Month 26: Round Two – Day 755 to Day 786

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Chicken Pox

Mini Moose Chicken Pox

3/22 Saturday Day 755 (25 Months)
Night EC: Usual 5:30AM pee, plus a bonus pee at 2AM that missed the wee pad and since I was in a deep sleep, Mini Moose sat on my face with his wet pants to wake me up. Thanks Little Dude for the most memorable wake-up call ever.
Day: Dry
Poop: The usual 1/2 catch, 1/2 miss

We get to go to a party today for an old friend’s daughter’s fourth birthday. It will be a nice change to get out. We’ve been so cooped up all winter between the cold and plagues.

3/23 Sunday Day 756

Night EC: Usual 5:30AM pee
Day: 1 miss in the morning as I was cooking and he signaled me at the most inconvenient time.
Poop: And the prize goes to Daddy Man!

It’s so cold out again today. Daddy Man tried to make a run for sandbox supplies and someone pointed out a flat tire to him and he drove all the way back home without supplies so he was bummed. I went out for a grocery stocking trip. I had to go to two stores…the one closest to use is so much more expensive so I got their best sales and then moved on to another market. I was gone 2 1/2 hours and Daddy Man asked me if something went wrong when I was gone! The 30 minutes was drive time, and 30 minutes was total checkout time. Considering that you have to watch price specials, then compare unit price with regular, and search the store when they move things…I thought I did it in record time! I do a stocking trip about eveyr 6 weeks.

3/24 Monday Day 757

Night EC: Usual 5:30AM pee

Chicken Pox Round 2: Day 1
Yes, that’s right Mini Moose decided to manifest with the chicken pox late last night. Itty Bitty discovered some “mystery spots” on his back and declared, “He has Chicken Pox!” Dagnabbit. Why couldn’t they have it at the same time! I totally thought we were in the clear. I’d been checking for mystery spots on him every day since Daddy Man’s diagnosis and the one day I don’t look thinking we are in the clear, he develops spots. The Fates have a sense of humor for sure.

I wasn’t 100% sure he had the pox until a classic blister popped up on his head. Since he still doesn’t have a lot of hair, it is fairly easy to smooth your hand over his noggin and feel bumps. The ones on his back, don’t seem to be blistering classically, at least not yet. I’ll know for sure by the end of the day. He’s got a good cluster on his left side, a few on his back, one behind each hear, a few on his face, some on his belly, and three on his kibbles and bits. From experiments with Itty Bitty, I decided the first course of treatment for him is coconut oil and vitamin E since it seemed to give Itty Bitty instant relief. I’m hoping it will tame the erupting box so he won’t have such a miserable Day 3. So far, he seems totally oblivious, but they are popping out fast. I’m keeping him in long sleeved and long pants pajamas to deter scratching.

Itty Bitty’s scabs still look ugly. She is having a hard time not picking them. I don’t think they itch, but kids and picking scabs seem to go together like peanut butter and chocolate. On top of that, she peed herself pretty thoroughly before she woke up this morning. Girl has bladder of steel, but she slept in two hours later than normal. She came to me quite baffled as to how she woke up soaking wet, which tells me that she wasn’t even entertaining the idea that she had peed herself! She must have been in a real deep slumber. I can’t even recall the last time she accidentally peed the bed. Was she under 18 months? I’d have to go look at her blog. Aside from the occasional, “I waited to long damp underwear” incidences here and there that she takes care of herself, I also can’t remember the last time she had a full on accident. And on a grosser note, I brushed her hair today and had to pick scabs out of her hair. Eww.

3/25 Tuesday Day 758

Night EC: Usual 5:30AM pee
Day: 1 miss early afternoon.
Poop: None.

Chicken Pox Round 2: Day 2

Mini Moose seems to have sprouted all his pox at once unlike Itty Bitty who spread them out over 3-4 days. His are really concentrated on his head and face. Of note: A couple in his ear, three really close to the outside corner of his right eye, one right in the middle of his upper lip, and one on the bottom of his penis. He has none on his butt and only a handful at his groin area Still a lot of skil real estate, but he’s already showing signs of itch. Learning from Itty Bitty’s dance with the pox, I kept the bathroom warmer noting the cold sensitivity. He refuse a immersion bath, so I made an oatmeal goo infusion which was easier to apply. Then I slathered him in coconut oil mixed with vitamin E. So far it is giving the longest relief. Most of the pox aren’t showing the blistering yet, but the ones that are have rather small vesicles. That means they’ll crust over first. He has a couple of big onees but not as many as Itty Bitty had. His poor face and head. I run my hand over his head and I feel them and those are the ones he’ll start rubbing first. He’s been good thus far about not itching.

As the day progressed the pox got redder and more started turning into vesicles though there are still many flat ones. Every 3-4 hours I repeate the coconut oil and vitamin E slather and I concentrate the oatmeal goo on his head and one area on his torso that has a cluster crop. The itchiness returns more quickly after each application. He has developed head rubbing like a cat against you as a way to “cheat” and scratch without using his hands which I deter him from. He still doesn’t want an immersion bath but before bed I did a while body oatmeal goop application. He is crabby and clingly. He is also obsessed with Daddy Man. If he’s not on the boob; he is seeking him out. He’s been playing, eating, and drinking normally. In fact, he has been insisting on eating yogurt — he goes to the fridge, points, and makes his vocalization for it. I didn’t take his temperature, but now and then he seems warm and then back to normal. Itty Bitty showed the same pattern. He does want to nurse like a newborn and I’m quite sore, yet when he nurses it is easier for him not to itch. I’m quite tired as I worked last night, and after I got home I didn’t sleep much last night…pox monitoring…and not getting to sleep until 3:30am.

It smells like a coconut factory up in here!

3/26 Wednesday Day 759

Night EC: Usual 5:30AM pee
Day: Dry
Poop: Catch

Chicken Pox Round 2: Day 3

My poor Mini Moose tossed and turned all night long. He was rubbing his head on the pillow, on the bed, and on me. He kept rolling over to itch his body. It was like watching a puppy roll around on a carpet to get a good scratch on. The regimine of oil and oatmeal is wearing off fast. I had to bring out the big guns and put calamine lotion on his scalp. It is very drying and takes a while to dry so I mixed it with aloe, but it did give him more head relief and it cooled off the heat. The scalp has so many blood vessels it just is worse. I remember the ones on my head when I got it, and it always felt like my head was four times as warm as the rest of me. Around 1:00AM Daddy Man and I noticed his eye was red and irritated. I assume it is from itching but we’ll keep an eye on it. He has erupted no new red areas and see no pox on his eye lids or in his eye anywhere. I squirted some breastmilk in it (Daddy Man thought I’d lost it I think. He was like, “You are going to do what?” Should I tell him that I swallowed some whole pieces of raw placenta for hormonal balance and shorter lochia after both births, or should I save that for a special occasion?) Anyway, Itty Bitty slept through all of this even in the same bed (I kid you not). Daddy Man went to sleep around 2AM and Mini Moose and I were doing the dance until around 6:00am when I at some point fell into a drooly sleep for 30 minutes and woke up thinking I was in a different room. Sleep deprivation plays tricks on you! We were first up and I had prepped the bathroom to be very warm…like 75-80 degrees then I drew a warm bath (warmer than tepid but not hot) with oatmeal. I plunked Mini Moose and his angry red blistering pox in it and he cried and wailed, “No No hep me hep me!” for about thirty seconds and then…stopped. I imagine it was the result of relief! He then played for 30 minutes.

His eye was still red and hand a little sleepy goop (not clear, a little tan) that I remeoved with a warm cloth. The redness on the left of the sclera was better but was worse in the corner part. I am not sure if it is irritation from itching, or beginning of conjunctivitis, or from the chicken pox. I have been inspecting it periodically, keeping it clean, and putting in a couple drops of breastmilk in it. After his bath he was the happiest he’s been in about 12 hours. I slathered him in coconut oil and vitamin E, and put extra oatmeal goop and the calamine/aloe mix on his scalp.

After a body inspection, a lot of his smallest pimple-sized pox are already crusting. The next size up have all blistered and some are beginning to show signs of crusting soon. His biggest ones are the slowest to start the process. He also has a few that are still red and don’t seem to be blistering but are staying the red, flat spots. Could that be due to all the coconut oil and vitamin E oil!? I put the most E concentration on his face, and that’s where the most of those flat ones are. He seems to have a low grade fever of 99 to 99.5 or so. He seems unbothered by it, but is extra clingy today. So clingy that I couldn’t put him down and he asked to be worn on my back while I cooked brunch (I made shakshuka–eggs poached in tomatoes) and lunch/dinner (blackeyed peas, ground beef, corn, and leftever tomato base from the shakshuka).

Last night seems to have been his peak day and since he is having so much relief today, I think he is going to recover faster than Itty Bitty. His eye isn’t getting any worse, though I did see a really teeny, tiny bump on the bottom of his upper eye lid. Now and then he gets a little bit of eye goop in the corner, but it isn’t discolored or green. Is it a pox or a sty? Anyway, I continue to care for it. I called and left a message with the pediatrician to ask if there was anything more I could do or what to look out for if a problem was to develop. We are definitely on the tail end now.

Itty Bitty’s scabs are almost all gone now too. The biggest ones she had are now the only ones that still have scabs. She’s picked a few off, but I’ve insisted she wear clothes so it helps. You can see the marks where they were, but they should fade and we’ll be applying some aloe to help healing.

Daddy Man came home…with the sniffles.
Daddy Man took a very long nap.
Mommy hasn’t slept in two days.

To sooth my ire and celebrate I made homemade brownies.

3/27 Thursday Day 760

Night EC: Usual 5:30AM pee
Day: 1 miss in the afternoon, 1 miss in the evening while I was at work.
Poop: Yeah we caught that bad boy! Epic deployement!

Chicken Pox Round 2: Day 4 Last night was a far better night. There was some tossing and turning, but mostly sleeping. Mini Moose’s eye looked better with a little redness in the inside corner and by afternoon was cleared up. Was it breastmilk application or just irritation? Hard to say. It didn’t hurt to do it, so it is all good. The pox are almost all scabbed over now with maybe a few here and there that don’t appear to be going through the blister stage (two in particular on his face). They seem to be going direct to scab. Could that be all the coconut oil and vitamin E? A lot of Mini Moose’s pox were relatively small with the biggest onces conentrated on his scalp. Now that they are scabbing I can see three each in the cartilage inside the top of his ear. That explains him palm itching his ears a lot! I’m glad I put oil in them even though I didn’t see anything. there were other places I didn’t even see pox until they crusted over like on his foreskin, I though there were only two, but there are two other ones that are now scabbed.

Mini Moose was in good spirits with very little itching. He and Itty Bitty were their usual bickering selves. Mini Moose still wanted to nurse a lot and was very tired. I even managed to get in a nap with him because I am exhausted! Itty Bitty at some point joined us on the cuddler loveseat because when I woke up she was dozing next to us.

I was a little worried yesterday that Mini Moose would be having three days of peak misery, but it appears to be that he’s recovering in record time.

Oh, the pediatrician’s office called at 8:00pm while I was at work! Really. And they went through the whole blah blah it has to run its course spiel. Honestly, that isn’t what I was calling about. I was just curious about what I should do about his eye IF it got worse or was causing discomfort more than what I was doing.

3/28 Friday Day 761

Night EC: The pattern stays. 5 to 5:30AM pee
Day: Dry pants again!
Poop: We caught most of it. We persevere.

Chicken Pox Round 2: Day 5 Some of Mini Moose’s scabs are already starting to fall off (the tiniest ones)! He is having a hard time not picking so I have to keep him in a long sleeve shirt, but not long pants since he didn’t get many on his legs. Please, let this be the end of the plagues for now! I need some sleep.

Some people might wonder why I am not concerned about the poop misses. Why worry about something so insignificant? Our pee catch rate is 99%, and once a day I have to clean up half a poop. It isn’t even smeared anywhere usually because the trainers droop away from his body, and he tells me about it even though not in enough time to catch all of it. Overall, even if we miss the poop, the clean up is still done before most people can get the snaps undone on their diapered baby’s pants. No opportunity for a rash either. I wouldn’t do anything different. Things will move forward. Mini Moose tends to do things “bam overnight” whereas Itty bitty was a more “step by step” process.

3/29 Saturday Day 762

Night EC: Two catches. He had a lot of water today.
Day: 2 misses.
Poop: Eww. ’nuff said.

Chicken Pox Recovery: I am amazed at how fast the blisters are healing. I am wondering if that was due to starting the coconut oil and vitamin E rub right away? He points to them and says “Boo Boo” and the oldest ones on his head msut itch as the scabs pull to fall off, but other than that he’s fine. He’s all spotty and it looks obvous on his face. Like his sister he askes to be drawn on with the face paint pencils. I’ve had quite a bit of fun drawing pacman chomping power pellets! Itty Bitty has only a few scabs on her body left. The places where they fell off are obvious, but I am confident they will fade away completely except maybe the two where she picked scabs that weren’t ready to fall off. I gave her a good hair brushing then a gentle wash with water today now that most of her head scabs are gone. Mini Moose’s head is still all bumpy when I pet his head! He doesn’t have much hair, but it is enough to obscure them. He’s itched his ears and the scabs are off in the couple of places they were with no adverse effects. It’s just been so good to not be sick, Daddy Man took us out for breakfast at the yummy donut place that has the delicious breakfast sandwiches.

Mini Moose has really stepped up his understanding of language. He knows rooms and can be given two or three step instructions for certain things. He takes initiative for tasks like emptying the utensil drawer of the dishwasher, feeding the cats dry food, stealing bananas, and if I am closing my eyes and feigning sleep he will lift the covers up to my chin, pat me, make shushing noises, and kiss me. It is very cute.

Mini Moose Words:
Bahtee — Button! (it took forevere to figure this out since it is ot just buttons on shirts but buttons to press!)
Wait! — Said when you walk to far ahead of him or about to confiscate a projectile.
What!? — We must say this a lot because he has our intonation.
I’m Ready! — Daddy Man has heard this several times before
Ahm Fine! — Answer when you ask, “Are you okay?” (I suspect he learned this first from his sister who announces it when she falls down or has a potential for injury)
Eddy Se Go! — Ready Set Go!
Rokkee — Rocket (for when he wants to watch Little Einsteins)
Bast Oh! — Blast off! (related to Little Einsteins)
BoBoBo — Bo on the Go (for when he wants to watch Bo on the Go)
Opopo — Oso (for when he wants to watch Agent Oso)
MauMau — is still Mickey Mouse
EyeNoNo — Response when he is asked where someone or something is
More Water — He says “more” with a high pitch and makes the baby sign for more simultaneously; this is specifically for wanting a drink of water

Mini Mose tries to sing songs and mimics what he can, says one or two words he knows, and copies dances that goes with them. Maybe it is time to get back to singing Itys bitsy spdier?

Itty Bitty Notables:
She has been wanting to expand her vocabulary and constantly (and I do mean constantly) asks questions about words I say and what they mean. She inquires about a wide variety of subjects such as “What happens when you itch?” or “Do people eat these?” (as she shows me snot on her finger).

Was I this gross as a four year old?

3/29 Sunday Day 763

Night EC: Crack of dawn pee. Thankfully we just go back to sleep.
Day: Dry all day, one miss in the evening.
Poop: 50/50

Even though spring is here it is still quite cold. The ground is very muddy from all the melt off. The kids got to run around in their rainboots, but was cold enough that it caused runny noses.

3/30 Sunday Day 764

Night EC: Dry all night and the usual early morning pee and back to sleep.
Day: Dry all day.
Poop: Caught it!

Mini Moose actually manage to potty sign request with plenty of time to get to the toilet before some of it ended up in his pants! Woo hoo! We spent the day at the children’s museum today and the kids had a blast. Mini Moose got so tired that i had to take him to a quiet area to nurse and to have a 1:30pm nap! He slept for about an hour on my chest while Daddy Man, Itty Bitty, and GMa amused themselves elsewhere. Itty Bitty remembered some of the rooms from the previous year. She was so excited that she didn’t know where to look.

Unfortunately, I failed to warn Itty Bitty when we were leaving soon because I was preoccupied and groggy from my little nap (yeah, I fell into a quick cat nap as I was relclining on a padded bench with Mini Moose). This resulted in a HUGE meltdown. Daddy Man had to carry Itty Bitty out. It wasn’t until we got to the car and were on the road that I was able to decipher the unintelligable babble. She was dissapointed that she didn’t get to make it all the way to the top of the climber. She made it 3/4 of the way while Mini Moose was napping and then had to have a potty break, played in another area with GMa, and apparantly never made her personal goal. Had I known that’s all she wanted it would have been fine! Unfortunately, in meltdown mode it was impossible to calm her down enough to get the details. It took me a good ten minutes to get her in the carseat, another ten minutes to get her strapped in, and she screamed and skreetched at least fifteen minutes before she was worn out enough to speak in a voice that was understood. Five mintues after that she fell asleep!

3/30 Monday Day 765

Night EC: Dry all night and the usual early morning pee and back to sleep.
Day: Dry all day.
Poop: Missed part of it.

4/1 Tuesday Day 766

Night EC: Dry all night and the usual early morning pee and back to sleep.
Day: Dry all day.
Poop: 50/50

Can it be April already? Where did the time go? I still haven’t decided when to have Mini Moose’s birthday party. Daddy Man is on a second round of his anti-virals since he seems to be developing a couple of new blisters in the same area. We need to wait until he is all better before we can be comfortable around people who haven’t had the chicken pox. Sorry Mini Moose…I promise we’ll get to it! We can’t even take half-year picturs until faces aren’t looking like a game of Go.

4/2 Wednesday Day 767

Night EC: Dry all night and the usual early morning pee and back to sleep.
Day: Dry all day.
Poop: Missed half of it.

It was nice enough out that I managed to get some raking done while the kids played in the driveway. Mini Moose played almost exclusively with the toy lawn mower. Itty Bitty insists on using the little trike but she really is too tall for it now. When Daddy Man got home Itty Bitty ran him ragged by challening him to races. He actually had to put in some effort! Itty Bitty was complaining that her throat hurt today. I hope Daddy Man didn’t pass on the sniffle he’s had.

4/3 Thursday Day 768

Night EC: Ad Nauseum. I’m not complaining 🙂
Day: 3 misses. Off Day!
Poop: Missed it.

Itty Bitty went to bed feeling a bit warm and woke up with a 102F fever. She also complained of her legs hurting, but I am 99.9% sure that was due to the crazy running and bike riding she did yesterday outside. She even has saddle sore! Her nose is stuff and she has little appetite. Will this sick curse never end! She wanted eggs for breakfast, but that was mostly all she ate all day. She was holding on to an apple and wouldn’t put it down. Yes, she held an apple in her hand all day! She said her stomach hurt when I asked, but otherwise didn’t complain much. I made sure she stayed well hydrated and Daddy Man brought her some apple juice when he got home from work. Around 4pm, though she wasn’t complaining and her fever was steady at 101, I gave her a dose of tylenol for the body aches and any other pain. I had to go to work and I wanted to be sure she was all set for Daddy Man to take over care. After about thirty mintues, she ate the apple and decided she wanted something else to eat.

4/4 Friday Day 769

Night EC: One early morning pee then back to slumber.
Day: 1 miss.
Poop: Missed part of it, but a good portion was put into the toilet. Yay!

When I got home last night Itty Bitty’s fever was around 99-100F. Sometime in the night it broke compeltely and she woke up with a mass of head curls from the sweat. Of course, now it will be a good 7-10 days before I am sure neither I nor Mini Moose catch this 24 hour nuisance.

4/5 Saturday Day 770

Night EC: Wake up pee.
Day: Dry all day.
Poop: Caught it! Snoopy Dance Yeah!

Happy 25th Birthday to my Little Brother! I don’t have much extra income to spend, but I sent him a Dunkin Donuts gift card and he was much pleased.

I am so sleepy. I don’t usually do much sleeping if the kids are sick. It is different than the normal sleeplessness because even when I am sleeping it is not restful because I just wake after every sleep cycle to check on the kids. Itty Bitty is outgrowing underwear so when we went out with Daddy Man for errands I got a pack two sizes larger than she needs so she can grow into them (boy short style works really well for going bigger sizes). Mini Moose is staying pee dry day and night 95% of the time so I decided to get him some regular underwear for when I finally put away the trainers for good in the next few months. Not tighty whities and not boxers — the style in between. I was loathe to buy the one with the drab colors and car them, but it was the cheapest in his size. Ugh. Drab drab drab. Manufacturers need to get with the program. Either your drowning in cars or drowning in pink flowers! Luckily there were some solids and stripes in the pack so I didn’t totally hate it. Some of the training pants Mini Moose are using are 4 years old now and are wearing thin and getting holes. I can’t complain since they lasted through two children and have been washed countless times.

Daddy Man started building a sandbox today to replace the one we had to leave behind. Itty Bitty is very excited and she and Mini Moose were busy “helping” to dig.

4/6 Sunday Day 771

Night EC: Wake up pee.
Day: Dry all day.
Poop: Missed part of it as usual.

Daddy Man grilled today for a visit from GMa, his brother B and B’s steady girl S. They’ve been together for years. It was a pretty nice day. Daddy Man helped clean up and he once said, “I just clean that! Doesn’t anything stay clean for more than ten minutes!?” No, Daddy Man, nothing does! Welcome to my universe of repetative drudgery!

4/7 Monday Day 772

Night EC: Wake up pee.
Day: Dry all day.
Poop: Caught it!

Tried to vanqish the laundry beast today. I managed to lop off one head, but then I grew tired of the fight and left the head unresolved.

4/8 Tuesday Day 773

Night EC: Two catches.
Day: 4 misses. A really off day today.
Poop: 50/50

For a treat, I baked some bacon in the oven and we had bacon with our eggs this morning. Later, for lunch, I tried to make homemade Puri/Poori today. They came out really good, but ended up being fried flat bread. Oops! It was probably because I used a shallow pan and not a lot of oil so it didnt’ have enough room to puff up.

4/9 Wednesday Day 774

Night EC: One catch around 2am, then the usual morning pee.
Day: 5 misses. Yeah, we were really off our game. Funny thing is, the catch rate was still 50%
Poop: None. The farting though has been FOUL.

A pretty meh day. Since the puri/poori I made yesterday didn’t do what I wanted, though they were good, I decided to try roti. I made two different batches. The first batch didn’t puff up at all. I’d made them with all purpose flour so I figured that was the problem. Don’t get me wrong, they were tastey! Just not quite right. I made a smaller batch with white whole wheat flour and only 1 fully puffed, one partly puffed, and the other two ended up flat and overdone. Ate them anyway!

Fter work, Daddy Man put down landscaping fabric and the next tier of lumber down in the new sandbox. It was still quit nippy out and as the sun went down it got really frigid, but as the kids were stick hunting I spied new green grass just starting to grow.

4/10 Thursday Day 775

Night EC: One catch around 2am, then the usual morning pee. Looks like the night pee pattern is back. Aww bummer.
Day: 2 misses.
Poop: Caught 75% of it!

This is how poop goes for mommy: Mini Moose comes up with the potty sign and saying, “mAY mAY” in a high pitch. I say, “Potty quick! Go go!” And we RUN to the bathroom. He point to the big toilet, I put the seat on, I carefully drop his pants that usually has a poo ball in it (sometimes I have to clean him first), and I then plunk him down on the toilet with insert. Now he has started to point to the door and “shoo” me out! He finishes, gets down, and comes to find me saying, “Poop poop! Ahwl Dahn!”

Poop for DaddyMan: Daddy’s poopdar goes off. Mini Moose has become still and has a face. Daddy sqeals, “WAIT waiiiiiiiiit!” Picks up boy and runs him to the toilet. Their full poop-catch rate is quite high! Way to go on the poop-dar DaddyMan. Mommy’s pee-dar is much better though.

4/11 Friday Day 776

Night EC: One catch at 2am, on at round 6am. No…not another developmental spurt…nooooo!
Day: No misses. Dry trend has returned I hope.
Poop: Caught all of it! Woo hoo!

4/12 Saturday Day 777

Night EC: One catch at 2am, on at round 6am. Again.
Day: 2 misses in the morning, then back on track.
Poop: Caught 90% It was a doozy.

Mini Moose is being a bear. Yeah, this is a spurt. A little growth but a whole lot of brain. And, it appears that Itty Bitty is going through some mental rewiring judging from the rapid fire questions and…just a feeling I have…her face is just starting to look different again. Excuse me a moment while I weep a little.

4/13 Saturday Day 778

Night EC: One catch at 2am, on at round 6am.
Day: No misses.
Poop: Caught most of it.

Had a pool party to go to four our friend E. and her 5 year old DD A. Itty Bitty had a great time swimming around with a kickboard with her DaddyMan and I had Mini Moose helping him to get acclimated and not cling to me like he was going to perish at any moment. He didn’t cry, was just clung on me like velcro. After about 15 minutes of walking around in the water, he discovered that he was safe and that water was fun and he started kicking his legs and grabbing for floaty toys (mostly the balls). I hope the kids become good swimmers. I myself can’t swim and I have developed a growing fear of water that worries me.

4/14 Monday Day 779

Night EC: One catch at 2am, on at round 6am.
Day: No misses.
Poop: Caught most of it.

4/15 Tuesday Day 780

Night EC: One catch at 2am, on at around 6am.
Day: No misses.
Poop: Daddy man reports he caught ALL of it!

Leaves. Why am I STILL raking leaves!?

4/16 Wednesday Day 781

Night EC: One catch at 2am, on at around 6am.
Day: No misses.
Poop: Catch about 90% today.

Man. I may not survive this mental spurt. Mini Moose is kicking, throwing toys, hitting his sister, trying to sit on his sister, being reckless, and moody. Itty Bitty is just a non-stop question machine. And she IS outgrowing her pants. I KNEW it! Mini Moose has been wanting to have that night nurse again. I oblige but his latch is funky when he’s not getting let down as he tries to make it work faster. And he knows to switch sides to get letdown so…we are having little tiffs over the fact that I don’t want to switch sides! Sometimes he gets his way and sometimes I get mine so…it evens out in the end.

4/17 Thursday Day 782

Night EC: One catch at 2am, on at round 6am. I want the no pee at night back…
Day: No misses.
Poop: About 50/50.

4/18 Friday Day 783

Night EC: One catch at 2am, on at around 6am.
Day: 1 miss.
Poop: 75% catch

4/19 Saturday Day 784

Night EC: One catch at 2am, one at around 6am.
Day: 1 miss.
Poop: 75% catch

We paid a visit to the Easter Bunny for our annual spring photos. And then, so, like I brought in my car to have the tire remounted and it turned into a, “Oh, hey, you need a new hose for your power steering because it is leaking and the connection junction on your rear break thingamadoo is practically rusting off so that needs replacing ASAP.”

Sigh. That sounds like a $500 chaching to me. And just when the budget was looking good!

4/20 Sunday Day 785

Night EC: One catch at 2am, one at around 6am.
Day: No misses.
Poop: 100% catch

Well, I got both the kids outfits for Easter for $15 total which is good considereing the jeep is eating my cash again! We attended an annual free easter egg hunt at a nearby nursery. This year they had the hunt every half and hour because last year they said they had over 300 children and their parents and it was chaos having it every two hours. It was much more calm this year! We will be giving them our business when we get a chance to buy landscaping plants for the new house. Just can’t fit it in the budget this year.

4/21 Monday Day 786

Night EC: Same. 2am and 6am thereaobouts
Day: No misses.
Poop: miss


4 thoughts on “Month 26: Round Two – Day 755 to Day 786

  1. hi , how did you make the oatmeal cream for bath? after 4 mos. of pottying him at night, he pees once now between 23:45 and 12:15. and one between 5:45 and 6:15. it started last monday night when we tried (my hubby’s idea) to put him back in his crib. after he peed (which i missed of course) he wanted to sleep beside me. he gave up night nursing and peeing just to sleep beside mama.

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