Month 18: Running Full Throttle – Day 514 to Day 544

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Last Days at Our Old House

7/22 Monday Day 514

Night EC: 2 catches. Night dry five hours!
Poop: 1/2 miss in the AM, rest caught in potty after the “Uh oh”

Mini Moose fell off the coffee table and split his lip. How I don’t know. One second I am looking at him as he is sitting down in the middle of it, the next I turn my head to look to see where Itty Bitty is and I hear a SMACK and he is face down on the floor with a bloody lip. Sheesh! It bled a for about a minute, he cried all of twenty seconds, and after being soothed, iced, and nursing he went back to climb to sit on it again. Oy!

Mini Moose has learned a new “phrase” though it would not be recognizable to anyone but us. Daddy Man saw it first. I was at work and when I came home, Daddy Man asked me if I had seen the “Blast Off” gesture. When I said no, he turned on LIttle Einsteins and as the Rocket was about to launch the characters encourage watchers to pat their legs to rev up and then raise their arms high in the hair and say “Blast Off!” Mini Moose pats whatever is available as he gets excited, then raises his hands in the air and says, “Day Dee Deeeeee!”

7/23 Tuesday Day 515

Night EC: 2 catches. Night dry five hours! Even though he woke once in that stretch.
Day: Miss, miss, miss and more misses. It was a morning of just one pee on the floor after the other.
Poop: Miss. Twice.

I don’t know what it is today but we were just way off. We didn’t get back on track until late afternoon. We had catches here and there, but mostly I was taken by surprise. Even if he had a good thorough pee, twenty minutes later he’d be in a puddle on the floor.

I got so frustrated! I mean, really. He JUST peed.

There better be some clothing outgrowing or some new trick afoot to make up for it!

7/24 Wednesday Day 516

Night EC: 2 catches
Day: 2 misses in the morning, caught the poop in the little potty! Woot Woot!
Evening: Dry except for a mega-marathon successive pee miss with Daddy Man while I was at work. Four pees in an hour had them flustered.
Poop: Two misses, one with me and on with Daddy Man.

Mini Moose is growing that tooth and his nursing marathons are leaving me feeling quite abused. But I know this is only temporary. On other notes, while Mini Moose has played games before and initiated things like peek-a-boo he has really stepped it up all of a sudden. He likes to initiate a rousing game of chase-me. Again, it isn’t like he hasn’t done it before but it is so different in level. You can see the PLANNING on his face and the EXPECTATION and the craving of being SURPRISED when you startle him. It seems to be a whole new experience for him. I think it must be like re-reading a book when you are in a different stage of your life. You might remember the story, but it is a completely new perspective! He also has a new fascination for toys that “go together” like magnetic trains, or putting animials on the Zoo Talker tree, or like items in the toy grocery cart. If things don’t go his way, he has a new sound of annoyance that makes him splay his fingers palms out and pops the tendons in his neck. Last week, he also began to show a renewed interest in the wooden rocking horse. Because he is taller now, he discovered he can get on it without much effort and rock it easily when it took so much patience and effort before. He gets such a delighted look on his face and we love to hear him say, “EeeDEEdee!” We translate that as I did it!

And the piece de resistance, is that Mini Moose is FINALLY using the “milk” baby sign deliberatly without me prompting. We have had to have words over him pulling at my shirt to ask for what Itty Bitty calls “mahmees”. So for months and months I have been saying, “uh uh no pull. Ask nice,”(I am not always that pleasant I am afraid…sorry Mini Moose somtimes Mommy barks when her space gets invaded or when she gets hand smacked in the chest and face…I apologize!) and then I do the sign for milk and encourage him to make ANY sort of hand gesture. He has made the hand motion before and has even done it randomly, but today something clicked. I could see the change in his face. When I said, “Ask nice!” and made the baby sign for “milk” he copied me and then the next time he wanted to switch sides or resume nursing after playing he made the sign FIRST every time. And with the sighn he makes the sound “nye nye” (which I think is his way of mimicing the end sound when I say nice”. Woo hoo! He still gets impatient and pulls at me but the independent sign making is a HUGE shift in our communications.

7/25 Thursday Day 517

Night EC: 2 catches
Day: At least five misses
Poop: 3 misses!
Evening: Back on track.

Mini Moose is continuing to have 3-4 hour stretches of sleep more often so I have been getting into some deep of sleep and waking disorientated. Itty Bitty made the big mistake of waking me up this morning from one of those slumbers after I had successfully coaxed Mini Moose to go back to sleep after he woke at 6:30a and it was at 7:00 that Itty Bitty was using every passive aggressive trick in her arsenal to rouse me. I was MEAN after that. I really do get some sort of nasty brain imbalance when someone wakes me up like that when I am in the deep phase. It doesn’t happen with infants because I just don’t get to sleep that deeply! Wow. I was a bitch plain and simple. Short tempered and I had absolutely zero patience especially when I came down to the living room and found that no one last night (and by no one I mean Daddy Man because Itty Bitty is not even four yet) had picked up the mess on the floor. On top of that, my Jeep needs $1000 of work to repair rotted transmission lines, a gasket, and the pan causing two oil leaks. T couldn’t have come at a worst time! Budget shot to crap. I was going to be able to pay off my credit card to almost a zero balance by Decemrber and now that won’t happen until next Spring! Gah!

Anyway, our EC groove was obviously off. I missed three poops and five pees and that was just the first half of the day! We got back on track somewhat in the evening and Mini Moose enjoyed a nice dry spell once I got my head on straight. Mini Moose has practiced his Nye Nye and signs all day today. Itty Bitty and I made up.

All this stress…I do not want thee!

7/26 Friday Day 518

Night EC: 2 catches
Day: Missed afternoon poop though Mini Moose did come to me to tell me he had messed his trainers.
Evening: 2 misses
Poop: 75% miss

What’s Cookin’ (I can’t ever really say dinner because we don’t have set eating times!) Today is another round of “look, sniff, and toss”. Item 1: 2 chicken sausages leftover Item 2: a bag of dry anasasi beans of unknown purchase date but the look so pretty! Item 3: frozen boiled dinner broth from spring (score!) — I can still smell the cabbage, ham spices, and potato! Supporting players: onion, carrots, pepper, kerrygold butter, dehydrated garlic. Pressure cooked beans (I did 20 minutes then another 20 minutes ,30 minutes would have been sufficient as they were a little over cooked). I should have made a cup and a half, because my children (and me) ate 1/4 of them before I got ot use them. Hah! Brown chicken sausages, saute onions and carrots and garlic in butter, add broth and beans and pepper. Surprise Item 4: 1 cup of Farro leftover in the cabinet to add bulk and to cut tone down the broth. Cover and cook until happy with results.

The rest of the day was uneventful. I did mangage to start painting the hooves on Itty Bitty’s Princess Celestia My Little Pony which is now a proper white with very subtle pink accents on wings and key areas. Her hoof “armor” was also pinkified and I am painting them a proper gold. I just couldn’t stand that they made a white alicorn from the show…PINK. Pinkie Pie is pink, Celestia is white. Rant over.

Itty Bitty is excited and has been up my butt about it. Girl, get off my back…Literally…get off my back because it is hard to paint with you clung to me like a marmoset.

7/27 Saturday Day 519

Night EC: two catches
Day: 3 or 4 misses in the morning. 2 or 3 in the evening. Dry rest of day.
Poop: Missed twice though he did toddle to me with a load in his pants quite uncomfortable!

Daddy Man was busy in the garage today sanding the repairs we had done and painting so it looks nice. We haven’t had any calls about seeing the house this week and I’m starting to get more worried. I’m going to see if I can sell a few baby items I don’t need to help offset the cost of my Jeep repair. Itty Bitty’s birthday is coming up and the repair totally ate up all my extra funds and thensome.

Daddy Man cooked on the grill an I let Itty Bitty have a non-organic hot dog. I hate that I’ve had to compromise on quality but I keep telling myself that the tightening of the belt is temporary and we just have to make due. We are doing just fine, and this is merely a minor inconvenience.

We had a minor mishap at the local highschool where we went for a walk. I’d just finished dusting off my jogging stroller because Itty Bitty is just so heavy to carry now and Daddy Man’s back was hurting. So we get there and she wants to play in the little play ground with a low fence so I lift her over and five minutes later she has to pee! I find an out of the way patch of grass near a wooded area and she lets out a pee that shoots, no lie, a FOOT in front of us as I hold her in the traditional potty squat. Back to the play area. She then freaked out that she couldn’t see us when we were walking around the track and she was in the play area. It sounded like she hurt herself, but in fact she just had to poop and couldn’t see us where she was. Oy vey. Daddy Man ran to her and hurt his back more in the sprint. He was all dark cloud after that.

Itty Bitty was very upset as I carried her back home because she wanted to play, but had to poop, and was upset we couldn’t go back. I knew she was very tired too. We talked about not screaming like it is an emergency just for a poop! And that Mommy and Daddy could see her even if she couldn’t see us and that I had shouted back that we’d be there in one minute (we just had to walk back). She sniffled and wailed and then when we got back she COULDN’T poop! She did try though.

I finished painting Princess Celestia today and sealed it and Itty Bitty was beside herself with joy even with the previous incident. As she was playin with it on the loveseat acting out a scene with the other ponies she fell asleep right there, in mid role play, with the ponies still in her hands. Sometimes I forget just how young she still is and that there is still baby in her yet. And on the other hand, I taught her how to play Uno today because she now has the ability to follow and understand rules and the impulse control enough to wait her turn. She also can be 100% trusted to go down the cellar by herself and put laundry in the basket and even empty the drier if I have a small load in there she can carry herself.

7/28 Sunday Day 520

Night EC: two catches
Day: 3 misses in the morning, dry rest of day.
Poop: An almost catch. I was busy using Gorilla Glue to fix a statuette Itty Bitty broke two years ago and I couldn’t let go of the pieces when Mini Moose toddle to me with “that look”. He then left and toddle to Daddy Man who didn’t want to get up with his sore back. Le Sigh.

Last night Mini Moose was restless and though he hada farly long first stretch of sleep, the wee hours were full of “nye nye” and wanting to switch sides constantly. Even though I know this is normal and he is in the middle of some major body modifications and neuron overhauls, it still does grate on ones nerves! Pick a side, Dude! I was so exhausted by morning that I gave Daddy Man kid detail and I went back to bed forthree hours whereupon I slep so log like my foot fell asleep and my wrist aced from me laying on it oddly.

I didn’t dignify Daddy Man with a response today when he said, “You should just put him back in diapers if he keeps peeing on the floor.”

Okay, Dude. Let’s break this down shall we? Yes, we have been having a lot of misses lately with one pee after the other particularly in the morning. In fact ,the first pee miss we had today was 20 minutes after the HUGEST pee I have ever seen come out of the boy that we caught no problem in the toilet! I mean, this was like a 20 second pee, maybe thirty. My jaw dropped. And 20 minutes after that pee, there was another sizable pee.

Yes, it is frustrating and an annoyance. BUT, we catch FAR MORE than we miss. Even when we miss more than one poop, 4 pees in the morning and 2 pees in the evening, we are still high on the side of catching! Why on EARTH would I go back to diapers!? So, there is a little pee on the floor. We don’t have carpet and it takes, what, sixty seconds to sop up with a cloth wipe and to spot wipe with another? Sheesh! Even when we miss a poop, it is usually no worse than picking up a doggie doo doo. WAY better than having to wrestle a mobile toddler with poop smeared in his twig and berries if he was sitting in a diaper!

He forgets that Itty Bitty went through the SAME transistions just before mental leaps couple with huge strides in sphincter control and bladder capacity.

In the evening we missed the first poop, almost caught the second, caught half of the third, and finally Mini Moose toddled to me in time for a final push that we caught in the toilet. Mini Moose is trying and learning. I also watched him for twenty minutes put my door knob sign on the cellar door, come to give me a hi five after he put it back, and then run back to take it off and do it again. It was the most fascinating skill in the world to him.

7/29 Monday Day 521

Night EC: No pee opportunity requested! Zounds!
Day: Pee dry all day and evening until around 10:00pm except for poop associated wee-wee
Poops: Poopageddon 2013 6 poops; scarily messy and stinky

Oh. My. Goodness. Note to self: Limit the amount of pears Mini Moose eats. Two over the course of two days is obviously one and a half pears too many! It was just horrible. We went through so many trainers due to poop farting never mind the actual expulsions. That sort of put a damper on my “no pee last night” happy dance. Keep in mind, that this doesn’t mean he didn’t wake up. On the contrary, the Teething Demon woke up many times using his new baby signs for more and milk to not only demand “nye nye” but also to indicate when he wanted to switch sides.

We have a showing for the house tomorrow so I’ve been cleaning up all day with not much to report. Itty Bitty has been helpful and has been enjoying her new chore of going down the cellar to put the laundry in the basket.

7/30 Tuesday Day 522

Night EC: 1 catch. It isn’t that he requested thie catch; I had to go at 3AM and he woke up when I got up so I took him for a potty opp.
Day: 2 morning misses, dry all day and evening excep for poop related wee-wees
Poop: Messy messy messy misses. 3 in the morning, and 2 in the evening. Eww.

MIni Moose just so happened to have an appointment at the same time of the house showing so that worked out nicely. He is 31 inches tall now and just about 22lbs. The Doctor commented that he was impressed by Mini Mooses sociability with adults he didn’t know and the he wasn’t scared. Mini Moose is a little ahead with gross motor skills, but I am not surprised about that. Both he and Itty Bitty are very physical individuals.

On the way home I took the long scenic route and when I got home my jaw dropped.

Because we’ve been having repairs done to the collapes garage roof and ceiling and some of our packed items are in there, Daddy Man’s pride a joy Trans Am has been parked on the street in front of the house especially since we wanted house viewers to be able to pull into the driveway. Well, just after I left (according to the neighbors) around 11:00AM some 20 somethng rear ended Daddy Man’s car, crushed the left side and took the wheel completely off! The neighbor’ say her car was totaled with the front wheels completely buckled under. She was shaken up but okay. There were no skid marks so she didn’t even apply the breaks, there were City caution horses a few yards before our house where the city is doing repairs, and we also live at the top of a hill. We are convinced that she must have been speeding and then looked away to text, grab a CD, or something and failed to see that she was drifting to the right and getting close to the parking zone of the sidewalk area.

Daddy Man is really down about it. On top of that, the loan company is giving us a hard time about my variable income. I have to write a letter explaining that my job is like being an independent contractor and that my contracts get renewed periodically with changes to the amount of time I work and thus how much I get paid. Daddy Man and I are wondering when we will need to submit DNA samples and prepare our first born for trade!

Anyway, the wold keeps on spinning.

7/31 Wednesday Day 523

Night EC: 2 catches
Day: 3 morning misses, dry all day until late evening with Daddy Man
Poop: Caught one! Daddy Man missed one.

Finally, it looks like the pear effects are starting to wear off!

We had a photo shoot this morning at very lovely location about thirty minutes away. I’ve never used a photographer before in a natural setting. But it was an exceptionally good deal and I’ve been waiting three months to get a chance to do it and a nice day. I really wanted to do it last month but it just got away from me. It went off beautifully.

I got home and then I had to go out AGAIN to fax some information to the Underwriter for the loan we are waiting for approval. What a pain THAT was. I packed away our printer and my scanner a long time ago!

Despite the stress we are all under, we had a great EC day. Itty Bitty though is starting to chaffe under all the adult stress!

8/1 Thursday Day 524

Night EC: 1 catch
Day: Dry all day until 10:00pm and then THREE pee misses in a row
Poop: Caught the morning poop (Mini Moose made the effort); at night we just missed the poops twice and Mini Moose was obviously having dificulty.

Itty Bitty bit Mini Moose and left a full set of teeth marks!

kids gym

Had the BEST ice cream combination ever that was well worth the gastrointestinal distress: coconut icecream with real coconut and pineapple and paired with graham icecreams with graham crackers and chocolate pieces in a Sundae. Ooooo My…gooooodneeeeeessss! LOVE.

9am showing tomorrow.

8/2 Friday Day 525

NIght EC: 2 catches
Day: Dry all day excecpt for a miss in the evening.
Poop: Morning catch!

I too the kids to breakfast downt he street. We found out later that they viewed it and liked the house. The cats, the email note said, gave them a wonderful tour. Good kitties! Now maybe we can be a little less stressed about selling the house if they make an offer!

8/3 Saturday Day 526

Night EC: 1 catch
Day: Dry all day except for one miss in the morning, one in the afternoon, and one in the evening. All were poop related!
Poop: Totally missed. But he is trying hard to communicate. He pulls on his underwear and comes to me making a distressed “eh eh eh”. So I know he knows that something isn’t right!

8/4 Sunday Day 527

Night EC: 3 catch
Day: Lots of misses for some reason three in the morning, one in the afternoon, and 2 or three in the evening. Must be all the water he’s been drinking today.

8/5 Monday Day 528

Night EC: 3 catches
Day: Lots and lots and lots and lots and lots of misses! We still caught half but still!
Poop: Holy moley. Too many apples! I won’t go into detail but…Eww doesn’t even cover it. He went at least 8 times today and I’ve run out of training pants!

Hello, Flo. And that just caps off the day. I had kind of suspected something was going on in the uterus two weeks ago but I kind of brushed it off. I shouldn’t complain, mini Moose is 17 months and I’m asymptomatic so… At least I finally get to use my homemade cloth pads and don’t have to go to the store right?

8/6 Tuesday Day 529

Night EC: 1 catch
Day: Dry all day except for two morning misses, and three evening misses due to poop.
Poo: Missed the morning and evening.

Mini Moose sat on the potty all by himself today and then clapped when he peed a little. A small step forward! I don’t expect it to happen again right away but it does show that the foundation is there. I’m plying the boy with bananas to curb the pooptaculars.

As for the return of my “Gift” it is really light just like the one I had before conceiving Mini Moose. It really isn’t noteworthy, just mildly annoying.

8/7 Wednesday Day 530

Night EC: 1 catch
Day: Dry all day until with Daddy Man.
Poop: caught the morning! Half catch in the evening with Daddy when I was at work! Daddy Man was a little horrified, “How can someone so small produce that much poo!?”

Did I mention that they offered on the house? Another showing was had on Saturday which I forgot to mention and they didn’t like the house, but the Friday people did. Or was it the other way around? I forget! Anway, they made an offer so now we have to cross our fingers. We are STILL waiting for our own loan to be approved. Why we American’s make things so darn complicated is beyond me!

8/8 Thursday Day 531

Night EC: 1 catch, 1 refusal
Day: Dry all day except for poop related instances.
Poop: Let’s just say, that bananas are on the menu and I have discovered that along with apples and pears (too much is not a good thing), the few Farro grains that Mini Moose ate from the soup/stew I cooked yesterday is not helping the output any.

Daddy Man left Mini Moose’s shorts, a pair of traininers and a pant cover at GrandMaMa’s. With the rate that the number 2s are taking out training pants I am kind of needing those missing items!

Daddy Man made the ridiculous suggestion that I put Mini Moose back in diapers until his poop is in order. Um…that’s crazy talk! I am not putting my boy back diapers just to use it as a portable toilet! It would be messy diapers or not, I’d have to change him right away diapers or not, and Mini Moose is trying to communicate when he does mess himself. I think it would be really undignified to do that to him. So, I have to clean a little poop off the floor. So, it is exasperating (what poosplosian /isn’t/ exasperating!?). We will get throug this and as a bonus he won’t be getting a diaper rash despite the contents coming out of his bottom.

Oh, and on a lighter note. Flo has left the building. That was like the best period I ever had.

8/9 Friday Day 532

Night EC: 3 really small catches. Mini Moose didn’t really want to but he went anway. He didn’t even really ask…I was just assuming he needed to go as usual when he wakes to nurse. He had a few words for me. So tomorrow night I’ll not potty him and see what he does.

We had better day today than yesterday as far as tempers. I’m under a lot of stress and I’ve been trying to plan Itty Bitty’s Fourth birthday on a really small budget (a lot of DIY). I’ve hit the dollar stores and sales at craft stores (I scored awesome tin buckets for ONE CENT each…no lie), some tissue paper, dry tempera paint, and some flat marbles. Instead of paper cups, I scored a lot of really tall plastic cups on mark down four for 78 cents. Reusable and people can take them home if they want and it will really reduce our trash and was more budget conscious.

Trying to do craft things with the two Littles though is proving challenging. It took me 3 hours to do just one part of Itty Bitty’s invitation on Word and that should have taken maybe an hour.

8/10 Saturday Day 533

Night EC: 1 catch, 1 refusal.
Day: Pee catches great except for one or two in the evening
Poop: It continues to evade!

Mini Moose still has some messy poop issues though he IS trying really hard to let us know before he goes. Sometimes the best he can do is to pull on his underwear. We are working on it. I did manage to catch one of them late morning.

Mini Moose has started to cross his arms over his chest in a gesture of refusal if I ask “Do you need potty?” He has much longer holding power now which is great, but at the same time we have to relearn a new rhythm, but so far it is going well.

8/11 Sunday Day 534

Night EC: 2 refusals. That’s right Mini Moose didn’t want to pee at all last night. We had a teeny tiny bit of dampness at 7am when he finally wanted to go potty but I don’t consider that a miss — more like a small leak.
Day: Outside all day and we had all catches until late evening.
Poop: Missed 4 deployments.

Mini Moose swings his arms and does the “poopie doo” song when he makes a small deposit successfully (though accidentally) in the toilet. It is so cute. Catching poop around here lately is a cause for celebration!

I’ve noticed that Mini Moose has developed new mental abilities. He now better understands how stackable items work, he more often picks things what he wants out of a container rather than dumping all the time, he recognizes his favorite cartoons, and he now can go down the stairs standing up as he holds on to the railing. I’ve been working with him with that because he has been obsessed with the stairs. Better to help him than not!

8/12 Monday Day 535

Night EC: no catches or misses
Day: Dry all day until late evening.
Poop: 1 catch in the morning, 4 misses during the day, and 1 mostly catch by Daddy Man in the evening.

We had the house inspection this morning at 8AM. I don’t know why they wanted to schedule so darn early! I got to meet the buyer and agent. She was in her early thirties maybe with two small dogs so I think the house would be perfect for her and she seems excited. I am glad that it seems as if someone will love the house as much as we do.

I took the kids to breakfast (our usual place was closed so we had to go elsewhere), we went to a local playground that is fenced in and I forgot about, then went to the local mall to play in their new indoor play area because Itty Bitty had a need to use the facilities. Daddy Man was going to join us he decided but didn’t know where we’d gone to eat. He fixed the dog run for the buyer (it was connected to two trees and we never used it except for hanging a bird feeder). We had to be gone for four hours so I had to keep the Little Occupied. Mini Moose has been getting up at 6:30a but it is still 8am was quite earlyf or me to be out and about!

I had to work and give a last final tonight so it was a very long day! It seems as if the inspection went well. The inspector said that a mold test was unnecessary because our basement was a nice dry one. There was some concern over a suspected leak on the water main (which we had looked at already and it appeared to be condescation but they’ll want it confirmed again). We already knew about the fact that the pipes to our oil tank need to be replaced (just at the end of their life and we knew that from last years maintenance inspection by our oil company). The have other requests but we don’t know the details yet. Our agent V. pretty much told them that since we aren’t going to make any profit on the house that requests had to be reasonable since we have no extra funds to tap into. In a sense, it would be wiser for us to refuse the offer and wait on another buyer if the negotiated requests for repairs got out of hand. It is an old house, you can fix little things all day long and never be done!

We have a dehumidifier running to try and combat the condensation issue (it has been really humid)and since we will be needing it in the new house it was a good investment to make.

8/13 Tuesday Day 536

Night EC: 1 catch (a small one, under some complaint around 3AM)
Day: Dry all day.
Poop: 1 small catch in the morning, 1 half catch in the evening.

I took the Littles to pick blueberries at a local place about 15 minutes away that I never new about until we traveled on the road to go to the new house. I am so sad that we didn’t know about this and for ten years it has been under our nose! I call it a “residential farm”. They live on the property and their “yard” is quite long and wide and they have rows and rows of blueberries! It is late in the season and their bushes were still loaded! We picked 2.25lbs off of three bushes and spent only five dollars. It was such a nice day and such a change from the stress of yesterday.

After that we came home breifly to let the agent in to collect the radon test kit and then I decided that we would go visit our friend E and her children A. and O. We wound up staying there until 6:00! We hadn’t meant to stay so long but another friend was there and we all got to talking while the kids were all playing with only a few isolated arguments. Mini Moose got himself scratched by their sweet cat — she gave him a warning swipe because he pulled her fur. I saw tufts of it in his hand. O. then bit Mini Moose. O is younger and doesn’t have words but does have a mouthful of teeth to Mini Mooses 6 and a 1/2!

Daddy Man came home late so that he can take the morning off so I can go to work orientation tomorrow.

We called the plumber to come have another look, made an appointment with the oil company to replace the pipes next week, and we will need to put in some posts on the cellar stairs to bring it to code. The buy was interested in our patio furniture. We already agreed to leave our metal gazebo, but she can’t have our furniture. There were other ambiguous requests so we are not sure yet what is being requested.

8/14 Wednesday Day 537

Night EC: 1 catch
Day: Pee dry all day and evening
Poop: 2 half misses in evening

I had work orientation today since they changed the book–which means I have to update all of my online files which takes FOREVER. Could anything else just land in my already full plate!? I got home at 1:45p and Daddy Man was irritated that I was late!

Dude. Why say you’d be at work at 2:00 when my orientation ends at 1:00! It takes ten minutes to walk to my car, and 25 minutes (at least) for me to get home and it takes 40-45 minutes for Daddy Man to get to his job! My orientation ran 15 minutes over too. Not my fault. That was totally miscalculated on his part!

8/15 Thursday Day 538

Night EC: 1 catch
Day: 3 pee misses in the morning and 2 in the evening
Poop: Mini Moose pooped no less than 8 times and we caugh 2.5

8/16 Friday Day 539

Night EC: 2 catch
Day: A really off morning again, but dry all afternoon and evening.
Poop: Missed 3, caught 1

Mini Moose tried to use the potty a few times today and managed to pee in it once. The other time he sat down and stood up again clapping for himself and doing the “poop dance” even though it was still empty!

He also seems to both ask to potty with the potty sign but also pulls on his shorts if he has them on. I think he at times wants to go by himself but is hindered if I have on the trainers. We sort of need them though because of the loose poo situation.

8/17 Saturday Day 540

Night EC: 1 catch
Day: Dry all day
Poop: None today!

We went to breakfast this morning. Daddy Man usually goes to Dunkin but they are getting expensive so it was the same price to just go and have a big breakfast down the street.

Our neighbors accross the street had sewage back up in their houses and a small pothole in th road had turned into a bit of a sink hole with water flowing out. We dodged a bullet there I think as we don’t seem to be having any issues with water or sewer.

8/18 Sunday Day 541

Night EC: 3 catch
Day: 3 misses all day
Poop: 1 catch in the late evening.

A friend of GrandMaMas came down to visit with her dog and we went over in the afternoon. While there I totally flaked and made three errors. One: I got distracted and didn’t take Mini Moose to pee at destination so…he had a miss Two: We had gone for a long walk and when we got to where we were I again got distracted by conversation and Mini Moose had another miss. Three: When we got back I though surely he didn’t need to pee again but I was wrong! Other than that it was our normal successful EC day.

We came back home and we set up the EZup and mosquito net and relaxed outside with a nice summer fire. Well, as much of relaxation as we could muster with Mini Moose running around an interrupting the three of us playng Uno.

8/19 Monday Day 542

Night EC: 2 catch
Day: EC 1 miss
Poop: caugh it; initiated by Mini Moose

My allergies are killing me, but on a brighter note Mini Moos peed on the potty of his own will THREE ties and produced three times. One of them I actually didn’t know he had gone until I saw a small puddle near it. He got most of it in the right place though! We were dry on our errand today to print Itty BItty’s birthday invites. I brought my own transparent sheets and got four per page, so twenty four color invitations only cost $3.12. Score! Later in the day, Inwas in the bathroom and he said “up” with wrist twisting so I held him over the toilet for a good long poop. Afterwards, he danced and sang his own praises.

I tried to do some crafts with Itty Bitty while her brother napped…we tried out a new birdseed bell recipe but by the time Mini Moose woke up and we all got to the backyard my allergies were in full force. By the end of the day I was just beat up. Then I find out that Daddy Man wants to do some packing in the cellar before our appointmet with the movers for an estimate tomorrow which means my plans to go into work to get my prep work done were shot. They are also fixing the sink hole and sewer pipes today so all that noise and stink isn’t doing us any favors.

I really needed that time away. It was a really hard night. I am so overwhelmed with stress and I don’t think Daddy Man really gets it. I get HIS stress, but I really don’t think he sees my end of it all as stressful. I feel like I’m going to unravel.

And then he did a “stupid man thing”. So, he suggest I go upstairs and go to bed at 8:30pm. I pondered it for half an hour fearing that at best I’d get an hour of sleep and then get interrupted. But I figure it was pretty early and Mini Moose was really tired too and i knew he’d be joining me. It took a good half an hour for him to settle down and that was at 9:30pm. I closed my eyes soon after and fell instantly asleep.

At 11:00pm Daddy Man brings a hysterical Itty Bitty crying and yelling up the stairs to bed! This wakes up both me AND Mini Moose. WTF dude! I was so mad! He says, “Well she fell asleep on the couch so I woke her up to brush her teeth and to go potty.” I am just ready to weep. He had other options. 1) Leave her happily asleep on the couch 2) Brush her teeth and have her potty and then put her back on the couch to sleep or watch a cartoon which would put her right back to sleep.

But no. The best option, of course, was to bring her up wailing to wake up his exhausted wife and soundly sleeping son.


8/20 Tuesday day 543

Night EC: 1 miss, 1 catch
Day: 2 misses in the morning, 3 misses in the afternoon
Poop: 50/50 catch/miss

Things seem to be moving along as far as getting our loan approved for the new house. We had someone come at 8am to give us a moving estimate. $2800 was the quote and so we will be renting a U-Haul and moving most of out things ourselves!

Itty Bitty is very excited about the move and has even deemed that grandmama get a room and it seems that she forgot to assign Daddy Man a sleeping space!

Anyway, stress continues.

8/21 Wednesday Day 544

Night EC: 1 catch (I don’t know if I mentioned it but I’ve bene using a pee cup for a while; much easier to nurse and pee and to contain the waywardness of the pee stream)
Day: 4 or 5 morning misses, back on track the rest of the day
Poop: 1 catch in the morning as Mini Moose sat on the potty himself, pooped, and sang his praises by himself; 50/50 catch miss late afternoon

Mini Moose is still experimenting with sitting on the potty himself. I don’t always keep it in his reach because he still seems to want to play with it. Ew. He is still devising the best way to sit on it. He has rear mounted, tried backing up, and has done the “leg over”. His preference is still to be held in a squat.

The house appraiser came today. Daddy Man helped me to clean yesterday though it really has been well maintained since we had house showings. He wants to put our best foot forward, but I am just totally done with the whole thing. I fell like I’m going to unravel! The appraiser seems to like the character of our house and found it to be well maintained for its age. Our agent V. also provided a lot of paper work on the values of homes in the area. Got our fingers crossed.

Itty Bitty has been a handful on top of Mini Moose beign super cling. Or, you know, I should say that I think I am just less able to process their normal behavior because I just want to curl up into a ball, cover my hears and say nah nah nah nah until all of this house stuff is over!

I love you Littles, but sometimes big people wish they could just have the carefree days of oblivious youth back just for a little while!


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