Month 22: Big Bada Boom – Day 637 to Day 666

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Snowman or SnowSnack?

Snowman or SnowSnack?

11/22 Friday (21 Months) Day 637

Night EC: 1 catch
Day: Dry all day except for one afternoon miss
Poop: Missed it.

My Jeep is cursed! I knew it didn’t pass inspection when the mechanic walked in with that “face”. So, I had to get a new muffler before I could get my renewal sticker. That took two hours and made my credit card weep. Daddy man tried to cheer me up with a cake called “Death by 6 Chocolates.” It was a very effective medication.

At least I managed to complete one errand. I got the kids clothes for Thanksgiving. A gray dress for Itty Bitty and a black and gray sweater for Mini Moose. I am mad at myself for grabbing the wrong size dress. I was supposed to get 5T but I accidentally grabbed 4T — it fits perfect but it won’t get as long of life wear.

11/23 Saturday Day 638

Night EC: 1 catch
Day: Dry all day
Poop: Miss!

Last day for tennis. Thank goodness. Nine in the morning is just too early for our house to be at a lesson on a Saturday!

Have I mentioned Mini Moose’s obsession with brushing his teeth? He’s always enjoyed brushing because we started young and he had a silicone nubby brush to chew on. Now in the new house the kids have their own drawer so they can reach their own tooth brushes. He’ll go in there grab is brush, the toothpaste, and bring it to me or Itty Bitty to put on the brush so he can brush his teeth. He does it at least two or three times a day on his own. He also tries hard to spit. He uses the step stool to get to the sink, leans in, and makes the spitting noise! Not effective, but cute.

Mini Moose is also tall enough now to reach further on the table. I’ve seen him several times confiscate his sister’s cup of water carefully, drink from it, say “ah”, and put it back just as carefully exactly where he got it from. He can do it without spilling when he isn’t playing around. When he does spill though, he does go looking for a cloth to clean it, or at least will say “uh oh” and alert me or Itty Bitty to the situation.

11/24 Sunday Day 639

Night EC: 1 catch
Day: Dry all day
Poop: Miss!

Football sunday with grandma

11/25 Monday Day 640

Night EC: No pee!
Day: Dry all day
Poop: Miss with daddy man.

11/26 Tuesday Day 641

Night EC: 1 catch
Day: Dry all day
Poop: Miss!

Dr appointment. I decided to do hep B. We were there from 3:00 to 5:00! They are so slow! Mini Moose is 24lbs 34 3/4″ head 33 3/4 inch tall. Finally got Itty Bitty’s records transferred. Mini Moose’s file is all messed up. I’ve told them before something was off about the charts (not that I care about the charts, but I knew they were wrong).

11/27 Wednesday Day 642

Night EC: No Pee!
Day: Dry all day
Poop: Missed poop with Daddy Man!

We did not nurse to sleep last night. Mini Moose nursed before, but he was restless and hurint me with his nibbling so I said, “That’s enough, sorry. Hurting Mama.” He groused for about thirty seconds before he grumped, turned away from me and plunked his head down. A minute later he was out cold! He slept 4 hour stretch. I am really liking these longer four and five hour snoozes, but I am beginning to wake up with a stiff neck and drool on myself!

I also don’t always comply to the nursing request in the very middle of the night. It depends on the sound he makes. You kind of get to know the sound for “give me nay nay because I just want it.” and the “give me nay nay because I’m hungry/thirsty/really need comfort”. If it is the former, he’ll belly ache but lay his head down and go back to sleep usually in some position that is a bit uncomfortable for me — such as, a head in my throat or a fist in my eye.

11/28 Thursday Day 643

Night EC: 1 catch
Day: Dry all day
Poop: Miss.

Happy Thanksgiving!

This year we stayed in City and spent the holiday with MIL, BIL, and his longtime GF. Itty Bitty showed off her skills by insisting on mashing the potatoes all by herself. It took her a long time, but she did it. She also learned how to roll up Pillbury croissants from a can, and learned that the fun part was opening it and hearing it go whoosh pop! Mini Moose did not nap today, and boy was he a handful! I thought it was a good time to try him on meat so I gave him some turkey to try. He picked out every piece and flung it out of his dish seemingly offended that it was violating his mashed potaotes. Itty Bitty was the same way at that age.

11/29 Friday Day 644

Night EC: 1 catch
Day: Dry all day
Poop: Miss.

I noticed this morning while we were watching Mickey Mouse Clubhouse that Mini Moose is starting to “answer” the questions. Right now he just makes a seemingly random sounds that sounds like an answer if he doens’t know the word(sometimes it sounds like yes), he will say a word he knows like “yellow” or “blue” or “flower” if he hears it, and a time or two I’ve caught him shaking his head “no” or saying it. He also points excitedly if he recongnizes something with a happy “dee dee!” or “Oooooo!”

MIL, BIL and his steady GF came by to watch a football game and hangout with the kids. Daddy Man cooked steaks for everyone. Mini Moose had beans and inhaled them. Loves them like his sister does. Itty Bitty rolled all of the Pillsbury croissants all by herself.

11/30 SaturdayDay 645

Night EC: 1 catch, 1 miss
Day: Dry all day , except for one morning miss
Poop: Miss as usual!

Apparantly, Mini Moose has noticed the Phalenopsis orchid I relocated to the bathroom and was telling Daddy Man “Fower Fower Fower” this morning. We took the kids to the Kid’s Gym today to let them run off steam. Oh, how my babies are growing. Itty Bitty was having a hard time with the rock climber because her limbs are getting gangly. Mini Moose was flying up and down slides like they were nothing.

12/1 Sunday Day 646

Night EC: 1 miss, 1 catch
Day: Dry all day, except for a miss in the afternoon
Poop: Phooey!

Got our tree today. This is the earliest we’ve ever gotten a tree. We got it from a little place right down the street and it is a mighty fine Frasier fur. Sturdy with needles that don’t fall easily even when it gets dry. Cat proof and kid proof! We didn’t get one as fat as usual, but it is a very nicely shaped tree that fits nicely in our “dining room”. It is nice to walk by it all the time and enjoy it.

All the kid’s winter gear is now complete. Mini Moose gets Itty’ Bitty’s old ski jumper and boots, and Itty Bitty got her new boots and a new ski jumper. Waterproof mittens and hats from last year should fit them fine.

12/2 Monday Day 647

Night EC: No Pee.
Day: Dry all day except for a big pee miss in the morning while I was folding laundry, and a miss with Daddy Man while I was at work.
Poop: Curses foiled again. Twice. One for me and one for Daddy Man!

Today, Mini Moose grabbed a babyd doll, hugged it, said “baybee” several times, and the brought it to me to show me. I stuffed it in the back of his shirt and he walked around with it for a minute and showed his sister he was “babywearing”. Of course, she had to get in on the act too.

Itty Bitty, by the way, has been working dilligently this past week teaching herself how to tie knots. She’s tried to do so before and has mangaged to accidentally tie knots in string, but lately she’s been able to duplicate it on purpose! She also has been showing off her new balancing ability. When she first started tennis lessons she couldn’t balance on one leg, but by the end of the 8 week program she was able to do so. Every opportunity she has to show off she says, “Look at what I can do!” I am also endlessly fascinated (and annoyed sometimes) at her song repetitions as she tries to remember lyrics or makes it up. Cute, yet it gets trying after the 100th repetition of the same phrase. She also acts out scenes she’s seen in cartoons (particularly My Little Pony) or makes up brand new stories and adventures more elaborate than ever before. Now that she can tie knots, the perils the toys get into are more complex!

Itty Bitty wasn’t supposed to play with her leap pad today because she played it a lot the past couple of days, but she was sitting on the floor with her arm around Mini Moose. She was asking him questions, having him point, and generally helping him play a game. My heart melted. I have the strangest inkling that she was making an extra effort to include her brother in order to get more game time. Yes, yes she loves her brother and loves to play with him anyway, but that doesn’t mean she wasn’t fully aware of the extra benefits of being particularly generous.

12/3 Tuesday Day 648

Night EC: 1 partial miss.
Day: Dry all day.
Poop: Stupid poop.

Daddy Man spent an hour on our mega set of lights trying to figure out why the ends wouldn’t light but the middle did. Turns out we had about 34 burn out bulbs! They don’t make them like they used to. I have 15 year old lights that have their original bulbs and this super duty string is only like three years old! It totally ran me out of my stash of replacements. It took so long to get the lights up that we decided to finish triminig it on Thursday since I have to work tomorrow.

Itty Bitty has also declared that she would like to have a dog for Christmas. In particular she wants a Rainbow dog. We don’t think we are ready for a dog yet. I’ve still got unpacking to do, Itty Bitty still hasn’t learned to stay out of our female cat’s personal space (she actually got a warning scratch tonight when she jumped over the cat across the couch), and we don’t think the cats are ready for another intruder. Well, I should say the female becasue our little male is more like a dog and he’d probably love it.

I am so sore from nursing. I really don’t like teething. I don’t. Nipple “saddle sore” isn’t fun.

12/4 Wednesday Say 649

Night EC: 2 catches
Day: Dry all day.
Poop: Darn it. A messy one too from all the clementines.

Itty Bitty put a toy wooden screwdriver on a high shelf for time out when her brother was chasing her with it and poking her. “No baby, that’s not how you play with that toy. It isn’t for poking. We have to put it in time out because you hurt me.” And wouldn’t you know, he let her do it!

Now if only they would learn how to resolve their differences when they fight over the same toy. I had to intervene today over a toy otoscope. Itty Bitty wasn’t playing with it, Mini Moose picked it up with a “ah hah!”, Itty Bitty then declared “she was going to play with it” and tried to trade. Mini Moose was not having any of that. I told her to let him be, and when he was done she could have it. She was mad, but that is okay. However, she decided she would “rawr” at him and get in his face. She effectively annoyed him and scared him enough that he was saying “hide hide” and was using a toy as a blocker until finally he threw the otoscope on the floor. I intervened then and said she couldn’t have it because forcing her brother to give it up out of sheer frustration was not the proper way to handle the situation, and she continued even after I told her to stop and he clearly wanted her to stop. She was displeased, but surprisingly didn’t argue about it!

Also of note, after the usual morning cartoons of about an hour and half, Itty Bitty turns the TV off herself and comes to play in the play room declaring, “That is enough TV. I can watch more tomorrow.” This doesn’t me she doesn’t complain or beg for TV in the evening, but it does demonstate that she is starting to learn to self-limit secure in the knowledge that “no more for now” doesn’t mean “no more ever.”

Mini Moose calls a telephone a “Hewwo” (Hello) — There is wallpaper in one of the rooms that has a cell phone on the boarder along with other things like shoes. He points to it and says it. I know he’s said “mahpho” before for “My Phone” — but I think he either has chosen another word to use or calls it something different based upon the situation. If it gets taken from him it is a “mahpho” if he is pointing to a picture it is a “hewwo”. How how fascinating the brain is!

Itty Bitty’s word and concept of the day is: “I have lots of collections.”

12/5 Thursday Day 650

Night EC: 2 catches
Day: Dry all day.
Poop: Missed it by “this much”

Upon waking this morning Itty Bitty told me she had a scary dream. She dreamed that she was touching puppets and they came alive and she got scare, but there was a piece of wood with nails in it so they couldn’t cross it. I also have extremely vivid dreams, and I lucid dream a lot. She hasn’t described a dream to me since she was around 2.5 and had those two separate “there is a squirrel in my bed” and “a rat bit me” middle of the night freak-outs. I now better understand why she still often whines in her sleep, tosses, and kicks. We still cosleep so it is easy to witness and soothe as needed.

Mini Moose busied himself with toys and picked up one of the baby dolls and babbled “baby baby baby”. He hugged it, kissed it, and then gave it ‘nugga nuggas” (it is supposed to be ugga mugga ala’ Mr. Roger’s Daniel Tiger).

12/6 Friday Day 651

Night EC: no pee!
Day: Dry all day.
Poop: Missed it. Caught it. Missed it. Within thirty minutes.

We had to take a treck to four different stores to find reasonably priced holiday outfits. I wanted green this year. Apparantly, I am a season off because we found tons of red, purple, blue, white, and gray. Green was nearly impossible! And to top it off, the selection for boys formal wear is abysmal. I had to tone done Itty Bitty’s dress selection from more formal to dressy casual in order to match the one acceptable outfit for her brother. Please people, can we have selection for the males other that drab drab drab depressionville?

Mini Moose enjoyed his back ride in the Mei Tai and even took a nap. He then got excited at seeing babies and kept pointing “babies!” Then he looked up and got excited at the decorations, “Bubballs!” (Everything round is still a bubble!) When we finally got home and the Littles were playing in the playroom, Mini Moose started experiment with the “L” sound making “lalalalala” noises to a random block he had in his hand.

12/7 Saturday Day 652

Night EC: 1 catch
Day: Dry all day; except for one late evening miss.
Poop: Missed it. So close!

So it snowed and we spent the morning outside. It took me fifteen minutes to find Itty Bitty’s new ski bib/jumper. Oh, how I hate winter! First thermals, then clothing, then socks, ski jumper, boots, outer coat, mittens, and hat. That was just Itty Bitty. I then had to repeat for Mini Moose who lookes rather fetching in plum! Itty Bitty’s hand me down snow gear fits him perfectly and there were times I looked at him and was a bit sad at how fast Itty BItty has grown! Her new boots are twice the size of the old ones. They built a snowman with Daddy Man before I could even get outside. I suffer in the cold so I need to layer myself up too! Alas, I have come to realize that I am no longer a medium! I couldn’t zip up my ski jumper and could barely bend in it. Oh, dear. Perhaps I should lay off the halloween candy?

Mini Moose is teething hardcore. Drooling, cranky, and trying to yank teeth out of his mouth. My breasts may not survive the onslaught of perma-latch.

12/8 Sunday Day 653

Night EC: 2 catch
Day: Dry all day.
Poop: No poop.

We went to take pictures with Santa today. We were going to go someplace else this year, but Itty Bitty remembers the ride-on train and really wanted to go to the usual mall that is near our old neighborhood.

Unfortunately, it is all new staff this year. And while the new arrangment and decorations are very nice, the young 20-something taking the pictures was…shall we say…inexperienced? Okay, let me be blunt here. He sucked. I was in the picture because Mini Moose didn’t want to sit on Santa’s lap without mommy (I expected this — Itty Bitty went through the same thing). He snapped four pictures in a row without using the birdy or making much effort to get the kids to look at him. And that’s all he took. The older guy would take 6 or 7 at least if he was having trouble getting the kids coordinated. How can you take a picture without making an attempt to at least get the four year old to look at you!? I was not pleased when I saw the previews. I asked them to do a few more and I look around and Daddy Man and Itty Bitty are gone! Just GrandMaMa was there. The two of them ran off to the train. He said she wanted to go and they just left. How about, “Let’s wait a few minutes for mommy?” or “We can go to the train, but we just need to wait a minute.” Sigh.

I took what they had because, of course, the staff weren’t communicating with each other and they had the next person up just as I was lifting Itty BItty over the gate. I gave up at that point. We got one okay picture for our cards. Really, it only took five minutes total. It wasn’t like it was the is big picture waiting thing. We were second in line!

12/9 Monday Day 654

Night EC: 1 catch
Day: Dry all day.
Poop: Missed it.

12/10 Tuesday Day 655

Night EC: 1 catch
Day: Dry all day, except for two morning misses.
Poop: Caught 1/4 of it. Mini Moose still signals during the act or immediately after.

Mini Moose and Itty Bitty have been spending more time playing cooperatively together. This has been giving me more time to bake a quick bread in the morning, or to just sit by myself to recharge for an hour. I’ve also been able to do a “sneak away” at night for two to three hours for the first half to go and spend some time with Daddy Man and watch a show on Netflix. That is, of course, if I don’t fall asleep first!

12/11 Wednesday Day 656

Night EC: 2 catch
Day: Dry all day except for three misses in the afternoon.
Poop: Missed it with Daddy Man; but he knew it was coming but missed it a second after his back was turned to clean up a cat mess.

First day of finals week. I’ve got most of the grades done though it was really tough to do during the day with the children. The moment I sit down to do something that takes intense concentration, House Armageddon begins. It is uncanny.

12/12 Thursday Day 657

Night EC: 1 catch, 1 miss
Day: Dry all day.
Poop: Three poops, missed all three!

Itty Bitty and Mini Moose continue to play together and fight together every day. The arguing and screetching is really grating on my already frazzled, stressed nerves. I am certainly not waking up in a good mood in the morning, not even when I have been getting a good four or five hour stretch at night more often. I’ve also been suffering from stress induced insomnia which is not the same thing as the regular, normal wakefulness I do get from time to time. The stress is exhausting me and keeping me awake. Not a good mood combo.

E. and the kids stopped by for a playdate and much needed social interaction. After they left, I finished putting up Christmas Lights and decorations to try and boost my happy meter.

12/13 Friday Day 658

Night EC: 1 catch
Day: Dry all day, except for two morning misses.
Poop: We caught that sucker 98%! It was a messy one too.

A big snow storm is coming. It is just as well since we haven’t gone anywhere anyway. It takes so long to get the kids dressed for snow play and it has been bitterly cold — okay for Itty Bitty, but really too cold for Mini Moose to be outside for too long.

I’ve been desparing over bills and the lack of funds I have for Holiday gifts this year. I had some of my birthday money squirreled away but that is all I can really spend for family. The jeep repairs have really put a cramp in my wallet. We are going on a surprise family vacation too and I will have no spending money.

Mini Moose Words of the Week:

Cup – Said once when Daddy Man asked him, “What do you want?” when he was whining and begging for something on the counter.
MoMo – “Animal” said in response to a Little Einsteins epsiode on TV.
Boat – Said once when seeing the object.
DeeDee – I suspect means TV because he only says it when he grabs the remote control

Favorite “Words”
Vroom Vroom – for a car; any car he sees whether that is his sister’s Matchbox cars, or pictures on Daddy Man’s Computer.
No – Isn’t that every toddler’s favorite word?
Nay Nay – For milk
Kitty – he seems to understand that they have names but calls them both Kitty
Hey! – When his sister takes something from him.
Aha! – When he finds something or takes something back from his sister.
Hep Me – “Help Me” may mean: Help me open this, help me close this, help me get up, help me get away from the tickle monster, help me hide, help me get that thing I can’t reach, help me get down, help me get up, help me get the ball that rolled under the loveseat again.
Hide Hide Shhhh – His favorite place to hide is under blankets and behind legs. The word is always double and accompanied by the Shhh sound. It seems that both Daddy Man and I do that when we are encouraging the children to hide and we never noticed that we say it twice before saying Shhh.

12/14 Saturday Day 659

Night EC: 1 catch
Day: Dry all day.
Poop: No poop.

A cousin of mine turned 50 today and I suddenly feel 40. Where did the time all go!?

We had a big dump of snow so even though we had to decline going to the adult only party we wouldn’t have been able to go anyway.

12/15 Sunday Day 660

Night EC: 2 catch
Day: Dry all day, except for 2 afternoon misses.
Poop: Missed it and it was Itty BItty who said, “My brother is stinky!”

12/16 Monday Day 661

Night EC: 2 catch
Day: Had a rough morning of three misses in a row, but then dry all day.
Poop: Missed it. Twice.

What a day. Tonight is my last class before break. I am going to miss the work distraction. I did get my appointments for next term but it was one short of what I really need to catch up with Jeep expenses. I know I can make some money writing, but it is so difficult with Mini Moose at this age and I am so rusty. It is one thing to write free style about anything I want, it is quite another to do an assignment that has rules. I’ll get there, but there is no cheering squad in my corning giving me encouragement and I am not really in a place where I am cheering for myself.

I feel bad because I can tell that my children are chaffing unde the weight of my stress.

12/17 Tuesday Day 662

Night EC: 1 catch
Day: Dry all day.
Poop: Missed 90% of it. But anything we catch is progress.

The weather has forced a cancellation at work, though I am not affected because my last class was last night. I’ve been number crunching and it seems like no matter what I do or how I cut back to nothing it won’t be until may that I can pay off the bulk of it and even then there will be some leftover. If I could just get one more appointment it would make all the difference! I have my fingers crossed, but the economny has not been kind to higher education.

12/18 Wednesday Day 663

Night EC: 1 catch, 1 miss
Day: Dry all day, except for two early morning misses.
Poop: Missed it. Twice. Again. Though Mini Moose did try his hardest to tell me.

I’ve been letting the little watch too much TV in the morning. I’ve been cooking quick bread in the morning, making pasta, and big pots of beans. I’m trying to stretch our food budget pretty thin as much as I can.

Itty Bitty had a fever develop tonight out of no where it seems. So close to the holidays too.

Don’t get me wrong. ALL of our bills are getting paid. My Jeep is just an added expense and my income the past three years has taken a nose dive so any unexpected snafu puts a monkey wrench in the works. I am hoping that in six months things will be back on an even keel and there will be some breathing room. There are plenty of people in serious financial crunch who can’t even afford food. Though this situation is stressful for me, I know that we are okay.

Honestly, I don’t know how people survive a financial crunch when they are paying for diapers, wipes, and formula!

12/19 Thursday Day 664

Night EC: 1 catch
Day: Dry all day.
Poop: Missed it.

Poor Itty Bitty woke up with her head hurting. Last night she seemed like she had been having trouble settling with a fever of 102 to 103 and was holding her head so I gave her a dose of Tylenol so she’d sleep comfortable. This morning she complained as soon as she sat up in bed. When I asked her where it was hurting she pointed to the crown of her heaid and said, “All around.” She whined a little too and seemed to want to cry. Her fever was also up around 102 or so. I gave her Ibuprofen and in about thirty minutes she was comfortable. We camped out in the TV room and watched a Scooby Doo marathon so she would keep still. When she felt so good she just wanted to run around with her brother and I didn’t want them interacting too much.

I had her nurse a bit too to add to the immune boosting, Daddy Man had gotten her orange juice too. She didn’t have much of an appetite (yesterday she was picking at her dinner) but ate some oatmeal and drank water though I had to remind her. As long as she is hydrating it should be okay and not warrant a call to the doctor. It seems like it is some random virus. Her only sypmtoms are common fever, headache, and lack of appetite.

Got our holiday postcards read to go out tomorrow morning..

12/20 Friday Day 665

Night EC: 1 catch
Day: Dry all day.
Poop: Caught 25% of it.

I didn’t sleep much last night as I was watching over Itty BItty. Itty Bitty’s fever seems to be down to around 99 to 100 today. Headache still there but not as bad so I didn’t give her tylenol until late afternoon when she started complaining again. Her appetite is still low, but she is still drinking. MIni Moose is showing no signs of illness but he is ansty and wants to play with his sister. I keep them apart as much as possible, but it is difficult especially when he keeps stealing her drink! He’s been of a difficult mood too. I think he misses interacting with his sister.

Itty Bitty had what we call “fluffy poop” after not going yesterday. Perhaps this mystery virus is a mild intestinal bug. I really am stumped. She hardly had an appetite today, but did want two helpings of eggs late morning and did eat some clementines. She didn’t have lunch and for dinner I made pasta and put some sauce I had made a few days ago that she particularly liked on it and I started eating it next to her. That piqued her interest and she wanted a bite. Once she had a bite she ate the whole bowl. Sneaky mommy.

12/21 Saturday Day 666

Night EC: 2 catch
Day: Dry all day.
Poop: Missed it twice.

Itty Bitty woke up with no fever this morning and a head of extra curly hair so she had a sweat last night. I was up a long time keeping an eye on her but exhaustion took over and I fell into a very deep, but fitful sleep. Not at all restful, but I was out pretty good. Itty Bitty’s appetite is still pretty low, but she is drinking and eating a little bit. Daddy Man bought her a chicken wrap sandwhich (her favorite) and she devoured it even though she said she wasn’t hungry.

No signs of illness from anyone esle thus far. We all may have escaped a Viral Round.

We had to decline a visit with Grandmama and UncleB because we were not sure if we were all still contagious. Late in the evening Itty Bitty’s fever came back and stayed around 100 to 101 through the evening and when we went to bed.


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