Month 19: From Baby to Toddler – Day 545 to Day 575

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At Our New House

8/22 Thursday (18 Months) Day 545

Night EC: 1 miss, 1 catch (the miss was a pure passed out drooling on myself situation)
Day: 3 misses in the morning, 1 miss in the evening
Poop: Totally caught it. Mini Moose did his wrist twist and then sang his triumph!

We were stuck at home because we needed to have the pipes on the oil tank replaced as part of the sale of our house negotiations. We knew about it last year and if we weren’t selling we would have replaced them anyway. It shouldn’t be too bad cost wise because we do have a service plan. I was shocked that he came at 9AM! The repair person had a little trouble with the water heater…he clipped with his foot it and had to replace the release valve. Oops! I guess it was at the end of its life anyway! He was here until 11AM.

I invited some friends over T. and her son A. and C. with her three girls, one of which is just two weeks old. Awww! Makes my own babies look like gigantor’s offspring.

We are moving next weekend so this is sort of our last hurrah with the yard. Before they came over I was doing some paper mache experimentations with coffee filters and cheap water balloons. It wasn’t going as planned! The paste was too thick and Itty BItty and Mini Moose and I made a mess before I realized that I should have used a thinner ratio. The coffee filters seemed at first to be better becaue they didn’t tear, but I found out that it takes them way too long to dry and they don’t harden up as expected but stay flexible. Then the balloons kept popping and if they didn’t pop they deflated before the mache hardened. All my efforts turned out looking like shrivled passion fruit. Itty Bitty was getting frustrated because he baloons kept shrinking under the weight and I was frustrated that Mini Moose seemed to get it into his head to head into danger and to follow his sister to where I told her not to go. Overall, too much stress for a project that was supposed to be simple! Thankfully company finally came and we were all better for it!

8/23 Friday Day 546

Night EC: Dry all night
Day: dry all day (the pee tree got lots of use) 3 misses in the evening in a row.
Poop: Caught the morning poop, the midafternoon poop (about 75% of it), and the evening poop!

Mini Moose was driving me bazooka today. I know this is another growth and mental spurt! Boy, he can’t leave me be for five seconds. I wore him all day for the most part and that’s where he napped too. E. came by with her two little and it was nice to have company again. It is better for my stress and short temper of late, and Itty Bitty and Mini Moose are better for it too.

While they were here I was finishing up assembling Itty Bitty’s birthday invitations. I noticed a mistake that bugs me but E. said it looked like it was deliberate and she didn’t even notice until I pointed it out. So, I decided not to fix it and just go with it and not obsess. I did add some leftover jewels to the brads so they would look nicer and that didn’t take all that long. The cutting took longer because Mini Moose had been trying to climb on me like a tree.

I also did Papier Mache round two with my plan to remedy yesterday’s fiasco. I went into work late yesterday to get some prep work done uninterrupted and brought home some colored typing paper…not as heavy as cardstock but not as thin as cheap typing paper or newsprint. I used a 2:1 ratio of water to flour with a bit of salt. It was also cooler out today so the balloons weren’t popping. I learned, too late, that latex and heat/sun are not friends. Where was I doing my mache? In the bright hot sunshine! The cool shade made for a better application. However, I decided to fill the balloons with water to get a better shape. The proved faulty because while the balloons for the most part were fine, some were delicate and burst and it was harder to set them anywhere to dry. Of those that did dry getting the water out without re-wetting the mache took more patience than I have left. Later in the evening, I switched to air again in the cool house and that worked very, very well and came out the way it was supposed to. Itty Bitty also had a much easier time with the new paper and the better, thinner flour paste.

Grandmama came buy unexpectedly so I didn’t go to work to finish prep.

8/24 Saturday Day 547

Night EC: 2 catches
Day: Dry all day
Poop: Caught it but it wasn’t all that impressive.

We went to Walden Pond for the day. We discovered that our stuff stored and Grandmama’s is moldy!

8/25 Sunday Day 548

Night EC: 3 catches
Day: Dry all day excep for 2 pee misses in the morning
Poop: Caught half of it.

We were busy all day trying to get some more packing done and some cleaning. Mini Moose is wanting to nurse constantly and he and Itty Bitty have been fighting a lot.

8/26 Monday Day 549

Night EC: 2 catches
Day: Dry all day except for 3 misses in the late morning early afternoon.
Poop: Totally missed it.

Had someone come to have a look at our fire alarms to see how they were hardwired. We have to comply with our city’s code for smoke and carbon monoxide detectors and the regulations are pretty convluted depening on the age of your house. We close in three days on the new house.

8/27 Tuesday Day 550

Night EC: 2 catches (the cup pee is working so awesome-ly)
Day: Dry all day except 2 misses in the evening.
Poop: Caught it in the morning (at least 90 percent)

8/28 Wednesday Day 551

Night EC: 2 catches
Day: Dry all day!
Poop: No poop sighted today.

We went to a local high school playground with E. ad her kids. Turned out to be a super hot day! We had hoped to go blueberry picking one last time but they were closed for the season. We had our Final walkthrough. The Littles were fast asleep in the car so missed the whole thing (yes, I left them in the car in the driveway because it is a private lot — so it is okay don’t worry.)

The owner J. was mowing the epic lawn with a teeny tiny lawnmower. She was also shampooing the carpets. Wow. She really did a great job getting the house move in ready. It isn’t perfect by any means, but just those little touches really make a difference when you move in. I always leave a place in better condition than when I found it so I really appreicate the efforts.

Tomorrow is the big day!

8/29 Thursday Day 552

Night EC: 3 catches
Day: Dry all day even for Grandmama!
Poop: Missed half of it late afternoon. He tried!

Closing today at 9:30am. It went quite smoothly and took only an hour. We now, for the moment, own TWO houses. The LIttles LOVE the house. They were running around like crazy and Itty Bitty is delighted and elated that she can get on her tricycle which she can now ride AND steer all around the driveway which she calls a parking lot. She has a LOT of room to roll and roam. So far she has followed the rules about where her roam radius ends. Mini Moose is happy to be wherever his sister is. Grandmama was there to celebrate with us with pizza and it was the first time she ever got to see the property other than with pictures.

To maximize our budget Daddy Man rented a uHaul for 5:00pm so we loaded it up right away and emptied our backyard first with the biggest items.

Believe it or not, Mini Moose didn’t have one accident all day long. And if you don’t count the poop-pee miss that is fourty eight hours dry!

8/30 Friday Day 553

Night EC: 3 catches
Day: Dry all day except one miss in the late afternoon.
Poop: Missed it. It got on the floor and it was pretty firm so easy to clean up…so I noticed when Mini Moose picked one up and brought it dutifully to the toilet!

E. offered to watch the kids for four hours while Daddy man and I moved stuff. Daddy Man had filled up the uHaul with boxes when we got back last night and so it was full and ready to go this morning. We unpacked it, went back home, repacked it, and he left while I went to get the kids so I could go back to the new house to help him unpack. I also needed to nurse Mini Moose before my boobs exploded.

The Littles didn’t want to leave their fun. They were soaking wet and full of sand. That means they had a great time. Hah!

After we unloaded we had to bring the truck back. I was to meet Daddy Man at the place but I didn’t want to go on the highway during peak rush hour. So I went by a known route. My fatal flaw was not listening to my inner gut and following my GPS. I ended up lost, then going in the wrong direction. I ended up being in the area I wanted but no way to know how to get to where I wanted to go so I made a big loop to get back to where I mate the fatal error.

This is why I HATE drviving. I finally get to where I need to go but I have very poor navigational abilities. I was so flustered I nearly cried. But, I mangaged to get there and I told Daddy Man to drive back even though he hurt his ankle. It wasn’t his driving leg anyway!

8/31 Saturday Day 554

Night EC: 2 catches
Day: Dry all day except for 1 miss in the morning, and 1 in the late evening.
Poop: None sighted.

Moving all day. We’ve been back and forth so many times it seems like the distance is three times what it is. I did some “take and toss” boxes and I emptied six of those at the house. Now we have the play room set up, the backyard items, most of the house boxes that had been ready to go are in designated store and do later areas, and the bathroom and the drawers in the new kitchen are full. I am a little confounded by the lack of medicine cabinet as I do not want to put certain things in a low drawer.

It was a bit challenging to do things with Mini Moose so clingly but he napped for a while on my back so it was good even though I was roasting hot. Daddy Man put on the whole house fan. That thing is scary! It is like a jet engine in the ceiling. Cooled the place off quick though!

So things are coming along. You’d think that with all the carpet in the new place we’d be having misses left, right, and sideways, but we’ve really had a great day as far as EC goes. Mini Moose isn’t necessarily asking to go but he can hold it a long time until I remember to take him and usually we are on point.

Daddy Man is still Limping. Itty Bitty didn’t know what to do with herself bike, balls, playroom, get underfoot, chase daddy, rinse and repeat.

9/1 Sunday Day 555

Night EC: 3 catches
Day: 1 miss in the morning
Poop: None

More moving of stuff. Back and forth back and forth. I did two runs in the morning then had to pause for kid breaks and did one more in the early evening. It is really hard with the two Littles. Mini Moose is up early anyway so the second morning run was during a nap time for him. This is good since Itty Bitty can either nap or run around the new house lot while I unload and Mini Moose snoozes.

We’ve inherited a few unexpected things. Several yard tools (hacksaw, shovels, several rakes), tons of screws in the workshop, a basketball hoop, small portable TV, lots of wood for the stoves and I am sure we’ll find others as we explore the house. The Whole House Vacuum is broken so I’ll have to look into that since the carpet all over the downstairs that is already looking like it needs some TLC. I am hoping it is something I can fix myself. My priority right now is getting the vent to the dryer replaced to a less fire hazard-y material like metal! Second is to have the icemaker in the fridge looked at before Itty Bitty’s party.

9/2 Monday Day 556

Night EC: 2 catches
Day: no misses
Poop: late evening half catch at the Old House

This back and forth is killing me. More of the same as yesterday, except that Aunt Flo came to visit. Up early. Load, drive, unload, drive. Rinse and repeat. Add in some Whining and Complaining from the peanut gallery and you blend that all together and create one frazzled mommy! Movers are coming tomorrow so that we don’t have to sleep at the old house. It will be nice to be able to do some unpacking later at night or early in the morning before Itty Bitty gets up.

So much to do!

9/3 Tuesday Day 557

Night EC: 2 catches
Day: 1 poop related pee miss in the late afternoon but we caught most of the poo!

Slept at the Old House last night and I mostly dreamed that I was moving all night long so I didn’t feel rested. Mini Moose was up early and Itty BItty was raring to go to even though she really needed to sleep more. I filled up the Jeep and did a morning run of stuff at 7:00AM. I got lucky and missed all the school traffic both ways! I drove back to the house intending to fill up again, but the movers were already there and I let the little run around while we stayed out of the way. They are just moving the big stuff and it will take us several more days yet to finish moving all the flotsam ourselves.

All the back and forth paid off though since the original estimate was $2800 to move us but we ended up ony getting charged $750! Together with the cost of the UHaul we moved our entire house for under a grand. Daddy Man was really happy and decided to use the budget surplus to buy a replacement couch for the new house since we threw the other broken one away.

Unpacking is going slowly. Mini Moose and Itty Bitty just want to play and I am only one person! But Itty Bitty is managing with being able to come and go as she pleases. Mini Moose and I have been EC tuned since I’ve had to wear him almost constantly if I am deep in the bowels of boxes.

So tired. So ready for this all to be done.

I did make one more haul run but I dared not do more because I am so tired. I am afraid I’d fall asleep at the wheel. I brought our small male kitty who was instantly delighted with the house even though he complained the whole car ride over. Daddy Man brought our bigger female cat his last run and she was quite displeased with the change of location and was quite snippy and hissy. It will take her a few days to calm down.

9/4 Wednesday Day 558

Night EC: 2 catches
Day: One one poop related accident. We did gat half the poop.

Got phone and internet today! Have no idea what the new number is though. Doh!

Last night was our first night sleeping at the New House. We slept on a futon mattress on the floor in the TV room because we were all watching a movie as a family and I fell asleep. Even though Daddy Man set up the bed and the sidecar I just didn’t want to get up. It got really cold last night too! I guess the summer is really done. I feel like we missed it!

I made one early run to clean out the fridge at the old house and stuffed whatever I could in the Jeep. I also found Daddy Man’s missing check and he paid for it with a big smooch! Hah.

Mini Moose has been doing great with the potty. I usually just take him, but a time or two he gives me the potty sign if I’ve been slacking. He has had enough of being worn today and gave me lip about it, so I took the Littles out for a walk in our new neighborhood.

We met some of our new neighbors. Eric and Ruth are an older couple original to the neighborhood (they built their house) and new the original owners of our house. They live at the end of the cul de sac. Two houses down from them across the street from us we met Katie and her three children — two boys 2 and 4 and a girl 6. Next door to her she says her friend Colleen lives with her four boys and a brand new baby girl 6 weeks old. Their husbands are hobbyists too so Daddy Man will have some new friends as well.

I am normally not the social type, but I guess my age has changed me and it was quite nice to meet new people. It seems that this neighborhood is transitioning from elderly to families with children. Our previous neighborhood is going through as similar change. I noticed three new pre-teens but a lot more people with dogs. Our neighborhood is a dog neighborhood which is funny because there IS a dog park about 10 or 15 mintues from our Old House.

The kids felt better after the walk. We didn’t really get to see Daddy Man all day as he was busy going back and forth hauling. I had to work tonight and it seems like my commute is going to be about 12 – 15 minutes now!

9/5 Thursday Day 559

Night EC: 2 catches
Day: Dry all day no misses

Things are going really well on the EC front. I know people who EC have written that they have trouble or decide to just not EC at all, but I can’t do that. Besides, with all that is going on EC is the easy part! Ain’t not way that I want to be changing diapers on top of everything else!

We did have a rough morning. The kids are really trying to crawl back into my uterus. Knowing WHY they are doing it doesn’t make it any less irritating on an already tired and overwhelmed mommy. We all had a very impromptu nap in the afternoon and just as Mini Moose was waking up we had our first visitor! K. came by with her two boys before she went to pick up her daughter to invite us for a play date accross the street at C’s house. Itty Bitty was giddy! She and the boys played a while and I showed K. the house. She said she’d been very curious about the lot and really liked all of our yard space and private driveway.

We really did trade up in space and value with the same mortgage so we really came out a win win on this.

Daddy Man was gone all day putting up ballisters on the cellar stairs at the old house. He did come home just in time to join us for a play date at 4:00. I had just finished cooking for the first time on the new stove and Itty Bitty was cramming food in her face as quickly as she could manage. We’ll have to add them to her birthday guest list. Which reminds me…I need to find the rest of the invitations and send them out!

I miss our old stove and our bigger refridgerator! On the other hand, the laundry room washer and dryer are totally awesome upgrades. I am almost loving laundry because I don’t have to sprint to the bowels of an unfinished cellar and be separated from the kids or have Itty Bitty insist on navigating steep stairs. Much less stress and easier to get it all done in one room with access to the rest of the house. Itty Bitty loves that she can reach the buttons.

9/6 Friday Day 560

Night EC: 2 catch 1 miss
Day: Dry all day except for 1 in the morning and 1 in the evening
Poop: caught half

Unpacking and making runs to the house. If we leave early enough we can get two runs to pack the jeep and get back. More than that is too much for the Littles. We’ve been eating take out, though to make up for it we’ve been outside playing a lot.

9/7 Saturday Day 561

Night EC: 1 catch 1 miss
Day: Dry all day.
Poop: Caught poop by grandmama!

Went to a friend’s Wedding today at a local ski resort. It was a beautiful day. I even went on the ski lift sky view and tried not to puke.

Scott stayed dry the whole day including for grandmama while we were attending a friends wedding. We were gone a total of six hours and she took care of both. Neither of them napped but both of them played hard and were ready to go home. Mini Moose did really well. I haven’t left him for this long since March or April when we went to see a local show.

Poor Grandmama though. Itty Bitty and Mini Moose pooped in stereo. Hah!

9/8 Sunday Day 562

Night EC: 2 catches
Day: Dry all day.
Poop: Missed it.

The days are just blending. More of the same tedium. I think we need to sleep for a month to recover.

9/9 Monday Day 563

Night EC: 3 catches
Day: Dry all day except for 2 misses in the morning
Poop: 1/2 catch. Got to love that poop stare.

I have to work tonight so only made one run to the house. Daddy Man is going to start throwing things away and I don’t want him to throw out my tomato stakes, clay pots, and other things like that. He gets into this state of mind sometimes and he gets blinders on. He wanted to throw away my coffee table (its a nice table I had before we met I had bought as a set for myself) because a leg was loose. Um…how about just tightening the bolt! I plan on using it at the foot of the bed like bench. Our bed is a plat form bed so it is the perfect hight and I can put our linen basket under it.

9/10 Tuesday Day 564

Night EC: 1 catch 1 miss
Day: 2 misses in the morning and 3 in the evening.
Poop: None sighted

Just an off day today. I am just done with this whole process! Itty Bitty’s birthday is soon and I need to get going on that! I’m drowning in stress!

9/11 Wednesday Day 565

Night EC: 1 catch, 1 miss
Day: Dry all day
Poop: An epic poop left for Daddy Man.

Grandmama signed up Itty Bitty for tennis lessons for her birthday and got her a Dora the Explorer tennis rackit. Itty Bitty was so excited to show me when I got home from work. Daddy Man and I had to explain to her that the lesson wasn’t until Saturday. While Itty Bitty was the center of attention, Mini Moose took the opportunity to drop a poo bomb. Daddy Man said he probably had tried to communicate the need but everyone was distracted.

9/12 Thursday Day 566

Night EC: 2 miss, 1 catch
Day: Dry all day except for 1 miss in the morning.
Poop: caught half of it after detecting the “poop stance and stare”

It was a hot one today. I didn’t think we were going to get a day like this again this time of the year. I put the poor deflating kiddie pool out for the LIttles for a last hurrah of the season. I only managed to make one run to the Old House today which was fine, it was much too hot and I woke up with a massive headache anyway.

Twice I saw Mini Moose leave the play zone to go stand and pee in a corner of the lawn or patio. The location wasn’t exactly what I had in mind, but on the other hand he has the idea so what can you do but to rinse off the bricks with some water and puff out your chest a bit.

9/13 Friday Day 567

Night EC: 2 catches
Day: Dry all day except for 2 morning accidents in the carseat, and 1 miss with Daddy Man when I went out on an errand alone.
Poop: Totally caught it in the morning!

The carseat pee was so my fault. Twice I miscalculated a pee need and we didn’t make it back to the house in time. On a good note, it was only a 1/4 of the pee he acually had in there! Mini Moose is really having better capacity and control, it is just really hard for him to hold it in the seat if he has to go. I was just tired and really not thinking. Daddy Man took the day off to keep the Old House fire inspection appointment and we each made two runs. The hose passed so one more thing down.

Daddy Man broke the lock on our door because he was annoyed with the Realtor key lockbox on the new house. He took it all apart and now can’t get it back together the way it was. All this because he was going to leave after our long day to go back to the Old House and I wanted him to stick around for about an hour and not rush off so we could see each other! He also said something stupid,”I guess you don’t want me to get stuff done.” That’s not fair, man. I just wanted to spend an hour together, sheesh! Sometimes significant other’s need a smack with a wet rag. I think he was annoyed that I went out on an errand and left him with the kids for an hour. It’s not like I was having a blast picking up light bulbs, a garbage barrell for composting kitty poop, some apples, and dinner for the children. Jeepers. He does work for both houses WITHOUT the kids. I have them both everyday by myself and have been unpacking, organizing, and making car round trips! We both work very hard, but sometimes I think he doesn’t see that because we do different things.

9/14 Saturday Day 568

Night EC: 1 catch, 1 miss
Day: Dry all day
Poop: Saw the “face” and caught 90% of it. Thank goodness!

Itty Bitty’s Birthday is next weekend and I feel like I need to start focusing on it or I’ll never be ready. I’m making a lot of the decorations myself. I think I’m going to just have to accept that people are going to see a house disaster zone. I’ve done my best to unpack as much as possible. And Daddy Man is still working to get the old house ready. I did manage to finally finish the homemade chalk party favors so they’d have time to dry.

9/15 Sunday Day 569

Night EC: 1 catch, 1 miss
Day: Dry all day
Poop: Missed a little poop but caught most of it.

Mini Moose’s night miss is always the first wake up and it’s quite substantial despite peeing him before bed. He’s teething all four molars. I can see his gums bulging. Itty Bitty had a soggy pants incident today. She’d been playing outside riding one of the tricycles, dashed into the house, made it too the bathroom, but her body decided to relase on her before she could pull her pants down to sit. Daddy Man said she looked quite mortified. She cleaned herself up and changed her pants, though Daddy Man did help her out.

9/16 Monday Day 570

Night EC: 1 catch, 1 miss
Day: Dry all day, except for three random misses throughout the day.
Poop: Missed it though when it happened Mini Moose was signaling and pulling his trainers with a wide eyed look on his face. Later, Daddy Man caught a big one as I was working.

So busy and yet we are in a solid EC pattern, especially at night. We have a consistent pee wake-up around 3AM. It seems that either by accident or nature’s design, that is about the time I wake up to have a potty break on my own if I need to. I am distracted with preparations, but Mini Moose stays dry on errands and is going longer between needing to pee so even if I forget to give him a potty opp chances are good that we’ll catch anyway. He also signals with the potty sign too, though not all the time. Usually it is my “pee sense” that tingles and I just take him potty. He is starting also to say “no” more by crossing his arms, shaking his head, and saying the cutest little “meh” or “uh” when you ask him a question. His other favorite phrases are “my ball” for anything that looks even remotely ball like and “Mumma Mumma Mumma (waits for me to look and then) Heeeere” before handing me something he doesn’t want or wants me to look at. Had to work tonight…it is all a blur. I am so tired.

Poor Itty Bitty is pleading for more attention. I’m spread thin. With Daddy Man spending nights at the other house I often have them 24/7 without a break for days at a time. I feel spread thin.

9/17 Tuesday Day 571

Night EC: 2 catch, 1 miss
Day: It was an off morning, we missed like three or four before we got back on track.
Poop: Mini Moose said “pu” and made the potty sign so we caught it successfully!

Dentist appointment for Itty Bitty today. As usual, we arrived on time, they took us a few minutes after we walked in the door, and in 20 minutes Itty Bitty had her cleaning and that was that. Mini Moose was fascinated with the sounds and wanted to sit in the chair. I made a double appointment in six months and we’ll see how Mini Moose does with his first visit. I do need to be better about brushing his growing number of teeth. These molars are taking forever too.

9/18 Wednesday Day 572

Night EC: 1 catch, 2 miss
Day: Dry all day except for one miss in the evening while I was at work.
Poop: Mini Moose saved it for Daddy Man and they caught most of it.

I give up. I am never going to get all that I need done. I ordered the cake from our new local market and got some of the supplies I needed for food. I’ve done most of the party favors, but I need to make. Daddy Man wants to order pizza but I don’t see how we can do that on a budget smartly. I can feed 50 mouths and even more for sixty dollars and just pizza would cost that much and I’d still have to get snacks and fill-ins like salad, crackers, dips, and fruit. That doesn’t even include the price of the cake! I ordered a 30 piece cupcake TinkerBell cake for the kids and a 1/2 sheet for the adults. I have no time to make one myself for that many people, but the cost would have been much more budget friendly if it was a DIY.

Finally made it to the post office to have our mail officially forwarded.

My original ideas for favors and decorations had to change so I’m doing tissue paper party puffy party balls, a birthday banner with the little buckets I got for a penny, clothes pins, and some die cut stars staked to make flowers for Itty Bitty’s name; got a few more salt and pepper clear shakers from the dollar store to make the firefly jars too.

Work tonight.

9/19 Thursday day 573

Night EC: 1 catch, 2 miss
Day: Dry all day despite my distractions. My EC routine is so ingrained it can survive busy times!
Poop: None today.

We are all cranky to say the least. I have been putting off Itty Bitty’s night nurse session off so long she’s been falling asleep before I have a chance to get Mini Moose to sleep and get settled myself. She’s been upset about that. Her latch is starting to change and I am struggling with it. It is a natural process, but this stress with the houses is not helping.

I was up a good portion of the night trying to get party decorations and favors done. We’ve been sleeping downstairs near the laundry room which has become the craft volcano. The chalk is just not drying fast enough because I made them too wet so I put them in front of a fan to try and speed up the process.

9/20 Friday Day 574

Night EC: 1 catch, 2 miss
Day: Dry all day except for some small random half misses. Maybe four, I lost track.
Poop: Missed it by “this much”

Mini Moose likes to sing his own praises by singing the “poopydoo song”. We are nuts, I know. We just like to get funky when we catch poos. It makes us all happy!

Hardcore teething. Hardcore Itty Bitty crank. Hardcore Mommy exhaustion. Hardcore Daddy Man stepping up while stressed himself to do party cleaning.

I prepped the food today and Daddy Man got the drinks. I made all of the pasta and sauces (meatless and with meat). I am making an American Chop Suey style pasta dish and a plain pasta and plain sauce DIY option. I made the dips with sour cream. And then I ran out of refridgerator room so I couldn’t cut the fruit. This fridge is so much smaller!

I was up most of the night again printing out labels for the party favors and signs for the crafts. I forgot to mention that I made Itty Bitty’s crown of flowers and raffia and fake leaves the other day with my dusty glue gun. It came out great, so the burnt fingers were totally worth it! I’d also found Itty Bitty this adorable plum colored dress with subtle fabric rosettes on it for only 24 dollars at Burlington coat factory that same day. She wants to be barefoot so together with the flower wreath crown it is adorable!

9/21 Saturday Day 575

Night EC: 1 catch, 2 miss
Day: Dry all day! Even though I totally forgot many potty ops, he didn’t nurse almost all day, and was busy or with Daddy Man or Grandmama. Wow!
Poop: none

Happy Birthday Itty Bitty! Pixie Party!
I think I must have done lost my mind insisting on having a party right after we moved. For once I wanted to have Itty Bitty’s birthday ON her birthday and I am afraid if I wait it won’t get done. This is really the first birthday she’s really going to remember. With that darling purple party dress, the flower wreath, and the paper fairy wings I made and she decorate–she looked a pleased pixie. This needed to be a birthday on the budget so I made everything except the cake. Which by the way they messed up! They were supposed to use whip cream frosting, not the super sweet stuff on the cupcake-breakaway cake. And they forgot to make the sheet cake for the adults! They messed up so bad, I got the replacement sheet cake for free! Daddy Man wanted to do something special so he called to rent a bouncy house for the weekend. We actually had it for four days since they dropped it off yesterday and will pick it up on Monday. Can’t complain! We’ve got the room now so Itty Bitty was excited. She’s been missing the old house more than me I think.

The kids loved all the crafts and be-glittered the lawn. The pillow sack race didn’t go quite as planned, but that’s okay. Most of the kids didn’t bother making head wreaths. Itty Bitty was quite sad that she lost to former neighbor boy R. and cried for about 15 minutes with Daddy Man! Many friends and family came and it was nice to have room and we couldn’t have asked for a better day. However, my signs puff ball decorations on the trees got blown away, we lost two of the eight balloons I bought. The Pixie Hollow sign held up, and so did the craft signs though they were all spinning around. The build a fairy house craft went well with the older kids enjoying that, the youngers liked decorating wings, and I caught a couple of adults getting into the birdfeeder craft. I almost forgot the party favors! I was up so late finishing them up too. I managed to get the “firefly jars” done and just put them in the cups with the chalk.

Itty Bitty got heaps of spilled glue on dress, but Grandmama saved it. We had some late party guests and we enjoyed a very subdued after-party visit and chat where I actually got to sit done. My youngest brother, his wife, and twin daughters stayed a long while too and I got to hold my nieces.

All in all, it was a wonderful day. There wasn’t hardly any food left so I guess everyone had a good time!


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