Month 7: Holding Power – Day 182

Compare to Sister’s Blog:  Month 7:  Pulling Up and Solids

8/23 Day 182 R:  Day 2 of our trip and Mini Moose is officially 6 months old and we begin our journey into the 7th month.   He is already trying to pull up to stand and does a downward dog yoga pose that baffles me!    I could start Baby Led Solids now, but I figured I’d hold off just a little bit until he is a stronger, expert sitter.  He does great, but if he gets excited he throws up his hands and falls over.  He still refuses to be laid down or set on his belly.  He sits and only bellys when he is locomoting and then sits.    His palmer grasp is near perfect and I can see his pincer grip in its early stages.  I’ll start him on whole apple like Itty Bitty in the next week or two and evaluate his ability, I don’t expect he’ll do more than lick and chase it on the floor like his sister and leave it for me to eat.

We spent today at the pool.  I was really tired and Mini Moose slept most of the afternoon, and Daddy Man and Grandma were run ragged by nearly three year old Itty Bitty yesterday.    They spent nearly the whole day in the pool as I sat in the shade, and then later the three of them when to go play Mini Golf.    In hindsight, I should have one back to the room and taken a proper nap, but I felt like I didn’t want to waste the day inside when it was so nice out — not too hot!     There was facepainting for the kids in front of our room and Itty Bitty managed to charm two face butterflies out of the clown.  She is such a flirt.     She knew exactly what she wanted and wasn’t interested in any other face decoration.  Butterfly on the cheek or nothing.      She’s seen the pictures from last fall when they had face painting and I guess wanted  to recreate.     She was really beat from the pool and kept wanting to go back.  No nap for Destructo Girl.    She was so tired she fell asleep at the table in our room…while chewing…just after insisting she wasn’t tired.

Mini Moose and I had only one miss all afternoon.     I’d like to say it was my “mad EC skillz yo”, but I can’t.    Mini Moose has had a bladder spurt and can not only hold more but can hold it longer so any failings on my part are getting compensated by his maturity and strength.   If he can wait he’ll wait, if he can’t it is usually a big soaker.  Even when he is in position I can feel him more efficiently emtpy his bladder by contracting his muscles.  It’s not that he couldn’t do that before, it is just that now he is more skilled.

Like I said, the ability to sit and all that ab strength seems to be a part of or just coincides with the growth spurt and development of the bladder and sphincter.    We still have floor misses, but because he is sitting it isn’t little piddles of pee he can’t help from the pressure, but it is a flood of pee because I wasn’t paying attention to how long it had been!      He can go up to two hours now without eliminating (3 if he is sleeping), but it seems to be about an hour to an  hour and half on average — though to be honest I don’t clock watch.

G-Ma volunteered to watch the kids while Daddy Man and I went out for an hour date.     I left 4oz of pumped milk just for the occasion.  We went for a walk, and ordered appetizers, dessert and a drink.   It was nice to have a cocktail and to be alone with Daddy Man.   Of course that was the end of our miss-free evening and we missed a poo, but that’s okay!

Today was an 90:10 day!   We don’t have too may of those.


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