Month 25: Double Whammy – Day 729 to Day 754

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Houston: I see Chicken Pox!  Thanks for sharing Daddy Man!

2/22 Saturday (24 Months) Day 729
Night EC: No Pee at night. Big morning pee.
Day: Dry all day, no misses.
Poop: No poop.

Happy Second Birthday Mini Moose!
Due to the weather and such we just had a cake with Grandmama at the house and had a family celebration. We’ll have a party for him another time.
Daddy man has got a rash on his head and neck that is getting worse. We were thinking contact dermatitis from the new shampoo, but it also looks like eczema. If it isn’t better or gets any worse he’s going to have it looked at.

Mini Moose still isn’t taking himself to potty, he always asks for assistance (his prefereed method is the potty sign with the vocalization mAY mAY–it is quite high pitched and specific to the potty) or I just take him when my Peedar goes off. It isn’t that he can’t take himself, he just prefers assistance. He also prefers the big potty and doesn’t care for the little potty yet. He’ll also happily sit for a while and call me when he is done, or if he wants my company he’ll complain and insist I stay.

How many times does he pee in a day? I don’t know. He can go anywhere from 2-4 hours between pees depending.

2/23 Sunday Day 730
Night EC: No Pee. 6:00am pee.
Day: Dry.
Poop: Yikes. Catching some of it was better than nothing! Wow. Epic.

The kids and Daddy Man spend the day playing with the new car tracks that Daddy Man and Grandmama got Mini Moose for his birthday. He was so into it that I didn’t bother opening the magnetic puzzle I got him.

2/24 Monday Day 731
Night EC: No pee; just morning
Day: Dry.
Poop: Caught it! Yes!

Day 732
2/25 Tuesday
Night EC: 1 midnight pee, then none till morning.
Day: Dry.
Poop: 50/50 catch/miss

I noticed today that I no longer have that bodacious pregnancy rack. I think I’m now back to my original size, if a little bit more droopy. Hey, floppy boobs are working boobs and there ain’t nothing wrong with that!

Day 733
2/26 Wednesday
Night EC: No Pee, Morning pee only
Day: Dry.
Poop: Mini Moose give mommy more warning so we can catch it all!

Have I mentioned yet that Daddy Man’s mystery rash is actually shingles? I can’t remember if I did. Did I? Anyway, Daddy Man has a high pain tolerance so it never occurred to me to think it was shingles.

Yes, yes, you can catch Chicken Pox from someone with shingles. It is going to be a long March…

2/27 Thursday Day 734
Night EC: No Pee, Morning pee only
Day: Dry.
Poop: Bah humbug. Missed it again, well not all of it, some of it.

2/28 Friday Day 735
Night EC: No Pee at night, wake up pee.
Day: Dry.
Poop: caught it!

Our day to day business is just the same lately. Even now in the morning, mini moose will sit down at his sisters portable writing desk that she got for her birthday and bang on it demanding I put his breakfast on it. Ever since Grandmama got them yogurt at Disney he’s been all about yogurt so I’ve been buying full fat plain yogurt which works nicely for my baking as well. Every morning he asks for a banana while Itty Bitty asks for her usual apple. Then they will either have oatmeal or eggs and sometimes pancakes. Then Mini Moose may demand yogurt by pointing at the refrigerator and trying to say it, though it comes out sounding like DoeDoe rather than yogurt. Itty Bitty calls it “Oh-gert” which incidentally is the same thing she calls Ogres! Ogres and Yogurt. Who knew?

3/1 Saturday Day 736

Night EC: No Pee at night, 5:30 wake up pee (I started checking the clock to see what time he’s been having his wake up pee).
Day: Dry.
Poop: caught it!

Have I mentioned yet that Daddy Man doens’t have contact dermatitis or eczema? Oh, no. It is shingles. That means the kids have been exposed. I don’t hold out much hope that they won’t get it even if we do keep them separated as much as possible. Daddy Man opted for antivirals but declined pain killers. He said they seemed shocked that he didn’t want them since he was in pain. Daddy Man has a very high pain tolerance.

Anyway, I am glad the kids will get it now rather than later or have to decide whether or not to get a booster shot the rest of their lives. I am glad of it too, since I think a lot of shingles manifestations cropping up more often are due to not getting exposure to the wild virus. This is a boon to me since now I have been exposed and my immune system is …for a lack of a better word…recharged. Now we must wait.

3/2 Sunday Day 737
Night EC: No Pee! The early morning pee was big!
Day: 1 miss in the morning.
Poop: So close but we missed some of it.

Almost two weeks without my computer and a week after Itty Bitty wrecked the wireless on Daddy Man’s old Toshiba, but he managed to get my old Dell laptop running tonight so I could have wireless again while I’m waiting for my regular Asus laptop to come back from repair.. I can now stop plotting to ship my children to Antarctica. Thank you, honey. I know Dell sucks and their re-install process is ridiculous. My hero.

What did people do before Wireless!? I would read, but who can read when your spawn are crawling on you and calling you every five minutes? I can’t even read the instructions on a box of oatmeal once and have it process.

3/5 Wednesday Day 738
Night EC: 1 middle night pee, then Early morning pee only
Day: 2 miss in the morning. 1 in the afternoon. An off day!
Poop: Missed it. Well, not all of it. He always signals so we tend to usually catch part of it.

We are so ready for warm weather!

3/6 Thursday Day 739
Night EC: No night pee. Morning pee 5:00 or 5:30.
Day: Dry.
Poop: Miss. So close yet so far!

I am really starting to like this long stretch of sleep I’m getting and the “usually doesn’t ask to nurse in the wee hours” anymore. Sometimes he does which is fine. I am getting so much more sleep now I don’t really care! Don’t misunderstand, this is not a 8-12 hour sleep-a-thon, but a respectable and natural 4-6 hour stretch. We follow that with a quick wake up to re-cuddle or sometimes nurse, and then back to sleep. Not having to pee helps, though once in a great while if he’s had a lot to drink the day before he’ll need to have a pit stop.

What I’m not fond of are the death rolls before he initially falls asleep now. He doesn’t always let go nicely and sometimes ends up squishing my boob, then rolling back to relatch. Ow!

3/7 Friday Day 740
Night EC: No Pee! Another big morning pee.
Day: 2 miss in the afternoon
Poop: Caught it!

Trying to get work done when your Spawn are determined to argue over every toy and use their butts to push each other… Just sucks in so many ways I can’t count them.

I spy a mystery spot on Itty Bitty’s back. Oh…here it comes…

3/8 Saturday Day 741

Night EC: Usual 5:30AM pee
Day: Dry.
Poop: Usual 1/2 catch, 1/2 miss. Ad nauseum!

Chicken Pox Day 2: Well, right on cue. Itty Bitty has a blister on her back. Classic Chicken Pox presentation. I am calling this day two because I really think she presented on Thursday since I saw the first full blister yesterday. She’d felt warm in the morning yesterday, but a temperature didn’t register on the thermometer so I didn’t really think it was notable — and she had been running around playing like a headless robot. I had noticed a strange spot on her back yesterday, but it was just red and almost seemed to be not there. Today it was a clear blister. I don’t expect her to have a terrible case since Daddy Man can’t recall his previous bout with it at four was anything more than annoyingly itchy. My bout at age twenty-one wasn’t sunshine and rainbows, but I can’t say that it was a bad case. As a matter of fact, my dance with Poison Ivy was 100 times worse than my two step with adult chicken pox in both discomfort and skin coverage. Anyway, Daddy Man will bring home some calamine and I’ve already got oatmeal in the house for soothing baths.

3/9 Sunday Day 742
Night EC: Usual 5:30AM pee
Day: Dry.
Poop: Usual 1/2 catch, 1/2 miss. You know the drill people.

Chicken Pox Day 3: Daddy Man has been suffering with the zapping pain in his head, but it looks like Itty Bitty will have no problem weathering this. Her presentation is slow and is sporadic. She has maybe about 15-20 spots and this is day 3; occasionally she says see is itchy. I am assuming that she really started presenting on Thursday as she has a spot on her scalp that is father progressed than the one I saw on her back Friday. She’s always weathered illness better than the rest of us tending to recover faster and be far less plagued by symptoms to the point where you cannot always diagnose the bug! I had it when I was 21 and recovered as a child would have though I had a mild fever and malaise, so I’m confident I’m immune. Mini Moose may have some residual immunity or at the very least immune boost from nursing so we’ll see if he presents or not.

3/10 Monday Day 743
Night EC: Usual 5:30AM pee
Day: Dry.
Poop: Usual 1/2 catch, 1/2 miss. Blah blah.

Chicken Pox Day 4: Today is a big pox day. Lots of them are popping all over. No real big clusters, four of them are bigger than the rest. Two of them on her back, one under her arms, and one under her chin. Itty Bitty isn’t complaining much except when I put on the calamine, but I can tell she is more uncomfortable becaus she is much more subdued in behavior and short temepered.

Mini Moose has started telling me to leave the bathroom if he’s pooping by saying, “Go!” and if I ask him if he is doen he’ll say, “No,” cross his harms, and then show me the hand so that I go away. He has no desire to take himself to the bathroom, though he has all the skills. That’s okay. I don’t mind, and it is so cute when he dismisses me for privacy!

3/11 Tuesday Day 744

Night EC: Usual 5:30AM pee
Day: Missed two in the morning.
Poop: Usual 1/2 catch, 1/2 miss. Same old Same old!

Chicken Pox Day 5 — Poor Itty Bitty has them /everywhere/ including a few on the scalp and many in the most uncomfortable of places! Those in particular give her the most grief. She still has a lot of untouched skin real estate, but they are well distributed with the most concentrating on her butt and back and bits.

She was miserable last night because she refused to take the oatmeal bath I drew for her before I left the house for workd and left her with Daddy Man. By the time I got home the itching/burning was at unbearable levels. I even gave her oral medication to give her some relief because I knew it was bad (I gave her Ibuprofen, but really it should have been Tylenol as there seems to be some issue with masking of symptoms of secondary complications and it making such a problem worse. But because I don’t expect her to have a secondary issue, she had no fever, and it was one dose the chances of a negative even is exceedingly small). The medication did help after about 30 minutes, but it took a good three hours to get the discomfort under control again. I can tell just by her talkativity,. vocabulary choices, and mood when she’s better even if she still whines it itches and burns if I put calamine on it. I think she is experiencing acute skin sensitivity to cold and touch. She tossed and turned all night until 3 or 4 am before finally getting to sleep. She’s been excellent, I must say, about not scratching. She can’t help but drag her bottom on the bed now and then.

This morning she thought better about not taking a soak in the tub! After the oatmeal bath, I slathered her in calamine (of course even though I warmed it a bit and she didn’t complain, it got cold before I was done and she complained it burned then. She seems super sensitive to cold). I’ve done a test area today with vitamin E oil, and I am thinking that might help sooth her poor vulva and anus area.

I think yesterday was a peak day, so we should be on the down side. No new spots today, just really small ones from yesterday developing. The later ones are very small pimple dots compared to when the first ones appear. The vitamin E and coconut oil she found very soothing and it seemed to stop the genital itching on contact and prevented the skin from friction rubbing and sticking. Mini Moose is still insisting on getting some topical medications too. I’ve promised Itty Bitty that we would do some connect the dots with face paint crayons when her pox are healed and she is excited about that!

3/12 Wednesday Day 745

Night EC: Usual 5:30AM pee
Day: Missed 1 in the afternoon.
Poop: Usual 1/2 catch, 1/2 miss.

Chicken Pox Day 6: More of the pox are crusting over and no new ones appeared today. Definitely, the last ones that came out were very small and are scabbing over faster than the first ones did. Itty Bitty didn’t want a bath this morning and said she wasn’t that itchy. I did insist on coconut oil and vitamin E though on her bottom and bits because of the friction and I wanted to discourage any sort of itching there. I applied it three times throughout the day, but that is all the care she needed. They are both arguing normally and Itty Bitty is trying not to drag her butt on the carpet. She asked again today if they are ready to connect the dots!

I check Mini Moose every day and so far nothing. I noticed a few skin blemishes here and there that turn out to be nothing. Perhaps he had one or two that I missed, or is asymptomatic, or just didn’t get it. To celebrate, I made some chocolate brownie cookies. Easy and yummy!

3/13 Thursday Day 746

Night EC: Usual 5:30AM pee
Day: Missed one in the afternoon. It is cute when he brings me his wet pants and says, “Mama, heah.”
Poop: Usual 1/2 catch, 1/2 miss. Ad nauseum!

Chicken Pox Day 7: We played some recovery connect the dots and Itty Bitty was delighted! She asked for a blue lady bug on one cheek, a blue frog on the other, a flower, and a dragon fly. She wanted a butterfly but we ran out of face real estate!

So…while I was at work tonight… Itty Bitty decided to dive into a book from her bookshelf that she’s looked at the pictures before but didn’t really process (she was one or two when I got it…best to be prepared!), “It’s not the stork” .

She’s four and a half now and has a new awareness, and with that some anxiety over big questions like pain and death. I got home and Daddy Man says she was in a spiral of despair at the thought of getting older, having babies and it started with the thought that she had eggs and ended with why does she still have chicken pox on her body. He was rather distraught himself, “Oh what a literary masterpiece to have her start reading. Thank you very much.” he said. Hah!

Poor man. It doesn’t get any easier, honey, and the book does say ages four and up!

It took me a bit to calm her down and assure her that if she didn’t want babies she didn’t have to, but she couldn’t just get rid of her eggs right now. And, no, I couldn’t promise to help her stop growing up, but I could pretend that she’d be my four year old baby forever. And yes, the chicken pox would go away.

3/14 Friday Day 747
Night EC: Usual 5:30AM pee
Day: Dry.
Poop: 1/2 and 1/2

Chicken Pox Recovery: Itty Bitty has been great about not scratching, except her head. The scalp ones are so tempting under all that hair.

3/15 Saturday Day 748
Night EC: Usual 5:30AM pee
Day: Dry.
Poop: Usual 1/2 catch, 1/2 miss. I am sensing a trend.

Daddy Man took us out for breakfast to a new place and I ate the most delicate, delightful, delectable Bismark. Not at all cloyingly sweet and the cream on the top was perfect. I now need to make it my mission to try one of everything. Curse you, New Place, you are just too delicious.

3/16 Sunday Day 749
Night EC: Usual 5:30AM pee
Day: Dry.
Poop: No poop today. I fear…

3/17 Monday Day 750

Night EC: Usual 5:30AM pee
Day: Dry.
Poop: Usual 1/2 catch, 1/2 miss
Happy Ides of March! Think green and shamrocks, and welcome Spring! Finally! Winter be gone!

3/18 Tuesday Day 751

Night EC: Usual 5:30AM pee
Day: Dry.
Poop: Usual 1/2 catch, 1/2 miss

3/19 Wednesday 752

Night EC: Usual 5:30AM pee
Day: Dry.
Poop: Caught all of it! Yay!

That’s it. We are getting out of the house. Today! We are going to go see Frozen at our local theater since tomorrow is the last time they are showing it there.

No one but us was in the whole theatre other than senior citizens for the special, but they were in other theatres. We were there an hour early and the kids had a grand time running up and down the empty theatre rows and we spent a little time in the game area even though we didn’t have tokens. They enjoyed pretend driving. It was nice to have a change of scenery.

Matinee fee was still damn pricey, but an awesome movie; see it. On the downside, Itty Bitty spent an hour inconsolably crying because it is /over/ and we can’t see it again right now. *head wall; sigh of defeat*

3/20 Thursday Day 753

Night EC: Usual 5:30AM pee
Day: Dry.
Poop: Oh what a miss it was. Eww.

It snowed. Stupid winter.

3/21 Friday Day 754

Night EC: Usual 5:30AM pee
Day: Dry.
Poop: Caught most of it.


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