Month 21: Give and Take – Day 606 to Day 636

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Big enough to reach some sinks with a stool!

Big enough to reach some sinks with a stool!

10/22 Tuesday (20 Months) Day 606

Night EC: 1 catch 1 miss
Day: Dry all day
Poop: 1 mostly caught on the toilet after potty sign

10/23 Wednesday Day 607

Night EC: 1 catch 1 miss
Day: Dry all day
Poop: 1 mostly caught on the toilet after potty sign

10/24 Thursday Day 608

Night EC: 1 catch 1 miss
Day: Dry all day
Poop: 1 mostly caught on the toilet after potty sign

10/25 Friday Day 609

Night EC: 2 catch
Day: Dry all day
Poop: No Poop

D. Birthday Party.

10/26 Saturday Day610

Night EC: 2 catch
Day: Dry all day
Poop: caught half on the toilet after potty sign

10/27 Sunday Day 611

Night EC: 2 catch
Day: Dry all day
Poop: caught with pre-signal!

Brought Jeep to shop for repair.

10/28 Monday Day612

Night EC: 2 catch, 1 miss
Day: Dry all day except for two morning misses
Poop: caught with pre-signal!

10/29 Tuesday Day613

Night EC: 2 catch
Day: Dry all day
Poop: caught half.

I don’t think I’ve mentioned it but Itty Bitty and I don’t nurse every day anymore. Not on her part though. I’ve been having to put her off due to Mini Moose needing to nurse at night, and her falling alseep before he’s done. I’ve also been less inclined to offer because her facial structure has changed so much, and her latch just doesn’t seem to be producing the oxytocin at all. I can’t get that “latch and zone out” . I’ve been struggling with having to limit her since I got pregnant and I’ve made every effort I could to keep our nursing relationship going, even if limited.

I am not quite ready to stop 100% and neither is she (she NEVER refuses when I offer and is not pleased when I decline a request). It is better when Mini Moose isn’t running my milk factory ragged, and I am more inclined to offer. I want her to have good memories of nursing and gradually weaning, and I want to feel good about it too. To balance it out, when I refuse I make an effort to offer another day.

10/30 Wednesday Day 614

Night EC: 2 catch, 1 miss
Day: Dry all day
Poop: caught half of the first, missed the second (Mini Moose signals the misses always now)

10/31 Thursday Day 615

Night EC: 1 catch, 1 miss
Day: Dry all day
Poop: catch with signal!

Happy Halloween! We were the Flintstones (plus BammBamm). Neighbor party, trick or treating, Visit with grandmama for more tricks and treating.

11/1 Friday Day 616

Night EC: 1 catch, 1 catch that turned into a miss (always make sure the winkie is IN the cup before giving the psspss signal!
Day: Dry all day
Poop: as usual a half catch

11/2 Saturday Day 617
Night EC: 1 catch, 1 catch that turned into a miss (always make sure the winkie is IN the cup before giving the psspss signal!
Day: Dry all day, except for a miss at grandmamas that was due to not fully emptying the bladder during a potty opp and 20 minutes later wet pants.
Poop: as usual a half catch

More leaf raking. Daddy Man got to mow the lawn finally. Dinner at Grandmamas. I had a terrible stomach ache.

Mini Moose said “Yellow” (Ye-woah) for the first time and “I love you” (ah-woah-u) spontaneously the clearest he’s ever said it. Other things he’s said a lot this week:

yeh-shoo (high pitched) = shoe
choo-choo (high pitched) = choo choo train
ahbineme = come find me/you can’t find me as he hides under a blanket
boo! = after he jumps out of the blanket
beeboo= peek-a-boo
Nahow! = No! (to any question asked even if he means yes! and he crosses his arms for emphasis like Itty Bitty did too) It started off as a negative sound utterance that quickly morphed into a clear word
Helwp = Help
Ah Ha! = when he gets a toy away from his sister
Igoddit = I got it (much clearer now)
Babowl = Bubble / Ball / Balloon / Anything round he’s said before but now it is very clear and said often
Ocho = Spanish for eight. He was playing with a toy and he delighted in pressing the button for “ocho” and repeating it this past Wednesday.
Mo = More (together with the baby sign for more or his wrist flick)
kogome = come get me!
here = when giving or showing something
there! = after accompishing a task.
Dada? Dahdee? = where’s daddy?
Hehwoah = HEllo! (Usually When he wants my attention to nurse he’ll shout it and use his hands to turn my face to look at him before signaling the sign for milk and saying nay)
Nay-Nay or Nee Nee or Neh Neh= Nurse/Milk
day-doo = Thank you
woahcoo = Your Welcome
Bye-ee! = Bye
MahMa = Mama/Mommy
Me = when pointing at himself
Ideedit= I did it!
Ahdahme = Come find me (learned from Itty Bitty for hide-and-go-seek)
UmBum = Fist Bump
Hai = Hi Five
AhNo= I don’t know (hi pitch)
GahGah or Dahmdah=Grandma

11/3 Sunday Day 618

Night EC: 1 miss, 1 catch
Day: Dry all day
Poop: half catch, twice!
Daddy Man told me he noticed Mini Moose saying the word “NahNah” last night. It mainly means banana, but seems to also mean apple and Halloween Candy. Today, I realized that he was saying “Ah-nah-nah” (Ugga Mugga) for rubbing noses. And when I asked him to say Kitty, he did! This is a verbal explosion to say the least! He’s made lots and lots of “melodic” sounds for a long time, but finally a good number of things are taking on recognizable word sounds. “I don’t know” , for example, he’s used a hand gesture for and a high pitched “huh uh” for quite some time, but we are really starting to hear word formation now. He also said nyenye for “night night” when asked.

Daddy Man tried to put winter tires on my Jeep today but broke a lug nut and decided not to mess with the front tires. I’ve got to take it in to have it worked on.

Itty Bitty Wordism:
Troof Hug! = Group Hug!

11/4 Monday Day 619

Night EC: 2 catch
Day: Dry all day except for 2 morning misses.
Poop: half catch.

Mini Moose, surprsingly, can get off the big toilet by himself. When did THAT happen!? Daddy Man had to drive me to work and pick me up because the Jeep still isn’t ready. I am really starting to get depressed about the expense. I haven’t written on the writing site for a few days because I am so not in the game right now. We spent all morning at the local garage having the tires changed. It was the longest tire change ever because the lug nuts were rusted. Two and a half hours! The last hour we walked down the street for lunch. It wasn’t supposed to take that long, but the kids were suprisingly cooperative despite the boredom.

11/5 Tuesday Day620

Night EC: 1 miss, 1 catch
Day: Dry all day
Poop: Caught that sucker!

Mini Moose slept a five hour, almost six hour stretch the first half of the night last night. Christmas has come early! In the middle of the night, for the past few nights in a row he’s only taken short nursings (albeit gulping like a pig), delatched, rolled over, and gone back to sleep. Usually, I have to extricate my boob from his lamprey-like grip, and only haphazardly has he done it of his own accord. Now he’s realizing that he is more comfortable in other positions and my nay-nays can’t travel that far!

I really despise winter. It gets dark so early and it is so miserable out, especially if it is damp.

I didn’t have a fine moment today though when Mini Moose decided to kick empty soda bottles down the stairs, make a racket, and then try to play dangerously on the railings. I scared him and made him cry the most pathetic cry in the universe. I was steaming; he was wailing. I stomped around like a constipated T-Rex before my heart melted, I felt guilty, and I then proceeded to make up for it by hugging, kissing, and offering Nay-nay. Nothing heals a broken baby heart like mommy milk. Itty Bitty growled a bit and then we ended up cuddling.

As much as it is really frustrating to have argumentative children and some days I just want some quiet and a “why, yes of course, as you wish, Mommy,” I am proud of their willingness to challenge adults and their confidence in expressing their emotions — even the unpleasant ones. I was always discouraged from expression anger or “making faces”. I won’t allow Itty Bitty to spit or hurt — because that’s just rude — but she can be angry and make all the faces she wants! After all, it isn’t like I am Guru Calm and Peaceful. I’ve got emotional outburst issues when under stress and I am learning how to manage them too.

11/6 Wednesday Day621

Night EC: 1 miss, 1 catch (that first pee of the night is starting to piss me off. LOL)
Day: Dry all day except for two or three afternoon misses.
Poop: half miss, again.

Itty Bitty slept awfully late this morning and we missed story time. I think we are all getting some serious cabin fever. It has also been so bitterly cold outside and I just didn’t want to go out. I really need to find our winter gear and Itty Bitty is going to need new snowpants this year. Mini Moose can wear her old ones. I think we are going to get a good six years life out of those old skipants! Off to work tonight. The kids had long naps today too so Doom on Daddy! No nappers for him!

11/7 Thursday Day 622

Night EC: 2 miss
Day: Dry all day as usual with only 1 or 2 errant misses in the early morning.
Poop: curse the poop. Half catch. Mini Moose seems to be as surpised as I am at these halfsies. He always signals rather frantically with that shocked look on his face.

I broke a wheel rim. What a day! We had to run some long errands and I had planned on getting a new sticker inspection for the Jeep. I forgot to look up inspections station in the area so just went ahead and did errands. On the way back from a last minute errand in our old neighborhood, I was driving on a causeway and the Jeep made a terrible noise. Now, there had been the odd noise here and there that seemed like a ghost but nothing worrying until I got to that causeway. I slowed down and there was a grating noise and a lot of bouncing up and down. I didn’t want to stop on a bridge causeway in the middle of a rainstorm so I drove pretty much until the end when the wheel rim finally gave out and we sank to the ground with a KERTHUNK. It turns out the break cut the wheel rim in half, and let all the air out of the tire because I lost all but one lug nut. (I didn’t know this at the time, it just felt like the ass of the Jeep fell off).

I THOUGHT I had told them to fix the rear tire. I guess with the amount of time spent trying to get the front tires off and changed no one thought to check the rear tires and I and Daddy Man assumed it was fixed.

I almost cried.

Luckily I was going slow so we didn’t hit anything or anyone. I had no phone so I had to hold out a white piece of paper trying to flag someone down. At least twenty people passed me before an nice gentleman by the name of Ralph pulled over and let me borrow his phone. Poor man got all wet from the rain. That there is a real gentleman. I called AAA roadside service (though they gave me the third degree…why do you need to know if my Jeep is four wheel drive!?), then Daddy Man. I was pretty shaken so my message to Daddy Man was a little erratic. AAA called the police for me. Officer Adam kindly informed me that I was driving illegally with expired license plates (they expired on Halloween). He was like, “You know your sticker is expired.” and I was looking over at my inspection sticker on the windsheild and was like, “It is? I thought I had until the end of this month.” He replied, “No, No. Your plates.” and I looked dumfounded and said, “Oh! I we just moved and our mail has been delayed. I haven’t gotten it yet!” Thankfully, he decided not to give me a ticket and give me a nervous breakdown!

I guess we were stuck there for about an hour total. Mini Moose took a nap, woke up, and peed himself. Itty Bitty was whining that she wanted to sit in the front because we were stopped, but I didn’t feel safe doing that in the spot we were in and with the way people were flying by us. Overall, the kids were far beyond patient.

The tow truck came and we had to ride with the kids on my lap. Itty Bitty was concerned that we weren’t safe, but I assured her that under emergency circumstances it was allowed and we only needed to be towed a very short way (did I mention we were only five minutes from home?). We waited another hour for Daddy Man to come pick us up. We could have walked home but it was raining and I was still kind of out of sorts.

I don’t think my wallet or nerves can take much more.

Luckily, the damange doesn’t appear to be as bad as it seemd or what it could have been had I been driving at highway speed.

All of this happened before one or two o’clock. Daddy Man had been planning to see and complete papework on his replacement car from the one that girl smashed this past summer and he’d been saving for. I must have looked extra depressed because he strongly encouraged me to dress the kids and join him for the evening two hour drive. He got a ridiculous deal on a 2013 Cherry Red Dodge Challenger. The nap-less littles slep the whole way there and fell asleep again on the way back.

Believe it or not, other than the Jeep-Pee, Mini Moose had no misses. Itty Bitty was fine too. Girl has bladder of steel.

11/8 Friday Day 623

Night EC: 1 miss, 2 catch
Day: Dry all day with one after noon miss.
Poop: Half catch.

Turns out that the tire appears to be salvagable (tough tire!) but we need a new wheel rim. Daddy Man actually called a junk yard and found one. We can pick it up tomorrow, but the garage is closed until Monday. The rim will cost $100. At least there was no other major damage. The brakes look good, rotars are fine too. I got lucky. I’m still kind of down though. One thing after another.

My friend E. called me and she volunteered to bring a play date to us since we are house stuck again. It was really nice to have company, and not spend my morning thinking about yesterday. The kids had a good time and I made homemade corn tacos with proper Masa (one of my errands yesterday was to get the proper ingredients). Unfortunately, I never fully completed my errands so it was bean tacos and I didn’t have much! It came out really tastey even though it really was a “grab it and dump it in” recipe!

11/9 Saturday Day 624

Night EC: 1 miss, 1 catch
Day: Dry all day excpet for two misses in the evening.
Poop: Half catch.

Grandmama’s car was being serviced this morning, and she called to say it wasn’t ready so she couldn’t take Itty Bitty to tennis. Now, Itty Bitty was really put out last night that I insisted she go to bed early because she had to get up much earlier than usual. I promised her that she would be going to her tennis lesson, and that sleep was very important because it is hard to wake her up early if she goes to bed her usual time. There was much strife, but she decided she wanted to go. Daddy Man didn’t want to take her! Dude. I PROMISED. All of that drama last night was not going to be for naught!

I had Daddy Man drop us off and he went to go get the rim. Unfortunately, I forgot my wrap and Mini Moose was not pleased with childwatch at all. I finally got him to accept it for the second half of the lesson so I could focus on Itty Bitty. Daddy Man had to wait so long at the auto “junkyard” place that he got a huge discount! 35 dollars less than the quote! Whoo Hoo! He said that the two departments were having some issue and disagreements, and the overburdened salesman said, “I can set my own price.” I guess he wanted to screw the other department for giving him a hard time during a busy session.

We went to Grandmama’s for dinner and the kids got to play outside for a while. There won’t be too many mild days like this too much longer.

11/10 Sunday Day 625

Night EC: 1 miss, 1 catch
Day: Dry all day
Poop: Half catch. Damn poop.
It only took 75 days (2 months, 14 days) to finally stumble upon the light switch that turns on and off the driveway lights. Location: Beside the kitchen sink. Really!?

Today, Dr. No (I mean my adorable little boy) has learned to open doors, and scale higher heights by using chairs and step stools combined with his mad climbing skills.

I woke up in a real mood this morning. The Littles started arguing right away and I just wanted to sleep in! I had some insomnia last night so that didn’t help. I stomped down to the garage, threw a few things out of my way, and grabbed the tall box of packed stuffed animals. I tromped back to our family bedroom, opened it up, and released the fluff. That kept them busy for a couple of hours and Daddy Man and I cuddled and watched TV in bed.


11/11 Monday Day 626

Night EC: 1 miss, 1 catch
Day: Dry, except for a really bizarred miss marathon using up 6 training pants before noon.
Poop: Half catch. Again!

Veteran’s Day today. No work for me, but Daddy Man did have to work. He dropped off the new rim on the way. Around 2:00pm they called me to pick it up. Overall it was a $300 repair. Not nearly what I was expecting, but still not at all good for my wallet. I can only hope that next semester I get three classes, or at least two. Four would be so awesome! I bundled the kids up and we walked the 15 minutes to pick up the Jeep. I dare not drive it anywhere but home with expired plates. I called last Thursday to pay and change my address, but it will take 7-10 business days to arrive. Today isn’t included in those days because it is a holiday. At earliest I’ll get it Friday, at worst it will be, next Friday. Totally stinks being stuck and having to rely on Daddy Man for a ride. And I HATE driving! Go figure.

11/12 Tuesday Day 627

Night EC: 2 catch
Day: Dry all day except 2 morning misses.
Poop: Half catch.

Nothing new to report really other than Daddy Man left at 5:00 this morning to go pick up his car. He had to take the day off from work so he could take a bus, have the dealership pick him up at the arrival station, and drive the car home. Cabin Fever is setting in. Itty Bitty is emotional, and is very upset that we are missing our Wednesday and Friday story time with Miss Lois. Truth be told, I miss it too! She helped me break eggs for breakfast, and has been super cling and generous with her hugs and kisses and cuddles. She and Mini Moose in one moment are having cooperative play, and the next are driving each other bonkers with toy disputes. Mommy is ready to eat her young. Okay, not really, but I definitely am growly and giving ‘tude right back to my minions.

At night, Mini Moose and I have been grousing at each other over the 4AM feed. Some nights I win and he lays back down besdie me without Nay-Nay, and other nights he winds and he gets both sides. That’s what this gig is all about. Give and take and compromise and spats!

He’s a picker too. Pick pick pick pick. I am always defensive blocking! It give new annoyance to the toddler “Roaming Hand” phenomenon.

11/13 Wednesday Day 628

Night EC: 2 catch
Day: Dry all day, except for two soggy trainers firs thing in the morning
Poop: No Poop

I had a dream my lip was swollen. I woke up at 6AM and realized…yes…my lip is swollen with contact dermatitis micro blisters, the tip and sides of my tongue are numb, and the roof of my mouth is sore and itchy.


I made roast chicken yesterday and used some Adobo spice. Quite a lot of it. I am pretty sure that was what has caused my face to blow up like I just got back from the Pamela Anderson clinic for duck lips.

It might be hidden MSG, it might be the Tricalcium Phosphate. I don’t know. All I know is that this is the reason why I blend my own spices. I tossed that sucker into the trash compacter and squished it good.

Itch. Itch. Itch.

Itty Bitty wanted to help me make cornbread this morning, but she arrived too late since she woke up after Mini Moose and I. On other news, as I was taking a shower before work while Itty Bitty was passed out on the loveseat (she had climbed up beside me, asked for a hug and cuddle, and fell asleep!), and I brought Mini Moose in with me so he could play with the Mini Moose approved drawer. I hear silence. That’s not a good sign, so I peek out from the curtain and I see that he (in his naked glory) had climbed up on the toilet by himself and watching himself pee. It wasn’t much pee because he had already peed before I got in the shower. He looked at me, smiled, and I squealed with delight and clapped. I couldn’t help it! He got down and climbed back on. He did this a good twelve times before he got tired, and ran out of pee drops to deposit.

It was then that I realized that Itty Bitty hasn’t asked me to help with a messy poop in at LEAST a month. Well, didn’t that just sneak up on me.

11/14 Thursday Day 629

Night EC: 1 miss, 3 catch
Day: Dry all day except for 1 miss in the morning and 1 miss in the early evening.
Poop: Caught one, missed one.

Today in the morning Mini Moose responded to Mickey Mouse on the TV when he said bye and see you next time. It was very cute as he repeated the goodbye greeting in that toddler accent and waved. Later, in the evening, he repeated “cello” (yahwo) and “diminuendo” (didodo) as we all watched little Einsteins before bed. Yellow seems to be his favorite word. He stole/liberated a rather important remote control and was using it as a phone. When I confiscated it he responded, “Hey! Mapho!” (Hey, My phone!). Hah!

The sticker for my plates finally came so tomorrow we can go to story time and do errands! Yay!

My lip is still all wrecked. It isn’t swollen, but now the nano-blisters are drying out, and my mouth is so itchy! The roof of my mouth itches too and parts of my tongue are still tingly.

11/15 Friday Day 630

Night EC: 1 miss, 1 catch
Day: Dry all day
Poop: Caught half

Storytime this morning. Mini Moose still doesn’t sit through the whole thing, but he is starting to participate in the active part of the session. Daddy Man said Mini Moose was pilfering wooden train pieces and hiding them in the bathroom drawers.

It has been fun for us to watch him put people in toy cars and “vroom vroom” them around. While not as advanced in imaginary as Itty Bitty, you can see the changes bit by bit. I’ve even caught them playing together cooperatively from time to time rather than yanking and arguing over the One Toy among the Universe of Toys.

11/16 Saturday Day 631

Night EC: 2 catch
Day: Dry all day, except for one miss in evening with Daddy Man
Poop: Caught half

Homemade corn taco night! Itty Bitty helped make them using my taco press. For those who are thinking of making them, they are incredibly easy BUT you need the right dough. Masa Harina flour is essential. You cannot use regular corn meal or corn flour or P.A.N. arepa corn flour to make corn tortillas. It just won’t work. They were so good that Daddy Man actually utter, “Mmmmm!” If you know Daddy Man and his food selectiveness you would know that is like sayng I am the ultimate power of the known and unknown univers.

I’ve been able lately to leave the Littles in the bedroom to watch a few morning cartoons. Mini Moose often will sit quietly by his sister. He can come and go as he pleases, so he often appears to have a nurse or to play by himself in the playroom or kitchen where I happen to be, and will go back to check on his sister.

11/17 Sunday Day 632

Night EC: 1 miss, 1 catch
Day: Dry all day
Poop: Caught half…again

dvd unit up. Itty Bitty taught Mini Moose how to say “blue” Insisted she take a nap with me since she was out of control. I hadn’t meant to sleep, but I dozed off with her for two hours. She wailed her protests for about two minutes before she snuggled me closer and passed out. Her new thing now is to insist, “I wasn’t sleeping my eyes were just closed!” even though she has been snoring and drooling.

We have a Melissa and Doug locking house that is Itty Bitty’s, but Mini Moose has been obsessed with it. He rings the doorbell, knocks on the door, and tries to fet keys into the lock. There are four tiny metal keys that fit in different doors. He knows what they are and he also likes a vintage Learning plastic Lock and Key toy with giant plastic keys. These metal keys though require a very advance pincer gripe and fine motor development. I didn’t expect him to be able to do much with it, but he worked on it for days for fifteen minutes at a time. I look over and one of the doors is open and he has extracted the people from it! I am undecided if that was a total accident, or partial strategy with a dash of luck at getting the right key. Itty Bitty mastered it quite young too, but she was already two when she got it. It is an age three and up toy. It just goes to show that they can practice and work on things you don’t expect all by themselves, and can figure out what to do while they play with it even in unconventional ways.

11/18 Monday Day 633
Night EC: 1 miss, 1 catch
Day: Dry all day
Poop: Caught half

Minii Moose said “WahWah” for water whn I asked him too, His head must be reeling with all of this info. He will repeat things we ask him too to the best he can. He says “skeddee” (spaghetti) much better and is beginning to repeat words he hears when we watch Mickey Mouse Clubhouse (yellow and blue so far) and says good-bye if he hears the statement even if it isn’t directed at him. He both says and identifies “fow-wa” (flower) and “kitty” both real and abstract. Before he was only interested in identifying orbs and circles in that way. I think I’ve mentioned it before, but he is very good at following simple instructions like “put that back” “sit down” “stand up” “get your shoes” “get your sisters shoes” “put the shoes away” “where’s the ball” and such. He’s not so good at body part identification other than his nose because…well…we don’t spend that much time doing that with the Second Child. We like the Nose Boop game, but we really don’t talk about chins and ears and such. We will eventually, we just forget!

Itty Bitty Phrase of the Day: “Because I know every-fing!”
Itty Bitty still mispronouces computer as “beputer” — so cute.

11/19 Tuesday Day 634
Night EC: 1 miss, 1 catch
Day: four misses in a row morning and early afternoon
Poop: Missed it, but he tried to tell me as he always does.

Had insomnia from 2am to 6am. Yah me.

The new My Little Pony Movie is out on Netflix. Itty Bitty watched it and now has an Equestria Girls Obsession. She sings the rally song over and over and over. Which wouldn’t be so bad if she didn’t only know a dozen words from one verse. Egads! It is like a scratched record stuck in a loop.

11/20 Wednesday Day 635
Night EC: 2 catch
Day: four misses in a row morning and early afternoon
Poop: Missed it and Mini Moose tried to take care of the situation himself. He took off his trainers and got it in the toilet, but eww poo hands to which he declared, “YukYuk”.

I appreciate Mini Moose understanding that poop goes in the toilet, and I admire his initiative. I would, however, prefer that we could get it directly in the porcelin vessel in the first place!

11/21 Thursday Day 636

Night EC: 2 catch
Day: Dry all day except for one damp miss when he joined Daddy Man for weewee.
Poop: Total miss but he tried hard to take himself to the big toilet. Luckily he still had on his night Imse Vimse trainers. Messy.

I lost my cool today. I didn’t mean to yell as usual, but after being called 40 times I just wanted to sit by myself for a little while while the kids watched Mickey Mouse Clubhouse. And there was Itty Bitty up my tail again followed by Mini Moose, and getting in my space. I banished them from the room.


It is hard to be an introvert in two extrovert orbits!
Took pictures at Target. I know, I know. Late again. It is close enough to Itty Bitty’s fourth birthday and Mini Moose’s half year. At least he doesn’t have his eye teeth yet so there haven’t been any facial changes since September except for the molars that were already coming in.


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