Month 15: Leaps and Bounds – Day 423 to Day 452

Compare to Sister’s Blog:   Month 15:  Longer Sleep, More Words


Sibling Love

Sibling Love

April 22 Monday Day 423:

Night EC:  3 pees 3 catches

Day:  One miss after we woke up, missed the big messy poop but then dry all day until late afternoon then one miss after another.    Mini

Moose is

a bit clingy and screetchy and I’d run out of steam completely, threw a mommy tantrum, and just had a crappy night.    I also had a plugged

duct on my right side…/again/.

April 23 Tuesday Day 424

Night:  3 for 3 catch

Itty Bitty had loose poops all day yesterday, spent most of the evening with Daddy Man, and last night she woke up THREE times to poop a room-clearing loose poop in the potty.   Itty Bitty doesn’t poop at night, and almost never wakes up to pee unless she didn’t go to the bathroom before bed. She complained of her stomach hurting and Itty Bitty is not one to complain about a hurt that isn’t a big deal.    She curled up next to me, moaned, and fell back asleep.  The last time she got up to poop it was copious.   I went downstairs with Mini Moose to empty the potty and when I got back she said, “I pooped out of my mouth”.       Thankfully it wasn’t poop!   It was just a really foul nasty vomit.      It looked like bits of the sandwich she ate Sunday evening and smelled rank.   Daddy Man said that her burp breathed smelled quite nasty Sunday night.

I think whatever she ate just didn’t settle or digest.  Maybe it was the ham.    Itty BItty has never had deli meat before and Daddy Man got her a Chicken Cordon Bleu and I wasn’t even thinking that it had ham in it.   I usually just get her a grilled chicken.     I HOPE it isn’t another round of gastroenteritis.  We’ve had plenty of that already!

I passed off Mini Moose to Daddy Man so I could strip the bed, bathe the girl, and set her up on the couch.   I told her I didn’t want her bouncing around today and though she wants to eat I’m pacing her to see how her stomach and intestines react.

Diaper Free Cruisin'

Diaper Free Cruisin’

April 24 Wednesday  Day 425

Night: 3 misses

Itty Bitty is still disturbed about major poop accident one hour after going to bed but seems fine. We kept our play date and she and Mini Moose went to play outside with new friends. There was lots to do and I hardly saw Itty Bitty. Mini Moose had many nature potty opps. We had several pee misses when we got home though.

Itty Bitty Vocabulary Notables

eesic or yoosic for music,

dime-ing room = dining room,

crocagator =alligator/crocodile,

beemember = remember,

beepunzo = Rapunzel

nopumbem=no problem.

Front Butt (aka Bulba) = vulva

Mini Moose starting to make more babble noises in addition to mamama.  He has been practicing dadada  and  ghee ghee ghee.     He’s also beginning to now and then wave hello and goodbye.

April 25 Thursday Day 426

Night:  3 catches

Caught 1/2 morning poop.  Several pee misses at first then dry all afternoon.

Mini Moose has been a demanding bear.   Screetching, clinging, crying, bellyaching, wailing, complaining, and snotting all over the place.   I’d like to blame some of it on allergies (constant snotty nose to match mine), but mostly I think it is my tiredness and not wanting to get down and play and his lack of communication ability other than some crude proto signs and babble sounds.

I make loopy-loops Mom!

I make loopy-loops Mom!

April 26 Friday Day 427

Night: 3 catches

Ran errands.  Dry from around 10:00AM to 4:00PM

Mini Moose has made great efforts to communicate misses and pee needs sometimes before my instincts tell me to take him.  His bladder capacity and holding power seem to be just about the same as Itty Bitty’s was at around 9 months.   It coincides, I think, with the differences in their growth spurts and brain bursts.

I'm not tired.  I'm not...zzzzzz

I’m not tired. I’m not…zzzzzz

April 27 Saturday Day 428

Night: 3 catches

Itty Bitty had a Tumbledance class today.  I tried child watch with Mini Moose who got tired 15 minutes before it was over and they came to get me. He just has no interest in leaving the action wherever I and Itty Bitty are. When we got home I did some yard work and had one miss and Mini Moose had some misses and half catches with grandmama who came buy to see the Littles.

I don’t know if I have mentioned it lately but Itty Bitty talks a lot.   A lot and so fast and still relying so much on the “melody” of language that I have to ask her sometimes six times to repeat something before I can decipher the meaning!    There are times I have to strip the sentence down to the 2-4 word jumble I can’t quite make out.

April 28 Sunday Day 429

Night: 3 catches

Yardwork all day.  Lots of outside pee catches; bare butt in carrier.    In the evening, I missed a big after nap pee because I was wishy-washy about the “nap squirm”.   We went out for milk shakes because Itty Bitty was such a big help today and Daddy Man thought we deserved a treat.      Mini Moose is starting to wave hello and bye bye a little more at his leisure.  Sometimes it sounds like he is saying Bye Bye.  We also observe that Mini Moose is clapping more and often to himself after he has accomplished something (put an item in another item), or in anticipation of something exciting (getting a wood puzzle and putting it on the floor), or in discovery (finding the stacking rings and gathering them all up).

Oh, we missed the poop that arrived randomly in the evening.

The bubbles didn't have a chance...

The bubbles didn’t have a chance…

April 29 Monday Day 430

Night 2 catches 1 miss.

The miss last night was pure laziness on my part.  I was so groggy that while I was pondering if I could wait a few minutes or just lift him down to pee, I kind of fell back to sleep.    On the bright side, it seems like the multiple 6-8 night peeing might finally be over!

Itty Bitty randomly yesterday says,  “Momma momma. Food makes poop and water makes pee. Pee comes out the front because it is pee, and poop comes out the back because it is poop!”

Me (indisposed at the time): “Uh…um…how observant of you. That is correct.”

Itty Bitty: “Yeah,” and walks away.

Speaking of poop.   Because I have Mini Moose in trainers or just pants most of the time I try to wait until after he’s pooped to use just pants because his poop is still often unformed and messy.  Only, today I forgot he didn’t produce a morning poop.    I started to play on facebook in the evening and…well… yeah…it wasn’t pretty.   It could have been worse but that was not fun to clean up .    Bright side it stayed off the floor.  Down side it was down one leg and on his shoe.

Spring Mulching

Spring Mulching

April 30 Tuesday Day 431

Night 2 catches.   Yay!   And that was all that he peed.   I hope this “less peeing at night” trend is permanent!

We had a miss before we left to go to Itty Bitty’s new class at the gym “Little Sports of All Sorts” at 11AM.    Mini Moose had a pee opportunity just before I put him in Child Watch on the premises and he stayed dry.    Unfortunately, he likes to nap at this time so he initially had a burst of energy and then got tired and whiney.  The staff love him though and they held him the hold time and he just hung out in their arms on the edge of sleep.  They’ve been wanting to get their hands on him in Child Watch since he was three months old.  Though I have to say it was very chaotic there Today and someone I’ll call “the rule stickler” was there.     Once I got a talking to when I brought Mini Moose into the Women’s Locker room so we both could pee.   No children in the Women’s Locker room is the rule.  But Goodness he is a year old and I happened to take a wrong turn and went into the wrong door!   The women’s and girl’s locker rooms are right next to each other.   This time I got in trouble for telling Itty BItty to use the bathroom that was two feet away while  signed her brother in — she wasn’t supposed to use it because she wasn’t being signed in even though I was standing right there and had been waiting for ten minutes already trying to get him in.   Really!?    I felt like telling her, “Why don’t I just start signing her in and by the time I finish writing she’ll be done and I’ll sign her out.”    But…I didn’t.

Anyway,  we had pee opp when I went to get Mini Moose.  Itty Bitty was out of breathe and exhausted after playing T-ball.   I’ve never seen the girl get winded like that before.    We had a play date and it was an hour drive.  Poor planning on my part.  We didn’t stay long as both Littles were really tired.   Despite that, Mini Moose stayed dry the whole drive and outing and  when we got home both of them had pass out naps.   Mini Moose had an accident in the middle of his nap and was so tired he let me change-out really quickly and then went right on sleeping.  When he woke up he had an epic pee.

He had an evening poop and we caught 75% of it!  Yah!

Our most awesome sandbox open for the season!

Our most awesome sandbox open for the season!

May 1 Wednesday Day 432

Night:   3 catches

The allergies in this house are annoying as all heck.

Me:  Itchy eyes, itchy throat, sneezing, runny nose.

Mini Moose:  Runny faucet nose

Itty Bitty:  stuffy nose, sneezing

Daddy Man:   Itchy eyes, sneezing, runny nose.

Sometimes I just want to move to a “clean room” and bask.

Our days of EC seem to be an a new pattern now.   Fewer night pees, bigger day pees, and partial poop catches most of the time.   There are moments when we just have several mini misses and an occasional epic miss, and then we have moments of absolute brilliance where everything just clicks (especially when we are out of the house on an errand or in the yard).

We were dry from Story Time up until just before evening.  Then we had a bunch of misses, partial poop miss, and then success again when we were outside (I was cleaning the sandbox — turning the sand, picking out debris, raking, and then a spray of hydrogen peroxide for debugification. It is the cleanest outdoor sandbox this side of the hemisphere), and then we had two or three late evening misses.

Big enough for the Big Wheel

Big enough for the Big Wheel

May 2 Thursday Day 433

Night:    3 misses.    Damn.

I just kept falling back to sleep after he woke me up as I was thinking.  You really shouldn’t think that late at night because then your brain tricks you!   Sorry Mini Moose.

Mini Moose has learned how to stack stacking cups and big blocks.  I am not sure if the stacking by size is partial accident or deliberate yet.  But he tries hard and doesn’t just want to destroy.   On the other hand, he continues to be obsessed with climbing on the couch to get to the cat and the bay window.   I wouldn’t mind as much but he is not as cautious as his sister was and he is much more aggressive with the cats so I have to intervene.  He is very persistent in his pursuits.  When he is a bit older he can join Itty Bitty in the window, but for now if he falls I’d rather him fall where I have a hope of catching some part of him.

Our EC day was pretty off.   We had awesome catches in the morning early and then just we couldn’t get it together.    I didn’t want to go outside today either because I just didn’t have the energy to deal with the neighbor children or watch the one who is the same age as Itty Bitty and have energy left to go to work.   He is not nice with toys, has zero self control, barely speaks English, and no one watches him when he’s outside.   The older boy knows what can and can’t be done and he’s fine.

Missed the poop.   Dammit.   It wasn’t pretty.

May 3 Friday Day 434

Night:  1 catch

Yeah, he only went once.    Shocked the heck out of me!    Anyway, nothing much to report.  We spent a good portion of the day outside and I got some landscaping done with my herb garden, the center garden, and cleaned up some leaves while the Littles Played in the sandbox.   Perpetual leaves.    EC 100% success while we were out.   Caught about 50% of the morning poop.

Daddy Man came home a little early and was working on his RC car project.    However, I decided that I needed a break. And I told him I was taking myself out for an hour…ALONE.      Not joking.     And that’s what I did.    I took myself to a local Vietnamese Restaurant for dinner; got to eat without being interrupted.  Then I drove to get myself some ice cream.  It was good.

I didn’t even care that we missed the evening poop.

Faded bench cleaned and ready to paint

Faded bench cleaned and ready to paint

May 4 Saturday Day 435

Night:  2 catch 1 miss.

I decided that the side steps and threshold to the house were looking really ragged and I’ve been meaning to paint them for two seasons at least. Nothing fancy. They were painted pewter gray by the previous owner and we changed them to black after moving in. We still had black paint and the pewter grain we inherited. They looked 1000 percent better after just one coat. I also decided to repaint our barn red benches and our T-style clothes line. I didn’t get to finish the benches or clothesline.

May 5 Sunday  Day 436

Night: 3 catch

Happy Cinco De Mayo and Greek Easter and Midwives Day! Dry from morning until around 4 o’clock.   Caught the morning poop, and missed all 3 evening poops!

Playing with an RC car

Playing with an RC car

May 6: Monday Day 437

Night 1 catch and Mini Moose got really mad when I offered him a potty opportunity and he apparently didn’t need one after that.

We missed three morning pees, caught a morning poop, missed a second morning poop.   We had a fair afternoon with a few misses but mostly catches then missed 3 more evening poops.    Must be all the beans we’ve been eating because Itty Bitty had herself two major outputs that were kind of baffling as to where she was hiding it.

Speaking of Itty Bitty her constant chatter can grate on the nerves but sometimes it is just fun to listen to her in pretend play.   I have heard her sing, “The farmer in the dell Hi Ho the Bairy-O It’s your birthday It’s your birthday  Hi Ho the Bairy-o”.    She re-enacts My Little Pony stories and at times whatever she is playing with is looking for their Mommy or going on Flying adventures.    She is still practicing making circles…I call them Loopy Loops.  I probably shouldn’t, but I do because it is fun to say and that’s how they look!     A few times I’ve caught her changing her brother’s pants because he was wet.  He didn’t like that very much but in one incident she managed to do it.  She’s also taken off his coat and shoes, or tried to put a shirt on him.   It’s much better than when she tries to wrap him up in a blanket.

Waiting for sister

Waiting for sister

May 7:  Tuesday Day 438

Night:  2 catches

Itty Bitty had little sports today.   She is still having a hard time following directions that are more than three steps or explanations that take longer than a minute but she is getting better.   She as to work hard to keep up and gets over-excited but it has been good for her.   Sometimes I feel like I want to go pounce on a kid that has swiped a ball right from her fingertips or done a ball snipe on her after she ran halfway across the field in that toddler-like-not-quite-big-kid trot.  I behave myself, but sometimes our American need to be “first” and our “mine” mentality really pisses me off.

Mini Moose did not want to be in Child Watch at all. It was kind of hot and I wasn’t expecting him to be outside and I didn’t bring his hat.     He’s been babble-talking a lot with his favorite sounds being Day-Day, Da-Da,  Mee-Mee, Ma-Ma-Ma, and Baa-Baa.   Of course, he’s still an expert screetcher.    I can tell what they mean too.  He has one that means “Give me back that object you thieving sister!”   another for, “Dammit why won’t this object fit into that object!”    one for   “I want to have that thing that you have now!”    and  “Pick me uuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuppp before the Jaguar finds me and eats me!”

We also had a Doctor’s appointment that I forgot about and it conflicted with Itty Bitty’s sports (they played flag football today)  but I managed to get the appointment moved to later.    I arrived early as requested, the new male nurse weighed and measured and all that for 20 minutes and then we waited around for 45 minutes to be seen by the doctor for five.   WTF?      I was NOT happy about that.  You just don’t keep babies waiting.        We are on a delayed vaccination schedule and since the last appointment we were all flu plagued we haven’t had one done since his 6 month.  So I asked for the DTaP and I wasn’t pleased with how that was done either.     The old nurse I’m not fond of because well…she rubs me the wrong way to be honest.    The younger male nurse had not problem with Mini Moose being naked for weighing or when I left his diaper off and just put pants on him.   She comes in and I remove his pants for a leg shot and she insists I put a diaper on him.   Um…why?  He just peed in the toilet (a big one) and I’m pretty confident he’s not going to projectile poop in anyone’s face.   Anyway, I oblige.   I hold Mini Moose for the leg shot and she injects him and doesn’t have a gauze ready and doesn’t rub it which helps with the sting and seems to help keep swelling at bay.   Mini Moose didn’t cry or flinch but a little bit but he did give her a /nasty/ look.

I am quite mad at myself for forgetting.  I usually dose the kids with vitamin C and vitamin A before any injection (we do one at a time not multiples) to help with efficacy and side effects.  This one time I didn’t do it and Mini Moose’s leg at the injection site swelled up like he got stung by a wasp.   It doesn’t seem to bother him but that is totally my fault.

Anyway, Mini Moose is fine otherwise.   He even BLEW KISSES when asked to!   He’s done blowing kisses before sporadically and only in the last few weeks have we been able to see it when we ask and not out of the blue.

We didn’t have an EC miss until evening which started with a poop miss, then a few missed pees, and 3 more poop misses.  Sheesh.

Oh, I forgot to mention that my henna and cassia from came yesterday and I mixed it up and set it out overnight.    I made the mixture a bit too thin…oops.   But it still worked. I  gooped it all in my hair with Itty Bitty talking my head off and Mini Moose latched on my leg like a legwarmer.    I was determined to do this for myself though!   I’ve never colored my hair before…ever.    I left it on for only three hours because I’m a chicken.     It actually turned out quite subtle bringing out my natural red highlights that used to be more prominent when I was younger.    I quite like it, but I wish I had been bolder and not put in so much cassia to tone it down and went more to the henna red and left it on much longer.     But hey, for twelve dollars and an afternoon I’d say it was a success!

Fun with Box

Fun with Box

May 8:  Wednesday Day 439

Happy Early Mother’s Day to Me!

Because we are going to be away on Mother’s Day my most wonderous husband gave me a Wednesday Mother’s Day surprise! I got a hand-print card from my babies and the cutest Tiny Dancer and Teddy Heart for my charm bracelet — one for each of our spawn. They didn’t make Tornadoes and Tasmanian Devil Clouds apparently.

Night:   Damn.  1 catch and 5 misses.   NO Kidding!    Sometimes the nursing marathon’s are crazy!   But I have to remind myself that Mini Moose is developing very rapidly and this too will pass and I’m going to miss this one day.

On a brighter EC note we caught a poop on the toilet, on command, and Mini Moose clapped for himself!     We missed a second morning poop but nothing is going to dampen the poop catch happy!


Maybe I need a hobby?

Riding easy

Riding easy

May 9:  Thursday Day 440

Night:  2 catch 1 miss.

Poop Scoop: Caught the poop on the toilet, then missed the other half of it fifteen minutes later.   You have to laugh!

Last day of work for this cycle and I’ve got to get my grades done.    I’m really quite drained this time and I’ve got the summer cycle starting in two weeks.    They’ve gone and changed the book and I’m going to have to redo all my notes and pacing and I am NOT happy about it.  This has to be one of the most frustrating things about my job.  Just when I get things to my liking and I got the bugs worked out they go and make change.

May 10: Friday Day 441

Night:   1 miss, 1 catch.  And that’s all she wrote.

We’ve been having a little snafu with morning pees.  We always catch the first one or two and then miss the third or 4th in the same hour or two because he seems to be having trouble with emptying the bladder right away.    His equipment has a bit of trouble in the morning…if you get what I mean.  Let’s just say that when the mast is up, no pee in the cup.   And that’s all I have to say about that.

Exciting!    While Mini Moose was sitting on the toilet this morning and was hanging out and I was waiting for that poop I knew was in there (we had missed a little bit of it just a minute before) he looked at me, made the baby sign for poop, and said a faint puh-puh.      Wow!    Okay, he didn’t poop but he knew, I think, that I put him there to poop.    We took a break after that walked around for a few minutes and then I put him back on the toilet and he took a proper poop.   Whoopie!

Packing for our trip commences…



May 11 Saturday Day 442

Night:  4 misses

Left 8:30 AM

1 half miss after wake up

1 damp miss 3rd stop on our road trip

1 soaking miss around 6pm before rest stop

1 poop miss in hotel

12 hours on road, and only the last 20 minutes moose had enough.  We had 1 unscheduled stop due to road construction. Daddy Man taught Mini Moose “fist bump” and Itty Bitty is an old pro at this trip and was busy with snacks, and coloring, and napping, and her computer.   They quite let loose when released for the night.   Because of the carpet in the room Mini Moose needed to have on a flat and belt just in case.    It was a good thing I did because that poop caught me off guard.

Admiring the fish at Cabellas

Admiring the fish at Cabellas

May 12 Sunday Day 443

Night:  3 catches

Happy Mother’s Day! Back on the road! Breakfast potty opp at Bob Evans. I had the Mother’s Day blueberry crepes breakfast, Itty Bitty at a short stack of pancakes all by herself, Daddy Man went with his usual cinnamon pancakes, sausage, and biscuits (American soft quick bread).   Mini Moose shared mine plus fruit and ate all grapes but turned his nose up at cantalope or pineapple and just wanted to practice with a spoon.

We had catches at every rest stop and the carseat stayed dry. We stopped at a Cabella store to stretch our legs and to see their giant fish aquarium. It was very, very cold so daddy man bough us all sweatshirts. We had no misses until 9pm and even then it was a sneaky poop incident.

Mini Moose is enthralled

Mini Moose is enthralled

When we arrived we stayed in the farmhouse front bedroom. Daddy Man’s maternal grandparents are gone now and their house where we usually stay is on the market. Itty Bitty decided to sleep upstairs with Daddy Man and I tried to do work but Daddy Man interrupted me after only 20 min! Because they have carpet and Mini Moose poop is a wild card, whenever we were in the room I put trainers over flat for added protection instead of cover so I could still see immediately if I missed.

Free Toys:  Dirt and Stick

Free Toys: Dirt and Stick

May 13 Monday Day 444

Night: 4 catches

Up 7am. Thanks Daddy Man. Farm Fresh eggs and homemade sausage for breakfast! We had small miss in afternoon with poop but otherwise dry until around 8pm. The kids were so filthy dirty from play that they needed a major bath! We were able to move into long cottage on the property that was vacant so we could use tub and give Mini Moose more freedom to run amok. After baths the Littles were ready for bed and so was I.  I used a diaper cover for the night and boy was that a pain.

May 14 Tuesday Day 445

Night 1 small miss, 2 soaking miss

Bah. The diaper cover interferes a lot with detection and I just slept right through signals.

I went fishing for first time. Six got away; but I caught two! There was no way I was leaving there until I caught one and be outdone by a three year old!   Itty Bitty caught her first fish almost immediately with Daddy Man helping to reel it in and they almost lost it. Daddy Man hooked 2 ducks, 2 bass, and almost a goose. As they were freeing the duck, Itty Bitty got to touch it and she was excited and apprehensive! After that, Itty Bitty took a 2 hour nap alone in the bed easily after admitting to tiredness. When she woke up she was ready for some rowdy play with her favorite cousin S.

Mini Moose had no misses the whole day especially because we were out.

IMG_4325May 15 Wednesday Day 446

Night:   2 half catch

I counted up the number of flats we used since we left home and the number is 13. Not too shabby considering that we aren’t in our element. It is finally warm!  It has been so chilly and we are out of clean long pants and long shirts. I didn’t think to pack extra warm clothes this time of year.

May 16 Thursday Day 447

Night: 2 catch 3 misses

Good Grief!   It has to be all the night nursing extravaganza! The Twenty Four Our Boob Buffet. I finished up our laundry and then we went to see Daddy Man’s cousin living in a nearby city for a couple of hours. We didn’t stay too long because the Little have been run ragged by all the young cousins. There isn’t much to do but there is a trampoline and plenty of room to run and play with the RC cars. Dry all day long, no misses until late evening.

Itty Bitty makes a beeline for the trampoline every year...

Itty Bitty makes a beeline for the trampoline every year…

May 17 Friday Day 448

Night: 2 catches 0 Misses

Other than strawberry picking, we spent part of the day cleaning up and getting ready to leave. Finished laundry, made beds, emptied trash and all that. We moved back to the main house and had everything ready to go.

Another great EC day with only two misses in a row in the late the evening.

May 18 Saturday  Day 449

Night: 1 catch 1 Misses

We got our last minute packing done and set out for home. We intend to stop in Pennsylvania and visit steam town tomorrow.

May 19 Sunday Day 450

Night:  3 catches, 3 misses

Mini Moose nursed all night long. Again. I am so tired I can hardly see straight.

We spent the day at Steamtown and enjoyed all the trains we could and then set off for the second half of our trip home. Mini Moose was Dry all day until just after we got home. Itty Bitty as usual was a real trooper.

Picked a passel of strawberries before we left!

Picked a passel of strawberries before we left!

May 20 Monday Day 451

Night:  0 catches 3 misses

Still very tired from the trip even though I didn’t do any of the driving. I do have to work tonight as it is the start of the first summer session. We had a couple of morning misses, missed the messy poop, and then Daddy Man and Mini Moose had a miss and some catches while I was gone.     Without computer access I couldn’t do as much remote work as I wanted to I had to scramble a bit to finish up.  Fortunately, I got most of it done prior to leaving.

May 21 Tuesday Day 452

Night:  0 catches 4 misses (2 small, 2 soakers)

The Mini Moose nurse fest continues. No sleep for me since Itty Bitty has Little Sports today, we missed soccer last week and are doing Flag Football again. This afternoon it sounded like Mini Moose said his name after Itty Bitty shouted it a dozen times.  Funny 🙂


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