.    Itty Bitty is like a pee tank so when she let’s go she cannot as easily stop.

Bouncy house ball mayhem

Bouncy house ball mayhem

4/8 Day 409 M:    Daddy Man took the day off today since he was out late last night.    Mini Moose was restless and peed eight times because he was perma-latched again.      It is really wearing on me even though I KNOW his brain is doing some major growing.     I look into his eyes now and I can SEE so much in there.  The wheels turning, the thoughts marinating, and the way he looks at objects now is very different.    Now that he has locomotion well in hand, he has been making more vocal sounds.  He still makes the special brrm brrm sound for vehicles that his sister taught him.  He can vocalize:  mamamam, bababa, dreedreedree, brrrrbrrrvrrvrrr, and oooOOOOoooo as he points.    Pointing is his new passion.     The look on his face, a cock of his head, unique vocalization, and the pointing finger say something different.

Point — “Hey look at that!”
Point — “What’s that?”
Point — “Did you SEE that!”
Point — “Who dat?”
Point — “Put this in that”
Point — “Look at what I did!”
Point — “That is moving!”
Point — “Hey I never noticed that before!”
Point — “Take me over there”
Point — “I see you!”
Point — “Where did it go?”
Point — “She took it!”
Point — “I want that give it!”
Point — “What is in there?”

If I’m not looking at him he’ll grab my chin and make me look at his face.    He can very easily now put blocks into our Vtech train to make it say the letter, as well as put letters in the Vtech alphabet magnet on the refrigerator.   He can manipulate the new Zoo Tree House and loves the peek-a-boo door, uses the slide, and stacks far too many critters on the swing.  He has also learned that the animals go on the red button and if he can’t manage to put them on it right he brings the animal to you and waits for you to oblige.      He is still working on going down stairs (like his sister he resists going down butt first and likes to go down standing with help) and he has learned (or is learning) that slides are fun and he “goes down safe” on slides and furniture.    Balls are much enjoyed as he throws and kicks.     He has made a  proto “more” sign a few times but not consistently.    The couch is his new Everest and he knows he is being mischievious and looks at me with eyes that say, “You know one of these days I AM going to make it to the bay window behind the couch.”   And oh man, the noise that comes out of his mouth when his sister tries to take a toy or object away from him!    He has a special screech for her that means, “YOU CAN NOT HAVE IT!   BACK OFF YOU CURLY HAIRED THIEF!”

I have considered changing Mini Moose’s moniker to Super Cling.    Or maybe WhineMeister.      I do act.ualy call him BooBah a lot and I still call Itty Bitty SweetPea.

Maybe the two of them could be the Destructo Duo?

Anyway, EC was uneventful.   We dropped off my jeep to have the brakes repaired so I will be without transportation for a a couple of days.   Daddy Man and I ran an errand at the bank, then took the kids to the Kids Gym for a couple of hours, and then stopped for lunch at a local deli. Missed a particularly nasty poop of black grapes and strawberries when we got home.   Caught a ridiculous amount of pees and stayed dry all day from around 9AM to 6PM.  Then we had a couple of misses before bed.

4/9 Day 410 T:   Missed 6 pees last night and caught one.     Missed the morning poop which was really really icky, but we did catch all the pees.   I’m feeling quite drained today but I had to cook some meat that was in the fridge so I roasted a chicken in my little Oster convection toaster oven for dinner, threw three pork chops in the oven for a quick lunch, and then threw some stuff in the crock pot for the rest of the week (onions, white kidney beans, three pork chops, uncooked rice, stewed tomatoes, oregano, bay leaf, basil, and some brown sugar, salt, pepper, cayenne).    The chicken came out the best, the crock pot meal was good but a little heavy (missing something).     Itty Bitty is out of growth spurt so has gone back to picking at “not favorite” foods if she ravenously hungry.  Mini Moose is cranky, whiney, and clingy.        I am hanging on!

We had a dry morning, afternoon of misses, then a dry evening.  Go figure!   Missed the poop too, dagnabbit.

4/10 Day 411 W:     We had about 4 misses and one or two catches last night.  I lost count in my haze.     I picked up jeep in the AM
Went to Walmart for discount Easter stuff and vacuum parts at a local vacuum store.  Who knew there was a store dedicated to the cleaning appliance?

We did make it to story time after our early morning of errands, visited E. and her kids and while there we had four potty breaks.  We were dry from 10am to 6pm!   Wow!

4/11 Day 412 Th:    We missed bunches last night–how many I am not sure but at least four. I dont’ know how much more of “early riser” I can take.   The new hour seems to be 6:30AM.    Kill me now.

I am so out of it when I sleep (since Mini Moose is bigger and I haven’t had to worry about Itty Bitty in ages my brain seems to have turned off certain radar functions) that it is taking me much longer to rouse and realize Mini Moose needs to pee.  Sometimes I DREAM that I peed him already!      Mini Moose has been nursing all night long and so is still peeing a lot.  He is also trying to NOT nap during the day because he wants to hang with his sister.

Today Itty Bitty fell asleep on the couch in a nap heap half an hour before Mini Moose finally succumbed to Sandman.    Even then he only took an hour nap on top of the short 30 minute nap he had in the morning.       His brain is doing all sorts of rewiring and I know we will survive, but man I miss having all three of us nap together like we did in the early days.

Mini Moose can now help me put on his training pants when he stands up without falling on his butt when he lifts each foot and puts it in the leg hole by himself.   I am not so fond of his growing agility and his “I am climbing on the couch and going to laugh and jump so that you can catch me, put me on the floor so I can do it again” game.    I don’t mind the couch climbing so much as his need to pound on Daddy’s Computer or to attack the cats who like to lounge on top of the couch.

Itty Bitty continues to amaze me with her memory of the songs we sing, the stories we read, and the things she’s heard and seen.   She knows the Goldilocks and the Three Bears book and will make the voices!    She prompts words when she remembers the story or figures out things by the pictures.   At the same time, she has a hard time listening and following directions.  She acts first before thinking about it and this often results in arguments with Mini Moose, or other children when we go to play.    However, she is getting better and though we still have issues she now understands taking turns and I have seen her more than once give back a toy even when she isn’t finished with it if another child is really distressed and wants it.  I guess I am not messing up this parenting thing too badly!

IMG_38334/12 Day 413 F:    Last night — 2 big catches.  3 misses.   I know someone must say.  WHY do you keep ECing at night?    Because I would be up ANYWAY nursing him and it only takes literally less than a minute to let him pee in the pot beside the bed or to change his folded flat.   Besides, I just can’t let him lay in his own pee, not even if the diaper was absorbant and dry-locked.  I just can’t.    If I would change myself, I need to change him.

Itty Bitty’s circus recital ballet is today.   Face painted with homemade but I messed up the mix and it cracked.   I thought it would stay on but after we went to meet a new friend and play for the afternoon it started to flake and then after lunch the facepaint on the lower half of her face was gone. We were so late getting out of the house but we did make it even though I had to redo her makeup and toss clothes around the locker room in our haste to get dressed..  Itty Bitty mostly just stared off into space, watched a Butterfly girl break ranks, and stared at herself in the mirror or ate the parents with their cameras.     She was a GiraffeLionLeopard.

Mini Moose was dry with potty opportunities from 8:00AM to around 6:00PM with just one miss.   Awesome!

4/13 Day 414 S:   Two misses and 2 catches last night.      Daddy Man took us to Chilis for dinner after we went to walmart to pick up a few things.   I got some new nursing bras, rainboots for Itty Bitty so she can go mud slogging and puddle jumping without ruining her sneakers, two pairs of shorts for her, and 2 summer shirts for Mini Moose.    We had to have a quick potty opportunity in the Walmart parking lot before we left for dinner because I totally forgot to give him a pee break and he was fussy and squirmy.       It was not a convenient spot so he ended up peeing on the tire as I was standing there trying to find out where I could let him pee.

IMG_38544/14 Dady 415 Su:    Night was 2 catches and 3 misses.     E’s daughter A’s Birthday party is today and it had the cutest Kitty theme.       Instead of cake she had cupcakes with hand made kitty wrappers, latex balloons with drawn on kitty faces and taped on construction paper ears (reminded me of Cheshire Cat), a felt kitty activity and kitty face painting.     Itty Bitty had a great time!      Mini Moose was dry the whole time there with 3 potty opportunities.     I made super bubbles as a present, in a pretty box, with a balloon since E.  didn’t want a bought gift but I felt as guests we should bring something.

No accidents from around 9 AM to around 4PM and then hits and misses as usual in the evening.    The kids had a bath and then Mini Moose had a major ridiculous mega poop and he needed another bath.   Must have been all that fruit he ate at the party because he wasn’t interested in nursing while we were there for 3 1/2 hours.

4/15 Day 416 M:    Missed all 6 pees last night (for one I fell back to sleep and the others I woke too late and failed to offer a pee op and got an additional pee after a change out).

We caught 1/2 of the poop in the morning.   It was an okay pee catch day.  We had 3 misses in a row in the afternoon and then our usual evening misses and another small missed poop.

Mini Moose is fussy, crabby, and clingy clingy clingy.   Funny, when we were at the party he was wandering out of sight as happy as a barnacle on the bottom of a boat, but at home if I so much as step behind a wall to throw a paper in the trash he throws a fit like I left him in the deep dark woods to be mauled by dire wolves.   Even Itty Bitty has had enough of his protests and pretty much amused herself with the balloons we brought home from the party.   Stupid Little Cat is trying to eat the strings again.

Snoozing together,

Snoozing together,

4/16 Day 417  T:       Bleurgh.   Pee Pee Pee and not A Catch to spare.   Last night sucked again.  Like five misses.  Our morning was off too and I kept missing left right and center.  We got it together in the afternoon and had a surprisingly dry evening.   Just the way it goes sometimes!

4/17 Day 418  W:    So many misses last night.   I don’t remember much about waking as I can do a lot with my eyes half open with out even getting up, but there were like 8 flats I used.  They weren’t soaked.  Just a matter of me falling back to sleep after a change out and forgetting to give a potty opportunity.   He doesn’t want to pee himself so he tries to hold it for me;  if only I would remember that in my sleep fog!      Oh, Mini Moose complains WHILE he is peeing.  I think he is saying what we all are thinking when we have to pee at night, “Dammit I dont’ WANT to get up to pee.  WHY do I have to pee NOW?   I was in the middle of a good dream!   This SUCKS.   Mom, you suck because I’m just mad.”

WE CAUGHT THE MORNING POOP!   I jumped up and ran Mini Moose to the toilet just as he was doing the deed standing up looking like a deer in headlights.

This morning was Story time!  Not.   It is vacation week for public schools so no story time today.   Oops.   We stayed to play for a couple of hours in the play room though.    On a fantastic note, Mini Moose had two potty opportunities and was dry while we were out and for several hours at home until, of course, the evening.    What is it about evening that gets us so off beat!?    Itty Bitty didn’t want to go in the house and wanted to play outside.  It is still a bit cold but we stayed out for a little bit.

4/18 Day 419  Th:    A pretty good night though not our best. We caught 3 and missed 2.    We also had a real off morning missing and going through four training pants in a row.   BUT we did catch the morning poop — most of it anyway.  We had a good catch and dry spell in the afternoon and then we had a whole series of misses.    I had to work and Daddy Man when through a ridiculous number of flats in just 3 1/2 hours.  I think he was forgetting to put Mini Moose on the toilet even after a miss because he forgets that Mini Moose will stop and finish in the toilet when he can.         Itty Bitty tells us very loudly if we miss and don’t notice right away.    For the most part she’s been amusing herself, playing with her brother, annoying her brother, role-playing, and “reading” books.   She likes

IMG_39144/19 Day 420  F:   All misses last night.  Mini Moose must have peed six times!

Caught 75% of the morning poop!    My only signal was an eerie quiet.   Three morning poop catches in a row!   Sure it is still only 75% catch because we miss that initial torpedo, but I’ll take it!  The rest of the day was quite good with Mini Moose in trainers all day until the evening when I switched to the flats and the belts because I ran out of trainers again.  Even then we had lots of catches until I got distracted with chores.     We spent a good part of the day outside, though it is still a bit chilly out.

4/20 Day 421  S:   Two catches 3 misses last night.

I gave Mini Moose to Daddy Man and went back to bed.  He said Mini Moose had the biggest poop ever and he totally missed it and didn’t notice until Mini Moose came up to him and stamped his feet looking indignant.  Hah!

Daddy Man was putting up the gazebo outside and Itty Bitty was with him most of the morning.   Mini Moose decided he wanted to be super glued to the boob.    We had lots of catches but also quite a big miss where my clothes got peed on after a particularly long nap.   My fault for trying to ignore the “pee squirm” in hopes that he’d sleep on me a little longer.   Daddy Man went to a party around 4:00 and it was just me and the kids.     Mini Moose and I only had a couple of misses and it was probably one of our best catch rate days.   I’d like to say 85%

IMG_39524/21 Day 422  Su:   Last night –3 catches, 1 or 2 misses.   I’m a bit groggy and tired to remember exactly.   I gave Mini Moose to Daddy Man this morning and I went back to bed.

Mini Moose also had the LONGEST pee in three waves ever for his morning pee.    Is his bladder finally had a growth spurt!?    I hope so!       Itty BItty had that sort of pee starting at 9 months which I think is why she was able to hold her pee much longer at that point and why Mini Moose is still a frequent peer.

Our day was pretty lazy though we did do a little yard work.  Itty Bitty enjoyed getting out into the fresh air.


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