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Month 12: Walking Strong, Growing Fast – Day 334 to Day 364

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Scientific Experiments

Scientific Experiments

1/22  Day 334 T:  Mini Moose is 11 months old!     He weighs 20lbs now and is  inches.    My baby boy!

Two for two last night!     One of those was a mutual potty break in the bathroom for both of us.    That’s where our briliant EC morning ended.  It was bitter cold, but I had to go to work to pick up paperwork.   I admit I got sidetracked and totally spaced and forgot to take Mini Moose to go potty before we left the building (sometimes I get so busy I forget to take myself to pee).  He had been dry, but by the time we got home the poor thing was soaking wet.

Once we got resettled at home, right back into training pants and we were on track for the rest of the day even getting a small poop.   Though, I was a little miffed that it was a small poop!   That means I have to be on alert for the Big Papa that I KNOW is still hiding in there somewhere.  The moment I turn my head I know it is going to appear.

Mini Moose is walking a lot.  Today he spent most of his time on two legs rather than crawling on all four.    My pride is swelling, yet my Mommy Heart is breaking.      You understand I’m sure.

I don’t know if I’ve mentioned but I have solved part of my “Toy Blackhole” problem.    I took a piece of thick poster board (the kind with like a foam sandwiched between poster paper) and cut it to fit underneath our TV unit like a kick plate.   Voila!   No more toys sucked underneath it.      I then stuffed a rolled up thin fleece blanket under the hold under the toy box and that solved that Bermuda Triangle of toys.    I am going to need to find a solution for under the couch and a few other furniture gaps.  I did mention this right?   I have the strangest feeling that I did…

This is one thing NO ONE ever mentions about having little children.  When you buy furniture and you know you are going to start a family buy that $hite so that it is flush to the floor.   Seriously.  If it is flush to the floor no toys can disappear under it and you don’t have to clean under it.   Win Win!    That same goes for the couch.   Yeah, our recliner couch is awesome.   For reclining.   Not so awesome for when it eats toys and sucks them underneath to swirl in the whirlpool of crumbs, dust, and fur even if you cleaned under it yesterday.     You want the boring couch.  The one that is flush to the floor with cushions that come off so you can easily vacuum under them, wash them, and find that missing puzzle piece, Leggo, block, or what have you.    Save the fancy couch for when the toys have a lot fewer pieces.

1/23  Day 335  W:    Story time!     Man it was cold out and I had to fill up my tires before we left because two were very low again.      Daddy Man was home today becaue he is taking a night shift at work for the next three weeks to get a project done on deadline, so I had him help me by having him fill the tires while I got the kids layered and packed in.   I hate winter.   It takes thirty minutes just to get dressed.

EC last night, by the way was all misses except for one. It was three or four misses, but I can’t remember exactly.      Then we missed again at story time when we arrived, and then again just before we left.    We blew through 3 training pants at home before we had some steady catches.   Daddy Man took Itty Bitty to the kid’s gym to let he blow off some steam and Mini Moose and I caught some Z’s and had some good potty catches.  Missed the poop.  Or, I mean to say, TWO poops.    Messy messy messy.      I still haven’t gotten a chance to buy bananas though Daddy Man said he’d pick up some apples for Itty Bitty tomorrow because the girl seems to be lost without apples.  LOL

Tomorrow is my first day with a new group at work and I’m nervous and it is a different location and I hate driving a new route in the dark.    But since Daddy Man will go to work especially late after I get home it will allow me to leave a little earlier than usual so that I have extra time to get settled.

1/24  Day 336 Th:    Okay.  Wow.    What a day!

It started off fine.   I got a little miffed that Daddy Man wanted to sleep until 10 because he worked late, but when I work late (same hours) I get up at 7 or 8 with the baby.    Don’t you just want to smack your spouse with a pillow sometimes?    Or is that just me?

Night EC was quite successful with only one miss and two catches.  The day was pretty good.  We were in training pants all afternoon with success with pees until the leaky poops.   I haven’t been diligent with giving Mini Moose a daily half banana or much in the way of solids other than a few nibblers here and there and this week I’ve been especially lax and have been rewarded with gigantic breastmilk poops that flow out both sides of the flat (when he’s not in trainers he is in the belt and flat system).    THREE times today.   Yikes.   Where do they store it!?

Mini Moose has been walking non stop, barely crawling.   He is toddling like he is on a mission and does not like to be left behind the gate even for a minute so a person can pee in peace.   The bathroom is three steps away from the gate that he can see through and he gives me much grief if I don’t take him with me.

The poop-fest was bad enough but then I was feeling nervous about the night drive and the first day with a new group and after Daddy Man bought us subs (hoagies, grinders, submarine sandwich) I really felt off.    I arrived early and my fingers were frozen by the time I got inside.  Brrrr!    I had a wicked headache but considering nerves and being half frozen I brushed it off.    I then had a nauseated feeling and a thought nagging in the back of my mind that I wanted to puke and feel better.   I brushed that thought aside, sat in a bathroom stall for a bit to take some calming breaths, and then got set up.    I felt really parched and was nursing a small cup of water while I began lecture.  About 10 minutes into my lecture I had to excuse myself.  I walked calmly out, headed to the ladies room, and sprinted the last three feet with my hand over my mouth.  Up Chuck in the sink.   I considered moving to the toilet but then puked again.  And as I thought about the gross chore of cleaning up the sink I yacked a third time.    I was sweating a little, but felt much better.   I cleaned up, splashed my face, rinsed my mouth, sucked it up and went back to work.   You do what you gotta do, right?   I had to stop on the way home to get some ginger ale to settle my stomach.

I get home and relay my tale of woe.   I warn Daddy Man not to eat the sandwich he saved for himself, but he ate it anyway and spent a good deal of time with intestinal troubles after.   Mini Moose and Daddy Man had one big catch in my absence, another giant poop miss, and lots of mini pee misses.     As for me, thankfully, no more vomiting thus far.

1/25  Day 337 F:    Daddy Man has a fever.   I don’t, but don’t feel all that fantastic either.     But, as you know “Mommies can’t get sick” (primary care provider technically) so this is not going to put me in a good mood.    The Littles seem to be fine.

Mini Moose peed a bazillion (okay five) times last night and I caught just one and though our morning catch rate was pretty good, I kind of lost the groove as the day wore on.   Just being tired and not up to par and still having to make food and maintain the house.   I did have Daddy Man pick up some hamburger while he went out to get crackers so that I could make something quick and easy for Itty Bitty to eat.      We haven’t got much in the house and I’ll need to go to the grocery store tomorrow.   I feel very off.

The rest of Mini Moose’s new training pants came today.  Wow, they make the old ones look really raggedy!   He isn’t quite at the level Itty Bitty was as far as reliability but he is far ahead of where she was with bipedal locomotion that’s for sure!

Daddy Man still has a low grade fever.  I’m awfully run down and wrung out.  The kids are tornadoes on speed.

A Climbing Fool

A Climbing Fool

1/26  Day 338 S:    Pee-a-thon last night and I missed 5 or 6.  When it is an all night nursing marathon, then the pee is crazy town!     Anyway, the day started as normal with Mini Moose up at 7:30 or 8:00 and we went downstairs to join Daddy Man who slept on the couch.   He is still not feeling so great intestinally and has a low grade fever still.    Unfortunately, Itty Bitty got up ten minutes later which means she’s going to be Destructo Girl sometime late afternoon.    Oy.     I was feeling so drained and wouldn’t you know every time I drifted off on the couch for a much needed cat nap somebody woke me up!  Itty Bitty, then Mini Moose, then Daddy Man!     I was so ANGRY!

EC was pretty off too.   There were catches, of course, even a half poop catch, but there were a ton of misses and we blew through six training pants really quickly.       Then a lot more pees were missed while I went to the grocery store.   ALONE.    Daddy Man wanted me to take one of the Littles but I said no.   I am not feeling 100%, it is really cold out there, and I wanted to shop without having to keep an eye on anyone.   I was gone an hour and a half.  I went to two stores to replenish depleted staples.   I scored some good deals.  Daddy Man looked a bit haggard by the time I got back.  But since I did the shopping, unloading, putting away, and cooking and feeding of the toddler all feeling not so good, I didn’t have much sympathy.

Mini Moose was so desperate to get to me in the kitchen that he learned how to open the gate (we don’t usually ‘lock’ it tight just latch it so Itty Bitty can get to the bathroom easier or come and go.   He worked on it and worked on it until he figured out how to lift the latching bar and push it open so he could toddle to the kitchen to find me.   Once learned it cannot be unlearned and we now have to make sure it is latched properly.

1/27  Day 339 Su:  Daddy Man is still running a low grade fever.    Mini Moose was a nursing dynamo and peed four or five times and I missed all of them.   I caught the wake-up pee and then missed all four of the day’s poops.  EGADS!    At least the banana is having the desired anti-lava effect.     I’m getting pretty run down.    I didn’t do much today except miss pees, catch one or two, and just wrangle the Littles.

Mini Moose walked all day today rarely crawling unless it was to bulldoze through toys to get to the open gate, which he knows now if it isn’t all the way latched even if he is across the room.   Itty Bitty had a small pee accident from waiting too long but put 75% of it in the toilet and cleaned up the small miss on her own, put her wet pants in the laundry, and fetched herself fresh ones without prompting.

1/28  Day 340 M:   Still the house of Patient Zero.    I am waiting for the other shoes to drop and you know they will.

Missed all the pees last night.  I kept offering at the wrong times and Mini Moose is awfully restless.    Itty Bitty is adapting to the new routine quite well though her activity needs are draining.    Daddy Man, who is not used to day time interactions in such large doses says, “Is she always like this!?”    Yes.  Yes she is.   From the time she opens her eyes until they are closed she is on the go either with her feet, her mouth, or her mind.   If you are lucky, it will be a day for the mind where she sits quietly.     Usually it s mouth and feet or mouth and mind.   Hah!

Now…Now he can see why I am not Molly Sunshine when he gets home and why I am so tired.   It is very draning for an introvert such as myself to be ON all the time.     I can not wait for spring or at least some decent weather.   I don’t want to bring the kids anywhere though when our contagion status is up in the air.

I managed to make some pot pies today with homemade pie crust.   It shouldn’t have taken that long but…I misread the recipe and messed up the crust.  I managed to fix it by doubling.  The filling was tastey but too loose for a pie with no bottom and just a crust on top.   Anyway, Daddy Man asked me a few times when I’d be done and judging by the feeling that I wanted to eat his head off like a Praying Mantis — I can tell I’m going to need a break very soon.    Anyway, it should last us a couple of days since I know Daddy Man won’t eat it.  Texture issues.    The chicken was a dollar a pound so it was a budget filler.  Itty Bitty and Mini Moose also got to have some strawberries as a treat — finally they were on sale!  Mini Moose approved of the tasty fruit.

EC today was hit and miss.   Missed all the poops but we persevere.    The positive side of the missing poops is that literally seconds after the poop he lets me know with body posture and silence that he has a situation and he will wait for me.  No protesting either when he gets cleaned up.    There is always communication even when the output doesn’t exactly get to where it is supposed to go.

1/29  Day 341 T:  It was a typical night last night caught 2 missed 2 and Itty Bitty and I have readjusted our one nurse a day to accommodate us not having one on one time.  I nurse her earlier in the evening or earlier and then when it is time for bed I nurse Mini Moose while she curls up against my back, sometimes wanting to hold my hand.    I miss our one to one sessions at night, but this is working well for now.

I finished making pot pies with the repaired crust and I thickened the sauce with more roux.   It came out pretty well, but I realized that with a pot pie in a full crust top and bottom a looser base is better.  Live and learn!

I got so raging mad at Daddy Man though.  I asked him to keep an eye on the Littles so I could take a ten minute shower.   It’s been over 24 hours since I had a breather.    He didn’t have to interact, just make sure no one tried to climb anything dangerous or start a fire.  Just sit on the stairs and watch them play.     He hemmed and hawed and he said something to Itty Bitty when she asked him what he was doing and he said , “Apparantly I am watching…”  I didn’t want to hear the rest.  I was so angry that I told him to forget it and go to bed.  It was either that or shove a sock up his nose.       I hate Man Sick.       I banged some things around to make me feel better and put on my grumpy face.

I spent the rest of the day holding very clingy baby and reading and playing with an attention starved and physically cooped up toddler.     I can’t take them anywhere when there is a halo of sick in the house and the weather is just horrible cold and rainy and windy.

EC was hit and miss though we did catch 3/4 of a poop in the toilet!   Mini Moose has been liking to sit up on the insert and I like it because he can’t stand up mid stream.     We missed the three other poops and had moderate success with pee catches.   He’s not fully releasing again so he does a little in the potty and then wets trainers or a flat and belt later.    Now that he’s a pro-walker I’m hoping we can find a new groove.

Itty Bitty wordisms I’ve enjoyed lately even though they aren’t new:   Diamond Room (Dining Room)    and her random bursting out into song and making up lyrics.   BahBah boo zxhoo zxhoo (It is supposed to be the Gummy Bear song Baa Baa Baa-doobie doobie yum yum)  is popular as well as “I go outside I go outside the sun is out”.

Oh!   I am not sure exactly when it happened but Itty Bitty hasn’t called for assistance for a non-messy number 2 clean up in ages.

1/30  Day 342 W:    Well, the bug finally caught the Littles.

Just after Daddy Man left for work last night Itty Bitty was hungry so I heated up leftover pot pie and put on a movie while I nursed Mini Moose.  Itty Bitty was transfixed and was not talking…at all.  No Mystery Science Theatre-like commentary, she didn’t move a muscle, and left the food untouched.  She got up at some point, got a pillow and blanket, put it on the floor where she had been and laid down.    I asked her to come sit on the couch beside me, having suspicious feelings she was not feeling well, and as soon as she was near my body I knew she had a fever.   Low grade.   Damn.

I didn’t treat it but had her potty and I took the kids and supplies upstairs to bed.   She curled up in a ball and went to sleep.  Mini Moose resumed dozing and appeared fine.   I waited and sure enough around midnight Mini Moose woke up with a fever of 101 and creeping up.   I treated it with Ibuprofen to keep it at 99-100 while I slept  and when Itty Bitty woke up I did the same for her so she’d be comfortable.  She slept all night.  Mini Moose slept, peed, and nursed.   I didn’t sleep very much obviously.

The day was pretty run of the mill when we woke up.   I’m so beat.   I got over my anger yesterday and today told Daddy Man that sick or not he needed to watch the kids while I took care of myself.     I checked fevers, medicated Mini Moose to manage his fever to keep him comfortable and nursing, and left Itty Bitty with some water and her fever was still low grade so I left it alone.    When Mini Moose was comfortable and perky Daddy Man took over and I spent 30 minutes in the shower.  Ahhhhhh!

It is amazing what a short break can do!

That was our day.  Itty Bitty watched a movie later with Daddy Man and Mini Moose stayed with me nursing, napping and at one point his fever got too low and he was all over the place!   Itty Bitty’s fever needed managing one more time in the evening making it hard for her to rest.  But she ate fine, wanted baked beans and seems no worse for wear.  Mini Moose is nursing just fine and has cycles of activity and non-activity.

EC was mostly miss but we did have a few good pee hits.

1/31  Day 343 Th:   It was a day of managing fevers.  Itty Bitty vascillated between being subdued to wanting to play so we usually could tell when her fever was up or down.    For both of the little we used Ibuprofen and Tylenol to manage the fevers so they would stay between 100 and 101 and not go above 102-103 for their comfort (Mini Moose is under a year so I am more watchful of his fever fluctuations and want to keep him comfortable enough to nurse without killing the fever).    I am not feeling quite right either and I’m sure I’m going to be next.  I just need to get through work tonight.   Mini Moose is nursing non-stop and is peeing quite a lot so it’s been a hit and miss day though we did manage to get a half poop even with the sickness.      We just rest and watch TV.  I am just happy Mini Moose is well hydrated.

2/1  Day 344 F:    I was right.   I have officially the highest fever in the house at 103.     This really is the pits.   I’ve got the Littles to focus on and having a high fever is really making me run down.   Sometimes it gets to 104.    I can’t each much and am trying to stay hydrated but it is an effort because I don’t feel thirsty.    Itty Bitty and Mini Moose needed more fever management today–if it gets too high they don’t want to drink.   That is my main concern.     We are quite lucky that Daddy Man is feeling better and can pick us up food and drink because I just have no energy.    We don’t have the gastro intestinal issues Daddy Man had so that’s a good thing!   Mini Moose had some very liquid poop about three times but I’m not sure if that is due to the illness or due to going back to an exclusive no-solids diet.  Itty Bitty has wanted to nurse more too so I’ve upped her to twice a day at least.

2/2  Day 345 S:

My fever stayed 102 to 103.5 all day and I’ve had to take Ibruprofen just to take the edge off so I can focus on the kids.    I rarely take meds so they worked pretty quickly.  Mini Moose is nursing constantly (yay!) and I haven’t put him down in two days except for a minute here and there when he’s feeling good enough to want to play for a few minutes.   He’s still interactive and smiley despite the fever.   Itty Bitty is the most energetic only slowing down if her fever gets above 101 and getting uncomfortable if it gets to 103.    Itty Bitty has enjoyed the TV marathon since I usually don’t let her watch cartoons during the day.     Right now anything to keep her sitting is our motto.

Mini Moose has lost his voice over the last couple of days and Daddy Man noted that we should keep an eye on it.   He sounds very phlegmy and can’t screetch when he wants too.  Itty Bitty has been insistent on nursing at the most inconvenient times.  Unfortunately, I can’t let her nurse as much as she’d like but I try to get in at least one or two sessions for those antibodies.  AS far as pottying, we catch some and miss some at random.  Mostly it is changing out the flat as soon as possible.

2/3  Day 346 Su:  Mini Moose nose started running like a sieve.  Since Daddy Man’s nose did the same thing after his fever broke I thought this was a good thing.    The end of this long road.    Unfortunately, it is starting to interfere with Mini Moose nursing and he’s peeing okay but not quite as much as usual.     Around late afternoon I had to start doing steamy bath to try and unplug his nose.  He’s really, really crabby and frustrated.     Finally, in the evening he decided to take some expressed milk, water, and some orange juice by mouth. I tried spoons, cups, room temp, cold, a spout cup and he finally tolerated a syringe feed and a little bit of applesauce.     Even though I am still quite sick with a high fever of 102-103 I went out to get a warm air humidifier to help with the blocked nose.    Itty Bitty seems to be on the road to recovery.  Her fever was low grade to normal all day and she’s back to her old energetic self.     She had a slight fever between 101 and 102 at the end of the day but I left it alone since it seemed to be working itself out and doing its job.      If it weren’t for Mini Moose’s nose I think he’d feel so much better.    He still has a fever though it seems to be staying low grade, but it did spike in the evening like Itty Bitty.

Cool compresses together with medication helped keep Mini Moose comfortable enough to keep trying to nurse even though it was really hard.  It has been a juggling act since Mini Moose needs so much attention and Itty Bitty is starting to chafe.  Even this sick I try to get us to have one on one time at night.   Besides, her nursing should help my supply and she can tell me if anything is coming out – which it is, just not in the blast as usual.    I’ve got to put in much more effort to hydrate myself enough though this flu (what else could it be?).

2/4  Day 347 M:   Last night was horrible.  I was up all night with Mini Moose trying to take any advantage in the lull in his blocked nose and to make sure he had liquid of some sort every 20-30 minutes.  My breasts feel really, really soft and I think I’m getting dehydrated so I’ve tried to ply myself with more water.   Though, with my own nose getting stuffed, I can’t seem to drink as much as I want and food is just unappetizing.   The steamy bathroom isn’t working for Mini Moose like it was and the breastmilk up the nose I’d done yesterday isn’t giving any snot relief.

His fever was low grade in the morning and when I called the pediatrician for advice on how to proceed they said to keep doing what I was doing and if his fever wasn’t gone by tomorrow to bring in him.    He peed several time before his afternoon naps, though not the epic pees he usually has,  so at least the oral liquid strategy is working to keep him  hydrated.      When he woke up from his nap his fever spiked to 102 again he just didn’t seem him himself – not lethargic just un-energetic/tired.    I decided to call back and bring him in today because by now his fever should be done.    Itty Bitty seems recovered though feeling quite cooped up.

I explained how long we’d been sick, the progression of the fever and then the dripping faucet nose and the stuffiness that just isn’t getting relief.      There were no other symptoms and though Mini Moose is obviously crabby and unwell he was responsive and really trying hard to nurse and crying when he couldn’t.     It broke my heart.   There is not much we can do for his nose except saline and what we’ve been doing.     We got amoxicillian for whatever is causing the secondary fever – likely an infection in the sinuses because his lungs were clear.         Normally, we wouldn’t go right to the antibiotics but with the number of days and the likelihood that the fever was no longer flu related but infection related it seems the best thing.    My instincts were quite the nag.

I continued to try and keep Mini Moose hydrated and watching his output.   He seems to be okay with eating and had a little bit of applesauce and beans.  He is likely very slightly dehydrated but we are staying on top of it.   It’s going to be another long night.  I’ve tried really hard to pump but can’t get out more than an ounce but I keep pumping to stimulate.   I know my supply is low but Itty Bitty says she can get milk, it is just slow.

2/5  Day 348 T:

Thank goodness Daddy Man has been working nights.  It is nice not to be alone during the day.   I’ve tried to take it easy doing only necessity laundry and trying to keep the kitchen clear in between fever lulls.   My fever is still 102-103 most of the day and the Ibuprofen I take helps.     Daddy Man and Itty Bitty are fully recovered so I’ve got all my focus on Mini Moose.    Twelve hours after starting the antibiotics I see improvement and he can nurse for 5-10 minutes after we get his nose unblocked with saline.  Nose sucking just doesn’t work and I have to wait for it to drain and then nurse.   I’ve had to put my mouth on his nose and suck a few times to help.   Yuck!  But I will do anything to help him nurse.   I’m a bit worried about my milk supply because he can’t nurse as often or as long and I’m still having trouble drinking all I should.

I had to risk taking half a dose of a cold medication just to function – unfortunately Daddy Man got one with a decongestant so I dared not take it more than once and only half dose.       It did give me a few hours of much needed relief and I was thankful for that.       Mini Moose didn’t poop yesterday but had three big ones today from all the baked beans and applesauce I’ve encouraged him to take along with the little bit of expressed milk, water, and diluted juice.

Our routine is the same:  nurse when we can, syringe fluids at least every 30 minutes, solid food whenever he seems amiable.    Itty Bitty is stir crazy but is playing and watching TV with us so I hope she can just bear with us while we get through this.   I ave take mini Moose to the toilet or potty when I go and it helps me to see the color and amount of his urine; so EC is still very helpful even though we have tons of misses.

2/6  Day 349 W:   Daddy Man is back to working days and that is going to make it tough to be alone during the day especially with almost no sleep.  Mini Moose is doing much better nose-wise today.  We are still having nursing issues but it is better since after his nose drains he can nurse for longer before it plugs up again.  He gets so frustrated and angry!      I continue to give him oral fluids though because solid food doesn’t taste all that tasty he has refused to take anything but liquid today.

I’m feeling better today than I have in a week and I think my fever is finally gone or at least stays around 99 to normal rather than 102-104!    I was beginning to think I was getting a secondary infection.  If I did, I seem to be fighting it off.     My nose feels horrible but I’m working through it.      My milk supply still seems to be low but I’m confident that in the next day or two it will be back up to normal especially now that Mini Moose can nurse better and his fever seems to be almost gone and staying low grade …not requiring any medication except one dose of Tylenol today which also seemed to help his nose.   He coughs up phlegmn okay and swallows it. Eww.    So his lungs continue to be clear…it is just all that post nasal drip that is the trouble.   I imagine his throat is really sore.

2/7  Day 350 Th: The light is at the end of the tunnel.   Mini Moose is still very stuffy but his fever is gone and he is fussing less at the breast.   I stopped the oral fluids by mouth as he seemed to be peeing almost normally.     I haven’t had a high fever for close to 48 hours, no fever today, and I feel good enough to go to work and I know I’m no longer contagious.     Mini Moose slept a lot and Itty Bitty is stir crazy.

When I got back from work I was drained drained, drained, and Daddy Man said that Mini Moose cried just about the whole time and as having trouble producing tears.      He didn’t want to take liquid from Daddy Man so I syringe fed him the 5 ounces of expressed milk, brought him to the steamy bathroom after saline drops in his nose to clear him out and tried nursing him, then more liquid by mouth (water and juice), more expressed milk, more nursing and then he seemed lively and had a couple of really good pees in the potty that looked a nice pale yellow.      I stayed up with him all night again (I can’t tell you how many episodes of Golden Girls I’ve watched over this past week!) making sure he was nursing after I cleared his nose or taking liquid by syringe.     After a good long sleep he seemed to be his old self.

Nemo's Gift

Nemo’s Gift

2/8  Day 351 F:  Today Mini Moose seems to be over the worst.   His nose is so much improved today I only needed to use saline drops a few times to keep the inside moist and keep the snot flowing.   He should be finished with the antibiotic course tomorrow.       He wanted to play on the floor quite a bit today and its been the first time in at least a week he’s spent more than a couple of minutes out of my arms or Daddy Man’s arms.

Blizzard Nemo is on the way and I am glad we are on the road to recovery rather than just starting out!

I don’t have a fever but my nose is driving me crazy and the dripping makes me cough.  On a good note Mini Moose is back to being able to nurse without his nose causing trouble and that takes a load off my mind.   My boobs are still floopy but Itty Bitty eases my mind when I can see that she’s happily getting milk and Mini Moose is peeing normally again without need for any supplements.  This has been a very long week!

2/9 Day 352 S:  We continue to recover and are back on the consistent EC track.  Daddy Man used the snow blower to clear the 28 inches of snow we got and made Itty Bitty a sled run in the backyard and then took her out to run off some of the energy she has cooped up.  She hasn’t been out in like a week and a half poor thing.     Mini Moose I am happy to say is fully recovered.   I am still very tired and it is just going to take a while for me to get back to my full health.

My brother and his expectant wife (twins!) are okay and the baby shower for them has been postponed until next week, though our Mom didn’t want to postpone because the babies are fine but Mommy’s blood pressure is a concern.  The weather had other plans!    We are glad we don’t have to travel tomorrow though.

2/10 Day 353 Su:  Grandmama came by today to take us out for an early dinner and to spend the day outside with us playing in the snow.  It is the first time all of us have been outside in like forever.   It was good to get fresh air and to watch Itty Bitty play.   Mini Moose didn’t like his ski suit and was Mr. Serious nearly the whole time as he pouted, dozed, and watched his sister eat snow.

We’ve done as much EC as we could under the circumstances!  Our night groove is off, but he still wakes me for a pee or change out.   And I can’t emphasize enough how reassuring it was to see the color and amount of pee when we were having nursing trouble.

2/11 Day 354 M:  SIL is in the hospital to manage her blood pressure and to get steroids for the babies lungs since tomorrow or Wednesday they’ll take the babies early for her health.  They are just about 34 weeks so it was longer than they expected her to go.   I’m still coughing though the Littles seem fine;  Itty Bitty sounds stuffy with a snot ball.

EC last night was epic miss and it was a hit and miss during the day.   I’m just so done with snot and sick.

2/12 Day 355 T:   I’m an auntie!   Babies are here!   Each just under 5lbs and doing well and are on oxygen.    I told Daddy Man yesterday that they probably wouldn’t be sent to the OR right away because she was stable and I was right.  It wasn’t until late evening and they were bumped out of rotation several times.    My SILs blood pressure stabilized and she was under observation.   My heart broke for her though because she didn’t get to hold her babies until the next day.  That’s got to be so hard.   I can’t imagine being separated in those first precious hours.     They are so squishy in that newborn cute-ugly way.  Why couldn’t the hospital have done more kangaroo care?

We seem to be well back on track with EC like nothing ever happened and we have a new groove.   Mini Moose’s top two teeth are coming in quite well and he seems less drooly.   Oh yes, my poor baby was teething at the same time he was so ill.    When we have a miss he really lets the whole neighborhood know his distress!   Missed the poop and it was epic.  Yikes.   Everything he ate in the past 24 hours was identifiable.  Just thought you should know.

Happy Valentine's Day

Happy Valentine’s Day

2/13 Day 356 W:   I decided to skip story time today since Itty Bitty slept late.  So far we all seem to be doing very well.   We are back into the daily grind.

Daddy Man surprised me by bringing me roses when he got home!    He couldn’t find my favorite lavender ones so he got a dozen fuschia and he brought Itty Bitty her very own rose. And we all shared delicious chocolate covered strawberries…except for Mini Moose who just got strawberry and not chocolate.  Being Mommy sometimes has nice perks like getting extra chocolate.

2/14 Day 357 Th:   Happy Valentine’s Day!   Last night we had one hit and three big misses.   But the day seems to be consistent with Mini Moose making efforts to empty his bladder completely during a potty opp.  I stopped to get the Littles some little shirts and a necklace for Itty Bitty for Valentine’s Day.  Mini Moose stayed dry the entire outing and we had two parking lot pees (always out of the way of foot traffic and near a grate or drain area).     He makes efforts now to really push out pee to get it all out.  Now even if he has had a miss and I pee him anyway he will squeeze out a few drops.    Progress!

I still have a bit of a cough that is annoying.   I went to work as usual and things were calm when I got home.  They had a lot of misses but both Littles were fast asleep.  Mini Moose curled up on Daddy Man’s chest and Itty Bitty curled up against his side totally in a deep cycle of sleep.   I told Daddy Man that I think Itty Bitty is going to outgrow something with her increase in appetite and paying a visit to the sandman for such a long 3 hour naps!

2/15 Day 358 F:   We all seem fully recovered so we went to the Kids Gym to let Itty Bitty release all that pent up energy.  It was really busy and Mini Moose didn’t seem so keen on exploring as usual so he pretty much stuck close to my leg or wanted me to pick him up.     Itty Bitty was in her element and didn’t stop running from the time we got there until we left.     It was still quite warm for winter so when we got home I let Mini Moose nap in his carseat and Itty Bitty played in the side yard and when Mini Moose woke up he joined her for a while.     We had two pee opportunities outside…Mini Moose really likes to be held in a squat again.   He must feel stronger and more secure I guess and he doesn’t like to sit on the little potty any more.   Whatever he wants is okay by me as long as we catch it!

Because I had to work Valentine’s Day we went out for a family dinner today at the place just down the street from us.   We happened to see our neighbors there.  The kids charmed nearby diners and since we had a corner table it was perfect because when Mini Moose had enough of food exploration and table banging he amused himself with walking circles in the corner.   We even managed a public bathroom pee opp.   Not a romantic dinner but it was still a nice outing with all of us and I made chocolate chip cookies with Itty Bitty when we got home.   It takes three times as long to make anything with a little helper, but doesn’t it always get twice the love in every cookie?

2/16 Day 359 S:  Lazy day.  This cough is really starting to piss me off.   And my nose is starting to run again.   WHY!?    ARRRGH.

Anyway, last night we had our usual 50/50 catch and miss rate.   I seem to catch the first two and then miss the early morning ones which makes sense.  As he grows and we grow together we’ll get better and better.

Our day was great we were dry most of the day until the evening.  Usually when I get preoccupied inevitably there is a poop or gigantic pee.   Isn’t that always the way?  The second you turn your secondary radar to something else…BAM…your “is that poop?” alarm is going off.

2/17 Day 360 Su:  Mini Moose’s nose is leaking clear again and Itty Bitty sounds snuffly.   Dagnabbit!   My cough is getting worse now too.  And last night I got woken up out of sweet slumber by intense  intestinal cramps and I spent the night in the loo.   WTF?   So much for a breather.   What is it this time?  Cold, allergies, or gastroenteritis?

Grandmama invited us over for dinner and she ordered the delicious steak and rice dish from Daddy Man’s birthday party.  So, so delicious.   She came by earlier to pick up Itty Bitty so that the two of them could have quality one on one time together.   Daddy Man and I spent the afternoon napping with Mini Moose.  Or rather, Mini Moose napped latched on my boob and Daddy Man snored while I stayed wide awake and nap trapped.     Oh the irony.

We had a good time and Grandmama’s and had great EC success even with the diaper cover (which we never use unless we are out)

2/18 Day 361 M:  Coughing, snotting, blowing nose.   Will this month never end?   So far 2013 sucks donkey butt.    Made cookies with Itty Bitty.  EC was hit and miss and last night was a big bust, one catch and like 3 misses.

2/19 Day 362 T:  Got a headache.   Ugh.   A 50/50 night last night and this cough and the drippy noses of the Littles has worsened.   We had a pediatrician appointment at 1:00 and he said that we are all suffering from allergies likely dust or mold.   Great.    My dusty house is making us sick.

I have been doing the necessities and the main living area but have neglected the bedrooms, den, and dust hot spots like behind things.    He is a holistic allergy specialist as well as a pediatrician and though he’s brilliant I am sure, his bedside manner sucks donkey balls.  Sorry, it just does.

I’ve got the Littles on a selective delayed vaccination schedule because Daddy Man wants them vaccinated and I don’t want unnecessary doses and too many at once.  It is a great compromise.  When I mentioned we would likely do IPV (polio) next I got a lecture on “there’s no polio in the US” .  No shit Sherlock…not since 1978.    If it were my sole decision I likely wouldn’t get the polio at all, but this delayed schedule is not unreasonable and Itty Bitty is over age 2 and hasn’t had a vaccination in a year.  Polio and Hepatitis are the ones I left for last and we aren’t doing that ridiculous chicken pox vaccine.   Anyway, I just didn’t like being talked to like a moron.

Mini Moose:  18lbs   28.5 inches long  34 cm head
Itty Bitty:  33lbs   38.5 inches tall.

So back home and we had pretty good success rate, missed the poop and I just didn’t feel well.   I spent the rest of the day cleaning noses.      When Daddy Man got home I took a shower, felt like my brain was going to push out my eyeballs, and decided to go upstairs and curl up in the fetal position and fall into a fitful nap.       After about an hour and a half I get interrupted.   Oh well.     Mini Moose didn’t want to nurse more than a few minutes – he just wanted mommy – so I handed him back to Daddy Man and concerned myself with cleaning the bedroom and de-dustifying.

It took two hours to vacuum, dust, change the bed, and wash everything down including under the bed.   Dust hot spots were really terrible.   My cough got worse, but everyone else including Daddy Man seemed better when in the clean room.   Itty Bitty couldn’t help me so she amused herself by jumping on the bed and going in and out of the room and she managed to irritate her brother by waking him up three times and subsequently made Daddy Man mad.    Man the girl should not have this much energy.

My head really aches.   I’m not going to take anything, just make myself rest.  I’ve been neglectful of myself because I’m so busy taking care of everything and everyone else.

2/20 Day 363 W:   Mini Moose is very clingy today and I just didn’t have the energy to do a deep clean as I wanted.   I did some laundry and some light cleaning.  This cough is really getting on my nerves.    I had to saline Itty Bitty’s nose so we could looses the snot ball and she was very distressed.  I tried so hard to get her cooperation but I finally had to make her lay down and force it.    I hated to do it but it really helped so much.    Mini Moose has just accepted the nose drops and complains but doesn’t fight.  So after that I just didn’t have any energy left.    I didn’t think it was a good idea to go to story time in our state of snot.

Our day was sit, food network marathon, eat, pee opps, snuggles, naps, more TV.   Our catch rate was quite high, go figure!

2/21 Day 364 R:  This cough I have is dreadful, Itty Bitty’s nose is a snot factory and Mini Moose still has a cough and wheeze, though both of them sound much improved since the bedroom cleaning.  I still think we have colds on top of the allergies.   Itty Bitty hates the nasal saline but it helps and she was more cooperative today about it.     She slept until 10:5am!   I cancelled our play date.

Last night we had two catches and two misses.    I’ve noticed this week that if Mini Moose takes advantage of a potty opportunity to have a very big pee he’ll stay dry for longer at night now.   His pees seem to cluster in the morning.     We had a miss in the morning while I tackled cleaning behind the refrigerator.  He was very upset but I just didn’t want him near all that dust which was really, really bad.  I tried to keep Itty Bitty away but she insisted on helping and I only managed to get her to keep a distance.  I used to do it every spring but haven’t done it in at least two years so I even had to wash the wall.

I comforted a very upset Mini Moose and left off the belted flat and left him free. I even wore him bare butt in the Mei Tai while I vacuumed and washed the floor with a rag.   I know this whole “get on your knees and wash the floor thing” is so 100 years ago but it is surprisingly faster and I can get the sneaky corners easier.       I let Itty Bitty help me clean bottles – she was very very careful and dusted them carefully before putting them back – and do the recycling, picked up stray dirt with the dustpan and brush, and I gave her the task of washing off some mystery syrup off of the Deacon’s bench near the door.     She surprisingly made the tasks go pleasantly with her company.   I had one incident of losing my temper when she went to touch the nasty, dirty, black bucket of water.     I scared her when I yelled.   I hadn’t meant to do that, but I didn’t want her to touch that nasty water.  I barely wanted to touch it with gloves!      I had to spend a good 10 minutes hugging and kissing and apologizing and I explained that I shouldn’t have yelled like.   We had a talk about how important it was to listen when I told her important things to keep her safe.

I washed baseboards, over windows, top of the fridge (eww), corners, and four buckets later I stopped exhausted.  Mini Moose slept through most of it and I took him down to pee twice.   No poop today…that’s scary!      Had to run to the grocery store for supplies in the bitter cold with the Littles.

I have to work tonight and I feel so tired.   I’m hanging in there.

Month 11: Diaper Free Baby Steps – Day 304 to Day 333

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Lookit my teef!

Lookit my teef!

Note:   From this point daily entries will be posted in a Monthly Digest.

12/22 Day 303 S:     A fifty fifty night last night and a pretty uneventful day.  We got the big wake up and after nap pees and were dry out on errands.   For the most part it was a pretty lazy day.  I think we are resting up for the holiday.

12/23 Day 304 Su:    A night of misses last night, but we caught most of the morning poop!   Yah!     On another note, I also managed to wrap gifts before Christmas Eve this year…shocker!

GrandMaMa came over to watch football with Daddy Man and I left the Littles in their care so that I could organize and wrap on the kitchen floor.   I couldn’t find the name tag extras I had printed out.  Oh well.      We actually have several gifts under the tree this year so it look quite pretty.    I don’t put bows or ribbons on the packages.  That would be just asking for the cats to come over and play.  We have a hard enough time keeping the ornaments on the tree!

Of course, my distraction meant that when I came back to see how things were going there were six diapers wet on top of the pail.   We’d had a pretty 50/50 morning with the big “get up” pee being the major victory.    Daddy Man forgot that Mini Moose holds back, so if the diaper isn’t soaked he should put him on the potty to finish if he can.

Tomorrow, I think I’m going to make cookies with Itty Bitty and we have a party to go to and then off to GrandMaMas this year for the holiday

12/24 Day 305 M:     Caught one last night but mostly misses which is okay.   Some of our nights are big winners so I don’t sweat the ones where we miss.   We got the wake up wee and after morning nap wee and our usual random misses of the morning.  And we missed the poop.    Bah!     Mini Moose was trying to climb the barricade and let a pasty, stinky one out.    Eww.

I know Daddy Man thought I was Cuckoo, but I wanted to make sugar cookies from scratch with Itty Bitty this year.   I just sort of … let time get away from me…again.      But I didn’t want to use the store bought cookie mix because you have to put so much flour in it to get it to cut right (because I have a hundred cookie cutters that I never use any other time!) and it is usually over sugared.        I used my favorite chef’s (Alton Brown) recipe and they came out awesome!   Even my forgetting to take the butter out of the fridge and having to oh-so-carefully nuke it to room temperature didn’t mess up the recipe.    And they had sweetness without being a sugar shock.  I added a bit of vanilla because I like it.  Next year I’ll use real vanilla beans rather than extract.    I’m drooling already!

I also made the mistake of reading facebook and got into the conversation about Royal Icing…so of course…I had to make it for the sugar cookies and of course I wasted three hours last night looking up recipes for the best icing and how much to dilute it and the best way to decorate on youtube.     Anyway, I had to have Daddy Man help Itty Bitty with the mixer while Mini Moose clung to me like white wash on a fence because he was mad he did not get my attention this afternoon and missed me.   He was latched on for all he was worth.         I did manage to get him stuffed full of milk and hand him back off so that I could color the icing and put it into squeeze bottles so that Itty Bitty could decorate with me.   We managed to get enough done for party presents tonight and we will decorate the rest tomorrow.

I had also had the idea to pop popcorn and string cranberries and pop corn with Itty Bitty, but I always have bigger crafting plans in my head than I ever seem to manage to accomplish!

As for EC.   We had some small successes but misses certainly won today due to distraction.       However, during the Christmas Eve party Mini Moose, though cranky because he was light on Mommy time and clung to me like glue and was less social than usual, was dry he whole time and took two potty opportunities.

It really isn’t a fluke.  When I carry him we have ridiculous success!

12/25  Day 306 T:   Merry Christmas!          I never really sleep all that well before a holiday or before the first day of work or vacation.   That means we had a pretty good night of catches since the moment Mini Moose stirred I was able to rectify the need to pee.  Plus, the bathroom was only three steps  away.    Itty Bitty had a few incidences of night disorientation and almost fell off the bed.   I was prepared for that though and had pillows stacked on her side.      The bed is full sized and it is soooo much smaller than a queen!    Daddy Man stayed up with  his brother and ended up sleeping on the couch where he could snore the house down in contentment.

The only person up before the kids and me was GrandMaMa…of course!      We had breakfast and spent a very long morning helping the kids open gifts.     The big winner for Itty Bitty was her very own, REAL, kids guitar from her Uncle  (Daddy Man’s Brother).   He and his friends spent time finding the right one, shunning lesser instraments, and tuning it for a three year old.    If that’s not love, I don’t know what is!

We got serenaded by a song Itty Bitty wrote herself.    As far as we can tell it is called “Oom Bego” or “Ot Sego”  and that is the main lyrics.      Do we have a singer/songwriter in the making?  I’m glad I had the foresight to empty my camera card so that I could capture the moment on video.

We had a good laugh about GrandMaMas “small” tree.  Because she wanted to do something more simple this year.

It is just about the fattest tree we’d ever seen with a girth that took up half the living room.   Hah!

The big gift from us (really Daddy Man) to everyone was tickets to see Les Miserables in April and the big gift from GrandMaMa to us was a renewed membership to the Y.  Yay!    I made sure to write down all the gifts the kids got so I could do thank yous.   You know whenever I find time to do actually DO what I think I’ll do in my head.        The monetary gifts we got from my family from our Merry Thanksmas trip to my family managed to get Itty Bitty a rather nice collection of catridges for her Leap Pad and that went quite nicely with the Fairly Lunch Box I bought for her in the spring that I wrapped for Christmas so she’d have a place to store them.

Itty Bitty also loved the gift from Daddy Man and I…a Melissa and Doug trainset (a score of a toy using accumulated points from his credit card!) .    Daddy Man, Uncle, and Itty Bitty have had a grand time playing with it and some wood Chugginton Trains she got as stocking stuffers are compatible with it.    Even Mini Moose got a little learn and play train with stacking cups and shapes.     We still have some gift cards to spend but we’ll do that tomorrow when the sales are on.

As for EC?  It went okay, though we had to use a diaper cover because we just didn’t know when the poop was going to show up on G-Mas white carpet.     We had some catches but also when we missed he was soaked as it is much harder to see when you miss right away with a diaper cover.

Itty BItty and I decorated the rest of the cookies while dinner was cooking.   We made our holiday phone call and then  we all fell asleep and sleep through our agreed upon dinner time!   After we woke up, we groggily ate, laughed, and then made our way home.

12/26  Day 307 W:    Oh how I love our bed, let me count the ways!      There is nothing like your own nest, your own back friendly bed, and the familiarity of your own  home.         We had decided not to bring the gifts we bought for the Littles out and left them home so either today or tomorrow we’ll open them for an extended Christmas.   It didn’t make sense to haul it all out and then haul it all back.

Before we did that though, we went out to use the gift cards the kids got for the toy store.   We got Itty Bitty a couple more cartridges for her LeapPad and two dolls Rapunzel, and Merida.  For Mini Moose Daddy Man found a big Little People farm for Mini Moose that they can grow with and play with together.

Our EC success last night was all misses and we did miss the random afternoon poop…and then missed poop three more times!   Sheesh.

12/27  Day 308  Th:    We had a better night last night. A solid 50/50 and a pretty good day with a few small misses. We also finally Opened our own gifts under the tree finally. We enjoyed a nice day of rest together. Ahhhhhh.

12/28  Day 309 F:   We had a very good night of 2 catches and 2 misses. Still working out the bugs. Mini Moose nursed a lot too. Today is Grand Mama’s birthday and how that woman manages to get her own cake before we have a chance to do it for her… Oh well. At least she got exactly what she wanted. Itty Bitty sang to her with her guitar.

Mini Moose and I were in pretty good EC sync with the only major miss being poop but no pee soakers.

12/29  Day 310 S:    A rather good night of catches last night with no misses until we got up and I made the error of putting Mini Moose down on the floor first rather than on the potty first.     He looked at me with these big eyes that said, “What were you thinking in breaking our groove?”

We went for breakfast today since Daddy man is going to be gone tomorrow for the day and he wanted to spend some quality time with us.  We had breakfast at our favorite place down the street.    I discovered a problem with my credit card and had to call them up to see what was going on. We were dry while out with one potty opportunity and then hits and misses in the house (big hits, small misses — which is very good! He does try to hold it!)

12/30  Day 311 Su:   Daddy man was gone all day today with GrandMaMa and his brother.  One of his gifts was a ticket to see a football game.   It is mighty mighty mighty cold out there!      It was just me and the Littles all day.         I was a lazy lemur and decided to watch a series on Netflix, I left us all in our Pajamas, prepared leftovers, and let Itty Bitty play her new Leap Pad cartridges to her hearts content.   Mini Moose nursed and peed and played and climbed and nursed and climbed and peed and pooped…twice.      And I missed it…twice.   Both times he had been climbing on the “poop chair”  which he successfully managed to climb into for the first time and was so pleased with himself that he couldn’t stop doing it!       After the first time he got in it, he had no trouble thereafter.

I don’t know why I produce climbing monkey babies.

12/31  Day 312 M:       Happy New Year’s Eve!       We are totally partying hard.   We are planning on staying in our PJs again, maybe ordering some food or Daddy Man making us some garlic bread pizza, and watching TV and playing with the kids all day.    Then an hour before midnight we’ll watch Dick Clark’s Rockin’ Eve without Dick Clark.       I’ll have a glass of wine, Daddy Man will have a Rum and Coke, I’ll pull out the same hats and horns and noisemakers we’ve used for years and we’ll make lots of noise.

This will be Itty Bitty’s fourth NYE and the third she’s stayed up for.  The first one, she just couldn’t hang being only 3 or 4 months old.       Mini Moose napped from 9-11 and then woke up to ring in the New Year with us!      Of course, he looked like he thought we were nuts as usual.

We caught the poop that was produced today and had a pretty good 60/40 catch rate despite our distractions and totaly laziness!

We had a big storm the other day so there is lots of snow and Daddy Man made a sled run for Itty Bitty and we had a good time (or rather they had a good time) out there sledding.   Mini Moose did not really like the restrictions of the Ski Suit and couldn’t really move.    He wanted to be carried  and did indulge us in a short ride on the sled before he complained to be picked up.   He yet again looked like he thought we had all lost our minds!     After about half and hour I brought him inside because his face was cold.    I also realized that this is the last year Itty Bitty can wear her ski pants and we’ll have to get her new ones and pass on these to Mini Moose.    Ski Pants you can move in…snow suits just make baby Snow-Starfishes.  Hah!

Happy New Year!

Happy New Year!

1/1  Day 313 T:     Happy New Year!             It is 2013 and I can’t NOT believe it.   Mini Moose will be a year old next month and I’m quite shell shocked thinking about it.   Wasn’t I just pregnant like last week!?

Mini Moose has been quite the crank.   We’ve been housebound a few days not wanting to go out in the cold…and least not me.  I don’t like the cold.   Daddy Man took Itty Bitty out sledding again though.  That’s his element!    I stayed in with Mini Moose who amused himself with nursing, a nap, toy flinging, trying to put toys in other toys, climbing, and teasing me with two and three steps in a row.  He gets such a big smile on his face when he does it.

GrandMaMa came over to watch the sleeding fun, watched some football with Daddy Man and then went home to finished dinner.  She wanted us to go over for a New Year’s dinner after the kids napped.   We didn’t manage to get there until 7:00 because the Little Slept late but it was better than having them sleepy and cranky!       Pork and saurkraut and broccoli.        Mini Moose wasn’t interested in eating though he did suck on a stalk of broccoli for amusement.     Even Itty Bitty wasn’t very hungry.  Daddy Man and myself made up for it though because we were both starved.

We hung out while the Littles played and explored before heading home.   Daddy Man is back to work tomorrow.

We had a good catch rate at GrandMaMas and at home we caught many pees but missed that darned poop again!   Oh well.     It is the EC cha-cha…a little forward, a little backward but it is still part of the dance right?

1/2  Day 314 W:   It was GrandPapa’s birthday today so I had Itty Bitty call him and sing him Happy Birthday with her new guitar.  He got a kick out of it.      My credit card is still out of commission and I spent too long today trying to get it resolved.        I was assured that by midnight this morning that it should be fine, and when I called they said nothing was being flagged and they couldn’t understand why it wasn’t working and assured me that it should be fine.    The last time I called back (like call number 8) this condescending automoton tells me that it won’t work because they do not do their updates on holidays or Saturdays.   I said, “Um…today is neither Saturday nor a holiday and I was told yesterday that midnight this morning it would have processed by midnight today.    Corporate Tool tells me that by midnight is when the system will update.    Ummmm….that would be technically tomorrow now wouldn’t it?    Apparantly, no one can override anything or fix an obvious snafu of automation.

Well, unless of course you are a six figure customer and then, of course, they’ll send you a CARE package and wash your feet while they rectify the situation yesterday.


Did I talk about EC yet?  No?    Obviously we had some major misses in the afternoon while I was trying to get things resolved but last night was only one miss and we had a good morning, missed the poop twice, had a afternoon of misses, and a fairly good evening of catches.

1/3  Day 315 Th:

Back on track with a pretty typical night and day. A very respectable 75/25 rate in favor of catching. Woo hoo! I curse the poo!

1/4  Day 316 F:       I rather miss my Daddy Man with him being back to work this week, but it was a short week so that was good.     EC last night was very successful with 100% catches for the three pees.       Now that the issue with my credit card is resolved I won’t need to reach through the phone to strangle someone.

EC today was not as successful but still a mighty fine 50/50.    We are getting better at the sit, pee, done.   It is the timing of that moment that we are working on.    Missed the poop.    Awww man!      Every time Mini Moose climbs (and he has been climbing everything from the toybox, to the ottoman, to the poop chair, to anything he thinks will get him higher.) He inevitably poops if he puts in lot of ab effort.     He pooped about five times today from all of that effort!  And the weird thing is that it is never, ever the same texture.  It is like…each time he poops he poops a different layer.   Ew.

Itty Bitty sweet talked me into opening Mini Moose’s new Little People Farm (I don’t give the Littles the new toys all a once) and they were playing together…not always nicely.  She picked up ALL the toys and said, “I picked up all the toys really fast and nice?   Please oh please can I have the farm.”      What could I do but gasp at a clean floor, heaping toy basket, clasp pleading hands of a three year old and say, “Okay.”         You would have done the same!

1/5  Day 317 S:       We had caught both pees last night.  Yay for us!       We missed the pasty morning poop, boo!  But it was noticed as it was happening so…yay!         After out big morning pee, I handed Mini Moose back to Daddy Man and went back to bed for three hours.    Now, don’t get too excited.   Itty Bitty woke up at 9AM one hour after I went back to bed and woke me up as she left the room looking for me.  I was so buried under blankets in a hibernating ball that she didn’t see me and came back into the room after talking with Daddy Man.  She curled up beside me for about 30 minutes whereby she woke me up again as she left.     I did get to have two hours of slumber uninterrupted and I was so deep in sleep that my ear was numb and I got a crick in my back from sleeping in the same position for so long.   Ouch!

We had surprising success with EC as I cleaned the living room and Daddy Man fixed the couch spring.  Mini Moose napped on my lap on the couch while Daddy Man took Itty Bitty outside to play with the sled and pelt her with snowballs while she ran around like a loon, flung herself in the snow, ate it, and then got up to do it again.    After that we went on a trek to the new building I’ll be working in so I would know the route when I drive it alone.    It’s not that bad and only a 10 minute longer commute.  I’ll have to do a few dry runs.    Which reminds me that Mini Moose stayed dry the whole trip and didn’t pee for another hour after we got home so…that was about 2.5 hours of no pee.   His bladder capacity has thrown our timing off again but we are doing rather well in spite of it.

Mini Moose took 8-10 independent steps in a row several times today so he is working his way to full on bipedal locomotion.     So proud. Yet, so sad!    I have forbidden anyone from calling him a toddler.  He is a walking baby!

1/6  Day 318 Su: A very good EC night with all catches (three) and a rather good morning.   We were lazy and lingered and other than sweeping and vacuuming the living room I didn’t get much done.   Not that it seems to matter how much I do, the mess is ever present.

Not much to say about today.  Hits and misses.   Three poops missed too

I promised Itty BItty I’d take her out in the morning to play in the snow while Daddy Man watched Mini Moose until grandmama came over to watch then both while we went to go see the Hobbit!    I found a mini hill in our backyard between our house and the neighbors that made a very dandy sled run and I had a good time acting like a kid at 9AM.  Itty Bitty enjoyed it too, though she spent far more time with her face in the snow eating it than sledding in it!

Daddy Man and EC didn’t fare so well since Mini Moose gets put out if his bladder isn’t full enough.   I am just glad that Daddy man had poop detail this time!

We went to the movie matinee but skipped going to dinner and came home instead to rescue GrandMaMa who sounded strange on the phone.   Funny thing is that we expected that it was Mini Moose making her exhausted and delivering a poop bomb (which he did) when in fact it was Destructo Girl because she was very tired from our morning play but didn’t want to take a nap!  GMa thought it was funny that we told her exactly how Mini Moose would behave with playing and climbing into mischief, pee, play, pee, making his hungry cry, pee some more, nap, pee, and then when you weren’t paying attention blast you with a stinky mess.    And that’s how it went with him!

Oh well, we’ll get dinner another day.

1/7  Day 319 M: Another spectacular night of catches 2 for 2.    We got the morning wee but then had a terrible afternoon of little misses one right after the other.    I spent most of the day picking up toys, folding laundry, and chasing the baby as he climbs and explores.   He loses his mind if I leave the room so I try to keep him with me except for situations like going down the cellar stairs because I’m a clutz and I have enough trouble bringing up the laundry without distraction much less with one.

Fates were kind to me today and both littles took naps…at the same time.     I did lose my patience several times and yelled.  I’m suffering from a bit of cabin fever myself and I can’t go anywhere because the tires are flat.

1/8  Day 320 T: A good night 3 for 3 and a regular day of many hits, than some misses, then hits, then a few misses.   My patience is much improved today.  I made a point of getting out of the house which is good for all of us and of course great for EC.

1/9  Day 321 W: We had all catches last night.  Woo Hoo!   Our morning had some big catches and some small misses.    Daddy Man filled up my flat tires last night and I was able to get out of the house go to story time for an hour, and go get some groceries and do some errands.   I managed to  get his surprise party invitations, a late birthday gift for GranpaD, and a very very late Christmas gift for Daddy Man’s half Brother’s little half Sister who is not blood related to Itty Bitty or Mini Moose but we don’t care and she is henceforth known as Little Aunt L .     Mini Moose refused a potty opp at story time,  refused one before we left, and fell asleep when we shopped for groceries and that meant when he woke up he had a gigantic pee and was soaked by the time we got home.

I missed several when we got home because I was scrambling to get the invitations out.  I decided to print out the info and glue stick it on to save me time and it still took an hour.   I managed to make the post office before it closed with 15 minutes to spare.    Stamps sure got expensive — 45 cents!  I remember when they were 20 cents, my mom remembers when they were 10 cents, and my grandma pish poshes and says in her day they were a penny!

Anyway, I caught the after nap mega pee and then Daddy Man came home and took over while I made chicken parm that he requested yesterday.   The man is gong to look like chicken parm one of these days!      It came out fantastic and Daddy Man said — “The chicken is awesome.”   And if you are aware of my Daddy Man feeding woes…you will understand that it is equivlaent to a 20 Michelin star chef telling me they give my cooking one of those stars.

EC in the evening was a lot of misses, one of them Mini Moose peed out the side of the diaper and made a puddle on the floor.  Dry prefold in the belt still on!

Mini Moose “puppy pees” a lot.  When he gets excited or sees us going to the bathroom he pees even if he just peed ten minutes ago!      He continues to poop when he’s putting in a lot of effort to climb.   It has been a challenge as we wait for his sphincters to catch up with his acrobatics.
There was no poop deployment today and I’m a bit skittish as to when it is going to appear.

Oh!  And one of the times I was out I totally put a diaper cover on Mini Moose’s naked butt not realizing I had left him without a prefold until we got back home.   He was dry for an hour and a half thank goodness!

1/10  Day 322 Th: We were so busy yesterday that Mini Moose didn’t nurse nearly as much as he normally would (I’d say about half) and he made up for it last night.    As a result he peed no less than 8 times and we only caught one.

At 5:30 in the morning I did a dimwitted thing…

I knew I missed the pee because he was super soaked, super squirmy, and had that weird “gotta go” latch as he nursed.  I noticed that for some reason his Wee Willie was like a mizzen mast.  I thought it was odd but I dismissed it as a male early morning thing and was so sleepy that I just wanted to stuff it back in a fresh prefold without getting up so I could get back to whatever sleep I could catch.    Somewhere in my mind my brain was telling me I should get up and go to the bathroom and take the baby with me.  I’d forgotten what that Winkie sign means with Mini Moose.   But as I was laying there while a very very very restless Mini Moose was trying to climb onto my face.  I must have fallen back to sleep for a few seconds becausr when I woke up his belly was pressed into my nose and I didn’t know which end of him was his face.    I was a bit annoyed and so put him back tucked into my arm with my hand holding his bum while he was still latched.   He squirmed and squirmed and juuuuuust as I was drifting off I felt him relax and then felt something strange on my hand.

A poop.  A messy one.

I cursed myself up down and sideways.  He DID try to tell me he needed to go.   I was just too dense to get the message the first 20 times.

Thankfully, it was mostly on my and the wee pad on the bed and a bit on my shirt.  A little bit got on the blanket but it was dirty anyway so no harm no foul.  I kicked the blanket on the floor, cleaned up half-assed and went back to bed.      Yep.   I did and he went back to sleep right away too.

And that is how our day began.     We had a big pee catch after that we got up, a couple of misses, then Itty Bitty got up and we went back to the post office to mail the late gifts we got yesterday but I didn’t have time to wrap.  Then we went on a road trip to the new building where I will be working next semester.   That was 30 minutes there and thirty minutes back.   Unfortunately, Mini Moose woke up before we got home and had his wake up pee in the car. He was groggy and didn’t cry but he certainly wasn’t pleased with being both wet and hungry.

He didn’t pee again until after a feed and nap — a big one.    And then lots of little misses as he still doesn’t seem to be fully emptying the bladder in the afternoon and I get busy.      By this time Itty Bitty I had 100% in training pants and right now Mini Moose is in trainers about 10% of the time.    I think I’ll step it up.    The poop is what is keeping me using the prefold and belt system it just isn’t solid yet the way Itty Bitty’s was which gives you a chance to catch it mid-poop and I think I know why.   By this age, Itty Bitty was eating about half a banana every morning and I just haven’t offered it consistently to Mini Moose.

Anyway, this weekend I think I’m going to have to rearrange our baby barricades because this little imp has learned how to move the ottoman go get to Itty Bitty’s corner, can climb onto the toybox, and can push another bookshelf endtable with his head to squeeze through to the stairs and dining room.     He is into things far more than Itty Bitty was because she didn’t have a sibling to follow around.

1/11  Day 323 F: Last night we caught all three pees!  YES!   We seem have found nurse and pee position that works for us both finally.    We caught a random poop (yahoo!) had a miss after we got up and then I put him in trianing pants and had him on my back most of the day.   We had several successful potty breaks stayed dry from about 10 to 4pm before we had several misses in a row.

I spent most of the day moving a mess from one place to another in my attempts to rearrange furniture to upgrade the “baby barricade” so that the little will have more room  without Mini Moose using objects to climb on to get onto the toybox to get into restricted areas.    I also decided that I a sick to death of fetching toys from the vortex under the TV and couch.  I found some left over thick poster board and made a makeshift kick board under the TV unit and put a rolled up receiving blanket under the space in the toybox so that toy suck is no  longer a problem.  I plan on doing some similar toy blocking under the couch and love seat as soon as I find a suitable medium like pool noodles or packing styrofoam.

I told Daddy Man not to ask me what I did in 4 hours of work but to just say, “You worked hard.  It looks great.  I love you.” and to then smile and be quiet.  Hah!

We are in disagreement over the loss of Daddy Man’s bookshelf end table which is now a plug blocker and barricade set Kitty-Corner and just a bit out of convenient reach.  He wants to move it back but he’s not here until the evening and I suggested he use an unbreakable cup with a lid.   A bonus for me is maybe I can come downstairs now and not have at least 1 or 2 empty cups in the living room!

It seems a bit easier to me now to clean up ToyGeddon without having to go spelunking and I was able to happily make the Alphabet Train permanently accessible with its 26 blocks.    Before, I was rationing its use because it is quite big, doubles as a riding toy — unbeknownst to me also a ladder to get to other things — and one can only take so many times of tripping on it and stepping on the pieces.    The added floor space makes a big difference to me.    Mini Moose worked with Daddy Man to put the blocks in the hole on the top and the boy became even more obsessed than before.   I am amused because it looks like the train is pooping into it’s caboose.    Hahaha!

My next task will be to clear off one shelf on a Mini Moose inaccessible bookshelf and relocate Itty Bitty’s books and some play necklaces and jewelry Mini Moose would just destroy or stuff in his mouth.  He seems so much more mouthy than Itty Bitty was.  But Mommy Brain makes you mis-remember or forget things entirely (you know so you are willing to breed again).

I also packed away all of the prefolds because they are too short now to stay in the diaper belt securely without a cover, though I am keeping 6 just for outings because they are less bulky in a diaper cover than the flats.       My stash is now down to 3 dozen flats and training pants.    The flats are for nights (I still haven’t found a better way to curb the winkie problem   For some reason I seem to be missing some trainers!    I should have a dozen but only found six so far.

1/12  Day 324 S: We caught all 6 pees last night!   Yah!     Well, really it was 4 pees in the night and 2 first thing in the morning as we lingered in bed.

Daddy Man is going to go to a football game with his Mom tomorrow so it will be just me alone all day.   To make up for he suggested we go to the Kid’s Gym with the Littles.    It wasn’t open when we went so we went to look at a house on the market that Daddy Man was fantasy shopping with yesterday, then we jaunted over across the street to a local town library I haven’t been too and let the Littles play for an hour in the Children’s wing then went back to the Gym for a couple of hours.     Itty Bitty is so tall now she doesn’t need a booster pad to put the mini basketballs into the kids’s basketball hoop they have set up.    She was so surprised she called to us excited that she could do it and we were obliged to watch while she did it again to show us.     With Mini Moose we 2 catches when out 2 misses.

1/13  Day 325 Su: Wow.   Mini Moose peed at least 8 times last night and I only managed to catch 3.    It was perma-latch again.     Needless to say, it was not a night of restful sleep for me.     Itty Bitty, I can safely say, next to the cats is the one creature in this house that gets the most sleep ever!

We did catch half a poop.   Half a poop is better than no poop.

Have I mentioned the pinching?   Oh, Mini Moose and I have words about his need to try and pincer grip pinch the Orbs of Life.  He can’t help it, I think, and I can’t help but feel the desire to fantasize about flinging him off onto space on a trebruchet.

Anyhow, Daddy Man is gone for the day and I’m just beat.   They did bring me a giant coffee, bagel for me and Mini Moose, and a muffin for Itty Bitty before leaving.     I decided that today I was going to do nothing except some diaper laundry, eating, and couch potato-ing.       Really, if you can’t sleep and are exhausted and have no where to be…REST.    Screw the house, chores, and other non-essential ‘things to do’.     It isn’t worth wasting what little energy you have doing anything but surviving and mood stabilizing.

We are taught that we have to get stuff “done” and…a lot of the time the “stuff” is not life essential.   And for what?       Our Christmas tree is still up.   Does anyone care!?   Laundry has been folded for a couple of days but not put away.  Sure, it miffs me that I seem to be the only adult in the house who knows where they go…but really…the house hasn’t fallen down because of it.   So…even though it is hard.   We’ve got to let go.

1/14  Day 326 M: We had a 50/50 night last night (2 miss 2 caught) but then we caught the poop this morning!     I had just put training pants on Mini Moose and he crawled to me, stood up, complained, and then I heard a liquid toot.    EEEEEkkkk!   Waaaaaait!    I made a mad dash for the bathroom, put the boy on the potty and…boy…am I EVER glad we caught THAT.     It was copious, stinky, chunky, and just plain retch worthy.

That almost makes up for the rough night we had last night.    Because both Littles took such a late nap (7:45pm for Mini Moose) and 8:10pm for Itty Bitty — it took a long time for them to both settle for the night.    Itty Bitty wasn’t so bad…about an hour later than usual.   Mini Moose on the other hand was restless, trying to do crocadile death rolls, crawling, jumping, climbing and being all kinds of crazy.    Daddy Man was really no help since he drank too much at the football game, felt ill, and …well… you know.      Daddy Man also informed me that in the 45 minutes he had him while I was helping Itty Bitty to wind down, he fell asleep and when he woke up the apple core Mini Moose had been munching on was completely GONE.  Core and all.    Fantastic.   I suspected a belly upset on top of the wiredness.  It was a darned big leftover apple core that Itty Bitty didn’t finish.    Since I too was wired up with Temporary Insomnia from being just spent from the day, I got up, went down stairs and turned on the TV while Mini Moose screamed, latched on, screetched, latched on, complained, latched on, yelled some more, latched on, pinched me, screetched, latched….and repeated until he wound down made goo goo noises on the nipple then finally fell asleep at around 1:30am.       I on the other hand…saw 3AM.

Mini Moose was ready to go at 7:00AM but I managed to get him to cat nap with me until 8:00AM.

And if anyone out there feels like they are some sort of failure for not being a  Donna Reed or Mrs. Cleaver mom.  Don’t be.       Itty BItty has been in the same outfit since Saturday and slept in it too.     Why?     I’m busy growing a baby and if that means all I manage to do is keep the Littles alive so be it.     The world isn’t going to end if you spend three days in the same clothes.  It isn’t as if we have been mud wrestling or teasing a skunk with a pokey stick.       Frankly, I don’t even get the point of pajamas anymore.    Think about it.  They outgrow clothes over night so why do we have an extra set of clothes they wear half the time instead of just letting them wear clothes to bed and get double the duty!?       Just let it roll around in your brain.   See, if we all just let our kids wear regular clothes to bed then WE will be the normals and everyone else will get the eyebrow raises.  Right?  Win win.

1/15  Day 327 T: What’s my name again?    Not much to report today.   I’m doing nothing but keep the kids alive, catch any nap that falls in my lap, and try not to eat my young…      Mini Moose is just CRAZY.  He crocodile deathrolls when nursing, he wiggles, and arches and just doesn’t keep still!   He is climbing on the couch now.  Yep.   He has realized he is tall enough and strong enough to haul himself up.  Which I wouldn’t mind except he goes for our female cat who does not like to be goaded.   I don’t want a repeat of the last bloody incident when he grabbed her tail and yanked it while she was sleeping.        I don’t know where he gets his energy…oh right…he sucks it out of his parents.     Itty Bitty is wired up too.      This too shall pass.  Just need to tie a knot in that rope and hang on.

Last night’s EC catches were spot on…got all three (or was it four?  three I think) and then we had all morning and afternoon in training pants and then took out four trainers in a row with pee misses but we did catch half a poop…or rather more like 3/4 in the morning.     After that first big acoustic toot on the floor I grabbed him up lickity split and dashed to the loo just in time to catch the toxic sludge.   It had three distinct color splats…like one of those fossilized rock formations.   Gross yet fascinating.

1/16  Day 328 W: It was an EC bust last night, missed all three.    Mini Moose is still very restless at night what with taking 12 steps practically every time he decides to stand up and go.    He wakes me up every time he’s got a situation so it is still a lot of me not waking up in time or misinterpreting which wake up is for wee and which is for nursing.   Ebbs and Flows.

There was story time today but the icy winter storm made me decide to stay in.   I think we are all getting stir crazy because I keep loosing my temper.   That’s not right and I feel horrible when I fly off  the handle and yell.    We are all a bunch of crabby pants when we get cabin fever.     Thank goodness we all managed to fall into a long nap.  First Mini Moose, then me, then Itty Bitty.  It was refreshing.   If it wasn’t for the fact that I needed to get some paperwork done I would have stayed sleeping for another two hours, but after Mini Moose woke up and Daddy Man got home I got up.   Itty Bitty slept an additional hour.

EC was kind of off today.  We caught the GIGANTIC poop in the morning though (could it be that Mini Moose is going to be a consistent morning pooper finally?).  I did a little victory dance.  Couldn’t help it.    I didn’t even mind the three afternoon and evening poo farts.  Those don’t count as misses because they were really farts that happen to have a sneaky passenger.

1/17  Day 329 Th: Last night we caught one and missed two and then had a great morning of catches and a pair of training pants that stayed dry for several hours but then…I missed the poop.  And then …. missed a second poop.    Like.  Ew.    Though, I have to say the addition of banana is helping to change the …er… output to a more favorable…um…texture.

We had a lot of errands to do today.  I had to go into work to do some printing, then found out I am not going to work the amount of hours I thought so I was really bummed.    Timed to drill another hole in my belt.   This just really sucks.  That’s all I’m going to say about it because it will make me more blue.

Scored a $3 pair of pants for Itty Bitty and a $3 sweater/shirt for Mini Moose, bought the wrong gift for Daddy Man (who thankfully has not figured out the surprise waiting for him on Saturday) and Mini Moose was dry the whole outing until we got home and then we had a bunch of misses.   Keep on Keeping on.

Daddy Man decided to make his own chocolate peanut butter birthday cake (and Itty Bitty helped).   I said nothing to dissuade or draw any attention to the fact that we have a surprise party coming.   If you give the Dude ANY clue at all, even if it is obscure he’ll figure things out.  It is the way his brain works.      He was very pleased with himself and Itty Bitty was overjoyed at helping him.

1/18  Day 330 F: Happy 40th Birthday Daddy Man!   We started off our day with a very successful EC night with just one miss.     I had Itty Bitty call Daddy Man at work and leave a message on his work phone.  She sang him Happy Birthday with her guitar.    That is sure to make his big heart melt into a pile of Daddy Goo.

One more day to the surprise!

How did EC go last night?  It was kind of off.  Mini Moose woke me several times to nurse but I only caught one pee and I missed two that I missinterpreted as nursing when it was for peeing.   Hey, at least we are communicating.  It is just that there is a lag time right?

We got out today even thought it was really frigid out there.  It takes forever to get us all dressed in layers and in car seats and onto the road.   But we did get to se Elmo and Cookie monster for a few minutes live (the show at the local science center was sold out).  Itty Bitty managed to get a hug after fighting her way through other tots and pushing an adult or two out of her way in the crush of pint sized fans bearing down on the two poor souls in the furry suits like guided missiles.    She got what she wanted, came back and moved on to other more interesting things.     Gosh, I love this girl.

Mini Moose continues to get more upright mobile.  He lets himself plop on the floor when he wants to change direction, or shifts to crawling when he wants to go fast, but he now knows he can go several steps consistently if he gets a good momentum going.   We had a rather gigantic pee miss while there and then he was dry and refused an potty opp until we got home.    We had 50/50 success when we got back home and….dagblagnabbit…I missed the poop!  This morning I almost cuaght it but he produced one little rabbit pellet and then slams me in the evening with poopageddon.    I curse the poop.   You have won many battles but I…yes, I…will win in the end.

Humor.  Keeps my marbles together.

And…ow….plugged duct again in my right boob from going too long this afternoon with out a baby suckling like a starving piglet.

1/19  Day 331 S: Last night Mini Moose was incredibly restless and Daddy Man joined us in the family bed sensing that moral support was needed.   Of course Itty Bitty was asleep peacefully, Daddy Man drifted off in 10 seconds, Mini Moose was restless still but was more settled with the Daddy heat source and mimicked Daddy Man’s sleeping pose.  I was up for another hour and then did the nurse and pee tango the rest of the night.    I know this is all because of the walking.

A lot of pee misses last night but we got the morning pee, a giant poop, a half poop, and then two missed fart poops.   Whew!     We were in training pants the whole morning and Mini Moose was toddling all over.  He particularly likes to carry objects from place to place.    When the rest of the family woke up around 10AM we ate and then ventures out to a library with a gigantic play room in the children’s wing then went over to the gym.     EC was a miss!   Three potty opps that were too late!      That hasn’t happened in ages.        The kids had a good time though Daddy Man told me another Mom told Itty Bitty to keep her hands to herself when Itty Bitty went over to comfort the woman’s son.    GROWL!    You don’t do that to children.  You might say, “Thank you for trying, but My-Sneezy-Snotty son doesn’t like to be touched”    or    “He just wants his mommy right now, but it was nice of you to try to comfort him”.         She then lost him later in the hall and didn’t notice until a staff member brought him back.      I still feel like I want to pounce like Mrs. Jumbo (Dumbo’s Mamma).

That aside, Daddy Man almost spoiled the whole surprise party thing by wanting to go to his Mom’s early.  Luckily I convinced him that a nap was needed for the Littles and we should go home first.    When we got to his Mom’s (Grandmama) a little after 5:00 he was sooooooooo surprised!   Oh we got him good!  We earned the right to gloat!  It is hard to keep secrets from the guy!  Surprise Daddy Man!  We got you good!     Itty Bitty got a little freaked out when she ran into a room and met with a wall of people, but I headed her of before she could blow everyone’s cover.  She clung to me for half an hour!  So unlike her, but understandable.

We had no EC luck as I was too late every time with all the distraction, but we had success again when we got home that nght even though the Littles were very, very tired and wired!

1/20  Day 332 Su: We took it easy today.  Grandma came buy to watch football and bought a new batch of the rice and steak tips that was gobbled up in five seconds yesterday and Daddy Man didn’t get to have any.

EC last night was all catches.  3 for 3.   Mini Moose is holding longer so the pees in the night are much bigger.   I’ve increased the wee pad layer as I still do not use a cover over the flat and belt.  Mini Moose was in trainers all day and we had soiled one with a poo, but we only missed 25%, the rest was finished in the potty.

Mini Moose moves like crazy and is now 50/50 walking and crawling getting better day by day.   He is also squatting more which was the start of the poo miss that luckily I noticed in time.     We have just about gotten the sit, pee, done erfected but he’ll still complain while he is peeing!   My goodness.  It is like he is mad at his own bladder.

We took down the tree and Christmas decorations today!    It was a good tree, barely any needes fell and we didn’t even water it this month.    I then spent the afternoon organizing the dining room where the tree was back into a play area for Itty Bitty were she can have her play kitchen, art coffee table with a box under it holding vintage Little People, Weebles and Lincoln Logs.  She can also play with wooden trains and tracks in this baby-free zone.  We don’t usually eat in there so why not let it get use is what I say!    I can still see her play from the living room.   She even has finally learned to put the toys away when done without being asked 90% of the time.   She has room to play and it is easy to pick things up since there is only one spot where things might roll under.

1/21  Day 333 M: Well, last night was a miss fest.   5 times.  Oh well.  I think we are ready to move on from the basin to the little potty at night.   He has gotten so long now t is getting awkward to nurse and pee the way we have been.     When we got up though, he had a gigantic morning pee and then I put him in training pants.   We were dry and successful until 7:00pm when I missed the poo bomb.  Twice.

I’d carried Mini Moose n my back all day, stopping only for potty breaks.  It was a holiday but Daddy Man was at work and it was ridiculously cold out!     I decided to vacuum and sweep with Itty Bitty lending me a hand with the dustpan and brush (she is quite the expert), did dishes, started laundry, and put away the last of the holiday decor.

Once I put Moose down he decided to poop.  Then I thoght it was safe until Itty Bitty informed me that the baby was stinky.    Ewww.  That second one was a big mess on te floor!   Goopy breastmilk poop.   We ran out of fruit and there have been no bananas to firm the output.

Oh well.   All day in trainers is still a win!

Month 10: Finding the Elimination Groove – Day 302

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Bananas for Mommy

12/21 Day 302 F:    Happy Solstice!     Merry Apocolypse!   The Wheel of Time turns once again!

So, last night was another pee fest.   How can a little body produce so much pee!    We were all kind of restless too tossing and turning because the heater made the room too hot and it took a while to cool it down.    Itty Bitty was plastered right up on my right side and Mini Moose was on my chest latched on one boob or the other.   We eventually found our sleep groove.

It was rainy and overcast and yet Mini Moose decided that 7:30 was a good time to get up again, though I lingered in bed hoping to entice him to take a cat nap.   No such luck.   We got up and I simply couldn’t tell the laundry to suck it again.   I’d put in a load the night before and had Daddy Man do a switch for me before he went to bed and I resumed the drudgery.     I made Itty Bitty some French Toast and nitrate/nitrite free bacon as a treat.   Man, bacon sure does stink up the house!

I then realized that I’ve got no gifts for Mini Moose other than some clothes I’d bought before he was born because they were cute and on sale and just the right size for this time of year.     I also needed to get gifts for a friend’s children.  We happened to score at the store that was having a huge sale.     I got Mini Moose an first ornament for the tree too and one for Itty Bitty for her 3rd year of life (though it is actually her fourth Christmas).  I still need to get Daddy Man a gift.  We are going small time this year.  Hopefully next year I’ll log more work hours and have more fun money to spoil him with.

Mini Moose was such a good sport.   I not only forgot to bring a back up diaper but I also forgot to give him a potty opportunity!   Poor thing was soaking wet by the time we got home.   He had such a serious look on his face.   He got me back for my infraction by removing his prefold from the belt while he was nursing, grabbed his winkle, and tinkled on me.    Touche’ little man.  Touche’.

Despite our missteps we caught four big pees today and there was no poop sighting.   Oh dear.    I fear for what is going to come out of his butt when I’m not looking.     As for Itty Bitty, today I saw her sprint to the bathroom three times in the nick of time to have huge pees.    I think her bladder has grown again and she’s been holding to full capacity and nearly getting caught too late.    It’s fascinating to watch.    The only time I prompt potty is before bed and before we go out, otherwise she’s in charge of herself.

Daddy Man and I watched the Dark Knight Rises tonight. He’d been holding off watching it without me and tonight he was bound and determined that we get a flick in.    Mini Moose slept through the whole thing and Itty Bitty shunned a nap and vascillated between eating, coloring, playing with toys, and wanting her brother to wake up.     The girl gets really weird when she’s tired!

Month 10: Finding the Elimination Groove – Day 301

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Rowdy Tumble Play

12/20 Day 301 R:   Last night Mini Moose peed and peed and peed and peed again!    I caught none of them because I only woke up after he crawled on my face.  I guess my brain was bound and determined to get some REM before letting me wake up.    That also means that Mini Moose must have been latched on permanently the whole night.      Itty Bitty nursed last night too and was out fairly quickly because she didn’t nap in the day.     She woke up when Mini Moose lunged for her when she stirred and woke her up fully.

I’d been whining to Mini Moose that it was too early and begging him (unsuccessfully) to resume slumber.  He declined.   However, I told Itty Bitty that she still looked groggy and really needed to sleep.  I told her to lie back down and I’d tuck her in and to sleep a little longer.  When she woke up she could come find me downstairs like she does every morning.

She said, “Okay, Mommy.”

When Daddy Man woke up about ten minutes later and went in the room to get his clothes he told me she said, “It’s too early, Daddy.   I’m sleeping.”

Anyone who says co-sleeping children will never go to sleep on their own are talking out of their asses.    We generally don’t enforce sleep, though when Itty Bitty is obviously tired we strongly encourage.     She didn’t want to go to bed last night but she did.   She pouted and whined for a minute because she is entitled to those feelings, but we went to bed, she nursed, and fell asleep in fifteen minutes.     The rare times when she can’t seem to settle we stop trying and she goes to sit with Daddy Man while I go to bed with Mini Moose or if Daddy Man is going to bed I have set her up with her computer or a movie on the bedroom TV and woken up later to find that she’d turned off her LeapPad and gone to sleep on her own.

Daddy Man was talking to a fellow parent  about how different things get when your days revolved around children.  The other parent had older children and said, “Wait until they get older and stay up as late as you and then you’ll never have time alone with your wife.”

Daddy Man told me he didn’t mention that our Littles already stay up as late as we (or rather I) do.    He seemed a little forlorn and I said, “But our situation is reverse of that.   We invest the time now and when they are out of the baby stage they will happily amuse themselves alone upstairs because they won’t wonder what we are doing at night or need us.  They will already know it’s nothing special to be up late, go to bed when they are tired from school, and won’t need us to night parent very often.”

Daddy Man is skeptical, but I am positive about this.   Invest now for payoff later.     As I always say in my AP groups, everyone pays the Sleep Piper…AP parents just do it at the infant and toddler stage when they are already getting up to feed anyway and won’t have to enter a second phase of sleep deprivation to deal with the same night issues later.

Our EC day was pretty good — after nap pees not a problem other pees were much more challenging.   We were dry for our outing to the health food store to get shampoo and soap, then we stopped for Vietnamese food.  There was a new place I wanted to try though it is not in the best position.   A little dive.    But it sure was tasty.   Is there anything in the world more delicious than a fresh bowl of Pho with mint?     Itty Bitty partook in some of it too and Mini Moose kept stealing the bean sprouts.

Month 10: Finding the Elimination Groove – Day 300

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IMG_2503  12/19 Day 300 W:    Itty Bitty slept until 10:00am while Mini Moose deemed fit to start his day at 7:30.     At least he only peed once last night so EC rate was 100% though he did get made at me for the time I offered a pee and he didn’t want a pee.    I explained that he could at least try kicking me once for “nursing’ and twice for “peeing” so I’d have a fighting chance at fulfilling his wishes promptly.

We had a big catch when we got up and then a bunch of misses as he practiced trying to climb over my barricades.  He likes to go to the bathroom door now and try to open it and every time I go to fetch him to  bring him to toilet he has just wet.  We have the right intention but not the right timing!

I took them to Story Time but forgot that it was cancelled for the holidays so we stayed for an hour to play in the kid’s area before coming home since Mini Moose was awfully sleepy because he was due for a nap after being up so early.    Itty Bitty amused herself while I finished some grades one handed.  So totally not fun to do by the way.

Oh, I told the laundry to suck it again.

Daddy Man came home late because he’d gone over to GrandMaMa’s to help her get a small tree and to fix her internet.     They then went to dinner and had the slowest service ever despite there  being hardly anyone else there.    And the “small” tree turned out to be a ridiculously fat six footer.

Mini Moose is free standing more and more and is leaning forward almost taking actual steps.  Daddy Man has glimpsed a couple of them but I deny that any of that happens until I get to see it.   It’s just the way it is!  Nothing happens until Mommy sees it first dammit.

Month 10: Finding the Elimination Groove – Day 299

Compare to Sister’s Blog:   Month 10:  Public Elimination

OPT -- Other People's Toys

OPT — Other People’s Toys

12/18 Day 299 T:   It was a pretty good EC night last night with the exception of Mini Moose giving me lip when I misinterpreted a “nursing only” wake up with a “nurse and pee wake up”.       You make one little miscalculation in the wee hours of the morning and Littles give you heck for it!

Anyway, the day was pretty calm overall.    I decided the laundry could suck it and I left it piled in the hallway.    Sometimes you just have to tell the laundry to suck it to maintain some sort of sanity.  You should try it.  You’ll like it!

Okay are you ready?

Here is the scenario:

DM: “It’s bad out there you should come home as soon as you can and do your paper work at home tomorrow.”
ME: “There are no distractions at work it is faster if I do it there.”
DM: “Do you really want to drive on ice late late at night?”
ME: (I agree to leave the paper work for tomorrow) Okay, but you have to deal with the kids and not disturb me until I can get it done.
DM: I’ll try.
ME: Um…No. You HAVE to manage because I NEED to get it done. I’ve got a deadline.

It usually takes me 2-3 hours depending.

6:21p tonight. Mini Moose has napped and been topped off with milk. We even got out to get fresh air and exercise. I escape to the bedroom with computer and paper work and prepare to do updates and some calculations.

7:30p I am literally surrounded by paper on the bed (I teach by the way) pen in hand computer on my lap. The door opens.

DM: I think you need to top him off.

ME: (Staring incredulous. Nine and a half month old Mini Moose can’t possibly be starving after an hour) I am in the middle of calculating you’ll have to hold him off.

DH: (grumbles that he has been holding him off and leaves)

8:00p The duo returns.

ME: (glowering) (I take the baby stick a boob in his mouth where he proceeds to nurse for 5 minutes and is done–totally /not/ starving) (I make DH do some data entry on the computer) (I am pissed off) (I try to manage some details with the baby and I can’t concentrate. I give up.)

Oh, and he didn’t feed the toddler. *headdesk*

I took a hot shower to cool off, took the baby, typed this rant, and I’ll have to manage somehow to finish what I need to do in bits and pieces tonight and tomorrow morning. Grrrrrrr. I shudder to think what would happen if I was kidnapped by Ringwraiths and left him in charge of house.

I would be more miffed but…honest to goodness I don’t think he really sees why the whole scenario was so maddening to me!    It’s like trying to be mad at a puppy who chewed your shoes.  For you it is a destroyed pair of shoes and money out of your paycheck to replace it, for the puppy it was relief from teething and the cute little face is saying, “Thank you for providing me with a most wonderful chew toy.  It was most effective.  I love you!”

If I could draw, I’d totally be writing a comic because you can’t make this stuff up and it is funny as toddlers chasing greased pigs.