Month 17: Learning Leaps and Limits – Day 484 to Day 513

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IMG_46936/22 Saturday Day 484

Night:  4 catches
Poop Status:   Totally caught the morning deployment

MIni Moose and I were up quite early and then I woke up Daddy Man and Itty Bitty at around 9AM so we could be ready to go see the last two houses at 10AM.   Mini Moose had a very small accident a little after we got up but I am not sure I should count it as a miss since it was a poop induced winkle and we ultimately caught the poop.   I think I don’t want to count it as a miss and since we haven’t had a miss since last evening…

We had many potty opportunities while we were inspecting houses.  The first looked pretty good from the outside though the yard was really too small for our needs.  The bathrooms were weird too…there were two bathrooms connected to each other.  It just felt very old and stuffy to me.  On top of that they had a big moisture problem in the cellar and it was an old musty smell — a long term problem.   So even though the cellar (it is a ranch home) is huge and partly “finished” it was not usable space.  The home was built in the 70s like the house we loved but this one was quite dated inside.  The deck took up most of the yard and was in need of a wash and repaint. We also saw the reason for the water problem…their yard was in need of regrading to make the water flow away from the foundation instead of directly to the the cellar door.    Just not for us and I knew that the moment we walked in.

The second house was very well maintained in and out.  Had amazing landscaping and manicured curb appeal, but the yard (while very beautiful) was landscaped and didn’t have a lot of open area to run.  Itty Bitty and Mini Moose need more free roam than that.    Otherwise, it was a nice starter home.  They claimed the basement as living space but while it was okay the stairs were steep and didn’t have proper railing for children or a clumsy woman (ahem…me).    It would be just a waste of space if you don’t use it and it was awfully dark.   It just wasn’t right.   So while technically the interior was bigger than the house we love and the other house we saw, the layout was just all wrong.

Lots of peeing opportunities for Mini Moose and Itty Bitty was very gung ho about taking us around the houses to show us things.   She is really a non-stop bundle of energy.

We got back home and Daddy Man went about painting while I watched the littles.     He even gave me a shout out on his FB page saying how much he appreciated my taking on kid wrangling so he could get the updating chores done so we can get our house ready for market.    It teared me up!


Tackle the daddy!

6/23 Sunday Day 485

Night:  4 catches
Poop:   Miss in morning.

It was exceptionally hot today.  While Daddy Man was busy with painting Itty Bitty and Mini Moose played in the kiddie pool and sprinkler.     Grandmama came over a little later to watch them while I helped Daddy Man with the couch.   He had a dumpster delivered on Thursday or Friday and we’ve been tossing in flotsam.  The Blue Couch was next.  The springs on Daddy Man’s side have been shot for months and have sprung and scratched the floor.   You now also sink when you sit on his side.      I was down the cellar moving a few things to prep when I hear a commotion.  I come up to find Mr. Hercules trying to shove the couch out of the door by himself!

Dude.    I wagged my finger at him.  First, he didn’t give me a chance to prep the room he just shoved everything brutishly so it was all haphazard with no room to walk and a wire was stuck.  I didn’t get a chance to do a “toy inspection” because the couch eats toys.    I also didn’t have a chance to suggest that it would probably be better to remove the door first.    Anyway, the couch got stuck and he had to remove the door anyway!    Then we finally get it out — him using his freakishly strong arms and me using my best asset (pun intended —  hips and butt that’s where my power is you know).     Then we had to lift the thing into the dumpster but it kept pivoting.  I suggest we destuff the top for better leverage.  I do that and we finally get that thing in there!   We have an old futon we can use in the meatime and we set up my old day bed that was in the cellar in our computer room now that the desk has been trashed.

Mini Moose had a catch with Grandmama and a Miss.  End of the 36 hour pee streak!  We had one more miss late evening but then were on track.

Itty Bitty fell asleep on the daybed as I was packing away some books in there even though she had a car nap when she went with Daddy Man and GMa to see the house we liked.  She slept a couple of hourse.    When she came to me around 8:00 to be picked up she was very hot!    I knew she had a fever.   It was 103.3  and it was also very hot in the house.     Daddy Man was thining dehydration or the odd scratch or bug bite on her ear that bled a bit and looked bad until I cleaned it up must be the reason.   He was very worried and was talking Emergency Room.    Whoa, hold on there Super Dad!   Mini Moose had a mystery virus with fever just last week and it is about the right incubation time.       I said that we will wait and see.    I gave her some tylenol for her headache, the fever went down to a more comfortable 101-102.5 within an hour and I stayed up most of the night keeping an eye on her comfort.    Her stomache was hurting but she did eat some applesauce and tried hard to poop but couldn’t.   After a dose of tylenole around 3am for the headache and cramps she fell asleep peacefully when her fever went down to 100.

6/24 Monday Day 486

Night:  3 catches

Itty Bitty still has a fever that wants to be around 102 to 103.5F and I am sure the hot house isn’t helping.  So I made sure to close doors and turn on air conditioning because it is a scorcher today that will get up to 95F.      Itty Bitty is drinking well, nursed some, and enjoyed eating crackers and applesauce.    I let her be a cartoon zombie so she’d be still in this heat.    Her head was hurting and her skin was hurting so I gave her some ibuprofen.    She felt better in an hour, napped, drank more willingly, and even was able to poop which made her cramps go away.     Unfortunately the fever got too low to 99 and she started bouncing around the room.     I had to wrangle her and Mini Moose who was excited that she was being active.   Things were calmer when her fever stabilized around 101F to 101.5F  — enough to calm her frenetic energy but not so much that she was too uncomfortable to eat, drink, or rest.

Instead of doing child drop off with Daddy Man, he left work a little early so he could come home so I could go to work without having to put Itty Bitty into a hot car.  He was still worried but I told him that it hadn’t even been 24 hours yet and she is quite alert, active, and taking fluids.  I figured that by tomorrow afternoon (if it is the same illness as Mini Moose) it should vanish as quickly as it appeared.

Mini Moose and I had about three misses today, which is not a big deal becaue I was distracted with caring for my girl.

6/25 Tuesday Day 487

NIght:  4 catches

Itty Bitty slept peacefully all night with a fever that stayed around 100F   (what is that 37C?)     I can tell without actually taking her temperature what it is based upon how she is acting, how much she is talking, and with kissing her face and head (think I have a built in lip thermometer).       Actually, I kissed her SO much to check her body temperature that Mini Moose as finally learned how to kiss in the proper sequence:  pucker lips, put lips on person, make mwah sound.     Hahaha!       He was kissing me all day long.

When her fever is above 102.5 her cheeks get red, glassy eyes, lays down and doesn’t move much, she talks only when spoken too and only in one words or grunts.   Itty Bitty gets extremely quiet but will respond in several words if asked a question and lays down if her fever is 102F.  She becomes quiet only talking now and then, sits up, and is peaceful if her fever gets to 101F, she has a bit more energy but still more mellow than usual at 100F sitting some and standing in one spot or moving casually.   Anything between normal and 99.5F she is highly energetic, chatty, and prone to poor decision making because she feels so good!


Hours of fun. A jar, a slot, and coins.

6/26 Wednesday Day 488

Night:  2 catches
Day:   3 misses, the rest catches
Poop;  None in sight

Okay, what the heck is going on?  Itty BItty is recovered today , but now Mini Moose started feeling warm to me around Noon and when I checked he had a fever of 99.     I left it alone until evening when it spiked up to 103 and he was restless and unable to sleep comfortably.    The fever got lower than I wanted but he was livelier and had a good rest after.    I couldn’t sleep.   Around 3am, Mini moose woke up when the meds wore off and his fever went up again and his stomach was upset and he puked a lot.   Despite that he was in good spirits and had a good pee.   I kept his head cool as I didn’t want to give him meds without knowing how much got absorbed or puked up.   After a couple of hours, I gave him some ibuprofen to help with any headache and aches.   When his fever got down to around 101.5 to 102 he fell into a comfortable sleep.

Obviously, we didn’t do much during the day, but I did have to go to work.

6/27 Thursday Day 489

Night:  4 catches
Day:  2 misses
Poop:  None

Mini Moose is still running a fever, but he plays when he feels good and rests when he feels off.   He is nursing constantly, still eats a few solids here and there, and is peeing well.   It will have been 24 hours at noon, so I suspect that by late tonight this illness will be gone as quickly as it came — the same as Itty Bitty.      His fever stayed 99-100 most of the day with a spike late afternoon.   I didn’t give him any meds until near to evening because he seemed to be restless and unable to sleep comfortably.

Daddy Man took the day off to work on getting the house ready and cleaned the garage.  A daunting task.   I did some clean up and packing of nonessentials but I had to cut it short to take care of Mini Moose so I didn’t get a whole lot done.    Itty Bitty has enjoyed far too many days of TV time and it is showing in her behavior.   She is seeking attention and getting wound up on cartoons.  This will be the last day of TV carte blanche for her!


Cat nap

6/28 Friday Day 490

NIght:  2 catch, 1 miss
Poop: miss

Mini Moose’s fever hovered around 101 to 102.5 until the wee hours of the morning when it finally went down and stayed down.    It went between normal and 99 in the morning and was gone by late morning.   We didn’t have a miss all day other than the poop (which was early evening) because I had him on my back all day.  We are so busy with cleaning and doing little projects here and there to get the house ready.

Cable came today and turned off our cable at our request and wound up turning off our phone AND internet too. Daddy Man called them and they scheduled an appointment for tomorrow. I said, Hell to the no. I called them back to have them expedite to fix *their* mistake today. Hrumph. Tomorrow my ass.    We can’t be without a landline.  I no longer have a working cellphone and all our official business is run through our landline.       They came and then had to leave because of a thunderstorm and then came back.  So we had our service restored at around 6:00pm.     Sometimes you’ve got to be a meanie.


Why Mother this wondrous contraption brings forth water!

6/29 Saturday Day 491

Night:  3 catches
Day:  3 misses  (It gets really exciting when you can count the misses so easily!)
Poop:  Daddy Man caught 80% of it in the toilet while I was out at the grocery store.  Go Daddy Man!

Mini Moose learned how to drink out of a straw today when he stole his sister’s cup and took a swig of her lemonade.    We don’t usually have juice or things for Itty Bitty in the house so it was a treat and she wasn’t too pleased with his new skill.  Funny thing, we’ve been trying since he was around 9 months to help him use a straw and he would gladly suck on it if you held it up so he could suck the liquid out the bottom, but didn’t seem to “get” that you could suck on it in the cup though it takes a second to get the reward.  He would just chomp, nibble, and steal the straw if it as in a cup.   Itty Bitty learned it very quickly and was swigging easily (though she often sputtered  as she learned different sizes of straws and viscosity of liquids had different flow rates.    Because MIni Moose is older and more experienced, he has no such sputtering trouble.

MIni Moose has also learned “uh oh”   he’s vocalized it a time or two randomly, but today he just said it over and over and over again.   Very cute.   Itty Bitty was excited..

Speaking of Itty Bitty the “sick TV zombification” has rattle her brains.   She’s unruly and petulant.   Which seems to be rubbing off onto Mini Moose AND generating some weird karma.    Our drier stopped drying clothes sometime last week I think and I made an appointment on  Wednesday to have it fixed today.    They give you that oh so convenient window of between 12 and 5.   Well 5 came and went and I called them.   Turns out they cancelled my appointment because I didn’t answer the phone.  Well, I didn’t answer the phone because they used a number from 10 years ago which was from my old apartment!    What’s really stupid is that it wasn’t the number that was on the order slip and it isn’t the number listed under Daddy Man’s name for this address.    I put my name on the order with our current phone number and they call the old one and didn’t even bother to call this one.    I was so mad!    They couldn’t get me another appointment until July 5th.        I managed to get put on an expidited “fill in a cancelled slot” list and got a $25 gift card out of it.

What is with the Universe?  You get something great and then it charges you with some random act of WTF?

IMG_46046/30 Sunday Day 492

Night:  3 catches, 1 miss
Poop:  Miss (well, a miss in a loose pair of pants may plop onto the floor through the leg but it is much easier to clean than a poop smashed into the butt.  Just saying.  Got to look on the bright side)

I tackled the cellar today with the shop vac.   Most of my stuff is packed down there — Disney VHS and some books.  There is just maybe two more boxes worth left to pack up.    Mostly I wanted to get up all the dust and dustbunnies and cobwebs.   We solved our flooding problems three years ago with the addition of a rain barrel and extended gutters and the floor was quite dirty from just not having the time to do it.  It looks much better if still a little unorganized.    I’ve got laundry piling up down there.  All this rain and the clothes just won’t dry quickly enough indoors with all the humidity.  I”m down to just the kids essentials.   I’m going to call someone else on Monday because this is just ridiculous.

Grandmama took Itty Bitty out for a couple of hourse.  She really needed it and we needed her to get some one on one attention because Daddy Man and I are just scrambling.     Mini Moose has been ecstatic to be carried almost costantly on my back.  Though for me it is awfully hot and sweaty!    Whenever  get the Mei Tai now he jumps up and down excitedly and pants while smiling and lifting his hands in the air.

He is also delighted that Daddy Man and I tossed the couch in the dumpster and replaced it with a futon since it is much easier for him to get to the bay window like his sister.    I think I’ve given up discouraging it since the heat isn’t on anway and he can’t get burned on the steam heater.  The windows are aleady dirty so what’s a few more hand prints?   Itty Bitty once tried to clean a window pane with her spit — so there’s that.

Will this packing and organizing and cleaning never end!?  We’ve gotten rid of so much stuff but there is still… STUFF!

IMG_46927/1 Monday Day 493

Night:   1 miss, 2 catches
Poop:  None

Woke up with a stiff neck so I am walking around with my head tilted.  Daddy Man has been calling me the Huntchback of Notre Dame.  My stiff neck is KILLING me.  I had to take Ibruprofen just to stop the spasms.

In keeping with the weird Karma of the Universe.   I had to call a plumber to address a slow leak near our water meter.    Le Sigh.     They came the same day.  We’ve used this local plumber before and we’ve always been happy with their service.  No runaround and no “system glitches”; actual people talk to you.     He came right away and fixed the problem.    The outside faucet was actually not turning off all the way because it is old so cold water was constantly running, causing condesation on the pipes which was causing the dripping.    He replaced it with this badass outdoor faucet.  I swear you can see the thing from space.  I actually am kind of sad we can’t take it when we move because that puppy cost $188 dollars.

Mini Moose had 2 misses today on the floor (he’s been mostly naked because I’m saving my last few training pants for night). But we got back on the horse.  He is really whiny and crabby if he’ snot being worn.   I’ve been so busy with cleaning it is just impossible to get the kids out of the house right now.   I did have Itty Bitty help me with dusting, sweeping and washing so she was delighted with that.   We tackled behind the refrigerator and the stove today.   Lots of cat food under there so that should take care of the last of our ant problems.   I then ran out of cleaning supplies.   I don’t buy wipes or things for our general use, but for this really groady stuff in hard to reach places I just decided that for the sake of time it was easier to use wipes than to haul around a bucket of soap and water and have to rinse.    I just don’t let Itty Bitty touch it and I use as “nice” of a product as I can.     Daddy Man had to use bleach on our grout to get it looking good again since we don’t have time to do it the slow and non-toxic way.   A paste of baking soda and bleach and covered with plastic wrap for 24 hours and “poof” no more mold.   It only got bad because I stopped doing spot cleaning after Mini Moose was born.

IMG_47667/2 Tuesday Day 494

Night:   1 miss, 3 catches
Poop:  Caught 25% of it mid-afternoon

I woke up feeling really rough and groggy.    Daddy Man took the day off to run a bank errand, pay our utlity bill, and head off to the house inspection at 1:00.        I had to give him Mini Moose for an hour in the morning so I could take a nap.    I didn’t get into a deep sleep but it was nice to be alone for a while.   Mini Moose has been a real bear the last few days.    My neck is a bit better but I still can turn my head all the way.

Mini Moose and I had a rough morning of misses.  Five in a row.  That hasn’t happened in ages.   We got back on track.  We kind of have to since I’ve run out of training pants an the ones that are clean are taking forever to line dry in the house because the humidity outside and inside is at 100%.   It is still raining on and off so I can’t line dry outside.

I was fed up today and called a different appliance repairman.   Turns out the one I called yesterday is out of business but the place I called to day gave me a number and he called me back right away and set up an appointment for tomorrow morning.  It was even better when he called me an hour later saying if I was home he could squeeze me in now!   Yah!   A one inch by one inch part with electronics in it set me back $170 dollars.   I guess new tires for my Jeep are going to have to wait a bit longer!

Daddy man came home and all seems good with the inspection with a few minor things.  We are going to negotiate that the current owners have an electrition swap out the very old breaker box, change outlets in the kitchen for safty ones, and fix the house fan.  A few notables we’ll have to tackle ourselves if they don’t like the garage door which is connected to electricity by an extension cord rather than its own outlet. We’ll have to upgrade windows in the next few years, roof in 5-8 years, have the chimney’s swept before we use them, and other little things like that.  The hose to the gas dryer is plastic and a fire hazard but that is a cheap DIY fix.  We are moving forward.


Much to the jaw drops of onlookers; Mini Moose had no problem bouncing with the big kids.

7/3 Wednesday Day 495

Night:  4 catches, 1 big miss
Day:  0 misses
Poop:  Morning catch got 90% of it as MIni Moose was standing next to me when I HEARD it. The afternoon poop miss was pretty crazy since Daddy Man said he knew it was happening and rushed MIni Moose to the toilet only to find that he left a trail of turds on his way to the toilet.  I tried not to laugh but failed.  BTDT

This year we went to see Fireworks as usual at the town nearest to us, but this year instead of the smaller park they had everyone go to a brand new recreation complex donated by two wealthy married doctors.  They were also rasing money to put in a new playground.   Lots of activities for the kids with three bouncy houses, carnival swing, petting zoo, little train ride, and some demonstrations.    The food vending was minimal but good.  I don’t think they realized just how many people were going to be there so the vendors were getting slammed about an hour before the Fireworks display.  We were there early so we missed most of the lines.    I need new sneakers…my feet have grown and I got blisters!  Mini Moose was carried in the Mei Tai all day and despite not having as many Potty Opps as usual he was dry the whole day.   I had to fertilize about four different off-the-path bushes because the porta potties were at a far location at the time.   GrandMaMa was with us and loved getting to go on Itty Bitty’s first carnival-type ride with her.   Itty Bitty has zero fear it seems and loved the flying swings and probably would have gone on it all by herself.    It was pretty good that for a $12 dollar bracelet there were three activities the kids could do as many times as they wanted.    I didn’t think Mini Moose was going to get $12 worth of activity so I got him a $3 ticket to the round bouncy house.    It was funny when the attendant was like, “Do you want to wait until their are younger kids before you have him go in?”    Me:   “No, he likes it when the big kids bounce and he’s a strong walker”   She was flabbergasted I think when he climbed into the bouncy house by himself before we even finished talking and got right into it.     It was a lot harder to get him out!  Itty Bitty had to assist us with Mini Moose extraction.

IMG_46527/4  Thursday Day 496

Night: 3 catches, 1/2 miss
Day:   About five misses in a row in the morning
Poop:  Totally missed it and it was part of the multi pee miss too

Happy Fourth of July!
A good, old friend of mine invited over to her house for a barbeque.  Daddy Man wanted to stay home to get some things done so I took the kids by myself.    Mini Moose was in his little Imse Vimse swim diaper (it has no padding) and was impressing everyone with his climbing abilities on the ladder on their slide/rockwall fort.    He was lacking some impulse control so I had to limit his access to it somewhat but I did let him get up there because he could do it by himself and I spotted him.  We had to cool the slide down with some water.    They also had a rather big inflatable square pool which was quite full and Mini Moose was going in and out of it.    I know everyone was quite nervous but he was able to get in and out and is a strong walker/stander so even though it was very full he was fine.    Kept one eye on him but I tried not to hover over the kid play.     He didn’t have any sort of issue except once just before we wer about to leave that he lost his grip and fell head over heels into the pool.  Before I could take the three strides to get to him he had righted himself and gotten out!  He looked a little pissed off and perplexed.  I paused waiting until he started to cry a little distress cry indicating he needed some reassurance.  He accepted a ten second cuddle and kiss and removal of his soaked sun hat and then demanded I put him down and toddled right back to the pool and got in!         That’s just how my kids roll.

Daddy Man stopped by and joined us for about an hour and a half too which was nice.   It is good for all of us to get away from the house stress.

Mini Moose had no misses while we were there and I took him to potty three times in the house (very easy access to the ground level bathroom).   I don’t think anyone noticed he’s not in diapers.  Either because they didn’t see or because they know I’m a weirdo and are used to it.  Hah!

7/5 Friday Day 497

Night:  3 catches  1 half miss
Day Misses:   2
Poop:  90% catch in AM with a Mini Moose “uh oh” alert!

Elimination Communication is going very very well and I am starting to tally our successes by the few misses we have in 24 hours.     The poop is still our major fo,BUT now that Mini Moose (in addition to the still stance and poop face) is saying “uh oh” when he is starting to go in the wrong places.     Unlike Itty Bitty he does not have the free access to the Little Bjorn by himself in the living room for the simple reason that he is still obsessed with pouring and emptying things, by this age Itty Bitty had moved on to other fascinations and had learned all she needed from random dumping (pun not intended) and didn’t resume the fascination until she had a little bit more impulse control.

I have noticed in the past few days the further results of Mini Moose’s recent brain burst.   He is much more assertive and more quick to scream his demands.   He is learning to express his desires vocally though, obviously, body language and Mommy ESP is still the major mode of communication.    He “uh oh” for things out of place, things he drops, things he finds but knows I don’t want him to touch, things we drop, and even things that get dirty, broken or come apart!      Mini Moose has also become an avid recycler — insisting on recycling our shoes!    I have to watch out becaue more than a handful of times I’ve found our good shoes in the trash, as well as toys.   I suspect Mini Moose is the reason for Itty Bitty’s missing favorite bathtub duckie.

He doesn’t signal to me with the potty sign as much as he does with Daddy Man or Grandmama, mainly because I just “know” and take him.  When we are out I potty him before we leave and again upon arrival and departure.  Whenever possible I use a public rest room, but I have also peed him in an empty cup, in a sewer grate, out of the way patch of grass or bush.

IMG_45897/6  Saturday Day 498

Night:   3 catches
Day:  0 Misses
Poop:  1 catch (morning:  I suddenly felt the strange urge to rush Mini Moose to the bathroom)

Daddy Man started not feeling so well last night.  He has a low grade fever.  Oh dear.    Please Universe, let me excape unscathed!     Daddy Man has been working really hard and it has been especially hot and he’s overtaxed himself.   The door he painted that attaches the garage to the outside patio looks fantastic!  It is amazing what a little lipstick on a pig can do!

He was still not feeling great but we had plans to meet his Stepfather, his wife and daughter and Daddy Man’s half-brother at Daddy Man’s Mom’s.  They live in Florida so cancelling wasn’t really an option.    GrandMaMa had fixed the play structure in the yard with new sand, new slide, brand new hand grips on the side of the ladder, and three new swings including a baby swing.    The Littles were ecstatic!   Itty Bitty never liked swings much at the baby/toddler age but Mini Moose was giddy — so giddy he was blowing kisses on each up swing!    I made Daddy Man go upstairs to take a nap after an hour or so while the kids and I socialized.

Mini Moose was dry the whole time with plenty of potty opportunities in the house as well as fertilizing a tree twice.      The littles passed out on the futon when we got home and that’s where we stayed for the night while Daddy Man slept in the bedroom.  We are hoping his illness is a result of just overwork rather than a virus trying to ravage the household.


Mini Moose loves to play tag

7/7  Sunday Day 499

Night: 4 catches
Day: 1 miss in the morning
Poop:  90% catch with an MIni Moose “Uh Oh” alert

I had insomnia last night and didn’t get to sleep until 3:30AM.  I was also quite jealous that when Daddy Man is sick he doesn’t have to take care of the kids at all unless I happen to be working (otherwise no matter how long his recovery he is off duty)  and when I am sick…I have to take care of the kids.    Yeah, that bee was in my bonnet and I was pissy about it.

Anyway, we took it easy and then went over to GrandMaMas for a couple of hours for leftovers and I actally got to have a 30 minute nap.    Mini Moose was dry all day other than the poop related pee miss in the morning.

7/8 Monday Day 500

Night:  3 catches
Day:   2 misses (one in the late afternoon) and one with Daddy Man while I was at work
Poop:   full catch in the morning, 80% catch with Daddy Man while I was at work (the reason for the pee miss)

Our future new househas passed the inspection for the septic system.  Yay!
mm grabed a bumble bee

7/9 Tuesday DY 501

Night:  4 catches
Day: Very successful with no misses
Evening:  1 miss, just as I was about to brag.

We have discovered that the sound with his arm up in the air is from the cartoon Bo on the Go and he is trying to copy, “Maximum Bo Power!” with his utterance.    Whenever he hears the theme song, he stops whatever he is doing to dance.  He really gets down and boogies!    This evening Daddy Man and I watched as he climbed on top of the coffee table and did the dance naked.  Itty Bitty loves the cartoon too and tries to copy the dance properly now.

IMG_46867/10 Wednesday Day 502

Night: 3 catches
Day:  0 misses
Poop: AM caught it!   Woot Woot!

Our house went live on the market yesterday so I have been cleaning nonstop.  The Litles are not liking the lack of attention.  I carry Mini Moose on my back, and try to have Itty Bitty help as much as I can but there is only so much she can do.     I was doing chores up until I went to work.

7/11  Thursday Day 503

Night:   1 miss, 2 catches
Day:  1 miss in the morning, then dry all day and evening
Poop:  Afternoon catch

Operation Clean Mean is still on.  Every time you turn around there seems to be something that needs doing!     On the brighter side, Mini Moose and I are in sync and have had brilliant catches. When he rides on my back he has better holding power, I think, because of the position and pressure helps him hold it, just like Itty Bitty.   It could also be an added instinct incentive to not pee on your Mommy.       I am so sore from being on my feet so much and bending to clean. Ow ow ow.

7/12  Friday Day 504

Night:  4 catches
Day:  2 miss in the morning, then dry all day into evening
Poop:   Morning catch!   Huzzah!

We have our first showing today of the house.    I did some last minute cleaning of “places you don’t clean when you live here unless you are OCD about cleaning” and since the showing was in the evening, when Daddy Man got home

IMG_46977/13 Saturday Day 505

Night:  3 catches
Day:   Dry in the morning, 1 big pee miss after a very long drive but he tried to hold it and let out more pee after I took him out of the seat, another modest pee miss after I took im out of the mei tai when we returned from the carnival and he really tried to hold it until we got to the bathroom.

Poop:   Not entirely unexpected, but it was rather late in the evening in the hotel and it was totally missed.  It was known only by a mysterious stench.  Thankfully, it was not a volcanic mess.

We are making our way to visit my family and attend the annual city carnival and flea market.   We didn’t get to go last year because it conflicted with our trip to visit Daddy Man’s family.    Itty Bitty is old enough now to ride the kiddie rides by herself except for the Super Slide (she meets the I can do it myself requirement but does not meet their 45 inch height requirement to go unattended).    Itty Bitty had a blast even in the hot muggy rain.    We just did three kiddie rides because the tickets are a bit expensive and they don’t do wrist band offers.

We got to spend a lot of time with my twin neices and they are much more alert now and smiling.   Itty Bitty was so patient too, waiting for the rain to let up a bit and when we finally decided that a little drizzle was fine she didn’t complain about getting wet.  Luckily, she chose the proper rubber boot footwear before we left.   Unlike myself, who wore my already beat up work shoes that just didn’t survive the soaking.

7/14 Sunday Day 506

Night: 1 half miss, 4 catches
Day:   dry all day even for the car trip back home.
Poop:   50/50 catch/miss in the late evening.

spent morning at carnial.  Itty Bitty loved the dragon coaster and chose to ride it twice an would have gone on again but we had no tickets left.  She had already done the Super Slide with Daddy Man and the Fun House.   It was extremely hot and humid and we left early since the kids were looking drained despite me keeping them well hydrated.    I of cours forgot about myself and I got dehydrated though I didn’t feel the effects of it until we made our last visit in the early evening to see my grandmother and her house is a hot box with no air conditioner and not one fan.   I was dying by the time we left.    I felt queasy and like I had a low grade fever.  After I hydrated, I got the chills and my skin hurt.

7/15 Monday Day 507

Night:  1 Miss, 3 Catches
Morning:  A series of 4 misses in the morning then back on track the rest of the day
Missed 80% of poop AM
Caught 50% of poop in PM Daddy Man

I am still pretty ragged.  My legs hurt, my lower back hurts, and I’m so very drowsy.   My crank led to a very off morning and a yelling bout with Itty Bitty, then Itty Bitty and Mini Moose had it out.    In the late afternoon Mini Moose FINALLY fell asleep, I fell asleep 45 minutes later, and sometime after thant Itty Bitty joined us on the couch and fell asleep too.   I woke up just in time!  A two hour nap was not what I had in mind!    I would have been late to work had I not woken up just then. As it was I was so groggy and still very sandy-eyed I really had no choice but to have some coffee before work to just function.

Daddy Man said he missed half of the poop and the big pee that came with it.  Otherwise, the pile of clothes I came home too were soggy in relation to them all playing outside in the pool.    Man, the mess that a family can leave behind in just 4 hours is astounding!

IMG_46657/16 Tuesday Day 508

Night EC:   1 miss, 3 catches
Day:  Dry except for one miss in the morning and a couple in the evening.
Poop: Catch in the morning!

I see a tooth on the bottom on his left just barely showing a little under the gum.   Mini Moose has been pulling at his mouth for a while and recently started to become a Niagara Drool so I knew it was shifting under there.

We had someone new come to give us an estimate on fixing the garage ceiling since we can’t get in touch with the other repairman.    This guy came exactly at 9AM as he said he would and gave us a quote of $550 dollars which was very reasonable though it doesn’t include repainting which is fine.  Our priority is fixing the insulation and hole!    He’ll be coming back tomorrow at 11AM to get the job done.


Sliiiip n Slide!

7/17 Wednesday Day 509

Night EC:  3 catches
Day:  Dry all day and evening until I went to work and Daddy Man missed a big pee.
Poop:  Total miss by Daddy Man

It is still so hot and humid up in the 90’s with a ridiculous heat index.    Keith the repair dude called me to say that he was on a job that he squeezed me in after but the heat was really slowing down their progress and if he could come tomorrow at 9:15am instead.     I could hear in his voice that he’d been working and he sounded beaten by the heat.  When I said, “Sure no problem” I could hear the barely audible sigh of relief.      I’m a nice customer.  As long as the job gets done and the request is reasonable and understandable I don’t mind a reschedule.

Cable came today also to turn the cable service back on. They pretty much begged us to return and gave us a deal that has us paying five dollars less with all three services (cable, phone, internet) than just having the phone and internet.    Why not?   They are practically paying us to come back which I find amusing.

Mini Moose is starting to say “Wow” a lot more.  He’s said it at random times before but he is now saying it at “wow moments”  like poop in the potty or when something exciting happens like…building a tall tower.


We are really going to miss our sandbox!

7/18 Thursday Day 510

Night EC:  3 catches
Poop:  Catch AM, Miss PM  (complete with Uh Oh)
Day:  Dry all day except for one miss in the morning.

Exactly at 9:15 AM the work crew came!     It took them about 3 hours to finish the job.   Keith called in his father to help (family business) which was fine with me since that meant I got a Super Master craftsman to fix the ceiling.    The job was fantastic!  Other than the color difference you’d never know there was a hole there.  The Old Gentleman even smoothed over a few crumbling parts of the wall which he didn’t have to do but he said, “Meh, it’s the same color and only took a minute and looks nicer with the patch.”        That’s what I call taking pride in your work.

7/19 Friday Day 511

Night EC:  2 catch, 1 miss
Poop:  Total miss.
Day: several misses in the morning, a dry afternoon, and several misses in the evening.

What a horrible day for catches.   I think I sopped up at least four pees off the floor in the morning and a poop.    Mini Moose and I were way off our groove, he and Itty Bitty were fighting over every toy and space, and it is oppressively hot!   We got on track in the middle of the day and then got off kilter again.        I can see that tooth making a bubble now too.

We have someone wanting to see the house at 10:15am, so I took the Littles out for breakfast.   We shared two big cranberry-blueberry pancakes at our favorite place down the road.    This is apparently a cash buyer so we hope they like and want the house.  Fingers crossed.


Ski Ball

7/20 Saturday Day 512

Night EC:  3 catches
Day:  Dry all day into late evening when we had one miss around 8:00 or so.
Poop:   caught it in the morning and it was accompanied by “Wow” as Mini Moose looked at what he had done.

We got a call today sayig that the people who saw the house yesterday want a second viewing in the afternoon.   Daddy Man took us to  Chuck E Cheese after he finished his radiator cover for the bathroom project.     I’ve never been.  It was quite the cacophany of noise!     It was rather fun though as we all got to play several games together for about two and a half hours.   Itty Bitty was delighted and wanted to play everything!     She as quite good at a Mr. Mouth type game where she had to get ping pong balls into a frog’s mouth.    Ski Ball was my game and Daddy Man liked racing cars.   Mini Moose played a little in the toddler zone but mostly he just wanted to cling to me and ride on my hip so he could observe.    The kids passed out in the car on the way home.


Grandmama had her slide repaired!

7/21 Sunday Day 513

Night EC: 3 catches
Poop:  two misses.  AM and PM
Day:  Dry all day until around 7:00pm

Bummer.  The people who saw the house the past two days aren’t going to buy it.   Though it appears that it was their favorite house, we live right near a school and apparently there was concern about their autistic child and the bus traffic that is inevitable during the school year twice a day.

I’m quite down about it.  I’m starting to worry that we won’t be able to sell this house.

We spent the day outside and I gave Itty Bitty some water balloons.   I showed her how to fill them with the narrow spigot I put on the outside faucet and she spent a good two hours filling a handful of balloons.  Every time she managed to fill one after many failed attempts she would come to me beaming of pride so I could tie it off.         I gave Mini Moose a couple of full ones which lasted all of five seconds and not nearly full ones only lasted a few minutes as he discovered how to break them.  Grandmama came to visit for a while too and brought an Iced Coffee for me and a Coolatta for Daddy Man.    Itty Bitty asked her where the muffins where and said, “Grandma you forgot!” to which grandmama looked very contrite and apologized for such an infraction!

Mini Moose busied himself with climbing the slide and saying “Eeedeedee!”    Which we know means “I/you did it!”  every time he got to the top by climbing up the slide rather than the rock wall or ladder.    He then enjoyed sliding down and launching off the end to land on his butt in the grass.   Grandmama doesn’t like that much!  I tried to tell her that he CAN slow down if he wants to but he CHOOSES to launch and do a butt plant.  He laughs and does it again and again and again.     Daddy Man put a outside chair cushion on the bottom which I think was not nearly as fun as watching the boy go flying!  We go out just about every day so I am quite used to his antics and he is quite adept now at navigating the slide even when soaking wet from the kiddie pool.


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