Month 16: Dare to Bare – Day 453 to Day 483

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Playing with RC cars at the local park.

5/22 Wednesday Day 453 (15  months):

Night: 1 catch 0 Miss

Please, oh please, let this be the start of the “only pee once or not at all” phase of bladder development!   Our day was pretty typical with one early morning miss and a couple  of small afternoon misses.  I worked this evening so when I got home there were a few surprises.

Daddy Man says Itty Bitty told him 3 made up stories on the way home.  One had to do with ponies and part of a My Little Pony Friendship is Magic Episode and the other two he said he couldn’t make out but she chattered the entire thirty minute ride home.

For your facepalming pleasure and amusement:

5:30PM (Child exchange before I go to work)
DM: What can I feed the kids while you are at work?
ME: There is a can of beans in the cabinet.

ME: How did it go?
DM: Itty Bitty hasn’t eaten yet.
ME: What? How come?
DM: She just picked at it and didn’t want it. Mini Moose ate it fine.
ME: (looks confused) Itty Bitty loves those beans!

I go an an investigation. Exhibit A: Open can of pinto beans on the counter Exhibit B: Can of Baked Beans still in cabinet (I heave a heavy sigh to myself)

ME: Those aren’t the right beans. She didn’t eat them because they are just plain beans.
DH: Oh. The baby ate them.
ME: The baby eats cat food. Did you at least drain and rise them first?
DH: Uh. No.
Me: (eyebrow twitching)

Itty Bitty gets a hasty peanut butter sandwich to eat.
Note to self: Don’t assume Daddy Man has any clue about foods that aren’t steak.

5/23 Thursday Day 454:

Night: 2 catches 3 misses.

So during our annual trip we had occasion to have to get dinner at McDonald’s because nothing else was open.  Nothing.   Not even a corner market.   I have to say that the substitute apple slices tasted like bleach because the dip them in something to keep them from browning.   The hamburger was what it was and Itty Bitty didn’t eat most of it and rounded out her dinner with the only thing we had on hand — fresh strawberries.    Anyway, the meal cam with this little blue fairy which I thought was adorable but on the way back home Itty Bitty lost her wings in the hotel room.    Naturally, I decided to find a replacement because she did so incredible on the epic drive.       Thus began my hunt for any store that still had a customer satisfaction box with these toys.     I had to trek to no less than six establishments because the promotion for these  Winx toys is nearly over.   I managed to get the set of five for both Itty Bitty and Mini Moose!  They will sell them too you without having to buy a meal.   We ended up at a fairly new place when I finally struck gold and they had a pretty big, new indoor play space.  Since it was raining I let Itty Bitty play for almost two hours.  Mini Moose had an area to play in too but he was not pleased I wouldn’t let him follow his sister.

Since his sister was busy, Mini Moose taught himself how to spin and then commenced to do it the rest of the day.   On top of that we were dry all day and didn’t have an accident until late evening!

5/24 Friday Day 455:

Night: 3 Misses

Mini Moose is a climbing fool.  Is it time to release the Kraken?

I am sitting here nap trapped with Mini Moose and listening to Itty Bitty “read” one of my most favorite childhood books “Minnie and the Magic Grinder” and she has heard the story only 6 times and is using the pictures to tell the story and remembers it very accurately. Awed.

Typical day of 75% catches and the requisite poop miss.
Mini Moose is clingy cling clingy with a side of super glue.

Funny Notes:
Mini Moose shimmied off me lap and I asked, “Where are you going, Mister?”   and Daddy Man and I swear he said, “By-eeee!”
Makes you realize just how much of language is like a melody and that’s what they learn first.

What else?  Hmm.   I can’t remember the last time I actually took Mini Moose out with a diaper cover other than for the Annual Trip drive which was necessary for his comfort if we missed and we couldn’t stop soon enough.   I usually take him out in trainers now and I only dig out a flat for the belt if it is going to be a long trip and I am unsure if he is going to fall asleep and wake up in the middle of , which really isn’t often.  Even when I do that we arrive dry so he hasn’t peed in the car seat in ages and ages (other than during our Annual Trip).

5/25 Saturday Day 456:

Night: 2 catches 1 miss.

This no sun and all the rain is killing me.   I still haven’t unpacked one suitcase, laundry gets folded then unfolded by Mini Moose, my hands are wrecked from contact dermatitis from all kinds of soaps we used at rest stops and some non-organic cheap wipes (not my usual organic earth friendly ones) I bought to scrub some bad nasties.

Lots of misses in the morning today which is getting to be really unusual.  It was just a crap morning to start before we went to Itty Bitty’s TumbleDance class.  Turns out that we didn’t miss anything last week because the girl who teaches it quit (to go back to college perhaps).   The new girl is much more energetic which is good, but less organized which is not so good.  She wasn’t using stations to keep the others occupied while she helped another do a handstand so it was chaos.     Mini Moose refused to go to Child Watch (you know so he wouldn’t miss all the exciting stuff) so I spent most of the time chasing him while Daddy Man watched.

While out, of course, Mini Moose and I were on the potty track until late evening when we fell off. Fortunately for me I was out of the house with Itty Bitty for the poo bomb.  Daddy Man said he caught 1/4 to 1/2 of it though.  His only warning was some foul gas eminating from Mini Moose.

Held together by tape to secure the double A batteries, and the  power cord long since having given up -- My 3 year old Medela single electric pumped its last.  Rest Pieces.

Held together by tape to secure the double A batteries, and the power cord long since having given up — My 3 year old Medela single electric pumped its last hurrah in April. Rest in Pieces.

5/26 Sunday Day 457:

Night:  Two catches, 0 Misses

It is cold cold cold.  Man, it’s cold and it is almost June!  Missed the poop as usual.   I’m having a really, really bad day today.  Between the all night nursing and the wreck that is the house and this dismal, cold, damp weather I’m just grumpy with a short fuse.  Despite that we had a dry day after a morning of about 4-5 misses one after the other.

Daddy Man keeps flipping and rifling through the neatly folded suitcase (because I did all our laundry before we got back) and thinks that is being helpful by putting the clothes back into circulation instead of dirtying ones in the drawers.   Dead serious!   Why not just put the clothes in the suitcase away!?   How can you be as mad as you want when the person really does think they are being considerate.   So then I felt like a nag for getting irritated.     I just wanted to scream, “Helping would be emptying the the bleeping suitcase and putting the dangblasted crap back instead of waiting for me to do it.”     I couldn’t do that though because I was afraid I wouldn’t be able to stop the tirade.   Instead I ate some Swedish Fish and drank some Pineapple Soda.

5/27 Monday Day 458:

Night:  Two catches, 0 Misses

Memorial Day.  Finally a nice day. Grandma came buy in the afternoon.   We spent a quiet day  together after Daddy Man mowed the yard Prairie.     Drove RC cars at the local park, grilled steaks in the backyard.    Mini Moose was dry pretty much all day except for two misses in a row and an unexpected poop miss in the morning.


MIni Moose practicing his straw skills with our Foogoo thermos.

5/28 Tuesday Day 459:

Night:  1 catch, 3 Misses
Itty Bitty had Little Sports this morning.  Today I remembered her rashguard and hat and I didn’t even bother to put Mini Moose in Child Watch knowing just by his face an proximity to his preferred slumber time that it wouldn’t go over well.    I let him run around a bit the put him on my back much to his protests.    They played T-Ball today and Itty Bitty was very winded!

So when we got home I took a look around the house at the undone laundry, the glasses on the fireplace mantle, the new dishes in the sink, the full dishwasher, the destroyed floor from Itty Bitty’s corn muffin caper, the stench of unscooped cat litter, and various flotsam I heaved a heavy sigh.  I tried to get Mini Moose to nap with me for about an hour while Itty Bitty played in the next room and kept coming back to chatterbox but then I had to take drastic measures.

I packed the kids in the car, ran one quick errand, back in the car and I drove until they fell asleep, got myself a sandwich wrap for lunch and a lemon slushie then drove half an hour on a long quiet road, turned around and came back, and sat in the drive way for another 40 minutes while they slept.   AHHHHHHHHhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh!     When they woke up we went to the backyard and I ignored the house.   Damn straight.

Mini Moose dry all day until evening as usual.  No poop sighting today.  Oh dear.

5/29 Wednesday Day 460:

Night:  4 Misses

Last night before bed,  Itty Bitty sang me Twinkle Twinkle Little Star after saying, “I want to share a song with you.”

Mini Moose is in this growth spurt and mental leap and I may not survive it.    He whined, and rolled, and crawled, and stood up, and deathrolled all.night.long.    I think part of my brain has atrophied.     Caught 1/4 of a poop then missed another in the evening by a few seconds.

We soiled three training pants in a row but other wise it was a pretty nice catch rate of maybe 80% today.

I worked this evening.    I can never remember what I have mentioned and what I haven’t.  Mommy Brain.   Mini Moose loves to feed us squishy bits from his fingers — he insists.  You can’t say, “No thanks” but he’ll make the sound “aahhhh” and shove it past your pursed lips.  We don’t do that to him so I am not sure why.  I do tell him to say Ahhh if I want to look in his mouth though.    He wants to share and you will be cooperating!     Another good thing is that though he has voluntarily given me “yucky” or “please let momma have that” for several months, this month he has really stepped up giving me “yucky” or “unidentified’ or “things I know she asks for”  all by himself without any prompting.     Together with him no longer mouthing everything and only occasionally putting non food items in his mouth, I have been able to expand his toy options to smaller items like figurines though not items small enough to swallow because he still can’t resist putting small round objects in his mouth.

Daddy Man said he caught 1/2 a poop while I was gone.

5/30 Thursday Day 461

Night:  2 catches
Roof fixed unexpected
few misses in am and then dry all day until around 5:00
saw the poop face missed the poop
I’ve watched Mini Moose clap for himself when he twists a cap on a bottle (or at least tries).  He’ll spend quite a long time interchanging caps of different sizes to see what fits just for kicks it seems.   I’ve experimented with letting him have more roam space so that I can see just how I need to rearrange a few things.    It really is time to “release the Kraken” because he has definitely outgrown the living room and I want to expand his options before he becomes obsessed with escape and maybe he’ll stop obsessing about the cat bowls in favor of more interesting things.  I think Itty Bitty was around this age when I expanded her free range and I think it made a big difference in her willingness to listen because I wasn’t saying “not for Itty Bitty” so much.

Itty Bitty Wordisms:    Barm   (farm)
Humpty Dumpty:  Supposed to be Pumpy-umpy Umpkin when singing one of our songs.
Songs Itty Bitty Knows:  Twinkle Twinkle, ABCs, 7 Days of the Week, Matalina Catalina, You Are My Sunshine, The Wheels on the Bus, Bim Bam,  Five Little Ducks, Monkeys on the Bed, Farmer in the Dell, Itsy Bitsy Spider, BINGO, The Ants Go Marching, You Are My Honey Bunch Sugar Plum, Skinamarink, There’s a Hole in the Bucket, The Other Day I Saw a Bear, Row Row Your Boat, Say Oh Playmate, Patty Cake

5/31 Friday Day 462:

Night EC: 2 catches
Day: Dry all day and evening

I didn’t sleep so well last night.  I had a bit of insomnia and it has been hot the last few days and I have to get used to the air conditioner again.    Both Itty Bitty and Mini Moose seemed to be wanting to crawl back into my uterus.   I had to shove them both over to get some bed space!

After Mini Mooses nap in the late morning/early afternoon we ventured out to the backyard since it was a very nice day.  I uses our air compressor to blow up the small air wading pool I got on markdown end of last season.  Mini Moose can get in and out of it by himself and was delighted with the carte blanche splashing.   Next year I think it will be too small for the both of them.   I don’t like the hard plastic pools as much because they take up space when stores and unless you buy the pricier ones with the rounded edges they’ll scrape up legs and ankles unless you MacGyver it with duct tape or pool noodles.


This may be the last year for our rainbow wading pool.

6/1 Saturday Day 463:

Night EC: 3 catches 1 miss
Day: 1 miss in the morning

We finally found an EZ UP canopy for the cheapest sale price of $69.99. SCORE! I’ve been wanting one for the sandbox during times when we have lots of leaf and seed fall
Outside nearly all day in the yard.  Grandmama came over.  Painted benches and half of the clothesline poles.  Daddy man sanded, washed, and painted the peeling bulkhead doors. I cleaned our 3 year old splash pool with Itty Bitty’s enthusiastic help and it has seen its last season–it has a small tear near a splash hole, is faded, and has another hole in another section leaving a deflated tree.  Even if we fix it, really we will need more space so even if we don’t throw it out yet and use it one more time next year or repurpose it as an under pad for the blow up pool, it won’t be a primary play pad.  Since last year Itty Bitty has been able to turn on and off the hose when asked so she was often employed as hose Gopher!

6/2  Sunday Day 464:
Night EC: 3 catches
Hung out clothes to dry; and our dryer sucks.
Grandmama took Itty Bitty to watch a tennis match at 9am
Put EZ UP up, then took it down because a thunderstorm is coming.
No poop today.

6/3 Monday Day 465:

Night EC: 3 catches
Poop: caught 25% of the poop.
Mini Moose was in trainers all day.  We had 2 misses in the morning but dry from about 8am to 8pm
I think our drier is mostly dead.   We were outside all day. Itty Bitty really does much better when she can get out and Mini Moose is coordinated enough to play with her and she is always enticing him to play. They do fight over the same toy sometimes but for the most part they love to play together.


Itty Bitty was excited to show us that she can work this apparatus by herself.

6/4  Tuesday Day 466:

Night EC: 1 miss 2 catches
Day: same routine caught half of the morning poop.

In trainers all day. Itty Bitty had Little Sports basketball today taught by a different teacher. Itty Bitty enjoyed the endless running around and was quite beat when time was up. At home, I Hung clothes outside on the line while the Littles played.  It was a bit cool so no pool play today.   I can’t find their outdoor tent! Where the heck did I put that darn thing!?

Some news to share. We might be selling this house and moving this year if Daddy Man finds a house and we can break even on this one and start fresh with another mortgage. Pretty much we are hoping to be paying the same amount on a mortgage or less, but have a house that appraises at mortgage value and not below it. The key motivator though is a better school district. The thing is that I love our house and despite some complaints I’d be happy stay here as our forever home. I’m really going to miss it. This is where my children were born, and this is where I’ve put down roots. It is going to be hard.

6/5 Wednesday Day 467:

Night EC: 2 catches
We had 2 misses on the floor in the am during naked time and then dry all day and all night until around 3AM so Mini Moose went from about 9:00AM to 3:00AM in the same training pants.  That’s a new record!

On my way to meet Daddy Man for kid exchange in the parking lot where I work, I got hit at stoplight from the back.  The spare tire mounted on the jeep door saved real damage. Funny thing is that I was earlier than usual because I was planning on letting the kids play in small playground nearby before drop off. If I had left at my usual time, it wouldn’t have happened because no one would have been in front of her! I was shaken up but I got her information and did what I planned to do…let the kids play and went to work. My teeth had clicked together and Itty Bitty was startled but we were all completely unharmed. It was more of a hard bump than anything else.

IMG_44516/6  Thursday Day 468:
Night EC:   1 miss 2 catches
Poop Status:    Mini Moose alerted me of the poop I missed while he was naked at around 7:30AM.     Then he had a stealth poop that was totally missed around 11AM    Yikes.  Neither one of us was happy with the second poop situation.
Day:   Dry all day in trainers or naked.

It’s been a rough day.  I’m short tempered and just daunted by the task of packing if we are indeed going to buy a new house.  Just the thought of all that needs to be done in a move just gives me a megaton of stress.

6/7 Friday Day 469:

Night:  2 catches, 0 Misses
Day:   Our usual big morning miss and dry the rest of the day.   Rain Rain go Away!
Evening:   We had several misses after the poop miss.   Probably the worst evening in terms of catches for quiet a long time.


Daddy Man gets help with washing the garage door to prep it for painting.

6/8 Saturday Day 470:

Night:  3 catches, 0 Misses
Day:   2 misses in the morning then dry the rest of the day with one evening miss.
Finished painting the clothesline since it seems like there is a lull in the rain and the paint dries pretty fast.    Outside just about all day.

Mini Moose finally figure out how to sit properly and go down the side and even has taken an interest in the rock wall.  He has gone up it a time or two before but I think he found it too much effort for too little reward, I guess.    He went up it once, sat down, went down the slide and launched off the end.  He giggles excitedly and couldn’t be stopped from repeating.    Itty Bitty was so pleased that he was coordinated enough and she took great pleasure in making him slide down with her (him in her lap).    The slide and wall are plastic and not that high up off the ground so a fall would not likely do any harm, though I and Daddy Man had a few heart palpitations a time or two.   Mini Moose then discovered he was strong enough to haul himself up the wrong way up the slide too and that elicited much excited repeats of slide violations.

After that, Daddy Man and Itty Bitty washed the Garage door and sidings in preparation for painting.    Mini Moose and I were busy doing this and that.   Grilled steaks to celebrate Daddy Man.  Grandmama came by and was quite apprehensive about Mini Moose climbing up on the slide himself!    We reminded GrandMaMa that Itty BItty was quite adept at climbing and sliding on that very same item when she was around 10 months old before she could even walk!  We were wondering why our Master Stair Climber wasn’t even interested in it when he could climb the house stairs in less than 15 seconds!

We really are going to do it.   Sell the house and move!


Itty BItty at one of the free activities making a musical “shaker egg”.

6/9 Sunday Day 471:

Night:  4 catches.    Gee whiz!
Day: Dry all day. Go us!

We attended the City Day of Play.  Used porta potty.  Gone from 11-3:30p    Wore Mini Moose most of the time.   Very tired when arrived home.  Daddy Man painted the front door, garage door, and pretty much the entire half car port over the garage because he painted one area and another unpainted area would look glaringly bad.       It really is just lipstick because they’ve been painted so many times they really should be stripped first, but it looks 100 times better just the same.  I’m glad I painted the stairs and threshold recently so it is one less thing to do now.

6/10 Monday Day 472:

Night:  3 or 4 catches, I lost count!    1 miss.
Morning:   Missed two big pees and a poop.

I am so tired from yesterday, it is rainy, and nobody is in a good mood.  But I commenced with packing and I didn’t get much done (the Little just were not down with helping me out)  but two bookshelves are empty and that is something.   I’ve got to work tonight so I’m not going to over exert.

Bonus:  I cam home to find Mini Moose still in the same training pants he’d had on all day!   Way to go Daddy man!     I do believe that his dry rate today was about 10AM to at least Midnight!  A record methinks!


My Wysteria finally blooms.

6/11 Tuesday Day 473:

Night:  3 catches, 0 misses
Morning:  Our usual morning in trainers with one big miss.
Poop Status:   Missed 75% of it.   Mini Moose loudly got my attention and showed me…or rather gave me the wayward log.   Thank you little guy for the …um…gift.     At least he is conditioned well to give me everything he finds.  When I encourage my children to give me “yuckies” or give me “not for you give to Momma,” it wasn’t my intention for him to hand me poop, but there are worse things he could do with it.

Today was Itty Bitty’s last day of little sports and she got to play floor Hockey which she missed the first round because we didn’t go to the first class as late registrants.    She loved it and even got a good block in.   The coach gave all six kids a rather nice basketball medal on a blue ribbon and stickers.

After we ran errands to get some packing tape and some packing colored stickers.   I spent the rest of the afternoon trying to pack more non-essentials like toys we don’t have in rotation and  the rest of the books downstairs (there’s plenty more upstairs).    I’m usuing colore stickers for types of things and rooms so that we can just look at the boxes at a glance and know what is likely in them just by the color and I can just write the contents on the top, rather than having to write all over the boxes.      Daddy Man thinks I’m a little anal about it, but as the Domestic Goddess if I don’t organize now he’ll end up with a House Harpy.    There’s a lot to consider!   Books for example, need to be packed in medium sized boxes so they don’t get too heavy, irregular shaped unbreakables like toys can be packed in bigger boxes in a way that maximizes space and keeps them together, delicate breakables need ample boxes that can be stuffed to absorb impact.    The last time Daddy Man moved he was a bachelor.      He’s got crafts, I’ve got crafts, the kids have crafts.   The cothes of four people.   The cats!    China and everyday dishes.    Appliances.    Electronics.   Linens.   Outerwear.   Bathroom.    Gardening tools, Garage tools, Outdoor furniture, Beach ….

Oh my, I’m starting to hyperventilate.


Itty Bitty helping to hang clothes while Mini Moose supervises.

6/12 Wednesday Day 474:

Night:   3 catch, 1 miss  (and the miss was not a miss-miss, it was a pure lazy-ass miss).
Morning:   1 big miss on the floor, 1 small miss in trainers  (it was not a good-mood morning for me)
Poop Status 1:   Missed it, totally, but Mini Moose alerted me immediately of the multiple turd situation.
Day:   Dry all day with two potty opps outside in the yard
Poop Status 2:  Eww.    Messy.    Miss H6.
Evening:   1 miss jus before I left for work while we were just getting in the car because I forgot to potty him before we left the house. Mini Moose protested strongy to the seat, as I was about to pull his pants down for an outside wee in the bush he peed his pants.   Oops.  My bad.

Since our Drier is still All Dead, I had to do an epic amount of laundry and hang it all outside.  This has been the first nice non-rainy day in like…forever.  Okay, not forever but at least five days separated by only one nice day on Sunday which seems like forever.      Itty Bitty, Mini Moose, and I have had our rough mornings this week but being outside was actually very theraputic.   The first time I went out it was a little breezy and warm so the Littles went off to play with the tricycle and Big Wheel, tossed around a deflated ball, and played on the slide.   Since Mini Moose has figured out how to use the slide he can now play much more easily with Itty BItty who is delighted with the new abilities of her favorite brother.       Later, Itty Bitty helped me hang up laundry while I had Mini Moose on my back African Kanga style.    In 30 minutes most of the laundry was dry even though it wasn’t hot because the wind had picked up nicely.

I didn’t get much preliminary packing done today because the laundry beast just took all of my effort, but I did score several boxes from the florist and the local restaurant just down the street.    Itty Bitty’s constant chatter is much more tolerable when I’ve had some sun and we are outside that’s for sure!


When did Itty BItty get almost too tall to bother climbing the rock wall side!?

6/13  Thursday Day 475:

Night:   4 catches, 1 miss (I totally fell back to sleep and I woke up a minute later to Mini Moose nursing with his butt up in the air in his yo-mom-when-you-gotta-go-you-gotta-go-so-I-went position)

Poop Status:   Houston, we have 100% poop in the potty.   I repeat, a 100% poop in the potty at 9:48AM!       Her is how it went down.   My poop sense was tingling, I looked over to see Wee Willie Winkie pointing straight out so I jumped up to fetch the potty.   Mini Moose sat down and made efforts to go when I suggested it.  He sat there for a good five minutes chatter-babbling before he got really quiet and deployed.    Yay!        Apparantly Daddy Man fed him peas and corn yesterday.        We missed two pees on the floor immediately after that but I don’t really care!

I’m putting away all but half a dozen flats.   I’ve still been using them at night because they are just easy to flip on and off with the belt and I haven’t found my thicker waterproof Imse Vimse trainers, but since I’ve been using regular non-waterproof trainers during the day and using the flats to clean up puddles just because they are there, I really don’t need 3 dozen flats when I can just use the smaller cloth wipes.      Daddy Man has been putting them on him while I’m at work, so if they are’t there he’ll use the trainers.   Six should be plenty for night needs and I can start using the two night training pants I have to test the waters.   By this age, Itty BItty wasn’t peeing that much at night and Mini Moose’s night-pee frequency is still all over the map.


Sliding? Not nearly as fun as climbing up…

6/14 Friday Day 476:

Night:   3 catches 0 misses
Day:   Two misses in the morning, one miss early evening
Poop Status:     Caught the morning poop (20% of it was missed, but 80% caught so that is a win!)

Last night I found the Imse Vimse training pants with the water proof outer that I only used at night with Itty Bitty once or twice because she was a Super Bladder Trooper.   With Mini Moose I still need a little more leeway in case of a miss even though our catch rate is quite high.

NOTABLES:  I was talking at Moose and ask, “Do you need to potty?”  and he made the one had potty signal!   I don’t know if that meant ‘yes’ or if it meant ‘I know that word!’      Doesn’t matter because he responded to my babble!

NOTABLES:   We were in the kitchen and Itty Bitty said, “RED spells red Mommy!”    Taken aback, I rurned to see that Itty Bitty had indeed spelled red with magnets.  My jaw hung open a moment and then I saw that she was copying the words on her rainbow picture on the fridge.   Still a jaw dropper that she made the connection though!   Thus far she has only known how to recognize and spell her own name, her brother’s name, the word “stop”, and sometimes the word “out”.   She then spelled the rest of the rainbow colors.  This is even more exciting than when she showed me that she learned how to make gimpy circles (we call them Loopy Loops).


Backyarc camping, Itty Bitty insisted on testing the Tent Integrity first.

6/15 Saturday Day 477:

Night: 3 catches   0 miss  (Imse Vimse trainers working well)
Poop Status:   Caught the morning poop 100%
Day:   Dry all day.  That’s right!
EC Milestone:  Dry 24 hours!

Woo hoo!   What a great start to the day.   We spent most of the day outside, did a little packing, a little yard work while the Little were playing on the slide and then amused themselves with cleaning their little house with a bucket of soapy water.

We also went to see two houses on the market.    One had a huge yard (a must have) and the house was a Colonial.  Cute, but it just didn’t call to me as far as openness.   Don’t get me wrong, I love old houses but if I don’t love the house as much as I love ours or more, I don’t want it.   If the kitchen had bee open to the dining room, or the living room — or even if the living room and dining room were one room it would have made all the difference to me.     The place did have a two car garage, a workshop, and a side garden.     Understand that this is not a complaint — the house was beautiful — but I like roots and I want a forever home.   Besides, someone made an offer on it already.      I know, we Americans are quite spoiled.  But at the same time a lot of our culture lacks stability.     And I babble.

While we were gone, Mini Moose gave grandma the double-wrist-twist-I-have-to-pee signal!

The hand signs can be a bit difficult since depending on the accompanying grunt it might mean something else.    A single wrist twist with a “uh-uh-uh-uh” and presentation of an object means “Yo, open this!”     A screetch and shirt yank means “BOOB!  GIVE ME BOOB”  but once in a great while he’ll wrist twist (he can’t seem to see that when I make the milk signal I am opening and closing my hand) and screetch whichs till means, “BOOB, Woman, BOOB!”       A wrist flick, almost like a wave, with a “heh-heh-heh” means “I want that food that you have.”     Two hands in the air while he runs away means either “GATE OPEN FREEEEEDOM!”   or   “I want to play tag!”

It was smores night.  A BigBig treat here.   It took Itty Bitty half an hour to eat hers because she just doesn’t eat a lot of sugar, so for her one was all she wanted!     The neighbor kids on the other hand tend not to know when to stop and we had to put away the smore ingredients before they consumed a whole box of grahams and five bars of chocolate!


There is no keeping Mini Moose out of the bay window anymore

6/16 Sunday Day 478:

Night:  4 catches
Poop:  Caught the morning sucker!   Missed the afternoon stealth bomber.
EC Milestone:   Dry 30 hours!

Happy Father’s Day!     We slept in a tent in the backyard last night because Daddy Man had some painting to do and we thought it would be fun.  We had the little Bjorn and Mini Moose was in just training pants.

We had a little trouble taking Daddy Man to breakfast (places were packed) and he was a little short tempered because he did’t get to sleep in.     Things didn’t go according to my plan.    I exited the tend fine and he and Itty Bitty were still asleep and I was going to go get him flowers and a gift with Mini Moose.  Unfortunately, he had my car key — in his pants pocket — and the pants were in the tent!  Arrrrgh.       I carefully went back to the tent, got the keys, and just as I was leaving and zippering Itty Bitty woke up.  I told her , “Shhhh…stay and cuddle with Daddy.”     Since she usually wants to cuddle with him in the morning I thought I was good to go.     It is so much easier to do an errand with just one at 8:00 in the morning you know!?

Anyway, turns out that as soon as I left Itty Bitty woke up Daddy Man on purpose and asked for cereal.  *headsmack*

As I bragged to Daddy Man in the afternoon that Mini Moose had been dry for 30 hours, we had a giant pee miss 15 minutes later that pre-ceeded an “where did that poop come from!” and a trickle pee after that.

Note to self:   Don’t brag out loud.

Grandmama came to take us out to the local Greek restaurant for a Father’s Day dinner.   Daddy Man and I had the Chicken Rustica which is to die for,  Grandmama had fall off the bone ribs, and Itty Bitty pasta of which she ate an incredible amount.    Daddy Man and Grandmama then ate a giant slice of five tier chocolate cake — one a piece.  Itty Bitty a strawberry sundae and I managed to get two desserts on the house.     Funny thing.  I ordered the special red velvet cheese cake but the waitress came back sometime later apologizing profusely and said that the chef was making me something special and if I didn’t like it they’d give me another dessert of my choosing.    Turns out that they decided to give me two desserts anyway (I had been interested in a particular caramel salt crunch one before I ordered the red velvet).     I would have eaten only one but they were SO GOOD I HAD TO!        It was so worth the uncomfortable fullness!


Itty Bitty “met” Clifford the Big Red Dog at our City’s Children’s Day of Play

6/17 Monday Day 479:

Night:  3 catch 4 miss
Day:   85% pee catch rate
Poop:  90%

Our day was unusual in that Mini Moose had a low grade fever last night.    He’d taken a very, very late and long nap and peed in his sleep twice!  Once with me and once with Daddy Man, which is really unheard of around here.       He was otherwise fine yesterday, but when Daddy Man bought him up to bed just after Itty Bitty fell asleep and I was just entering the land of nod, he seemd unusuall warm to me.     Keep in mind that Daddy Man is a hot box and the kids run warmer and when they sit or lie next to each other they create a SuperNova of heat.    So, usually when I get Mini Moose he’s a little hot water bottle.  This time it just seemed different in my gut.      And they get that look on their face (or maybe the Mommy Radar dectects a change in aura, I don’t know).     Sure enough when I check it’s 99.      I sleep downstairs so that I don’t wake Itty Bitty and reduce infection rate sibling to sibling as much as humanly possible.

Mini Moose was latched on all night long and even though he had a fever all day he was pretty lively, smiling, and interactive.  He nursed way more than usual.   I could tell when his fever was up and when it lowered back to 99.   We also were dry all day with no pee accidents even with TWICE as much pee if you can believe that!    We even caught 90% of a a poop!

I didn’t bother to medicate the fever with Tylenol until I had to leave for work to do the Kid Exchange because my car was awfully hot and I didn’t want to repeat the Itty Bitty fever spike panic of 2010.   I am glad I did.   He’d napped and his fever went up but he stayed comfortable.  When I got home, Daddy Man said his fever stayed around 99 to 100 and he’d been playing which was good.  He had one pee accident in the carseat, a huge catch right away, and then a huge miss 15 minutes later (he’d nursed a ton before we left the house so that explains that) but otherwise pottying was going just fine.    Itty Bitty was being difficult and had a hard time I think dealing with the extra attention Mini Moose needed.   She hit him in the face with a ball (she hadn’t meant to hit him, she just meant to throw the ball really hard because she was irritated), tried to bite Daddy Man (I know it is response to the Big Feelings she was having — she sometimes does it too when she gets excited), and she got jealous when GrandMaMa wanted to spend a little time with Mini Moose after spending an hour and a half one-on-one with Itty Bitty.

Daddy Man was not pleased when I got home,  Mini Moose was asleep on his chest and I could see his fever was up just by looking at him and touching his face.       Itty Bitty hadn’t taken a nap so we brushed teeth (under a little whining of “but I don’t want to” and my response of “I know you don’t, I understand”), pottied, and I shooed her up to bed.  She protested “But I’m not tired!”   and I said, “You are so you are making poor decisions, but you don’t have to sleep you just need to relax.”      And this got a heavy sigh of “Ohkay”, I set her up in our family bed with her LeapPad and she asked where I was going and why.    So I said, “Well, your brother still has a fever and is sick and I need to take care of him.”  and she said, “Why?  Stay with me.”  and I said, “When you are sick, doesn’t Mommy take care of you?”    She said, “Yes” and then we said our I love yous and I closed the door.     Sometime around midnight she turned off her LeapPad and went to sleep without us hearing a peep out of her (I had Daddy Man peek in on her around 11:30p).

MIni Moose and I slept downstairs.    His fever spiked to 102.5 and I gave him a dose of medicine because he seemed excessively restless and he couln’t seem to sleep even though he was trying so hard — I thought maybe a fever induced headache.  My children don’t usually complain about a hurt that is uncomfortable even if it sucks (high pain tolerance).   Once the dose kicked in he fell immediately asleep even though his fever didn’t budge for another hour after.

6/18 Tuesday Day 480:

Night:   4 catches
Day:  100% (48 hours pee dry!)
Poop Scoop:   None today

Mini Moose’s fever broke sometime in the night (the medicine I gave to relieve any headache or ache keeping him from resting lowered it a bit at first) and then he turned into a sweaty sticky mess (if it is the meds that reduces the fever that doesn’t happen, only when the body is cooling itself do we get the sweats).   Whatever it was seems to have resolved itself with rest and lots of breastmilk.

Itty Bitty is quite restless and making poor choices to get attention.   She misses me because she had to sleep without me last night — which she did without protest.   But, you can tell that she’s feeling like she needs to reconnect.      Today, Mini Moose needs to rest so we’ll see if we can regroup and recoup.    I did yell a couple of times — I haven’t slept well obviously and she was doing things like putting her feet in Mini Moose’s face and going nutty with a blanket and ball.   *deep breathe…ohm ohm OHM dammit*!

Daddy Man seems to have found a house with real potential and two other candidates so we will likely go see them sometime this week.


Repainted outside bench…like new!

6/19 Wednesday Day 481:

Night:  2 catches  — ( They were quite small and Mini Moose was very resistant to the offer even though he did produce when I asked.    Hmmm….dare I say it?    Has the night hormone to reduce pee finally matured!?   Grrrzzzk!

Day:    100% pee success.   (24 hours pee dry! Even when I was at work)

Poop Scoop:   Miss outside (newborn poop and I think he’d tried to fart not actually poop)

We were outside all day so I could hang out laundry and we all could get some sun before it starts to rain…again…and Mini Moose either had on Imse Vimse swim pants or was naked with a long t-shirt.   Easy Peasy fertilising of our favorite pee tree.   He still is not attempting to take himself to the potty, but he is beginning to use the potty sign more consistently.    GrandMaMa still gets super excited when he gives her his potty wrist twist!      He now equally seems to use that signal and the regular potty sign (shaking fist) when I say “Do you need to potty?”   or   “Let’s go potty”.  He is also finally starting to use his version of the sign for milk more.

6/20 Thursday Day 482:

Night:  3 catches!
Poop:  Caught it (only missed a teeny pre-turd )

We got a chance to spend some time with E. and her children A. and O. at their house today.  They are like only 5-10 minutes drive from us.   It was so nice to be out and away from the chaos that is the house.    They have a big open yard so the kids got to play outside in the pool, their new little sandbox, a slide, and an outdoor train.     Mini Moose loved the extra wandering freedom and Itty Bitty loved seeing her friend again.  They only argued two or three times which is awesome for those girls.     A. is just more reserved and particular while Itty Bitty is more energetic and freeform — they both have to learn to adapt and give a little to the other to find a cooperative balance.   It was really hard for Itty Bitty at first but she is learning A.’s boundaries, and A. is learning to use words rather than aggression to claim her personal space.    O. is walking now so he and Mini Moose were doing their own thing and sometimes interacting with each other with big baby smiles.

We had a miss late evening which was the end of our streak.  But it as a wild ride!  36 hours is pretty darn fantastic.   Especially with all the house upheaval and all the packing and distractions, things seem to be going along just fine.      I know some people worry about toileting during moves, but I have no such thoughts about it.    There is no perfect time to toilet, when you gotta go you gotta go and this is a heck of a lot faster than Diaper Wrangling!


Mud Tub

6/21 Friday Day 483:

Night:   3 catches!
Happy Summer Solstice!    It is finally here and boy is it hot.

We had a very off morning with four misses in a row and a missed morning poop (well we did catch 1/4 of it).  We got  back on track though after the last miss and didn’t have a problem at all the rest of the day even when out and about.

We took a viewing of the house we have our eye on.  One and a half acres of land, long driveway, the house set back into a natural lot bordered by a tree farm.  It is a raised ranch with garage, carport, detached barn garage/workshop, and plenty of safe, but not fenced, yard to run amok in.     I don’t want to get too excited because you never know with these things.  But it couldn’t be a more perfect spot.     It was Daddy Man who found it.  Our agent is great with the legal side of things which is fine by us, but her vision of what we are looking for and what she notices are worlds apart.  She’s a Condo person and we are Yard people.


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